How The Clinton’s Stole the White House. The Predicted Conspiracy Comes To Fruition:

Crisis of characterA long-time reader of this post, Ed, commented the other day about the new book coming out on Hillary shown on the left by inferring that we should not be surprised by anything we read about her and called our attention to a book written in 1997, “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton” that tells of the many conspiracies the Clintons were on the skirts of or involved in.

Ed was responding to another long-time reader who lives within a day’s driving distance of the Mountains of Mourne, Henry, who commented about the book. It is  by a secret service agent concerning his days watching the Clinton’s operate including a tale of how Hillary gave Bill a black eye.  You have to admit those women living near the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas have quite a wallop. I’m told the book is at the top of the best seller list even though it has not been released.

The wonderous thing is that it will change nothing. I noted to Ed that the American people are in line to have a choice in November between the two candidates each of whom have the highest unfavorable rating of any other person running for president in our history. All that reminded me of my prediction a long time ago that the Trump is the Clinton Candidate; he is part of the Clinton plan to gain the White House.

I do not know how many of you remember my three-part series I wrote beginning on January 1, 2016 entitled “2016: The Year the American Presidency was Stolen: The Clinton Plan.” If you are interested in reading it you can go back to it here and here and here. Later today I will put the three parts together in one post.

I started it out with a poem:

Hillary, Billary, Sought

To Make Donald Trump Hot

He burst into fire

And soon did expire

The Hillary, Billary Plot

I expected as a Republican candidate he would build up a 20 percent or so following and after losing his chance at the nomination to bolt to form a third party and take votes away from the Republican. I underestimated the hatred that exists in America that would make people vote for a bizarre bigoted braggart billionaire.

One person who didn’t was Bill Clinton. Being from Arkansas he knew how easily some of those white folk would fall for a little sprinkling of the old pitch “America for the Whites!”  He was familiar with those Hill Billies who like to think people of different colors and backgrounds from them are less American.

Bill probably suggested to Trump his racist slogan: “Make America Great Again.” When was that? Before we had a black president? Before the Civil Rights bill? When we defeated Pancho Villa? Or was it back in the days of the Know Nothing Party before those dirty immigrants came here and the blacks were kept in chains? I never in my longest day thought man not far removed from David Duke or Lewis Charles Levin or William Joseph Simons would be in this position.

I am actually thunderstruck that the Republican party would nominate a man who will receive no more than 5% of the black and Hispanic vote. Will that make America great again when such a huge percentage of our fellow Americans oppose him. It was actions like that which were the last gasps of other parties like the American Party or the Federalist Party. They so purified their electorate that they found no one wanted to be associated with them anymore.

I most recently wrote back on March 3, 2016, that once Bill Clinton convinced Trump to get into the race then either one of two things would happen: one, which I expected, he would never gain the nomination; the other, I wrote: “Even were Trump to get the nomination which neither he nor Bill Clinton ever expected, Hillary will still get the presidency. Romney will effectively destroy any chance Trump has to get regular Republican votes by alienating many in the party against him. Other establishment type already say they will not vote for him. Further, his performance in any debate against Hillary will make everyone realize he is an empty suit.”

Although we see some in the establishment going over to support him, there are still many like Romney, the Bushes, and others who will sit on their hands. I also noted his debate performance would be abysmal. I still expect that but it will not matter because by then he would have made himself toast.

After having enough votes to secure the nomination, which as I said neither he nor Bill Clinton expected, Trump began to further alienate people. This is not the performance of man on the level; he is acting to ensure Hillary will definitely win. He will make it that those of us who recognized the dangers of putting the Hill Billies back in the White House will still be unable to stomach the idea of voting for Trump.

In other words those who feel an obligation to vote in the presidential election will vote for a third party candidate. That will have the same effect as if Trump bolted from the party and ran as an independent taking his voters who, as another long time reader here Ernie Boch said, wish they could vote for him twice.

The horror of this is how cleverly the Trump/Clinton conspiracy is being carried off in the face of 300 million voters. In a year when the presidency is offered to it on a silver platter the Republican party tips over the platter and punches the person carrying it. It will offer as a candidate a man who cannot be elected.

If that is not the sign of a party that no longer belongs in business I do not know what is. The Democrats threw their founder Jackson off the twenty; the Republicans are throwing their founder Abe Lincoln, his ideas and their party off a cliff.

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  1. This reminds me of the old comic books when one of the characters speaks in gasps and spurts:

    Must – protect – Klinton – Krime – Family – at all costs–abc-news-topstories.html#

    Newly released State Department emails help reveal how a major Clinton Foundation donor was placed on a sensitive government intelligence advisory board even though he had no obvious experience in the field, a decision that appeared to baffle the department’s professional staff.

