Here Is The Law As Spelled Out By A Judge Regarding The Memo

I have written about the prosecutor’s failure to disclose evidence to FBI Agent John Connolly that potentially was favorable to him. Thanks to Henry I am able to provide a copy of a court order in this area. This spells out a prosecutor’s obligation. d
Criminal No. 17-232-01
 MICHAEL T. FLYNN  (Defendant )
 Pursuant to
Brady v. Maryland 
, 373 U.S. 83 (1963) and its progeny, the government has a continuing obligation to produce all evidence required by the law and the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.
373 U.S. at 87 (holding that due process requires disclosure of “evidence [that] is material either to guilt or to punishment” upon request);
Kyles v. Whitley , 514U.S. 419, 437  38 (1995) (holding that the obligation to disclose includes evidence “known only to police investigators and not to thprosecutor” and that “the individual prosecutor has a duty to learn of any favorable evidence known to others acting on the government’s behalf . . . , including the police”);
United Statesv. Agurs, 427 U.S. 97, 107 (1976) (holding that the duty to disclose exculpatory evidence applies even when there has been no request by the accused);
Giglio v. United States, 405 U.S.150, 153-54 (1972) (holding that Brady
encompasses impeachment evidence);
see alsoFed. R. Crim. P. 16(a) (outlining information subject to government disclosure); United States v. Marshall   132 F.3d 63, 67 (D.C. Cir. 1998) (holding that the disclosure requirements of Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 16(a)(1)(C)apply to inculpatory, as well as exculpatory, evidence). The government’s obligation to provide exculpatory     evidence pursuant to Brady in timely manner is not diminished either by the fact that such evidence also constitutes evidence that must be produced later pursuant to the Jencks Act, 18U.S.C. § 3500, or by the fact that such evidence need not be produced according to Rule 16.
See United States v.Tarantino
, 846 F.2d 1384, 1414 n.11 (D.C. Cir. 1988);
see also
Advisory Committee Note to Fed.R. Crim. P. 16 (1974) (“The rule is intendeto prescribe the minimum amount of discovery to which the parties are entitled.”). Where doubt exists as to the usefulness of the evidence to the defendant, the government must resolve all such doubts in favor of full disclosure.
See United States v. Paxson 861 F.2d 730, 737 (D.C. Cir. 1988).     Accordingly, the Court,  sua sponte,  directs thgovernmento produce to defendant in a timely manner – including during plea negotiations– any evidence in its possession that is
See United States v. Ohiri   , 133 F. App’x 555, 562 (10th Cir. 2005);   
United States v. Avellino  , 136 F.3d 249, 255 (2d Cir. 1998);
Sanchez v. United States  , 50 F.3d 1448, 1453 (9th Cir. 1995);
White v. United States , 858 F.2d416, 422 (8th Cir. 1988);
Campbell v. Marshall , 76F.2d 314, 322-24 (6th Cir.1985);
United States v. Nelson, 97F. Supp. 2d 123, 135-136 (D.D.C. 2013
);  Buffey v. Ballard , 782 S.E. 2d 204 (W. Va. 2015).
favorable to defendant and material either to defendant’s guilt or punishment. The government is further directed to produce  all discoverable evidence in a readily usable form. For example, the government must produce documents as they are kept in the usuacourse of business or must organize and label them clearly. The government must also produce electronically stored information in form in which it is ordinarily maintained unless the form is not readily usable, in which case the government is directed to produce it in a readily usable form. If the information already exists or was memorialized in a tangible format, such as a document or recording, the information shall be produced in that format. If the information does not exist in such a format and, as a result, the government is providing the information in a summary format, the summary must include sufficient detail anspecificity to enable the defense to assess its relevance and potential usefulness.
Finally, if the government has identified any information which is favorable to the defendant but which the government believes not to be material, the government shall submit such information to the Court for
in camera
Emmet G. Sullivan
United States District JudgeDecember 12, 2017

78 thoughts on “Here Is The Law As Spelled Out By A Judge Regarding The Memo

  1. All,

    The Judge in Flynn was the same Judge in the prosecution of Ted Stevens, where, after Senator Stevens’ conviction, the prosecution team was found to be withholding evidence. Conviction was overturned.

    Second point, prosecutors are entitled to absolute immunity (Imbler immunity) and cannot be prosecuted for failing to disclose Brady material. They can be subject to internal discipline or loss of license.

  2. Yuh, Msfreeh, let’s talk about something else, anything else, sides deep corruption in your Deep State’s Department of Justice here and now.

  3. NC: Google the Kennan Institute. unless, of course, you’re only interested in confirming your own prejudices. If that’s the case, you need not bother. You’d only feel misinformed by the Spectator. It’s real band of world class imbeciles that put out that rag,

      1. wa-llahi! You gotta be kidding. Neither of you have the slightest idea of what you are talking about. Most of the sources you two cite are alt-right bullshit factories that churn out complete nonsense. I don’t know what school you go by ,but, you went by too fast. I’ve never read read such ridiculous drivel.

        1. Critiques likely from another DOJ counter-intel disinformation plant
          I thought you didn’t like the FEDS, Khalid?
          As a former prof, you should be interested in First Hand documentation, eye-witness accounts, contemporaneous recollections recorded, and original research.
          Specifically, what cited sources got your goat? Court records; live recorded statements of federal prosecutors and federally deputized state troopers; the written words of Alan Dershowitz and Howie Carr? Be specific, lest you and Msfreeh both be exposed as Larry Tye brilliantly portrayed in his book and articles “disinformation” hacks, tools of our nefarious anti-American imperious imperial Deep State.

  4. Good story in the American Spectator about Nellie Ohr. Her background is interesting. Taught revisionist Russian history at Vassar. Studied in the Soviet Union in 1989. A Stalin apologist. The forced Ukrainian famine killing ten million was just an excess. Who were she and Hillary really working for? Were they both dupes or fellow travelers? Since 1917 the liberal press in the West and the Democrat Party have been falling for KGB disinformation. Useful idiots?

    1. NC: A drooling idiot wrote that Spectator article. Both Nellie Ohr, and, Congoleeza Rice, got their PHDs from the Soviet Studies Dept. the Dallins founded at Stanford. The Dallins were refugees from Stalin, not supporters of the Soviet dictator. The supposed info in that article is unattributed nonsense. Don’t read the Spectator. It will rot your brain.

      1. Spectator is best on-line magazine.
        Because Stalin and Igor Ivanovich attended the same school, does not make both of them think similarly.

        The Spectator article raises interesting questions about whether the #4 Man at the FBI was married to a woman who was a Stalin-apologist, Ukrainian mass-forced famine denier/demeanor or otherwise a fellow traveler of the Commies, as Bill and Hilly surely were receiving over $100 million in pay-outs to the Clinton Foundation via Russia-Canadian-Uranium One DEAL.

  5. Wa-llahi! Did Glorious Leader, really, suggest arming school janitors? Talk about making a fool of one’s self. Trump has mastered it. The NRA (moron party) can be proud of him. Why is it, now, OK , to exalt stupidity, like, it’s a virtue? The “great dumb down” started back with Ronald Reagan. The Kennedy, and, Johnson, administrations worked to see that a college education was possible for members of the middle, and, lower classes. Folks from all the social classes mixed on the Public University campuses. For many, the experience was radicalizing. Reagan feared what came out of the tumult of the sixties, he, and, those around him, worked to reverse the egalitarian trend. At the same time, the Reagan administration began to starve public schools, and, fight the teachers’ unions. Succeeding Republican governments continued Reagan’s work. Over the course of two generations, the American “white” working-class has been educationally sabotaged by the Republicans. In Huxley’s Brave New World, the embryos intended to be ordinary workers were poisoned with alcohol, and, drugs, to lower their potential IQs. The social engineers of Huxley’s dystopia had a vision of human society much like that of modern Trumpist Republicans. If you need evidence, look at the disorganized, and, lackadaisical, efforts of the Trump administration to combat opiate addiction. It’s, as, if, they don’t, actually, want to do anything about it, and, would, rather, let the plague run its’ course. After all, it mostly afflicts the working class, and, it’s rather sacrilegious to go against the immortal wishes of the Great Engineer.

    1. What a joke to evoke the rate of Narcotic Addiction …it soared under Obama . . .64,000 Overdose Deaths in 2016 (alltime per capita record 3x 1960s-70s rate) and Opiates accounted for 35,000 of those as I recall.
      I posted the numbers earlier.

      Try to blame the Trump administration for Clinton’s 8 years, G. W. Bush’s 8 years, and Obama’s abysmal 8 years of failed/neglectful policies, programs on Drug Addiction and International Drug Smuggling.

      Khalid, we’ve disagreed vehemently before. Now, I must say you are either delusional or intentionally deceiving us . . .trying to poke our ribs, start a dust off by throwing off blatantly false incendiary comments.

