How Beck’s Beer Shows the FBI Agent John Connolly was not Corrupt: Part 2 of 2

beck(Continued from yesterday)

At FBI Agent John Connolly’s trial according to my book, Don’t Embarrass The Family, Weeks testified: “Jim Bulger beeped me. He told me not to move the car. He said that FBI agents Morris, Connolly and Newton were at his house drinking Beck’s beer and sitting around and talking. Morris had a few beers too many. He told Bulger they had gotten the license plate of the car involved in the hit. Jim Bulger said to me, “Thank God for Beck’s beer.

Now stop a second and think of what that tells us.

First, the FBI knew a description of the car and its plate number right after the murder happened on Tuesday; neither Weeks who was planning to move the car nor Whitey knew of this. They would not learn of it until three days later. The information would be inadvertently leaked to them by FBI Agent Morris who had a little too many Beck’s beers. Whitey was highly relieved that Morris could not hold his liquor and had developed loose lips. He told Nee “Thank God for Beck’s beerIt was because of that he learned this crucial information.

What does it also tell us? What is the most important thing it tells us? Don’t feel bad if you cannot answer because it just came to me recently as I thought about it.

Before getting to that you have to decide whether you believed the thought crossed John Connolly’s mind that Whitey was involved in Halloran’s murder. I alway thought that should have been foremost in his mind. The killing in Whitey’s territory of South Boston and knowing the guy was informing on Whitey had to have had him consider Whitey as a suspect. If he didn’t it seems to me that it goes a long way of vindicating Connolly from having any knowledge of Whitey being involved in any murders but it makes him quite naive and gullible. But even with that if Connolly was interested in protecting Whitey wouldn’t he have kept him up to date on the FBI investigation?

I assume, and I am quite sure most people assume, Connolly had to have had at least a suspicion Whitey was involved. We know that Connolly was doing all in his power to protect Whitey to keep him on the street. Now it seems to me if Connolly were corrupt he would have told Whitey immediately after he found out that the FBI had the plate number and car description which would have been on Tuesday. He would not want Whitey walking into a trap. Yet we know he didn’t. Whitey would not learn of it until Friday as part of the Beck’s incident and that information did not come from Connolly.

How then does this make sense if Connolly is protecting Whitey and suspects he may have been involved in the murder that he did not give him this critical piece of information. I suggest the only reason is that as Connolly often repeated that if he knew Whitey was involved in any murders he would have immediately arrested him.

Flemmi spelled out the deal when he testified before Judge Wolf. He and Whitey acted under the belief that “You guys can do anything you want as long as you don’t clip [kill] anyone.”  Ralph Ranelli wrote how Morris reaffirmed this for them at one of their dinners. They were in the Top Echelon Informant program where they were being protected by the FBI. Their protection would only go so far. If they killed someone that was over the line. Connolly’s  integrity is shown by him letting the matter play out and not tipping off Whitey about what the FBI knew about the automobile.

This one example hidden in all the thousands upon thousands of papers relating to this matter shows that John Connolly was doing his job. He was not leaking things to Whitey involving murders but he still was protecting him on other things.

There it is. We find it right in the heart of the government’s case. It is the government’s evidence that exonerates Connolly.

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  1. The main reason Fitzpatrick was indicted for perjury had to be his statement to the press after his testimony in the Whitey trial. He correctly identified Morris as the leak not Connolly. Your post confirms this point. Morris was the boss Connolly the under;ling yet they immunize the higher ranking party to get someone below. The Feds did the same with the killers. The most vicious and dangerous ones were given a pass to get a lesser one. Everything Wyshak, the DOJ and the press produced for the public was false. All the prosecutions were political. The case against Connolly was a total lie. 2.You are right about the present FBI. What a mess. Rand Paul pointed out during a debate that the FBI knew about all the terrorists prior to their acts. They had information on Ft Hood, Chattanooga, San Bernadino and Boston yet failed to act. His reward for pointing this out was a media blackout. A retired FBI official was saying that the agency is hamstrung because of political correctness. Is that an excuse or has the administration hindered investigations of Muslims?3. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Congress to do anything. The FBI refused to testify after the marathon attack and nothing happened. Have they become an unaccountable secret police? Is the DEA any better? Billions spent over the last thirty years and drug abuse explodes. $. What is your take on State Department officials trying to start a war in Syria? Shouldn’t we get out of those endless Middle Eastern wars? If Brexit occurs should Ukraine and Russia apply for membership in the European Union?

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