    The emails further reveal how, after inquiries from ABC News, the Clinton staff sought to “protect the name” of the Secretary, “stall” the ABC News reporter and ultimately accept the resignation of the donor just two days later.

  2. As a woman, I cannot wait to see HRC president. It boggles my mind that men are bothered by the fact she is smart cunning conniving much like what every male politician has done for years. Deal with it.

    1. Ah, yes – other people committed murder, so the Hildebeast should be permitted to commit murder also

  3. “America has always sought a man who will inspire all of us and not suggest that some of us are not worthy. ”

    Every time that the Hildebeast Killery opens her mouth, she preaches hate.

    Every time that the Hildebeast Killery opens her mouth, she preaches that noone except the Hildebeast is worthy.

    Every time that the Hildebeast Killery opens her mouth, she preaches that it’s “her turn” to be president, because she is a woman.

    Not inspirational at all.

  4. “The rich and poor dispartity is exemplified by a person like Trump who is a billionaire. Did you forget he is one of the rich and he surrounds himself with rich friends. Do you seriously think he gives a damn about the poor? How do you know Trump has a good heart? My view of him is he has the heart of a thug. He’s a brute who like Hemsley believes there are lots of little people out there. ”

    Matt, your comment would be far more accurate if it had contained the word Clinton instead of Trump – both Clintons.

    That includes the “Honorary Chancellor” Slick Willie Klinton – see article link posted by Henry Barth.

    State Dept send $55 million to friends of Laureate, which in turn gives that noted scholar, Slick Willie Klinton, $16.5 million.

    Plus – she sold this country’s national security.

    1. Elmer:

      Sure Clinton is horrible. That’s my point. She and Bill have put Trump in the race to win her the job. Trump will double his fortune once they take over America. I do not know why people are unable to see the plan; Hillary would have no chance against a decent candidate.

      1. Matt, I thought it was the voters in the Repub primaries who put Clinton in the race.

        I had no idea that the Klinton Krime family had so much power over Republican primaries.

        Trump is a decent candidate. He doesn’t have the putrid overwhelming stench of Klinton Korruption. He speaks very plainly. He has a lot of common sense.

        Killery Hildebeast and Slick Willie hung signs around their neck: “will give speeches for exorbitant fees; will use government to grant favors for exorbitant payments to the Klinton Foundation; will make private email server full of government secrets available to any hackers”

        Yet she dares to claim that she is “fighting for us”

        Romney was a decent candidate – he should have walloped Obummer Barry Sotero, who hates America. Instead, Romney stuck a stick up his ass and apologized for making money, as if Dems don’t also make billions of dollars in various way.

        Jeb Bush was a decent candidate – but he stuck a stick up his ass, and acted as if people should beg him to be president, instead of going after it, like Trump did.

        Now we have a guy who isn’t afraid to love America, who isn’t afraid of plain speaking (remember Truman), and how isn’t saddled by all of that political platform baggage that George Will and others love to roll around in.

        Trump is a decent candidate.

        Killery is a Kriminal, along with her Slick husband.

        1. Elmer:

          I dislike the Clintons as much as any one. I also happen to believe Trump is a phony who has used race baiting to get the nomination. We’ve seen it beford in America and candidates that do it always lose big in the general election. Bill Clinton convinced Trump to run. He wanted him to become a third party spoiler. He is even more delighted he got the Republican nod because he knows that guarantees Hillary the win. You might not like the Clintons but you underestimate their malevolence. Bottom line is Trump cannot win – no one can when over 90% of minority vote is alienated.

          1. Matt, I’m not sure where you’re getting your 90% figure.

            Sanders has just about sidelined the pig-in-a-pantsuit.

            The malevolence of the Klinton Krime Family is very, very clear.


            Let’s take a quick trip through the email. The original email with the classified information marking was sent on April 8, 2012, when Clinton was still the Secretary of State.

            The original email has an uncomfortable typo, given Benghazi, where people died then Hillary lied. The sender, Monica Hanley, clearly meant time “windows” but, well, here’s the typo. Should the 7:30 AM time window not work for Clinton “we will find other widows that work for you tomorrow.”

            Hanley cc’d Huma Abedin, one of Clinton’s chief accomplices.

            Follow the trail of evidence: Clinton appears right there in the email thread, responding on April 8, 2012 at 10:37 pm. “7:30 works for me,” Clinton writes, confirming she has an available time “widow” for a phone call whose purpose is classified CONFIDENTIAL.