      Stick with the Revolution. Find another topic, besides drugs, to spin.

  6. Wa-llahi! As we write, the clerics are fighting over poor Fulton’s bones. If you like Sheen, read “Communism and the Conscience of the West.” It’s some of his best work.

  7. Not just in keeping with the ecumenical spirit, but simply because it’s true, I mention one of my contemporary heroes today’s is Orthodox Rabbi Dov Fischer whose columns can be found in the American Spectator online. A great writer, thinker, on almost all issues I agree with his viewpoints and he generally succinctly literately gets the gist and hits the nail on the head.
    All these men . . .Schweitzer, Dooley M.D., Sheen, Graham, Fischer had a good sense of humor, too . . .all evinced “reverence for life.”

  8. another one of my heroes growing up Billy Graham, just died. Loved listening to his t.v. preaching and his interview. As Bishop Fulton J. Sheen’s t.v show was always illuminating, uplifting and fun, too . . .he had a good sense of humor, humble guy with a sense of proportion. Both he and Graham were tops in my book.

    1. Bill, Dooley worked for the CIA. he was the front-man for the relocation of Vietnamese Catholics from the North to the South. Diem, the US supported Viet strongman, and, a Catholic, had no natural constituency in the South, which, was primarily Buddhist, and, syncretic Buddhist (Hoa Hao and Cao Dai), in religion. Dooley, an American Catholic had the backing of Cardinal Spellman (NY). As a CIA operative, Dooley orchestrated a disinformation campaign against the NV government, claiming that the Viet Minh were persecuting the North’s substantial Catholic minority. It was absolutely untrue. He helped raise Catholic paranoia to the extent that whole areas of the North were left almost depopulated (Nam Dinh). The US Navy loaded NV Catholics, and, the little they could carry, and, transported them to South Vietnam, where they served as a political base for Catholic politicians. Their influence on GVN politics was so strong that General Tieu converted from Buddhism to Roman Catholicism in order to run for the chief executive position. Dooley was no selfless missionary doctor.

      (“Fire in the Lake” Frances Fitzgerald)

      1. Khalid,
        Doctor Tom Dooley never took one red cent from the CIA. Dooley was correct about Communist Atrocities . . .have you forgotten during Tet Communist Atrocities were commonplace . .

        Dooley was a self-less doc, gave all, treated the poorest of poor. His books and his biography”Before I Sleep” were inspirational and I contend he who died young (mid-30s of melanoma) set the tone and standard with his MEDICO Lao clinics for organizations which mimicked his like Doctors without Borders. JFK admired him and said Dooley was inspiration for his Peace Corps. Two-thousand American physicians volunteered to serve in Southeast Asia under Dooley’s MEDICO.
        Dooley also was a staunch critic of American.British.French Imperialism and rapine Capitalism. He insisted Americans had to “get down” to the level of the third world folks as treat them as equals, not pawns.

        No Doubt: the ever intrusive overly interventionistic CIA (especially in the 1950s and early 1960s) USED Dooley for its own imperialistic disinformation campaigns. The Imperialistic/Capitalistic CIA fed false info to Dooley. But what Dooley relayed in the main to the American people was right on the money. The need to fight DISEASE and Communism in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

        I think of Graham Greene’s Ugly American snapshot of ‘Nam as I simultaneously recall Dooley’s 1950s-1960 books (, which I devoured in High School motivating a course to pre-Med).

        Dooley was a flawed character, as are we all. But he gave all, too . . .to treat and heal the poorest of the poor, to establish clinics in jungles, to bring meds to the unfed, modern meds, and to spread the good news of Western Civilization

        Yes, the CIA’s Deep State bureaucratic Orwellian functionaries tampered with medical missionaries’ efforts, too, as today they tamper overseas and domestically.

        2, When Orwell wrote Animal Farm and 1984, works of fiction, he was not kidding or joking. When I wrote Mac the Dog, I was not joking, nor when I wrote and published seven other non-fiction works of history and the law.

        One novel I wrote of 1,000 pages: “The Savillians: The Story of a Celtic People” (circa 1990) I trash-canned because my good friend from Falmouth Bob McKenzie whose son got a Ph.D. in History from Dartmouth . . .Bob graduated Yale, a history buff, a Mason, became a full-time carpenter down the Cape; he was my East Falmouth neighbor who helped me do stuff at my cottage (we talked a lot) and who installed twin sky lights over the cottage’s bathroom and hallway . . .Bob, whose ideas I admired didn’t like the Savillians, so I trashed it . . .even though my lifelong Savin Hill friend Paul Walkowski, a great writer and my co-author on “From Trial Court” read Savillians and said he did like it. I was looking for a unanimous thumbs up from just these two, and it woulda been a green light. Instead, twenty years later the world got the highly unheralded and barely read, “Mac the Dog: the Story of How Andy, Madeline, Tiger and Mac Changed the World.” which ends with a Southie kid, an old lamplighter, a grand-nephew of WWII bet Doc Tynan lighting the fire of a new revolution . . .and the beat goes on

        The point is works of fiction with characters such as Mac the Dog, Tiger Lily and the Conmacman Clan, are intended to be taken seriously . . .deadly seriously,like Animal Farm…

    2. When Bill Cosby made his debut on the Parr show, even Grampa Red was laughing. Normally, he didn’t have much kind to say about African Americans, but on this occasion he shouted from the living room to Gramma in the kitchen (all of ten ft. away). “Get out here, Helen. This goddamned colored guy is pretty funny!”
      Man, that was better than fifty years ago. Funny what sticks in the mind.

      1. Hagiography, Bill. The evacuation took place more than a decade before Tet (“Two Vietnams” Bernard Fall). Where do you get your VN historical info? You have a very idealized view of American participation in the VN tragedy.

  9. Wa-llahi! Grampa Red always let the kids watch Sullivan, but, he’d clear us all out before Steve Allen. Don’t even think about watching the Untouchables. He said the gangster show was based on a pack of lies. “Snorky never did any of dem tings.”

        1. A coincidence: Just mentioned elsewhere two of my heroes growing up Albert Schweitzer and southeast asia doc Tom Dooley.

  10. Matt
    I suspect it would be a piece of cake for you
    to organize a John Connolly Teach In at the
    10 law schools currently operating in Mass
    using internet technology.

    Law students , faculty,and guests could
    discuss,dissect,and deconstruct his case in
    a 3 part series.

    from a never Barrister
    writing from somewhere
    in a place called Maine


    I had a chance to sit down and interview Mass General Hospital trained neurosurgeon
    Dr Norm Shealy.

    He exposed his fellow doctors performing unauthorized experiments on patients while
    performing brain operations.

    Dr Shealy’s background

    I hope this video helps.

  11. Seems , somewhat back in the day , one Robert Mueller signed off on the FBI picking up the defense costs on Agent Lynn Delvecchio’ s murder cases ( plural ) . Bob Mueller is deep .

  12. Matt was 100% correct in “Don’t Embarass the Family”, FBI sold out the flamboyant John Connolly as a Scapegoat, but John was first targetted by Dershowitz, Sterns, Durham, Wyshak and Carr who used John as the ruse to get the real target Bill Bulger, Dersh’s and Carr’s nemesis and longtime political foe. Dersh and Carr hated Bill Bulger because he was smarter than both, ignored both and was true to his Irish-Catholic Conservative South Boston roots and heritage.
    Wyshak has no conscience, and went along with Dersh for fame, fortune and to rise in DOJ. Sterns, too, the buddy of Dersh . . .Durham went along for initial ride, but may have backed off the Florida double jeopardy fiasco.

    You think Ed Sullivan put on a phony show . . .Review the Dersh-Wyshak Circuses.

    1. Ed Sullivan was not one to put up with coffeehouse tricks , pseudo-intellectual gibberish or Counter-Culture psycho-babble . His conservatism did not exclude the talented regardless of race or gender .
      Crusty, yes , but an eminently fair and dignified Gentleman of the Old School . The equation is off . Ed Sullivan put on THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW , and bone to stone he was a stand-up guy . He put up with a lot of phonies in his day . That’s Show Business .

      1. “Crusty, yes , but an eminently fair and dignified Gentleman of the Old School . ”

        He laughed at himself more than most know. His censoring eye was the filter he believed in and he was almost always right. He brought Russian talent to our living rooms during the height of The Cold War and refused to bend. We could use a lot more people in show biz with his discretion and commitment. He drew a line and held to it.

  13. ON REGULATING GUNS: We were able to make cars a lot safer without infringing upon our constitutionally guaranteed Right to Travel
    We can improve gun safety without infringing upon the 2nd Amendment.
    CONGRESS: get to work; local school districts get to work.

