How Whitey And Stevie Knew The Other Was An FBI Informant

Perhaps because I’ve listened to so many intercepted conversations that I like to imagine dialogue between people. I’ve written how all the authors who have discussed these matters have trouble figuring out how Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemmi both became informants for FBI Agent John Connolly. The authors of Black Mass suggest Whitey became one and he “blended” Stevie in. They set the first meeting between Connolly and Whitey at Wollaston Beach in Quincy where Connolly convinced Whitey to become an informant to give them information on the Mafia. That never happened, but here’s what did.

It began at Old Harbor Village in South Boston during the month of M….. 1975. John Connolly approached the apartment of Mrs. James Bulger, the mother of Whitey. He knocks on the door.

Mrs. Bulger:       Yes.

Connolly:             Hi Mrs Bulger, is Jimmy in.

Mrs. Bulger:       Yes, Come in. (She leaves and Jimmy appears)

Connolly:             Jimmy, how are you?

Whitey:                (gruffly) What can I do for you?

Connolly:             Don’t you remember me?

Whitey:                Can’t say I do.

Connolly:             When I was eight years old, you bought me an ice cream.

Whitey:                Yeah, so what.

Connolly:             And then a little later I was in a fight and you saved me.

Whitey:                How about saving me some time – what do you want?

Connolly:             I think I was six when I first saw you. I’ll never forget how you looked.

Whitey:                Do you mind, I’m a little tied up now.

Connolly:             Don’t you see, I’m from Old Harbor just like you.

Whitey:                Wow! Why didn’t you say that. What can I do for you?

Connolly:             I’m with the FBI now and I’m looking to see if you’d like to help me.

Whitey:                Anything for an Old Harbor Village guy. You need a contribution?

Connolly:             I’m going after the Mafia – you can help.

Whitey:                I have nothing to do with those guys – I have my own show here.

Connolly:             I’ll protect you from everyone, I’m with the FBI.

Whitey:                What do I have to do?

Connolly:             Nothing much, just tell me what’s going on with the Mafia.

Whitey:                I don’t know nothing about that.

Connolly:             If you did would you tell me.

Whitey:                 Sure, as I said, anything for an Old Harbor guy.

Connolly:             Thanks, Wh .. , I mean Jimmy


Later at Marshall Motors on Winter Hill in Somerville. Whitey finds himself alone with Stevie Flemmi.

Whitey:              Where’s everyone else?

Stevie:                 They’ve gone out to have a few.

Whitey:               Good thing we’re not like them Stevie.

Stevie:                 Yeah, they drink and do drugs. We work out.

Whitey:               Yeah, they waste their money and we save ours.

Stevie:                 Gotta appreciate the good things in life.

Whitey:               True, women and money, that’s all there is.

Stevie:                  Absolutely, and not in that order.

Whitey:               Ah, Stevie, I was thinking, ah

Stevie:                 Yeah, what Jimmy

Whitey:               Ah, you know, I understand you know the guys in town.

Stevie:                  Yeah, we go way back, I did some work for them in the Sixties

Whitey:                You mean while I was in Alcatraz

Stevie:                  Yeah, around then. Tell me something, Jimmy.

Whitey:                Sure; (Whitey now has taken knife out of boot to trim nails)

Stevie:                  All the other ex-cons say they were in prison, you don’t.

Whitey:                I just did!

Stevie:                  No, you said Alcatraz.

Whitey:                Yeah I did, it’s, you know, wanna see my belt buckle?

Stevie:                  That’s all right — but what were you gonna say?

Whitey:                Ah, just that you know Larry Baione, Gerry Angiulo, those guys.

Stevie:                  Yeah, known them a long time.

Whitey:                How would you like to take over their business?

Stevie:                  Never thought of it.

Whitey:                You know, if we did, we’d double our take.

Stevie:                  But we’d end up where we plan to put Debbie if she dumps me.

Whitey:                 Not if we do it right.

Stevie:                  How’s that?

Whitey:                 You know, like, someone else knocks them off.