            Let’s stipulate that the Secretary of State intends to extend her condolences—minor stuff, this isn’t nuclear war, she isn’t resetting relations with Vladimir Putin.

            But drop your gaze down the page: the rest of the email is redacted. Blank. Blanked out.

            The Fox News article discusses the redactions. Quote: “Everything after that was fully redacted before it was publicly released by the State Department — a sign that the information was classified at the time and dealt with sensitive government deliberations.”

            That’s a sign, all right. It’s a signal flare.

            1. Elmmer:

              What is so hard about the investigation? If the law is as clear as you say then the FBI must be playing games.Agree with everything you say about Hillary. What then is holding up Comey and the FBI from doing something about it? Do you think Comey is talking to the Clintons trying to get his ten years extended”

              The 90% figure was generous. I have read the best he can get is four or five percent. What is so hard to see that a guy running a racist campaign cannot win and the only one who will win is a person who should not win. Why when the Republicans should be walking into a victory are they putting up a candidate who cannot win. America will not elect a guy like Trump. Think Barry Goldwater or McGovern.

  5. Well said, Bill.
    Desperate times call for different (not necessarily desperate) measures.

  6. Matt: You spout the democratic party line. Trump became a “bigot” when he started running against the Democrats, not throughout his lifetime as a businessman. So analogies to lifelong segregationists like David Duke are fallacious and fail. Trump has employed tens of thousands of every race, religion etc and treated all fairly and equally.
    Better words to describe Trump: Blunt, indelicate, at times tactless, like Harry Truman and Andrew Jackson.
    An example: Trump says Judge Curiel is “unfair” and he suspect it is because its because of his Mexican heritage. Bingo. Judge Curiel is a member of the Hispanic National Bar Association which has called for a boycott of all Trump businesses. Worse, the HNBA writes, “Trump says Mexico is sending only criminals and rapists to America.” The HNBA propagandizes against Trump.
    Trump’s complaint was legit: Criminals and drugs are flowing across our borders. That’s a fact. He was blunt, but his expression was clumsy, “(Mexico) is sending drugs, criminals, rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.”
    So, too, his proposed ban on Muslims. A clumsily expressed concern about a halt in immigration from Muslim countries until we can better identify and filter out terrorists.
    TRUMP UNIVERSITY; How about LANIER UNIVERSITY, the for profit college that gave Bill Clinton $9million while the State Department under Hillary gave Lanier $56 million. Prior to Hillary becoming the Secretary of State, and Bill becoming the Chancellor, the State Department had one year given Lanier about $1 million.
    Also, write about Uranium One, and how Bill and Hill and their buddies conspired to sell 20 to 50% of US uranium deposits to the Russians. Of course, everyone in the Obama Administration approved and Bill got $500,000 from a Russian bank and the Bill-Hillary-Clinton Foundation got $150 million from Canadian investors in Uranium One.
    Bottom Line: The Dems and leftist press are attempting to draw a false narrative and false caricature of Trump as a bigot, while the leftist press lets the robber-baron Clintonites off the hook. The MSM also slights the HNBA’s anti-Trump bias and Judge Curiel’s association with it. Final Note: Judge Curiel was on a special committee of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association which gave a law school scholarship to an illegal immigrant. Judge Curiel should recuse himself.
    Summary: Trump is blunt, inartful, at times tactless, but he’s not a bigot.
    WHEN WAS AMERICA GREAT: When we won the Revolution, when we ended slavery, when we invented the automobile, airplane, the polio vaccine, heart transplant surgery, when we beat the great depression, when we won WWII, when we created the highest standard of living in the world, when our educational system was number one, when we landed men on the moon, when we achieved amazing advances in medicine, technology and engineering, when the disparity between rich and middle class was one-tenth of what it is today, when we won the Cold War.
    I’d say, throughout its brief 240 year history, with all its faults, America was great, up to and including the years of the Reagan Administration. Since then, liberalism and political correctness weakened us educationally (26th in education), economically ($20 trillion in debt) militarily (endless wars) politically (paralyzed Congress, expansive bureaucracy, payola galore) socially (moral ambivalence and doubt, perennial underclass, stagnant middle class), etc.
    FINAL SUMMATION: Trump is blunt, boisterous, flawed, imperfect, but has a good heart: Hillary is a lying sleazy disreputable, crook; her heart is ice.
    Liberals emphasize America’s flaws and dim prospects. “We are all so oppressed.” Conservatives emphasize America’s greatness, its heroic past and its bright future.”We are all so lucky to be Americans.”