    1. The Second Amendment covered flintlocks. I support gun ownership. I don’t step outside unarmed but the 2nd needs to be revised first and foremost. Without bringing the entire debate into this century’s technology there is no debate. Just head-butting.

  14. Msfreeh, I agree on both counts: A Thesis with Syllabus should be created on the John Connolly scapegoat fiasco; all law schools/law enforcement/schools of ethics in government should carry it.
    B. Child-predators/pornographers should be detected, fired, excommunicated and sent to Pit Bull Isolation Island for lengthy terms of years. Deter the derangement; exile the perpetrators.
    Psychiatrists pre-1990 opined pedophilia/pedasty could be treated; today, they are far less sanguine and recommend isolation even after incarceration . . that is, the offender is banned, barred from schools, playgrounds, places where children may gather, and prohibited from being with X feet of a child (a pre-adolescent, generally or in some cases (legal, not psychiatrically) a child is defined as under 16 . . .or perhaps even under 18. Pedophilia is perverted fixation on pre-pubescents.

  15. Matt
    Time to create a course on John Connolly with a syllabus, eh?

    in other news

    Political Economy of Fascism Mini-Course
    Posted by Mike Isaacson
    This mini-course is designed for popular education and to operate as either a series or as individual stand-alone workshops. The course begins with a review of my zine “You Can’t Punch Every Nazi” as a participatory workshop. The following four classes elaborate on the four layers of fascist doctrine I introduce in the first class. The last class takes account of fascist ideology to build a holistic antifascist theory highlighting existing antifascist praxis. I had originally designed this course for open library courses such as those the NYPL holds regularly.

    Law Enforcement Arrested for Trading in Child Rape
    The following summary of 103 law enforcement officers (LEOs) arrested for trading in child rape updates earlier research. In November 2014, I profiled seventy local and state police officers arrested on child pornography related charges — Police Trading in Child Rape & Torture. My research was out of date almost as soon as I hit publish. A year later I posted When Law Enforcement is the Perpetrator reviewing one month, November 2015, when more than two LEOs per week were in the news for trafficking in child sex abuse. This research is not comprehensive but rather a small sample of LEOs arrested and does not include federal law enforcement. Without institutional support, conducting a complete study of all local, state and federal law enforcement has not been possible.
    As for the weak argument someone always seems to make, “there is a certain number of pedophiles in the population and the number within law enforcement is perfectly normal” — let me respond. No pedophile should ever wear a badge, carry a gun and swear an oath to serve and protect. Not one person trading in child rape should ever be employed in law enforcement. Ever. Period. If we cannot keep pedophiles out of law enforcement, what kind of country have we become? If law enforcement cannot keep child rapists out of their ranks — what kind of “protection” are we paying for with our tax money?
    Imagine, as you read these arrests, you are a parent reporting to police your child has been raped, or is missing or trafficked. How do you think the police here might have handled your complaint? How well do you think your children are being protected? These are real children being raped and tortured in the videos and images. American children. Every time an image/video is shared that child is trafficked again. Far too many police are involved in the trafficking.
    For further information, please see the National Police Misconduct Reporting Project (NPMRP) at Cato Institute and the Associated Press (AP) year long investigation, 2015, into police misconduct.

    Fire the FBI Chief
    February 18, 2018 4:00

    1. ” Man , We just … Did … The Ed Sullivan Show .” … Jim Morrison to Ed Sullivan’s apoplectic son-in-law . He was Ed’s producer and had just told the band they would never be on the show again . Morrison had promised not to sing … Girl we couldn’t get much higher … He lit Ed Sullivan’s fire when he chose to sing the song as written .

      1. But The Stones relented to Ed’s censorship and sang, “Let’s spend some time together….” instead of “the night together.”

        I guess it was Ed’s show and he had the last word.

        I just finished Stalin’s Ghost by Martin Cruz Smith. I believe it was the 4th Arkady novel he wrote starting with Gorky Park. Great set of books with Gorky Park and Stalin’s Ghost the top honorees. Also his Stallions Gate is a great read.

        1. You are keyrect , Abe . Mick affected a really demented scowl throughout the song to protest . It was affected because exaggerated , but he was clearly quite pissed off at Uncle Ed .

  16. One other thing: this is all related to the FEDs, DOJ,Wyshak et al targetting innocents and abusing their authority.

    In Florida, a mad-man killed 17 at a school . . .the world rightfully demands better gun control/mental-health eval/fed-state-police response to reports of threats

    So, 17 dead in one day from a lunatic with assault rifle. 170 died that same day from an Overdose of Drugs.

    Every day, 170 Americans >64,000(2016-17), of all ages, die from preventable DRUG OVERDOSES (O.D.s) – – -@34,000 O.D.s OPIATES (including heroin and prescription) plus @ 8,000 from Benzodiazapines (usually mixed with alcohol/other substances like cocaine, barbs etc_ and @ 6,000-8,000 from Cocaine Overdose.

    At least 10 times die daily from drug overdoses (never mind the lives ruined lifelong from drug addictions) and the whole nation barely blinks . . .sad

    1. The FEDs, instead of concentrating on Chuck Turner, Bill Bulger, Probation Officers and Aaron Schwartz, should have been doing something about the killer drug Overdose Epidemic in America . . .but no, Wyshak et al must settle political scores and teach those Irish-Italian-African-Jewish-Americans from Boston a LESSON in the Deep State’s Police State’s Mentality and Brutality and use of unfettered Raw Power . . .

  17. In Mac the Dog, I call Jon Stuen-Parker, “Jon Steuben Parker” and imply he was related to the Revolutionary War German general. For a Fields Corner kid, just up the street on Dot Ave from Savie, I’d say he risen to the status of a Five Star General in the the War Against Drugs and the War for Winning the Hearts and Minds of the People in aiding the victims of these terrible addictive diseases . . . Jon’s Aids Brigade has performed yeomen’s miracles. The AIDS BRIGADE offices on West Broadway was diagonally across from the Labore Center (another Jewell in the City (Jewell’s “Life Uncommon”) and it is the James P. Rogers Memorial Square intersection, named for WWII Army Air Corp Veteran killed in the crash of his B-17 on his last training exercise in San Antonio, Texas. James P. Rogers is my mother’s brother and he left behind in Houston his young bride, Gwen, and their young son, Jimmy Rogers, my first cousin, who was my mother’s godchild. Jim Rogers now has two grown daughters, around forties, today, and grandchildren. God bless Jon Stuen-Parker and James Patrick Rogers and families . . .of Boston, Mass, and Houston, Texas

  18. Wa-llahi! A children’s march against guns. What an excellent idea. Bravo alek Stoneman kids! Only beetle-browed brown-shirts could oppose your crusade. Repeal the 2nd Amendment. All praise to the young activists. All power to the dialectic!

    Lucian Truscott wrote a great article about gun nuts in Salon, last week. Truscott thinks people who want to use military grade weapons should join the service, since, those weapons have no purpose in civilian life. I heartily agree! Why limit yourself to fantasy, when, putting your name on the dotted line, might give you the opportunity to kill, or, be killed by, the very same devices gun crazies most fetishize. Imagine being cut good, holding your guts in with your hands. The kids in that school don’t have to imagine, anymore, they’ll see horrific images like that on insides of their eye-lids for the rest of their lives. No one’s gun rights trump children’s right to live.

    1. Khalid, as we do more to protect schools/children from guns . . .metal detectors, secretly armed/highly trained teachers in each school, etc (perhaps Vets, or ex police) . . .let’s also have a children’s march against Hard Drugs (opiates, crack, coke, speed, mind altering) and put full-court press on making sure no high schooler gets near even a Joint (grass) and preferably NO ONE is allowed to use any drug other than caffeine, theophylline, theobromine (coffee, tea, dark chocolate) until 21 years old. AND especially keep alcohol drinking age at 21 . . .but allow parents to serve wine with meals/religious services . . .

      I remember in the 1970s, early 1980s, when the idiots lowered the legal drinking age to 18, the downtown joints, bars, even upscale good ones, had young men single and divorced in their late twenties and early thirties (many Viet-Vets and Viet-Era-Vets) intermingling with 18 and even 17 year old lovely nubiles just starting college . .it was a prescription for . . . .well, a marriage or two may have ensued, but generally it was ridiculous mixing alcohol, women that young, and men in their late 20s, early 30s, some 40s . . . .

      So, keep it fair and real . . .21 legal age, means women 19 and 20 will be in some clubs, and most young women by then can fend for themselves . . .most are innately smarter than the men, anyway . . .

      But 18 or 19 legal drinking age (meaning 16, 17, 18s), is, from my professional experience, education and understanding, a Prescription for Disaster. Although, three playboy bunny covers-centerfolds were 16, a dozen 17-18 . . .but backin the 1950s, 1960s, even early 1970s, the age of first marriage and first birth(median) was about 21 or just under. Today it’s @26.