Stevie:                  We’re the only other game in town. No one  could do it.

Whitey:                 How about the FBI.

Stevie:                  How do you mean?

Whitey:                 If they take down the Mafia then everything is ours.

Stevie:                  I don’t know, they’d always be others around.

Whitey:                 We’ll have the FBI take them out too.

Stevie:                  You mean have the FBI work for us.

Whitey:                You got it.

Stevie:                  How do we do that?

Whitey:                We give them information on the office.

Stevie:                  I’m already doing that.

Whitey:                That’s great, I didn’t know that.

Stevie:                  I’ve kept it secret all these years

Whitey:                If you’re doing it, maybe I should do it too.

Stevie:                  You know nothing about the Mafia. What can you tell them.

Whitey:                You tell me and I’ll pass it on.

Stevie:                  Sure, it’ll cut me out and give me cover.

Whitey:                And, those dumb goombahs won’t figure it out

Stevie:                  Watch it!

Whitey:                Oh, sorry, I forgot you were one.

Stevie:                  How you going to do it?

Whitey:                I know a FBI agent from Old Harbor Village.

Stevie:                  Great we’ll be informants together.

Whitey:                 Watch it!

Stevie:                  Oh, sorry, we’ll be facilitators.

Whitey:                 That’s better, I don’t want to be an informant.

Stevie:                  To each his own.

Whitey:                 Is that from Shakespeare?

Stevie:                  No, the Old Harbor projects.






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  3. pat2e :

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    1. Hard to believe that our host’s high-quality posts are followed by such drivel. Even if much of it is tongue-in-cheek, how do some TTTT readers actually spend so much time crafting such nonsense ?

      By the way, the word is ‘minuscule.’

  4. omg mr king mcdunce……read black mass, learn sattire and learn sarcasm, then stop using big words and latin to which you have no understanding, then only then will you fully appreciate this piece, thank you matt, i loved it!!

  5. Matt :

    Thankyou for your pedantic insistence on the correct form of Ax/Axe. You have now defaulted to the position that axe is not an incorrect form, but that it is not … American. Patriotism is indeed your last refuge in here, a persnickety carp about spelling, that you now have been proven wrong on. If you want to play the pedant then at least be right about what you profess. Check the syntax btw in the opening sentence of your post. You are hardly one to get up on your tuffet about grammar, spelling, or diction. You know so little about Jimmy Bulger that you don’t even know how little you know. I do not fault you for this deficit of actual knowledge. There is no question that you are a bright guy and your posts are often cogent. Bur like all the Whitey mythographers you have to cobble together a real understanding of actual events out of fiction that masquerades as fact, and facts you will never know because they are stranger than any fiction. Would like to spell it out for you, but it’s not worth the time. So get back to some actual clarity in your thinking and your writing. Chop Chop !!! 🙂

  6. William, Your points are wittily made, and well taken. I agree, Life is. And so …. I am. Come out fighting, do not ever go gentle into that dark night. And yet we can yield as well . Death takes us all. Life is full of suffering as well as joy. The Buddha understood this. Btw … if you see him on the road … kill him !!! 🙂

  7. Don’t waste your time reading this post that follows unless you’re a wordsmith:
    FYI: Skeevy is like skanky. “Skanky: (especially of a person) dirty and unpleasant. ‘The skanky folk who populate L.A.’s film scene’” Hollywood, he mean? ? He mean! So skanky is like skeevy, but skanky folk are in Los Angeles and skeevy motels are in Las Vegas, according to this dictionary. Vice-versa is closer to the truth, but neither are really true. This online dictionary is anti-showbiz, anti-gambling, anti-westerns and anti-west. I like movies and Vegas motels, especially the forty dollars a night places a ten minute walk from the strip. A lot of nice people do film. Good folk do Vegas! Viewpoints differ. The glass is half-full. Have fun! Life’s short! Enjoy! Keep punching!

