Hillary Did Not Stumble: She Collapsed: How Does She Turn That Into Gold

bill-clinton-cigar-gettyimages-640x480CNN had the video of Hillary Clinton as she left the 9/11 dedication prior to its end. She left because she felt a little woozy. Her staff indicated that it had something to do with the heat. Only the day was not a heat type day with the temperatures in the low eighties.

Looking at other pictures of her leaving you can see how well the Secret Service protects her not only from any danger but from the public seeing what she is doing. They kept everyone a good thirty yards away from where she was standing. Fortunately someone was able to video what was happening since the government agents left just enough opening that videoing it was possible.

She was standing as a car pulled up. A man came to her left side and took her elbows. He appeared to be holding her steady. When the car door opened another man came up to her right side. The three of them started forward and Hillary seemed unsteady on her feet. She stumbled a bit. As they continue on she dropped down in what appeared to be a total collapse caused by losing consciousness such as fainting.

The men on both sides were unable to hold her up but did appear to prevent her from hitting the ground. Then another Secret Service man stepped in front of her to block what was happening. She appeared a couple of hours later all by herself in front of her daughter’s condo building with a big smile. Where was Bill? She then apparently headed to her home. She has now cancelled her scheduled trip to the West Coast planned for today.

I wondered to myself when the guy stepped in to block the view of her if this is the Secret Services job. You would think they are being paid by the candidates rather than the people. Do they have an obligation to disclose to the public when a candidate faints or is that a state secret? Wasn’t there a book recently by one of them who told about how horrible a person Hillary was when she and Bill ran the White House? Those books are not worth the paper that carries the words – if the person were sincere he’d have told what happened when he was there not wait twenty years.

The question we must answer without help from the Secret Service is how sick is Hillary. She had the lingering cough for a while and now she takes a tumble. Her doctor tells us it was caused by dehydration complicated by pneumonia. Yes, pneumonia which she apparently was diagnosed with the Friday before but why was that was kept secret from everyone. If she did not take a header would we have known she had that illness which is an infection of the lung? It’s not serious in people under 65 but wait, Hillary is 68.

What are we to make of this? Pneumonia comes in all different shades and colors. At a minimum we must know more about it since It can be deadly or greatly disabling. The first question to answer is whether Hillary is too sick to be president. Expect her doctor to say she is in robust health and that this problem will pass. That is not going to be enough.

You have to wonder though what effect will it have on the presidential debate scheduled for two weeks from today. Does it give her an excuse to duck it? Seeing that she knows that is Trump’s big chance to close the gap with her is debating her she may be tempted to stay away.

Maybe, though, even if she does not get out of a sick-bed to debate she has gained an enormous advantage. Trump faces a huge quandary. Americans will not be pleased if he picks on a sick woman. Take that away from Trump and all you have left is an empty suit.

Keep in mind that Slick Willy is operating behind the scenes. If you dare, try to imagine how he will play Hillary’s collapse to her advantage. The comeback king is busy working on that right now.

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  1. Will the Hillary video of her collapse be the Dukakis in the tank moment of this campaign? What fell out of her pants? A medical devise, a weapon or something else? She may be as healthy as Prince, Michael Jackson and Elvis were at the end. Is the pressure getting to her?

    1. Of course you mean *petit* bourgeois, which is great if you’re discussing France 1845-1850.

      The US has no class structure because it is too elastic and easy to move within and among any artificial sociological constructs.

      1. Henry:

        America cherishes the illusion of a classless society. But, illusion is all it is.
        There’s very little elasticity in society today. Upward economic mobility for the masses has diminished greatly since the reign of Reagan. In today’s America, capitalists sup on lobster, while, workers eat dirt. Where’s the egalitarian spirit in that? The “wealth creators” don’t deserve more. They deserve a revolution. Hopefully, the next time OWS takes off, and, it will, we’ll show the hedge-fund traitors and bankster scum the hammer-fist, hoist them on our bayonets, and, dump them in the sea.

  2. The bourgeiosie are the rentiers, the owning class, against whom, the proletariat, or, working class, struggle for existence. Every thing the bourgeoisie do, and/or, say, is bourgeois. It is an adjective that describes their habit of living, their philosophy. It can also function as a noun: a bourgeois is the singular of the plural bourgeoisie. During the sixties and early seventies, it was used pejoratively to describe the middle and upper-classes.

  3. Hillary Rodham Crawford is not going to fly in the Internet Age. In 1824 William Crawford suffered a debilitating stroke and was kept from the public for most of the presidential campaign. He came in third in a field of four. History sometimes does repeat itself. Maybe, if the facts get out, November will see the finishing line crossed: Trump, Johnson, Clinton and Stein.

    The ad hominem on the Secret Service man who has written about Hillary is unfair. The guy bit his tongue and hung in for the pension. Such is not a rebuttal of facts that were well known in any case. He wants to make a few bucks off a book. Not a big deal. Surely a Boston Democrat understands that. It is standard operating procedure at City Hall and the State House.