      KEEP DRUGS/ALCOHOL AWAY FROM TEENAGERS . . .EVEN GRASS . . .EVEN NICOTINE . . . .BUT NOT CAFFEINE, TEA, CHOCOLATE, TURKEY (turkey has tryptophan (I think that’s it): a mild soporific . .it makes you drowsy . . .good for naps . . .like a cup of warm hot chocolate with whipped cream on top . . .zzzz

      1. Bill:
        What does all that have to do with stopping the sale of military grade weapons to the general public? Tommy Guns were legal, until, the citizenry, tired of bloody massacre, convinced the G to restrict their sale. The same is happening now. People are sick of all the killing. Outlaw all firearms not for hunting. No large clips for rifles. Hand-guns would be tricky. I know jewelers, bondsmen and, pawn-brokers, who need to carry. A concealed carry permit should be hard to get. If you don’t have a work related reason for carrying a handgun you shouldn’t get a permit. Guns aren’t toys.

        1. Khalid, I am in favor of public safety: especially protecting schoolchildren and teenagers. So, 1: Stop Drugs; 2. Better Regulate Guns

          I agree . . . I’m not an expert on guns; I consider myself an expert on drugs . . .both from education/training/work experience, and first hand living with, interacting with, knowing personally best friends, neighbors etc, since 1966 (Vietnam vets, some ex-cons) who used, abused, distributed, etc.

          So, yes . .I support every effort to reduce 60,000-plus annual drug overdoses and the addiction rate, and every effort to make especially young people of school age SAFE from guns. I also respect the Second Amendment, and believe great safety can advance while respecting it.

          The Priority? As said, 17 were killed in school outside Fort Lauderdale by a maniac . . . .170 die every day from Drug Overdoses in America

          Bottom line: we’re not doing enough . . .with cars, we reduced deaths/injuries with strict laws . . .we need do more with DRUGS and GUNS

  19. ” Dither/Distraction Powers ” are dilatory and , in this case , non-derivative . A special case , indeed .

  20. Bill is that really you, or, just the crank talking? Stay away from that stuff. It’ll toast your brain. Speed kills.

    1. Khalid, this is deadly serious, when principles at the highest level of the federal prosecutors’ offices (and state prosecutors, Florida), and judges (especially Rottenberg, Appeallate in FL, but also trial judge Blake who Failed to order new trial based on Ineffective Assistance of Counsel) and Academics like Dershowitz and Columnists like Carr and Cullen at Globe, and 5 State Cops under then Major Foley, all CONSPIRE to falsely/prosecute convict an innocent man, John Connolly, retired from FBI for >8 years, based on knowingly false preposterous testimony of proven, admitted serial perjurers and serial killers (Martorano & Flemmi) . . .All for the purpose of targetting a moderate/conservative leading intellectual political luminary in Massachusetts, William Bulger . . .YOU BEST BE FURIOUS, TOO . . .


      The Savin Hill Billy and his kith and kin will not be silenced or intimidated. America beware. A LEFTIST CABAL reared its ugly head in Boston and Miami these last two decades, and only now are WE THE PEOPLE becoming FULLY COGNIZANT OF IT.

      Those who went along with the singling out, persecution, and false prosecution of John Connolly and H. Paul Rico bear deep responsibility for not seeing what was happening right in front of their eyes.

      It’s like the St. Pat’s Parade case all over again (Hurley v. GLIB . . .U.S. . . .(1995); the majority is silent and acquiesces in the crushing of the Veterans’ sacred Free Speach Freedoms . . .Well the majority of cops, press, prosecutors, lawyers, judges, academics were silent and acquiscent when the LEFTIST USURPERS (dersh, Wyshak, Sterns, Carr, Cullen, 5 State Cops under Foley) ran roughshod over the Constitution and maliciously singled out one good cop (John Connolly . .no two, Connolly and H. Paul Rico) for the sole purpose of GETTING Bill Bulger.

      As Dershowitz said, “Squeeze Connolly” to get Bulger. He wrote it in an Op-Ed. He no doubt secretely advised Wyshak, Sterns, et al, all along, and I wonder to what extent he directly or indirectly advised Judges Blake and Rottenberg.

      And Wyshak, the corrupt prosecutor, said “John Connolly got too close to the Bulgers (plural) and South Boston.” Wyshak spilled the beans on his corrupt motives after John’s false conviction in Miami on the late-added phony Murder by Gun count.

      Don’t cry for me, Argentina. Cry for yourselves, your kith and kin, for America.

      These are the times that try men’s souls, when Wyshak, Dershowitz, judges, cops, Carr, Cullen other MSM turn the Constitution on its head and usurp power and abuse judicial processes targetting innocents (like Probation Officers) FOR THEIR OWN POLITICAL ENDS . . . .WE KNOW WHO DERSHOWITZ WANTED TO GET AND HE USED HIS BUDDIES STERNS, WYSHAK ET AL TO DO SO

      H. PAUL RICO was targetted to make it look slightly less obvious that in targetting John Connolly Billy Bulger was the real target.

      The two most effective FBI agents were targetted based on the words of serial perjurers, serial killers Martorano and Flemmi.

      2. I filed a FOIA request for all INFO in Wyshak’s Foley’s et al hands regarding Martorano’s murder of Tony Veranis. I’m already being stonewalled. The FEDS have denied the request because I have not provided (1) a death certificate for Tony Veranis and (2) I didn’t specify what DOJ offices I was seeking data from . . .I specified what Prosecutors (Sterns, Durham, Wyshak and their colleagues.) You see how the FEDs spit on the average citizen and stonewall them.

      3. Prosecute the prosecutors, academics, judges, newspeople who abused their powers and engaged in a RICO corrupt act to target, imprison innocent people for political purposes (to get the conservative Irish-Catholic intellectual from South Boston, longest serving Senate President in Mass history, @ six-year President of U. Mass Boston, vastly improving it, until the knee-jerk Mitt Romney sided with Carr and Dershowitz and demanded Billy Bulger resign . . .Why . . .because his brother, Whitey, was a criminal . . .Guilt by Association Romney

      Oh, yes the Rot Runs Deep . . .and we need a purging River to Run Through it



      1. Joke ? … Murder is no joke . There is much still unknown . You cite Freeh for not simply citing , and yet , at this point wearyingly, because redundant , to the reader , you determinedly cover as much column space as possible marching out the same narrative . If as Debussy says ” Music is the space between the notes ,” then I suggest you TAKE A DEEP BREATH . It’s different than the words TAKE A DEEP BREATH .

        1. JKM . . .my prose is on point . . .it is not CUT & Paste

          Khalid . . .I am, thank God, drug free and alcohol free, and have been so for nearly 40 years . . .I don’t take “crank” . . .I my hay-days, mostly 20s, I did indulge in a variety of mind-altering, mood altering stimulants and euphorics, mostly mildish like grass and green hearts, recreationally, abusivelly at times . . .I like being up not “down” . .so the opiates held no allure, nor the barbs, nor sedative-hypnotices . . .I toked a joint or two daily for a while . . I experimented , ,and abused . . .never addicted, never used coke (tried one time; black beauties, green hearts way better) never used opiates, never used crack . . . .

          What you get is NATURALLY ME . .lengthy or brief

          JKM . . .it’s Variations on a Theme, NOT REPITITION


          I took at each of my posts as a rift or 2-3 minute Rock & Roll song . . . .or as a nocturne, prelude, sonata or sonata’ movement (Moonlight’s 2nd) or a concerto or an Intermezzo or an Interlude

          Read ’em and weep, you defenders of the Status Quo, defenders of the grotesquely un-American egregiously wrongful, diabolical persecution and prosecution of John Connolly, Probation Officers, Kenny Conley, Aaron Schwartz, Chuck Turner, the Carswell Motel Owner, a 51-year old nurse named Mary Ann Moore (sp?), at birth, and more innocents and now an innocent State Senator who was in 2018 hit with 130 counts of practicing law while a state senator.

          The Villainy continues and it goes back to the persecution and prosecution of Judge Teddy Glynn, in my lifetime . . .THE POLITICAL PERSECUTION AND PROSECUTION

          And if you don’t like my Variations on a Theme of Federal/State Abuse of Judicial/Prosecutorial Power, you PROBABLY wouldn’t like THE GOLDBERG VARIATIONS

          YOU SEE, PEOPLE, SOMEONE IS GOING TO READ THESE POSTS . . .MAYBE . . .. AND IF WE STAY ON POINT WITH ORIGINALITY, HONESTY AND INTEGRITY, we may bring back a modicum of Justice to the good old USA.

          IF NOT . . . .some folks always put their necks in the sand, and refuse to see what’s staring them in the face . . .the SHRINKS CALL IT “denial.”