    1. Bill:

      I do not parrot anyone’s line. What I write is the way I think. Trump is a bigot. His campaign is the type that was waged back in the middle of the 19th Century against Catholics and other immigrants by the American Party or by the KKK in the early 20th Century against Catholics, Jews and blacks. It is an appeal to white Americans to be against anyone different. It is designed to appeal to haters of people who are different.

      There have been many Irish judges who belonged to Irish society who were fully capable of being fair in making judgments involving people with English backgrounds. You seem to forget how the native Americans complained how the Irish were all drunkards and papists seeking to overthrow the American government. I would have thought anyone who was Irish would understand how bigots operate.

      Trump did not have a clumsy expression in talking about Muslims. He doubled down on it. He even said he would be bothered by Muslim judges. He deliberately wanted to be anti-Muslim to feed his bigot voters. This is not about Hillary – two higly flawed candidates does not make the lesser flawed and unflawed candidate. Accept it that Trump has gained his prominence by appealing to bigoted positions. The Democrats did not make him say he was going to send all illegals back, or build a wall, or stop Muslims from coming to America, etc. He said it knowing that it appealed to the haters in America.

      Trump’s approval rating among American blacks and American Hispanics is below 10%. He cannot get elected predident with such a low approval rating. Supporting him is putting Hillary in office. That is what the Clintons wanted. That is the Trump you apparently support – one who is allied with the Clintons.

      As for American being great you have it great from the time of the Revoution up to Reagan. I suggest it was only great for some people. It was not great for the black. Slavery up to 1860s, thereafter the Jim Crow laws up to 1960s. Blacks too are Americans and American greatness should include all people. That is why America is great today because we are becoming more inclusive and the more we include all in what it is to be American the greater our country will become.

      How is Trump going to make America great again? He does not control the Supreme Court which has brought about the matters you seem to complain about. He will not change anything in education which by the way in America is still great and that is the reason so many foreigners come to study in our country.

      Did you ever wonder if America is 26th in education why is it we are heads and shoulders above every other nation when it comes to advanged in all of the scientific fields including the internet? Did you ever wonder why the top companies in the field Google, Microsoft, Apple, Tesler, andon and ona are all American. Statistics are lies; results are truths. America is greater now that it has ever been and its future is bright and will not be if we put billionaire bigots in the White House.

      The rich and poor dispartity is exemplified by a person like Trump who is a billionaire. Did you forget he is one of the rich and he surrounds himself with rich friends. Do you seriously think he gives a damn about the poor? How do you know Trump has a good heart? My view of him is he has the heart of a thug. He’s a brute who like Hemsley believes there are lots of little people out there.

      So called Conservative have always beenb supported by those from the Red states who have a different view of America, more of a Southern view, than those of the blue states who support a more open America. What is wrong with liberals emphasizing America’s faults – that was what was done traditonally and through recogtnizing our faults we became a better nation – freeing the blacks, eradicating Jim Crow laws, giving women the vote, recognising the humanity of everyone no matter what their sexual preference.. Liberals suggest we can do better. Conservative always look at the pasindustries ft and fear change – conserve means to keep things as they were.

      I hope you do not think Trump cares one thing for the Middle Class. He has made no proposals to better their condition. It is under guys like Trump that the great disparity in wealth has come about. That demise can be closely linked to the undermining of American unions adn the businessmen taking their industries from America to other nations. Republicans have always been against unions. Democrats used to be for them but they have no interest in them. Neither party now thinks of the working class and it is that class that made America great.

      The truth is you cannot go home again. Things change as time changes. You cannot go back. You cannot have a man who preaches hatred as a president. No one who preaches hatred has a good heart. America has never elected a hater. America has always sought a man who will inspire all of us and not suggest that some of us are not worthy. Reagan did not preach hate.

      You fall into the Clinton trap. Bill Clinton knows all this. He has maneuvered it so that Trump gets the nomination. You may dislike Hillary but she and her husband have pulled off the greatest scam in America by puttin gup aginst her the one candidate that can not win.