  8. John, I like your ideas and your writing, too. Msfreeh’s posts are mainly a waste of time and space, not a good thing in a limited universe where the grim reaper ticks off minutes. So we had a little skirmish and threw a few punches. So what? So this: Let’s move on as you suggest. How many black eyes and split lips and bumps and bruises did we get growing up playing sports or exchanging a few elbows in a bar or outside in the alley and at the close of day, we all shook hands, smiled and walked off as friends, or at least understanding each other with more respect for the guy who gave us the elbow or quick shot. I liked that short quip about the guy who thought hate was the strongest emotion until he met indifference. At least no one who posts here is indifferent. That’s good, as the indifferent never started a revolution nor changed anything for the better. 2. It’s just this: if someone publishes a cartoon or a satire or Saturday Night Live does a skit, we tend to either find it amusing or not. We don’t go ballistic over it and skewer the graphic artist or comedic writers. So let’s agree to disagree: some of us thought Matt’s “skit” was funny and in good taste; you were offended by it. Everyone has made their point. Forward march. 3. My two favorite responses to authority figures when I was growing up were “Says who?” pronounced Sez who, and “So what?” After many moons I realized I didn’t have a problem with authority figures, just with authority figures who exercised their authority in a bullying, stuffed shirt, rotten way. 4. thanks for the new word Skeevy: unpleasant, distasteful squalid, like a skeevy Las Vegas motel.

  9. * Carson Beach convo and recruiting of JB as asset by Connolly per Lehr/O’Neil KISS MY BLACK IRISH ASS or whatever. Tough to keep all this drivel written about James Bulger straight.

  10. * infamy … now Matt, you do realize that the letters ” n ” and ” m ” are adjacent keys right? And that when one mis-strikes one for the other that we call this a typo. Typos are of course different than spelling and diction errors. Axe/Ax anyone 🙂

    1. John:

      Did not know Juror 12 wrote a book. Her problem is she believe Fitzpatrick was on the level.

  11. * ” Who else would have answered the door when Connolly knocked on it? Whitey was living with his mom. Do you suggest otherwise? ” … No Matt, I suggest simply that you not confuse your own fiction with whatever the reality was. I would like to enter your Whitey fantasy world and attempt to answer your question about an event that takes place only in your imagination. I cannot do this though. Unconsciously you lapse into the consciousness of all the other Whitey fantasists when you pose a question that asks if anyone else should have answered a door in a incident that exists only in your imagination. Gee Matt, since you have such a steely handle on fiction and non-fiction and all else Whitey Bulger, please enlighten us. Who else would have answered the door in your sensational glimpse into the past ? Here, let’s adapt to your reality orientation as they say in the therapeutic hypnosis game and play along with your fiction/talked about as if it was fact, question to me : ” Who else would have answered the door? Well Matt, probably Whitey, or even Billy or Jackie if they were visiting. But, lo and behold … Mrs Bulger !!!!! Step up onto Matt’s blog about your rascal son and take a bow however brief ( ” Mrs. Bulger then leaves” etc
    ) … Aha, how fleeting is fame dear lady, and imfamy.
    Matt, you are a crusty gus, but you are thickskinned and I like that. Get back on point with this blog. Stick to non-fiction and stop dancing around
    Take a page out of Uhlar Tinney, Juror 12’s book, and step up to the mike in front of the Moakley Courthouse. James Bulger’s appeal is not about his credibility.
    It is about the credibility of the Justice Department
    Weigh in out of your wheelhouse … Counselor !!!

    1. John:

      Fictional portrayals will always be part of this blog when they point out the absurdity of some of the alleged truthful accounts that are out there.

      As for Whitey’s appeal why should I bother with it since it is nonsense; a part of the nonsense that is required by a criminal justice system that gives credence to any type of fantasy invented by defense counsel. The idea Jerry O’Sullivan would tell Whitey he could commit crimes in return for protecting him from the Mafia is properly called nonsense. Whitey’s appeal has as much chance of success as a Christian in the hand of ISIS.