          JOHN CONNOLLY, an innocent man, WAS FRAMED for the purpose of getting another innocent man WILLIAM BULGER . . .via abuse of federal Department of Justice, abuse of State Police, abuse of Press/Media, abuse.interference of Academics, like Dershowitz.

          THE FEDERALIST PAPERS were original VARIATIONS ON A THEME , , ,and only the Tories, Crown, Redcoats, and Queasy Status Quo-ers complained of their length or their redundancies.

          “FEAR NO CRITIC”

          1. Mandelbrot Set . Theologica Mystica … Written by Dionysus The Areopagite . Agnosia … Outside of knowing …the ” dark knowledge ” of G-O-D . The admission that any concept we have of the Divinity is just that , a concept . We cannot conceptualize the Ground Of All Being . We cannot do other , ever , than be who we are .

      2. Wa-llahi! Everyone likes to rif, Bill. Don’t get too lathered up. Why don’t we discuss the nature of the deep state? I’m certain you’ve devoted a little thought to that topic. I’ve learned to appreciate MS Freeh’s first person stuff, so, too, with your out-put. The more it’s about your personal thoughts, and, not a repetition of other’s thinking, the more interested I become. Let’s put some collective rumination into this deep state thing.

        1. Don’t be a schnorrer . It is a delightful Yiddish word denoting one who borrows with no intention of repaying . I made the same case to you , and to Freeh , and to Bill C. , that you now iterate in different letters , but the same word : Just Be Yourself . Tell us your story !

          This invitation , made and encouraged regularly by me throughout this blog’s history , to drop pretense and tell us what you know in your marrow (because you were there ) does not exclude one from good taste .

          In painful detail , gratuitously , we have now for some time been informed of what any one not a nit wit knew long ago , if they have paid attention , Tony Veranis’ murder was not as John Martorano described to Fred Wyshak . This fabrication , long since acknowledged , its perpetuation in print by ” Howie Howie Howie did it ” Carr in HITMAN , and the pervasive perjurious , pernicious , and purloined testimony of a host of Federal witnesses in the Bulger Saga cases is old news .

          Get real . Ego ? Let me … iterate : There is no stake other than an Ego stake that one is driving into their own heart when they elaborate strategies that serve that Ego , but have no practical purpose . To wit , any FOIA requests re: Mr. Anthony Veranis that survive Federal bureaucratic dodging will arrive so heavily redacted that they are barely intelligible . If one has a real yen for investigation then work on getting the impounded Police notes from the Halloran hit released from the Federal Judge who impounded them . As Jon Stuen-Parker has pointed out , historically , it bears examination . ” The balloon is in the air ” ….Well , here’s a balloon in your ear , Pop .

          1. ” The balloon is in the air ? ” …. Would not you like to fly in that beautiful balloon ? Way up above Northern Ave . in that beautiful balloon . Oh , you can hear machine guns fire ( for ten minutes as described on Evening News ) in that beautiful balloon . For you can …. LIE ….. WAY UP IN THE SKY … in that Beautiful Balloon !

          2. To put Sterns, Wyshak et al, in jail, it will help to get to Congress first ALL THE NOTES the FEDS have regarding Martorano’s bold faced lies about Tony Veranis’s murder

            And I agree 100%, JKM, Jon Stuen-Parker, my longtime buddy, we have similar medical-health-education/backgrounds and both of us have worked for decades in drug abuse fields . .Jon much more prominently and much more world-wildly . . .Jon flies to Africa with medicines and to Vietnam (to “Nam with my lifelong friend and Viet Combat Vet (Army radioman Tom Tucker, who I knew since kindergarten) . . .but I think the world of Jon Stuen-Parker . . .(I think they did some documentary film with both of us in it, mostly on Jon,, but it was canned, shelved or sidelnined.. . .

            Anyway, WE must demand via FOIA, no matter how much the DEEP STATE tries to cover up, ALL THE NOTES, and I hope we all back Jon in getting all his requested notes, too.

            Jon and I have slightly different spins . . .our abhorrence of the FEDS’ Deep State’s abuse of power, cover ups, lies and inaction (going after pols instead of major drug traffickers) is equal and long held over the lifetime

            As Steppenwolf sang, “God damn the Pusher Man.” And God have mercy on the Deep State FEDS who turned a blind eye on tens-of-thousands of O.D. deaths and sat idly by on silent haunches while generations of Americans, young, old, men, women, brown, white, black, yellow, became exposed and hooked on HARD DRUGS (Opiates, Crack)

            On some things, many of us local boys from Southie, Savie, Dot, Mattapan, Brighton-Allston, especially, Oak Square, Blue Hill Ave, Bunker Hill, North End, South End and Orient Heights agree.

        2. What happened to John Connolly is THE DEEP STATE in action with its co-conspirators in the Media and Academia

          The Disinformation Campaign waged against John Connolly, Bill Bulger, South Boston, conservatives, especially pro-life traditional value non imperalistic all-American conservatives in my lifetime, since Vietnam has been a function of the DEEP STATE.

          Gut the Deep State. Start and continue by exposing the deep rot in the prosecutors’/judicial offices of the FEDS, . . .John Connolly’s case is a prime example, where the very language of statutes has been contorted, perverted beyond all reason to attack one innocent man for political purposed.

          And still they defend the DEEP STATE DOJ . . FEDS, LEFTIST MEDIA, ACADEMIA, . . .as said, even great liberal libertarian like Sullivan, I cited yessterday, have publicly denounced the LEFTIST TAKEOVER OF ACADEMIA

          THE LEFTIST-IMPERIALISTS- have taken over the DOJ,, protected HIlary-BIll, persecuted Connolly-Bulger conservatives.

          It is the FED DEEP STATE in ACTION and it has its defenders on the State Level…many lifelong State Judges, Prosecutors, Cops, Bureaucrats, Academics defend it yet as they defended and justified the Crushing of the South Boston Vets’ St. Pat’s Day Parade Organizers First Amendment Free Speech RIghts.

          Remember, in 1995, Justice Katz in Lawyers Weekly wrote that “a majority” of Massachusettts Jurists disagreed with SCOTUS and agreed with the Mass Judicial Tyrants, that the VETERANS had no Free Speech Rights, and the DEEP STATE’s FRONTMEN (the Mass Judges) could force and unwanted group and unwanted messages into traditional St. Pat’s Parades . .

          Nothing to see hear, folks, just move along: Mass Courts crushing citizen Veterans’ free speech rights and Mass Judges/Prosecutors say they have a right to do so . . .THE STATE, THE DEEP STATE, WILL WRITE THE MESSAGES AND SAY WHO WILL AND WILL NOT MARCH AND WHAT WORDS WILL BE SPOKEN AND HEARD ON THE STREETS OF BOSTON

          Andy McCauley, the brilliant Catholic Civil Rights Lawyer from New York who helped Chester Darling and the South Boston Veterans in 1993-1995, had it right: Boys, he said, “IT’S TIME TO TAKE THE MUSKETS OFF THE WALLS.”

          1. Andrew Sullivan is the erudite liberal libertarian who recently condemned Leftist Academia . . .he used that very word “LEFTISTS”.

  21. Matt: I recommend deleting Msfreeh’s deliberately lengthily distracting posts from 2/16/ 18.

    Today’s relevant Posts are (1) Matt’s Original Daily Post of Court Decision (Kudos to Henry Barth.)
    (2) Dick Baker’s on point Summation of Events to Date + notifying us of the filing of appeals (federal, I assume) based on (A.)Wyshak’s witholding exculpatory evidence from Connolly’s defense and (B.) )Ineffective Assistance of counsel.
    (3) NC’s trenchant commentary . . .always on point
    (4) and my post re: What We Do PROSPECTIVELY, that is, to civilly, administratively, professionally, and/or criminally prosecute Wyshak, Dershowitz et al.

    Again, please DELETE Msfreeh,, from this day only . . .and henceforth Msfreeh cease and desist the psychobabble, ancient history (Kennedy assassinations) and distactions . . .Please just CITE don’t cut & past lengthy irrelevant B.S. articles or essays …

    2. Msfreeh, ALL KIDDING ASIDE, you are being monitored by the Conmacman Clan’s Supracybersecurity Committee of Reactionary Correspondence (SCORCH) (a non-profit) whose powers to dither/distract are unfathomable EVEN by the FEDs’ passe computers as run by civil servants, by circumlocutors/disinforming agitpropogandists and extra-governmental plants.

    The Human Intelligence of We the People supercedes and supplants by light years the Cyberintelligence of folks like the lying dog Clapper (“no mass collection of data”) . .

    The Human Spirit, especially the American Human Spirit, transcends the Deep State’s sluggish dystopian snoops wallowing in the mire of lies, spin and disinformation.