  4. From now on, I promise not to specifically pillory Glorious Leader. I’ll now refer to the whole bourgeois cloaca as Clinton/Trump. I’m not favoring Clinton, it’s a matter of decorum, “ladies, first.” The entire system is a fraud, why play personalities?

        1. The cloaca is also used for gas exchange in sea turtles to enable them to stay underwater longer. “The implication is fairly clear” only for someone who already shares your point of view., but then, the expression “preaching to the choir” would be meaningless.

  5. With the physical demise of Clinton, will Bernie be revived? Or, will wily Bill surreptitiously take the wheel? Demos could put Hilary on ice, literally, and, let Bill rule for her. All good. The young are restless, and, know, that, unless privileged by birth, they have no place in the present status quo. That’s the kind of disappointment that fuels revolutions. It builds, and, boils, with every slight, until, it explodes. Not just kids of color are screwed. Working class white kids get to experience the hard end, too. Once the majority of the young realize they can’t “make it” under the present rules, the fun will start. I don’t think Clinton/Trump could build enough prisons, or, hire enough cops to stifle what’s coming.

  6. Apparently that woman in dark blue walking beside Hillary at the 9-11 ceremony and helping her into the van is her personal physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack.

  7. 1. Hillary’s total collapse Sunday and her prolonged coughing spells last week raise legitimate questions about her health. The fact that her campaign kept secret her “pneumonia” until 8 hours after her collapse raise questions about its transparency and her honesty: (“I feel great”, she said, in front of Chelsea’s NYC condo 2 hours after her collapse).
    2. When did it become the Secret Service’s job to hide a candidate’s “spells” from the public? See SS surrounding Hillary as she’s lugged into the limousine!
    3. Last June (2015), I said, “Anyone but another Bush or another Clinton.” The Republicans gave us Trump, arguably the worst of the 17 Republican candidates; the Democrats gave us Slick Willy’s slippery sidekick Hillary = the Hillbillies. I’ll vote against the career politician Clintonians. With Trump, at least, there’s hope for change. I likes his v.p. pick and his list of supreme court picks.
    4. For a snapshot of Southern Democrat Woodrow Wilson, see: http://www.bu.edu/professorvoices/2013/03/04/the-long-forgotten-racial-attitudes-and-policies-of-woodrow-wilson/

  8. From The Week


    So the campaign chose to lie. The potential reward was considerable: namely, an absence of politically damaging news stories about Clinton’s medical condition. But the risk was enormous — and it’s blown up in their faces. Because now the story isn’t just that Clinton is ill. It’s that, once again, she’s untrustworthy — and this time about her own health.

  9. wa-llahi! Mrs. Wilson ruled the country after President Wilson had his stroke. She carried on the President’s racist policy of discouraging blacks seeking government employment and gradually eliminating the jobs of those who were so employed. The President greatly enjoyed watching “Birth of a Nation” and praised its’ historical accuracy. By the end of the Wilson administration there were no blacks working for the federal government.

    Perhaps, we’ll be lucky and Allah will take both of the aging candidates to their eternal rewards prior to the election. But, what would happen then? Civil war? I haven’t seen the country so starkly divided since 1969. Of course, maybe, that’s just the media mass mind controlling, again.

    Around these parts, there’s no Trump signs. You can’t find anyone who’d say they’d back Glorious Leader. Trump supporters are scarcer than Germans who voted for Hitler. Even the idle lumpen proles of the DA (Driftless Area) shun him. My neighbor is a staunch Republican. At election time he likes to put on a lawn sign extravaganza. Not this year. Good. That saves me the trouble of dragging my giant portrait of Trotsky’s head out to the mailbox. A kid from the art school at Columbia painted it for me. The world is full of irony. That same young artist is a VP for Sony these days.

    1. Khalid:

      Does your Trotsky head portrait have Mercader’s ice axe sticking out of it? Verisimilitude.

      God does not punish anyone until the Final Judgment. Clinton and Trump (and even the dead Trotsky,) will have to wait.

      “And be afraid of the Day when you shall be brought back to Allah. Then every person shall be paid what he earned, and they shall not be dealt with unjustly.”

      1. Matt:

        Your cousin got honorable mention in the NYT, yesterday.

        Henry: I’m not worried. Clinton and Trump have to suffer their own fates. The painting mentioned in my comment is the artist’s mediation of a famous photo of Trotsky circa 1922. He, Joe, painted me another of Trotsky riding a white horse, from, which, he’s slaying the coiling serpent of capitalism. The snake wears a top hat. I love it. The painting hangs over my bed.

        1. Nice to hang over your bed,. You can reflect on him at night and think of the millions upon millions he directly or indirectly killed.

          His gr-granddaughter is Nora Volkow, a Mexican-born naturalized American psychiatrist. She is currently the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA),which is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

          I hope she’s saving lives.

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