  12. Matt :
    Axe/Ax are alternative spellings accepted by the OED. Check your dictionary before you are so petty as to suppose you can school me on diction. I am not going to accept that your essay at … satire … is other than what it was. I am not concerned that you are the jealous guardian of yet another Whitey Saga factoid : that Connolly says he was six when he first became aware of him ; this in an overall account apparently refurbished by the Black Mass authors of the Connolly/Whitey early days and Wollaston Beach recruitment later that your … satire … is mocking as apocryphal. You reassure me however that this particular … Canonical 🙂 … detail about Connolly does not therefore qualify as skeevy ; Right Church, wrong pew as the Cleric might say. Nonetheless, you brought a sainted mother into a tawdry tale; carelessly, offhandedly, and unnecessarily . And this is a kind opinion of your reckless tale.

    1. John:

      Ax is American, axe is otherwise. You continually mistake a fictitious account pointing out the absurdity of the allegations in Black Mass with something that is supposedly truthful. One cannot help this failure in another.

  13. And clearly you dislike my dislike of the post. Rather than characterize your view as heckling, which is a pathetic dodge when someone criticizes you, I choose to answer. So what? Is that a sensible comment. Should that be my retort to you. Ate we so mired in political correctness that a clearly reasoned argument is just dismissed as ” heckling ” as a way to evade it. Yes, I am aware that she opened the door to Connolly, but in a larger sense she opens the door to Flemmi as well in the closely following account. She never should have been mentioned and by the way if the comment made by Connolly that, this of course from Matt’s fertile mind, he first noticed Whitey when he , Connolly, was a six year old boy, does not seem a little skeevy to you then what can I say. It was a creepy and scurrilous piece of an … unusual … imagination; Matt Connolly’s imagination. You are not his beadle William. I enjoy your comments, but if Matt Connolly is not able to handle his own business then as we say, to each his own.

    1. John:

      You know so little of things – Connolly said when he was six that he first saw Whitey. Get up on your facts before you get off on making suggestions about “skeevy”. Scurrilous and creepy it was only to minds that wanted to find it as such.

  14. Justices Holmes and Brandeis said that every idea is an incitement; it calls people to adhere to it or reject. Some judges also mentioned the so-called “Heckler’s Veto” Just because a word or phrase or sentence or paragraph gets your shackles up, your hairs on end, or your sensibilities to be offended, or your skin, thick or thin, to redden or bleed, is no reason for the speaker to alter his speech. In other words, I disagree with your disagreement. I liked the satire, the irony, the fun way of looking at things. By the way, Mrs. Bulger opened the door to John Connolly who she likely would have remembered as one of the “kids” from Old Harbor, now a familiar face. To mention the fact that Debbie Davis was a victim of the serial killers, is not to dishonor her, but to dishonor them, especially Flemmi, the psychotic predator of young women. 2. Many people, I imagine, heckled me and my viewpoints and will do so when they read Character Assassins II which should be out in November, but the fact that some are offended by my ideas, written or verbal, only encourages me to write more, at length and in more depth. 3. It’s good to hear opposing views; 4. I took from your critique of Matt’s post exactly one thought: you didn’t like it. 5. So what?

    1. William:

      I was at a loss as to John’s comment as I see you were. I feel he confuses fiction with fact. He really had to reach far in his attack to suggest that I was dishonoring Billy Bulger in my little satire by mentioning Mrs. Bulger answered the door.

  15. Even more disappointed. You have surpassed all the Whitey Saga muckrakers in your fanciful accpunt. Not even Howie Carr ever pulled Mrs. Bulger onto the stage as you just have. What was it the Army Counsel said to Joe McCarthy : ” Senator, have you no shame? ” Again, the saying is that ” Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel .” Please do not make pleading ad hominem attacks as your easy substitute. Take ownership of what you write and do not expect it to pass without a critical eye cast on it. Personally I think you are a great guy. Professionally I find your analysis of events often partakes more of the assumed and imagined ; the notional if you will, rather than being logical and conforming to common sense. You had an axe to grind . It has more to do with shaming Billy Bulger than exposing his brother’s well chronicled misdeeds. I strongly suspect this despite your dissembling to the contrary. Having their Mother opening the door to Stevie Flemmi in this raunchy scenario you conjure up is beyond the pale. Matt Connolly, you disappoint me. We expected better character demonstrated than this.