    Up the Republic. Down the Foul Owlish Orwellian Snoop State. Disembowel the Leftist Mainstream Media, Leftist Academia, Leftist usurping FEDs, Leftist Internetionalists (imperialists, interventionists, obsessive internationalists) and Leftist Amoralistic Atheistic Antagonists. Disembowel the metastatic M.A.F.I.A. (a.k.a., the MAFIA.) Gut it. Pare down the size of government, too, in the process. Slim, trim, thin . . .

    Restore America to the people, liberal and conservative.

    Gut the Leftists and Usurpers and jail the prosecutors and judges who believe words and statutes are infinitely malleable, and judicial processes may be manipulated to use people to get political opponents, as Wyshak, Dershowitz, Rothenberg et al did.

    Thus Spake Zarusthusthra and Doctor Quackenbush and the Kingfish etcetera, etcetera, etcetera . . . .

    America is packed from sea to shining sea with patriotic god-loving hill billys and hill billy-jeans and these are messages plain and simple from Bunker Hill Billys, Oak Hill Billys, Savin Hill Billys, Beacon Hill Billys, Blue Hill Billys, Chestnut Hill Billys and their kith and kin: rock-solid, All-American boys and girls, men and women, calling it like it is and as it is.

  22. Pretty delusional to think the NRA is responsible for violence in America. Not a very Christian thought to call for another’s murder. Live by the sword die by the sword.

  23. Wa-llahi! Why hasn’t some distraught parent put a .38 to Wayne Lapierre’s head? He must have good security. Maybe, I’ll turn on Morning Joe some morning, and, find out someone spread his brains around. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

  24. Howie Carr has maliciously attacked and attempted to impugn the integrity of more good men and women, liberal and conservative, in and out of public office, than any other character assassin, real or fictional, in American history. He’s a modern day bigoted divisive No-Nothing, extolling sadenfreude, prejudice and Mafia hitmen, forsaking fairness and objectivity, defaming innocent pols and cops. Why? To make a buck! For the Almighty Dollar! He’ll say anything to sell another book, trinket or column . . .a low life among low life character assassins.

  25. “a corrupt politician” should have been written “a corrupt (epithet deleted)”

    Howie Carr for 30 years has hurled prejudicial epithets at a most honorable politician from South Boston who retired with laurels and honors galore, and not one misdemeanor on his record.

    When you throw stones upward gravity sometimes bring them smack down in your face.

  26. My goal, shared by others, is to free an innocent man, John Connolly, from his wrongful long imprisonment in Florida.

    My goal, equally and simultaneously, is to see prosecuted to the FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW (criminally, civilly, Congressionally, Admistratively, Professionally (revocation of licenses, fines, etc.)

    Judges who’ve contorted the established rules of Statutory Construction beyond the pale and twisted legal reasoning into a chimera, like Rothenberg should lose her judgeship and be civilly sanctioned/and or criminally prosecuted to the fullest extent for her ultra vires actions. . .and those judges who towed the line with her should face similar punishment for rewriting a statute and creating a de facto Bill of Attainder.

    Academics like Dershowitz who conspired, cajoled, interjected themselves into the criminal process and insisted John Connolly be “squeezed” to get another innocent man former U.Mass & Senate President Bill Bulger should be administratively and civilly and professionally prosecuted to the fullest extent and the serious criminal issue should be addressed and answered whether he tampered with the criminal process and unduly influenced or unduly attempted to influence criminal proceedings. Certainly, he can’t plead he didn’t know any better.

    Prosecutors like Wyshak, Sterns, Durham et al who maliciously pursued these cases against John Connolly and also against H. Paul Rico and others (Probation where Chris Bulger, Bill Bulger’s son worked.) . .such prosecutors should be prosecuted fully by Congress, the Courts, Administrative Agencies and Professional Ethics/Responsibilities Organizations with the legal profession.

    Media malaprops like Carr and Cullen who with the zeal of hatefully blinded fanatics have resorted to the most vicious reporting and public statements (unproven, hearsay mainly from serial killers and proven perjurers like Flemmi, Martorano, et al) should be disciplined by their professions. The public should react. The FCC should consider sanctions for provably perverse perpetually false propaganda aimed against moderate/conservative politicians, democrats (Bulger, Silber, Finneran, Dukakis and against Dukakis wife) and against moderate Republicans like Weld. Or is there no low like “death pools” “mexican music used during crime reporting” or for decades calling one politician a “corrupt politician” and attacking-smearing the children of indicted/convicted persons. Is there no low the Media or FCC will not rectify? If there is, Howie Carr should be its first piece of work.

  27. Dick Baker, right on point. Good summation.

    Msfreeh . . .always wandering way off topic, and I believe it is intentionally intended to mislead readers away from the Central Points: John Connolly, a living breathing human being was framed by the FEDs, WYSHAK ET AL, and for over 5 years (after finishing his 10 year excruciatingly unfair harsh Boston sentence) has been sitting in Florida cells. AN INNOCENT MAN FRAMED BY FEDS IS INTENDED BY THE FEDS TO BE LEFT TO DIE IN PRISON, AND running through Msfreeh’s mind are sundry unrelated or tangentially related matters with which she cannot but impulsively clutter the page. MAKES ME THINK THE DIVERSIONARY CLUTTER IS INTENTIONAL.



  28. The Nunes Memo and Vince Foster

    The memorandum prepared by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes contains a couple of names that are very familiar to those of us who have followed the cover-up in the case of the death of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., from its beginning. Here are the key passages:

    The Carter Page FISA application also cited extensively a September 23, 2016, Yahoo News article by Michael Isikoff, which focuses on Page’s July 2016 trip to Moscow. This article does not corroborate the [Christopher] Steele dossier because it is derived from information leaked by Steele himself to Yahoo News. The Page FISA application incorrectly assesses that Steele did not directly provide information to Yahoo News. Steele has admitted in British court filings that he met with Yahoo News—and several other outlets—in September 2016 at the direction of Fusion GPS. Perkins Coie was aware of Steele’s initial media contacts because they hosted at least one meeting in Washington DC in 2016 with Steele and Fusion GPS where this matter was discussed.


    Steele was suspended and then terminated as an FBI source for what the FBI defines as the most serious of violations—an unauthorized disclosure to the media of his relationship with the FBI in an October 30, 2016, Mother Jones article by David Corn. Steele should have been terminated for his previous undisclosed contacts with Yahoo and other outlets in September—before the Page application was submitted to the FISC in October—but Steele improperly concealed from and lied to the FBI about those contacts.

    What is revealed here is that the (former?) British intelligence agent, Steele, is as thick as thieves with a couple of intelligence assets in the American news media, Michael Isikoff and David Corn. You may search their names on my home page to see the full ugly picture of their KGB-like activities while they play the role of journalists, but we will hit some of the highlights for you here.

    Michael Isikoff

    One of the quotations at the top of “The Press and the Death of Vincent Foster” is from Isikoff in the August 15, 1993, Washington Post:

    Foster’s attempt to seek legal help is described in more than 200 pages of Park Police and FBI reports into his death that have not yet been publicly released. …those reports leave no doubt that Foster was suffering from a worsening depression….

    In other words, the FBI had used Isikoff as a conduit for what they wanted the American people to believe was the cause of death, giving him the privilege of viewing the evidence, which they denied to the public. He duly delivered for them. It is very similar to how they used his work to hoodwink the FISA court. Here’s my description of Isikoff in the referenced article:

    Michael Isikoff of first The Washington Post and then with the Post Corporation’s Newsweek magazine may be described as the lead mainstream reporter on the Foster case. Five days before this article appeared there had been the above-mentioned joint news conference [announcing the suicide conclusion]. The gathered journalists had not been told on what basis murder had been ruled out and no written substantiation for the suicide conclusion had been released. Furthermore, no indication was given of when or if any report would be released. Journalists were told simply that they could file Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for any supporting documentation should they wish to see it.

    America’s news organs demonstrated total satisfaction with this conclusion announced as though by imperial decree. They did not clamor for a report substantiating the conclusion. They did not even report the fact that the Park Police and the FBI offered no real substantiation for their suicide conclusion and that there was no public report or any prospects for one in the foreseeable future. Rather, here we have The Post in its first Sunday edition after the official announcement telling us that reports that neither they (ostensibly) nor we have been able to see leave “no doubt” about a key disputed question in the case. This is press dereliction of responsibility to the public of the highest order.