      1. Matt, we disagree. Ask the tens of thousands of employees of Trump over 40 years whether he is a bigot. They say No!. He only becomes a “bigot” when he runs against Dems.
        America is 19 trillion in debt, is 26th in education. It is falling behind. The successes you cite in High Tech are mainly due to those educated in earlier generations. Too many Americans today are functionally illiterate in today’s high tech world. Our educational system indisputably is bad and failing.
        Economically, 1% growth and $19 trillion in debt are indicators of decline?
        Sociologically, is the high illegitimacy rate of late a sign of greatness?
        2. You never criticized the Kennedys for their hundreds of millions, yet you criticize Trump for making millions and employing tens of thousands. Are Republican billionaires are to be judged by a different standard than Democratic multi-millionaires?
        3. Clinton didn’t elect Trump. Thirteen million voters made him the Republican nominee. Trump’s spokesperson’s include many women and women of color. Ben Carson and Herman Cain support Trump. Even Don King supports Trump. In the Latino Community, I’ve seen numbers as high as 36% supporting Trump.
        4. Now, the fact is America has been the greatest Nation in the history of planet earth. You say, “Not for everyone.” Blacks in America fare better economically, politically, medically, socially and have more freedoms than in any other country, it is fairly argued. Blacks’ standard of living is better in America, than anyplace else. Why do so many Latinos flock to America? Because it is the best place in the world for them and has been throughout history. The Land of Opportunity.
        Finally, you miss the point in citing Irish judges. If an Irish judge belonged to an organization that called for a boycott of Trump’s businesses, that judge obviously should not sit on a case where Trump is a party.
        The charges of racism, bigotry, sexism, hate speech, have become cheap shots which liberals cavalierly use to silence opposing views.
        Trump = Truman

        1. Bill: 99 anc 99.1000 percent of the people Trump employed know nothing about him. He has as much to do with them as Obama has to do with the government employees. America is still the number one country in the world leading in all categories that matter in science, medicine, etc. The education statistics are meaningless since our elite schools produce the future leaders of the world in all fields. You cannot lump in a Boston Latin with a Jeremiah Burke. The leaders in all the fields are coming out of our top colleges every year. There has been no lessening of the talent. You mix things up by combining the least with the best and saying we are falling behind. Study the best and you’ll see we are still way ahead. That is why so many want to come to our country to be educated. They are not going to other places. They come here so why is that.

          2. I criticize Trump mainly because he is a racist. I’m sort of surprised you would put him in the category of JFK who brought America together and asked us for a sacrifice and Trump who tells us he’s going to get rid of the foreigners. Kennedu’s were interested in helping others = Trump is interested in hurting others.

          3. You are dreaming about Trump’s support in the minority community. Even Bernie Sanders had little luck against Hillary with the black and he did nothing to alienate them. Clinton knew when he told Trump to get in the race he would be a spoiler. He is now overjoyed that he was able to get the nomination. It all but guarantees Hillary the presidency. Name for me one person who won the presidency preaching and exclusionary America.Americans look forward with hope; they don’t want to go back to some former time.

          4. Blacks in America should not be compared to blacks in other countries. They are Americans and should be considered as American as any other race and should be compared to Americans. Blacks have been here since the beginning days. Also, never forget the French treated the black soldiers better than the American did in WWI.

          Yes, America has been and is the land of opportunity and many people throughout the world want to come here unlike every other nation. . If that is the case why are we talking about making America great again when it is still great.

          Charges of racism are justified when the person makes racist comments. No one is putting words in Trumps mouth. He called the Mexicans rapists. If you do not understand his appeal is similar to that of George Wallace or the other hate parties I can not convince you otherwise. He separated himself from the field because of his beating up on minority groups.

          Trump cannot win. He will get no black or Hispanic votes. In the one year when the Republicans can win the presidency because of a very flawed Democrat candidate they choose a guy guaranteed to lose. And of course you joke when you equate Trump with Truman. What war did Trump serve in? What senate position did Trump hold? What Irish mayors back Trump as backed Truman and got him the vice presidency. Truman was a poor hard working guy; Trump inhereted his money.

  7. Matt, Agreed…here is a segue, but maybe not..we are all waiting with baited breath to see what the FBI does about the Clinton\US Dept State private server. I have just learned to my consternation that there is reporting Clinton mail signed up with Network Solutions as its host in 2009. If true, the article goes on to state that Network Solutions was hacked in 2010 by Ru and Ukraines, and back door malware was deposited. If I were made legally competent again I could testify that also has been using Network Solutions since 2005. I have filed numerous complaints to nhj webmaster about hacking problems, and confirmed mal ware deposited on my personal computer. I pointed the finger squarely at Network Solutions. And, now we have learned for the first several months of operation, Clintonmail was not even encrypted…although I think there is no shot of an indictment, perhaps FBI Comey will at least provide a clear report. After all the voter Supression reports, my fear is that FBI report will be suppressed too.

  8. While Trump may divide Republicans, do you really think Sanders supporters will vote for the Beast from Arkansas?

    I think they will avoid campaigning for her and prepare for 2020.

    Hillary has 2,383 votes – is this one of these counts that include the 719 super-delegates? The ones that don’t vote for another month?

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