    1. John:

      Who else would have answered the door at the home of Whitey when John Connolly knocked on the door. Whitey was living with his Mom. Do you suggest otherwise? What’s patriotism have to do with anything? And, as for shaming Billy Bulger, how ever did you arrive at that? Your leaps of logic defy logic. By the way ax is ax and not axe. By the way it wasn’t Flemmi at the door it was John Connolly. And, for your information, it was fiction – you know John – made up. Do you understand the difference?

  16. You cannot seem to help yourself. You drank your Godfather Trilogy cool aid and can’t help feeling thrilled when you mention guys like Pro Lerner. Pro was a Pro, but many of the ” Mafia Hitmen” were anything but Professional in their execution. They were sloppy . They put people who were innocent in wheelchairs and murdered teenagers whose cigarettes were left smoking in the ashtrays of the car in Roxbury where they and the target were shot. Yet you lionize the Mafia ” Hitman ” , and never miss a chance to take a cheap shot at the Bulgers. ” We can put them in the same place we will dump Debby ” etc. is just another sad example of your own sloppiness and lack of intellectual rigor. The very phraseology is gratuitously callous. In your literary skylarking you desecrate the Women in a certain way. Please do not take this as an ad hominem attack.

  17. A more accurate account than what Black Mass provided. Have the Feds moved WB to Florida to connect him to the Ebola outbreak? If he and Connolly admit they spread the virus in Africa they will get shortened sentences. The Government needs a villain and a simple answer the Public can swallow. Their motive would be to get back at the Blacks for forced busing and the harm it caused Southie. Or did the same doctors that created the AIDS virus invent Ebola? The Feds fell for the fantasies of the Mafia in the WB matter. Maybe they should consult them on the Ebola threat. The CDC is about as effective as all the other agencies. Prof. Torture or Bob Kraft should be named the Ebola czar. The only thing that is going to stop the spead of the virus is the Polar Vortex.

  18. Matt, you should publish this as a very short story. It’d be a best seller. Plus although fictional it’s closer to the truth than anything Carr or the Globies have written.
    2. On a dull serious note, I take this space to talk about a horrendous decision, legal ruling, that has been upheld by several circuit courts of appeal. I first found it, I recall in Judge Selya’s “corrupt” decision—corrupt in the sense of intellectually dishonest and egregiously flawed or contaminated as you corrupt a biological culture in on an agar plate with extraneous materials. Anyway, it is now the law in these circuits that a judge in sentencing a felon can consider those crimes he was acquitted of. So, the feds think it O.K. to punish someone with longer sentences because a federal prosecutor has accused someone of a crime, even though the jury has acquitted him of that crime. The judicial “reasoning”? It’s beyond belief!!! One lawyer I told this too said, “That couldn’t be true.” In America today you can be punished for a crime a jury says you did not commit. Check it out. A hint as to the reasoning: the same hyper-rationalization that upholds inconsistent criminal verdicts, whereas on the civil side they routinely throw out inconsistent verdicts. It’s sorta like acquitting someone of conspiracy to commit murder, but convicting them of conspiring with the murders under a trumped up phony as moon cheese “murder by gun” count. Sorta.
    3. Getting back to how Connolly recruited Bulger who recruited Flemmi for Connolly even though Flemmi also had been a past informant, I conclude it happened exactly that way, sans the knock on the door. I’d say he rang the bell, and then agreed to talk with Whitey outside, perhaps in a car, so no one in the household could hear the conversation or to guard against taps inside the house. Whitey was careful. So, after the knock or ring, Jimmy and John may have ended up at Wollaston, for clams at the Beachcomber. Come to think of it, the 1950s hit, “Jim, Johnny and Jonas,” may have been recorded in anticipation of that meeting. Jonas worked at the Beachcomber, I’m told.
    4. Which of the three paragraphs, #1, #2, or #3 is true? The correct answer is E: all of the above.

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