How The Mafia Won The Hearts of Boston Media and Proved Crime Pays

I was in court during the Whitey trial. I sat in the same room at times with Howie Carr who would arrive with some morning snacks that he shared with other people. I said hello to him two or three times going in and out of the press room where the trial was being broadcast on television. I noticed how some of the court officers, I’m not sure what their real title is but they serve the same function as court officers in the Massachusetts courts, would cozy up next to Howie and whisper juicy things in his ears.

What is it in people that makes them want to suck up to others? Usually they are passing on some dirt or tasty bait hoping Howie will snap and write something nasty about some person they have a grudge against. They probably do that for the same thing that many to vote for Trump hoping he would stick it to people they don’t like.

One person I saw talking to Howie was Tony Cardinale a lawyer. I’ve known Tony enough to say hello to him and have a decent conversation. I may have had occasion in the past when I was a prosecutor to talk to him or perhaps it was just as we waited in court for the cases to be called. I always though highly of him and his ability. I recognized he represented the Mafia figures in Boston. In doing that, it was not only when he was on trial but also dealing with some on an every day basis. He was not involved in any of their illegal business but he would tell any story from their view-point sort of like an ambassador.

I’ve always been impressed with the Mafia’s influence in Boston especially in the way it got back at its enemies. There were three guys who the Mafia had a particular hatred for: FBI Agent Rico, FBI Agent Connolly, and Federal Strike Force prosecutor O’Sullivan. Rico was responsible for flipping Joe Barbosa whose testimony sent the Mafia Leader Patriarca to prison, put under-boss Angiulo close to going to prison (some alleged they fixed the jury to get him an acquittal) , and put Henry Tameleo who was Patriarca’s right hand man away for the rest of his life among other things.

Connolly was blamed for what their fellow paisano his informant Steve Flemmi did to them. Flemmi provided the layout of Gerry Angiulo’s office so the FBI could plant a bug wiping out the Angiulo gang; the information on Vanessa’s in the Prudential Building wiping out the Vinny Ferarra gang which took over after Gerry went to prison; and the information that allowed the FBI to bug an FBI induction ceremony presided over by Raymond Patriaca’s successor, his son.

O’Sullivan was the lead prosecutor in putting Angiulo, his brothers, his lieutenant Larry Baiano in prison. He was also responsible for other prosecutions including that which sent Howie Winter, and ally of Angiulo, to prison.

After Connolly retired, he was indicted and tried for his actions as an FBI agent. He is still in prison where he will die if nothing changes. Rico would retire in Florida and he too was charged with a criminal act involving a murder in Oklahoma, arrested and died while waiting for trial. O’Sulllivan would see that his reputation as a fearless prosecutor was torn apart with suggestions made that he was somehow in cahoots with some criminals or didn’t do the job as well as he should have done.

Henry Tameleo would die in prison but he would be awarded millions of dollars for what was considered wrongful imprisonment even though that was not the case. Others convicted with him also got millions.

It is surprising no one seemed to wonder why the “good guys” ended up in prison or had their reputations torn to ribbons while the bad guys ended up rich at the expense of the taxpayer.  You have to give it to the Mafia – revenge is best served as a cold dish by using others in upscale places as a court houses and the media.

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  1. The media is comprehensively dishonest. No one believes them today. You are 100% correct about this injustice. Mafia killers are celebrated and honest cops defamed. One’s source always determines what a reporter states. Cardinale was a Mafia mouthpiece and Martorano was their top hit man. So the Herald and Globe swallow their nonsensical version of history that LCN was a victim of police wrongdoing and not the largest murderous gang in the country. 2. What does it say about the Federal Court that awarded that windfall to the Mafia Dons? All the TV licenses of the Boston media should be revoked for their Collusion with the Mafia.

  2. Not to beat to an 89 Y/O IRISH CHIEFTAIN to death Phil , but think of this fucking HEADACHE you created for US .

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  4. What is amusing to me about these quasi-cryptic little ditties is that you must consider the source . Many are called .


    Here sit down and smoke a Swaggarrr

    That is the problem with all the Affleck-ted posers and gangster wannabes .

    They forgot that people Count .