    Isikoff was the reporter of the news on Wednesday, July 28, 1993, eight days after Foster’s body was discovered in Fort Marcy Park in McLean, Virginia, that a note had been found in Foster’s office with the names of some psychiatrists on it. Two days later, he was the co-writer with the late Ann Devroy of a much longer article that said that the note with the psychiatrists names on it had been found by police searching Foster’s car, and to this day neither Isikoff nor the The Post has given any explanation for why the change in the supposed discovery location. When you’re making a story up, I suppose it doesn’t really make any difference. But speaking of making things up, that Isikoff and Devroy article also had this big-time whopper:

    Police who arrived at Foster’s house the night of the death were turned away after being told Lisa Foster and family members were too distraught to talk. Investigators were not allowed to interview her until yesterday. “That was a matter between her lawyers and the police,” [White House spokesman David] Gergen said, and the White House “had no role in it.”

    The article is still up online, and you can read it here. I write about all of it in the first installment of “America’s Dreyfus Affair: The Case of the Death of Vincent Foster.” Not only was Gergen lying about the police being turned away from the Foster house that night, but Isikoff and the folks at The Post had to have known that it was a lie. It came to light about a year later when the Park Police testified before a Senate committee that they were not only not turned away, but they interviewed Lisa and other family members at length, and The Post’s reporter, Walter Pincus, had written much earlier that he was also at the Foster house that night, while neglecting to mention that the police were also there.

    Isikoff was later treated as something of a white knight by the press for leaking the Monica Lewinsky story to the up-and-coming Matt Drudge when his then Newsweek bosses supposedly wouldn’t let him publish it in the magazine. In reality, what was going on was that the Lewinsky story was being hyped as a distraction away from the Foster case, while Drudge was built up as a legitimate source of alternative news. As a bonus, Starr was made to appear to be a conservative zealot out to get the Clintons so that when his drawn-out whitewash of the Foster murder was eventually published, it would be more readily believed. “Even Kenneth Starr concluded that it was a suicide.”

    But what kind of court of law would even take seriously an article in the press, especially one in Yahoo News? How about one that includes a judge who was an active participant in the Foster cover-up? We are talking about John D. Bates, one of two members of Kenneth Starr’s team whom President George W. Bush appointed as federal judges. The other was Brett Kavanaugh, who took over as lead investigator for the conscience smitten Miguel Rodriguez, who resigned in disgust. One can’t help but believe that the primary qualification for the federal bench that both men exhibited was that they had shown that they would go along with the cover-up of a crime of the most heinous sort. In 2006, Chief Justice John Roberts appointed Bates to be a member of the FISA court. That is not to say that he was responsible for allowing the surveillance of Carter Page, heavily based upon a spurious dossier and a news report, but with him as an example, we see what sort of people are likely to be making such decisions.

    David Corn

    David Corn played a far less prominent role in the Foster-case cover-up than did Isikoff, but it was in my covering of the case that I first encountered him. I explain it in my article, “How to Become a ‘Made Man’ in the Media,’ in which Corn plays one of the two title characters:

    I first became aware of Corn when we both attended a press conference in Washington, DC, in the spring of 1995 in which Christopher Ruddy announced the findings of three investigators that tended to support Ruddy’s theory that Foster had not died at the place where the body had been found. Ruddy’s loudest and most aggressive antagonist at that news conference was Corn, then working for The Nation magazine. I have since come to realize that the scene I witnessed there was nothing more than a show, with Ruddy playing the rightist and Corn the leftist. The “investigation” that Ruddy was touting, I have since figured out, was little more than a charade, as I explain briefly in the recent article, “Latest Foster Cover-Up Book Not Completely Worthless.” Corn’s objections, as I recall, did not address the real weaknesses in what Ruddy was reporting, but simply amounted to the usual “conspiracy theory” denunciation.

    Corn has continued to play his role of leftist Clinton-couple defender, as we see in his Mother Jones article of a year ago, “Here Come the Crazy Clinton Conspiracies of the 1990s.”

    Actually, at that 1995 press conference, Ruddy, born in 1965, was more at the stage of his career for the spook-vetting process than was Corn. Corn was already 36 years old and had written the book Blond Ghost: Ted Shackley and the CIA’s Crusades. Kevin Barrett’s assessment of Corn and that book is summed up in this passage:

    Corn is obviously CIA all the way—otherwise why would he cover up Shackley’s connection to the JFK assassination? Why would he write an exhaustive “biography” of Shackley that omitted Shackley’s extensive links to CIA drug running? And most important of all, why would Corn be working overtime against 9/11 truth?

    I had long since arrived at a similar evaluation of Corn, as we can see in my 1998 article, “Rotten Goulden/Corn,” in which I pair him with the obvious CIA journalist, Joseph Goulden. In sum, if there is any such thing as a journalist who works for the CIA—and if there has ever been any such thing as Operation Mockingbird—then surely Corn is one of them.

    A further indication of the fact that Isikoff and Corn work for the same central employer of journalists is that they even collaborated on a book, Hubris: The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War. Reading this customer review of the book by one R. Heubel, one gathers that it is as phony as the New York Times review of it:

    I see this is a best-selling book by two prominent journalists. It is shocking, then, that there is no mention in the book of either the “Downing Street Memo” from July 2002 which documents the fact that Bush, at least as far back is middle of 2002 (and many contend even earlier – when the Bushies came into office in January 2001 – wanting war with Iraq), had decided to go to war with the small details like the “cause” or “justification” for the war to be left up to the spin-meisters and Karl Rove.

    Neither is the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) mentioned in the book. The PNAC is the Neo-Con, war-mongering think-tank which had advocated war with Iraq as far back as 1997-98.

    It is sad that the Mainstream Media and the journalistic establishment have almost completely ignored the Downing Street Memo and the Project for a New American Century in their coverage and analysis of the Iraq war and the Bush administration. An even better book in this regard is Armed Madhouse: From Baghdad to New Orleans–Sordid Secrets and Strange Tales of a White House Gone Wild [by Greg Palast].

    FBI Cover-Up

    One other important player in the cover-up of the Foster murder is on display in the Nunes memo, and that is the FBI itself. The story that the fake conservative critic, Christopher Ruddy, pedaled, and the one that you see on display in the first two of a three-video collection here, is that the FBI was kept out of the Foster investigation and that the Park Police bungled it because of their incompetence. The title of the third video, though, says it all, “The Vince Foster Cover-up: The FBI and the Press.” That video is showcased at, where one will discover that the same FBI agents were involved in every so-called “investigation,” from the one by the Park Police, right through those by Robert Fiske and Kenneth Starr. It was an FBI cover-up all the way, abetted by the press, not unlike countless scandals before and since, from the JFK assassination to TWA 800 to 9/11 to the Boston Marathon bombing, and on and on. One might just as well call cover-ups of the malfeasance of the Deep State the primary function of the FBI. We should hardly be surprised, then, to find them up to their eyeballs in the latest high-level rottenness. The only surprising thing is that someone in the Congress has shown the backbone to begin to call them out over it. It also makes one wonder whether Isikoff and Corn are working for the CIA or the FBI, or if it matters.

    David Martin
    February 5, 2018


    Another media/Deep State figure involved at the ground floor of the Foster cover-up has emerged in the wake of a criminal referral related to the FISA-warrant scandal by Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham. According to Grassley and Graham, someone connected to the U.S. State Department was involved in the supplying of spurious Russia-connected information on Trump. After Rep. Trey Gowdy characterized the person to Martha MacCallum of Fox News, MacCallum guessed, “Sidney Blumenthal?”

    “That’d be really warm. You’re warm. Yeah,” responded Gowdy.

    According to Judicial Watch, Blumenthatl is also connected to a second dubious dossier that repeats many of the unverified claims in the Steele dossier.

    A good summation of Blumenthal’s role in the Foster cover-up, and much more, is to be found in my 2015 article, “Sidney Blumenthal, Vince Foster, and the Deep State.” Here is an excerpt:

    [As Washington correspondent for The New Yorker], Blumenthal did not write critically of the Clinton scandals, but he did indeed report on perhaps the biggest controversy of all, if his writing on the matter can properly be called reporting. It was that writing, in fact, that first brought him to my attention. The following passage is from my first installment of “America’s Dreyfus Affair: The Case of the Death of Vincent Foster”:

    [Walter] Pincus’s theme of [Vincent] Foster as fragile victim of the merciless press was picked up on by Sidney Blumenthal in his August 9 [1993] New Yorker article:
    Foster sought perspective through a number of conversations with Walter Pincus, a reporter for the Washington Post, whose wife is from Little Rock. “He couldn’t understand why the press was the way it was,” Pincus said. “It was a sense that people would print something that was wrong, and that other people would repeat it. I’d say, ‘You can’t let the press get your goat; you have to go on. This is how the game is played.’ He’d say, ‘Fine.’ ”

    The article is titled simply “The Suicide,” and it can most fairly be described as a very vigorous sales job for the notion that Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr. committed suicide because this experienced courtroom litigator couldn’t take the public scrutiny of his new job in Washington. While masquerading as an objective journalist, Blumenthal, it is clear, was already doing the work for which he would be openly paid within the year when he went to work for the White House; he was acting as a shill for the Clintons.