    1. And that … Generally … People are Realllly fucking smarter than the self-absorbed Hollywood A-Holes give them credit for . Zorba

    2. John, nothing cryptic, quasi or otherwise intended. I see a couple of trigger terms in Matt’s post, followed by a couple of signature JKM comments and I’m off to the races. I’m sorry if you didn’t like it or agree. But it is sincere and was a damn kick to write. I acknowledge my influences and you are surely one in this case.
      Best, Kerry

      1. Kerry :

        Matt is deeeeeeep into prosecutorial gamesmanship . Our Marlowe of the maple walled Judgement Chambered is always itching to shoot .

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  5. Kerry :

    2012 Phil and I filed this under : DON’T ASK QUESTIONS YOU DON’T WANT ANSWERED

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    I say Carr is Alright .

    Any questions .

  6. The Boston Media deserve little Junior FBI badges or maybe just some Junior Mints that have been sitting under the sun in the back window of a 1962 Plymouth Valiant for a good while [foreshadowing].

    True Confessions From Howie, December 2018:

    When Whitey was on the lam, I used to have a webpage that I set up to try to entrap the monster. The FBI was in on it. They gave me enough *fresh material* to update the site every week, and I spent a fair amount of time with what was called the Violent Fugitive Task Force.” [Yeah, riding shotgun in a honey wagon].

    “Their theory back then was that Whitey had fled to Europe in 1996, and that after the new, more stringent security upgrades after 9/11, he couldn’t get back to the States. He was trapped in the EU. That was the feds’ best guess.” [He’s “trapped,” in London, or maybe Sicily.]

    Stephen Kurkjian Master Thieves [Sniff sniff… Smells like…. Fresh Material]
    “Traditionally the FBI has resisted seeking assistance from local law enforcement in investigating federal crimes”
    Marathon Bombing? No.
    Lufthansa Heist? No
    Worcester Art Museum Heist? No
    Museum of Fine Arts Heist? No
    Gardner Museum Heist? Yep er, er, ergo it’s traditional.

    Boston Globe’s Shelley Murphy [Mmm ah more fresh material? You know it.]

    “In an aggressive bid [ooh so aGRESSive] to recover priceless treasures stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum decades ago, the museum’s board of trustees Tuesday doubled its reward to $10 million and set a hard deadline: anyone hoping to collect the windfall must come forward by the end of the year [of our Lord 2525].”

    Twenty paragraphs down:

    [Oh remember] “two years ago, federal authorities released a surveillance video that showed Abath opening the museum’s side door and letting a man inside at 12:49 a.m. on March 17, 1990 — 24 hours before the theft — and appealed to the public for help identifying the man. At the time, law enforcement officials said it appeared suspicious and may have been meant as a dry run.” [Membeh that?]

    [Well] “Last week, [LAST WEEK] in response to inquiries from the Globe, Setera said investigators have identified the man, but declined to name him publicly or say whether his admission to the museum is considered suspicious.

    “Investigators have determined the identity of the individual and the public’s assistance is no longer needed,” Setera said.

    These days instead of press releases and press conferences, we have leaks and only the most supine, sharp-elbowed snivelers are eligible. #reverse_vetting

    Finally Last Seen Episode 9 “The Big Dig” Fresh Material from the Sunshine State

    ANTHONY AMORE: I would say that the museum, the paintings, are exponentially more important than a podcast.

    HORAN: OK — that hurts. But I understand. [Laughs.]

    AMORE: It’s true.

    HORAN: Of course it’s true. Of course it’s true. [Supine enough? ]

    RODOLICO: When communications blacked out, we guessed. [Uh-huh] In the early hours of a Boston snowstorm, we flew to Orlando. And on the morning of Jan. 31, 2018, we hopped into our rental car and drove straight to the lot.

    RODOLICO: Throughout the morning, a pattern emerged. The digger dug, then stopped. [If you don’t agree at all that this is “a pattern,” then you probably won’t be surprised at what happened next.]

    RODOLICO: After this whole day standing across the street, mysteriously peering across, I’m actually just going to walk onto the land now. [Whisper: Rebel Rodolico uses Old Spice “Swagger,” but not near enough, as we’re about to find out.] Oh, yeah. That’s a septic system. Smells like septic, huh? [Geez Rebel, if you have to ask…]

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  10. “What is it in people that makes them want to suck up to others? ”

    Usually they are looking for acceptance into a club that they will never be allowed into. Dropping some tidbit into the ear of someone like Carr is a truly pathetic move in trying to gain entrance to that club.

    There is always someone, when the star’s limo drives by, that yells, “He looked right at me!” And boy, was he impressed.

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