    Foster’s body had been discovered at an obscure Civil War relic named Fort Marcy Park off the George Washington Parkway on the Virginia side of the Potomac River late in the day on July 20. The nearest federal facility to it is the CIA headquarters complex perhaps a mile away as the crow flies, a fact never mentioned in the press. I had lived in Fairfax County, where the park is located, since 1982 and I had never heard of it. Foster, who had only been in town a few months living in Georgetown, had reported for work as usual on that Tuesday and was reported to have had a cheeseburger for lunch at his desk. Then, according to the known narrative at the time, he had left the office and wasn’t seen again until his body was discovered around 6 pm in a remote spot in this remote park that there was no record of his having previously visited.

    It is quite obvious that Blumenthal hadn’t bothered to check out the park and the unlikely spot where they tell us Foster chose to blow his brains out with an untraceable nondescript .38 caliber revolver made up of the parts of two guns, because he wrote in his New Yorker piece that the park overlooks the Potomac River. It does not. It’s somewhat near the river, but you can’t see it from there. Chain Bridge Road runs between the park and the river, and you can’t see the river from that road either until you get near to the Potomac-crossing bridge that gives the road its name, a bit further to the south.

    It would appear that practically the entire stable of Deep State media hacks who served the Clintons so well in the past have been trotted out in the effort to bring down Donald Trump.

    David Martin
    February 7, 2018

  29. Bill C. and Matt Connolly are on point with the explanation of Brady/Giglio violations in relation to John Connolly. In this regard, I have been working with John Connolly for the past fifteen [15] years, YES, FIFTEEN YEARS, and he remains in prison for a crime that he had absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH. Even John Martorano, the actual murderer of John Callahan, stated that he never met Connolly, never spoke to Connolly and Connolly had nothing to do with Callahan’s murder. As a reminder, John Connolly was found not guilty of anything [Conspiracy] to do with Callahan’s murder at his RICO Trial in Boston, but, Wyshak , who tried to force John Connolly into identifying FBI Agents who got paid off or received payments from OC people, was bent on getting John Connolly charged with the murder of Callahan in Florida. Wyshak took the position that Florida was a separate sovereign and “double jeopardy” did not come into play relative to charging Connolly with Callahan’s murder in Florida. So traveled to Florida and met with state prosecutors and convinced Florida prosecutors to bring a case against Connolly for Callahan’s murder. Wyshak was successful and he was even appointed co-prosecutor in the State’s case against Connolly. Florida obtained indictments charging John Connolly with [1] First Degree Murder and [2] Conspiracy to commit First Degree Murder. AS the trial proceeded, it became apparent to the prosecutors that the trial was heading in John’s favor; the state started to panic and at the conclusion of the trial, and after both sides rested, the prosecutors approached trial Judge, Stanford Blake, and requested that he allow the jury to consider a third [unindicted] charge of 2nd Degree Murder while armed. The judge acquiesced, and allowed the jury to hear the additional charge. Over the objections of John’s counsel, the jury was allowed to hear and consider the third charge. The jury returned not guilty verdicts for the original [indicted charges], however, they found John guilty on the charge of 2nd Degree murder while armed. The only problem is that the State Statue clearly state [in brief] that a defendant must have the weapon used in the killing to fulfill the tenants of the statute. John was 1500 miles away in Massachusetts at the time of the killing. There was no evidence introduced at trial proving that John Connolly had possession of ANY WEAPON never mind the actual murder weapon. The judge released that he made a mistake by allowing the jury to hear the third charge and instructed the defense counsel to file a motion for “Arrest of Judgement.” This motion should have been filed within the ten [10] day jurisdictional window; it was filed late and the judge stated that this matter would have to go to the appellate court for review. Well, the Miami Court of Appeal [no “s”] heard the case and rendered a PCA response. That meant that the state won and John would have to file appeal after appeal. It should be noted that the court was comprised of Judges Leslie Rothenberg, Frank Shepard and Richard Suarez. [A PCA decision did not require the lead judge Leslie Rothenberg to write an opinion supporting her “PCA” decision. So the defenses counsel had to file an “en banc” hearing, which meant that the entire court [en banc] would be requested to hear the appeal. Well, the first “re-hearing” was presented to the same judges, with judge Frank Shepard as lead judge. They considered the appeal and found 2 – 1 in favor of John Connolly. However, they allowed the state to file any appeal challenging their decision. The entire court was convened and the result was 5 – 4 against John Connolly. It is believed that Leslie Rothenberg brow-beat her fellow Judges into going along with her rendition of what the statues meant, which resulted in the reversal! Of note: Leslie Rothenberg and Michael Lee von Zamft were state prosecutor together and they had [according to witnesses] engaged in an unholy relationship [I will let you interpret what that means], which carried into the present appeals process. Basically, she should have recused herself from this case. At the present time John’s counsels have filed a motion claiming Brady-Giglio violations and Ineffective Assistance of Counsel with the court. A judge has taken the case and will rule on the matter soon. As you can see, John has been fighting a system in Florida that has “created and implemented” new interpretations of the statutes that govern the possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime. I will have more to say when the time is appropriate. PS. Matt Connolly is a fair and impartial observant of this matter and his opinions are always important to me, and the rest of you as most have previously note. Keep John Connolly in your prayers as he will be 77 in August. He has been away from his family unjustly. I gladly sign my name: /s/ Richard Baker.


    ABOVE THE LAW: Secret Deals, Political Fixes, and Other Misadventures of the U.S. Department of Justice: David Burnham: 9780684806990: Books › ABOVE-LAW-Political-…
    Former New York Times reporter Burnham, who has investigated the Internal Revenue Service (A Law unto Itself), here offers a meandering, anecdotal survey of scandal and questionable practices, both past a

  31. Happy Valentines Day. How does Connolly remedy this illegality? The State judges in Fla. seem to be in the bag for the dishonest Feds so efforts in that system would appear to be futile. He has to get into Federal Court to obtain any relief. There is a new U S Attorney in Fla. who may be not wedded to the corrupt Wyshak-Dershowitz crowd. Maybe a petition to the new local DOJ head could be availing. He has to aggressively press his case. 2 The only thing comparable to that charlatan Dershowitz authoring a book on not criminalizing political disputes would be his client O.J. Simpson writing a book on the need to treat your spouse with respect and the horrors of domestic abuse.

    1. The memo came from a new filing from an attorney at the Miami Law Innocence Clinic which is attached to the University of Miami School of Law with the Florida court which has yet to respond.

      How this program came to possess the document is unknown.

      At the risk of offending our good host I would point out that in the upper right corner of the home page there is a link button labeled “Give”. There are two fields on the donation form that allow one the say why they have given and another for a general comment. Am sure that any donation, even the most modest, is appreciated and noticed. At charities as at all institutions squeaky wheels get oiled.

  32. Wyshak is DEAD WRONG here and guilty beyond doubt . . .this is just one of many flagrantly dishonest acts by Wyshak et al re John Connolly, William Bulger attacks.

    Bottom line to abuse prosecutorial power in the DOJ for POLITICAL PURPOSE: to persecute/prosecute one innocent man (John Connolly) in order to “get” another innocent man (William Bulger) is tantamount to a Hospital/Medical Care Facility persecuting, torturing or inflicting pain on a person for POLITICAL PURPOSE.

    In other words, to us the Justice Department to commit Injustice by singling out defendants based on political and/or personal considerations, to INJECT POLITICS INTO JUDICIAL PROSECUTORIAL DECISIONS is as evil as a Hospital injecting patients with lethal doses of medicines (intentionally targetting, hurting, maiming, killing) based on political considerations.

    For Wyshak’s DOJ to interject politics into prosecutions is as bad as a Medical Facility injecting harmful doses of pharmaceuticals into political opponents.

    You subvert Justice and Medicine when you use those professions to harm political opponents, to injure, to imprison, to kill.

    Wyshak et al are Guilty of grave abuses of Justice, abusing judicial/prosecutorial process to get perceived political opponents. (generally moderate/conservative pro-life politicians and persons associated with them.)

  33. Previous to the memo under discussion disputed points were iffy, subject to often tenuous interpretations. There was wiggle room. This issue is clear cut. It is black and white. It is the first real break John has gotten in a long time. The realm of discussion is now right or wrong. Wyshak is wrong and twisting words will not make him right.


      For those following the increasingly curious case against General Mike Flynn, events took another unusual turn yesterday as Special Counsel Robert Mueller -with agreement from all parties- filed a motion for a protective order to seal documents. These are documents compelled on behalf of the defense, by Judge Emmet Sullivan, prior to sentencing.

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