Howie Carr Proves Iago Wrong

IMG_4389 (3)One person who has done quite well from the explosion of small time hoodlum Whitey into the person who has “terrorized the City of Boston for decades” is talk show host and Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr. I happened to have come into the vicinity of him over the summer. I can’t say he’s a disagreeable person to be around. People flock to him like Brazilian catadores to a filled garbage truck.

He’s talented and productive; his daily radio show and his Herald columns would keep anyone busy. He’s produced several books about Whitey which he has feverishly pumped out while the interest in him is high. Even with his busy week he travels on weekends from Cape Cod to Maine like an old-time pedler pushing his books and assorted other gadgets.

He also hustles for money by appearing in commercials. I saw him on a local TV show advertising hair transplants and telling how easy it is to have it done. I saw him one day after one of those transplants. He had on a blue and white baseball cap to cover his head while sitting indoors. I’d guess whatever was under there was not something pleasing the sight.

I had to smile. I though he had more in common with Howie Winter than the first name. He showed a picture of Howie Winter in one of his books wearing a scally cap. He noted in a derogatory manner that Howie Winter was covering his hair transplant. At least when Howie Winter did it he was in his thirties; I’m not sure how much it benefits man like Howie Carr in his sixties.

I’d suggest that rather than working on his head he do some work on his body. He is grossly out of shape which is strange for a man who works so hard. Then I thought maybe there’s a method to his madness of having his breasts grow so large. A few more inches and hell be able to get a nighttime gig making good dough as the lead-in act for Busty Russell. He’s wasting no time in this endeavor with his insatiable appetite starting each day with several of those calorie saturated morning pastries.

A friend of mine once said guys like Howie, which he was, don’t have to worry. They never bury fat guys. Then he had to go and proved his theory wrong.

Seeing his work schedule I’m amazed that he is like one of those 24/7 stores which are always open ringing up sales. I wondered if he had anything in his life other that the mad dash for cash. He must be making tons of money but he is not satisfied. He is on a merry-go-round seeking more and more. Every show he puts on, every interview he does, and almost every column he writes he suggests that those who have paid attention to him should buy his latest book. Shamelessly and endlessly he pitches his books. It seems he lives to make money.

Howie would say, and he does through the way he openly hustles for money, that this is America and there’s nothing wrong with getting as much as you can while the going is good. Fine but when your life revolves around the quest for more and more money to the exclusion of everything else, it seems one would not be criticising others for doing the same thing.

So I found it a slight bit hypocritical when Howie wrote last Friday: “With the Bulgers, it’s all about the money.” I could only wonder if Howie ever looks in the mirror and realizes that with him it is all about money also.

This made me think that Howie is quite similar to Whitey who was all about money. Whitey stole money. Howie does him one better to get money, he steals something much more dear.  Iago spelled it out:

Good name in man and woman, dear my lord,
Is the immediate jewel of their souls:
Who steals my purse steals trash; ’tis something, nothing;
‘Twas mine, ’tis his, and has been slave to thousands;
But he that filches from me my good name
Robs me of that which not enriches him
And makes me poor indeed.

I guess Howie could teach the Bard a thing or two.


85 thoughts on “Howie Carr Proves Iago Wrong

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  5. Doubting Thomas, in my 60++ years on planet Earth, I’ve never heard or read anyone attempt to murder more reputations than Howie Carr: he is an inveterate character assassin who delights in raking people over the coals. He thrills in kicking people when they’re down. He practices on the living what Shakespeare said, “The evil men do live after them, the good is oft interred with their bones.” As Matt pointed out Iago didn’t know Howie Carr who does indeed profit from stealing people’s good names, so too does Carr bury a living person’s lifetime of good service under Carr’s very own self-made avalanches of smears. One misstep, and Carr smears you for life.

    1. That’s Governor Romney joking around about being rich and famous at the same annual St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast event that Governor Weld and President Bulger had appeared at some years earlier. Some may think that Governor Romney sounds conceited and out of touch, but clearly he is only joking…

      1. JEROME: On a serious note, I’d like to address Jerome: Jerome, you criticize us for slandering the slanderer, Carr. Are we to remain silent in the face of his calumnies?
        It seems to me that Matt did answer you: Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire: It’s wrong to bear false witness and slander people as you do with Billy Bulger. Sometimes good people have to stand up to the slanderers, like you and Carr, the character assassins, the finger-pointers, the holier-than-thous, the stone-throwers. Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. Howie Carr is a longstanding vicious, malicious character assassin. To name the hundreds he’s publicly smeared would add to their injury. Listen to his talk show: weakly he smears by name dozens of Latinos and immigrants who’ve been arrested and dozens of public servants: “hacks he calls them”. Convicted once, maligned for life by Carr. Bill Bulger has never been convicted of even a misdemeanor or accused of violating a rule of the House or Senate, yet has been malignantly maligned for life by Howie Carr. Are we not to point out those facts?
        2. You wrote, “But how could we ever know what Whitey and Billy discussed? We cant and only they know.” So, you admit you don’t know what Billy said or did, but earlier you wrote: “Billy did nothing.” So from a total lack of knowledge you conclude he did nothing. How do you know he did nothing? How do you know he didn’t constantly urge his brother to go straight? How often did former President Bill Clinton try to get his brother to get off drugs? Did President Jimmy Carter try hard enough to get his brother Billy off booze? Or, Jerome, do you figure those two U.S. Presidents also did “Nothing!” The most powerful men in the United States, according to Jerome’s thinking, did nothing to stop their miscreant brothers from using drugs and alcohol to excess!
        3. Jerome, where did you grow up? Did you ever know a heroin addict, a drug dealer, a bookie, a gunman, a mobster, a thief, a robber, an income tax evader? Do you think it’s your duty to inform on your relatives? Do you think it’s your duty to inform on your friends and neighbors or on your co-workers, on people you “suspect” of wrongdoing? Do you know any criminals? Why don’t you or why didn’t you stop them? What did you do about them? Nothing?
        4. I think Matt wrote that chronic character assassins, chronic slanderers, are a “different type of evil”; slander, detraction, calumny, rumor mongering, etc., damage innocent persons and their families and friends. Murder of course is worse than slander. But how about these “moral” questions: Who is worse: the murderer or the man who mocks murder victims (Like Carr) or the man who profits by co-authoring books with serial killers about murders? Or who is worse, the man who accuses another of (a) “knowing about murders” and (b) doing nothing about them or the man who mocks murder victims or the man who defends the man who mocks murder vicims? I’d say the murderer is worse, but the others are not far behind; of course that’s only my humble opinion. Maybe my ethics are askew.
        4. Carr has mocked murder victims, on his website and in his books. Carr has befriended the serial killer Martorano. Carr runs “a death pool” on his radio show and gives prizes to people who correctly guess who will die next. Are we to be silent in the face of his falsehoods, slanders and mockery?
        5. You wrote something to the effect that all of Boston is against the Bulger brothers. False: thousands upon thousands of Bostonians who actually know Billy Bulger as a friend, neighbor, co-worker, community leader, educator, politician, Senate President, President of U.Mass, etc, praise him, extoll him, love him and his family, revere and respect his lifelong dedication and service to his community, and understand how the Boston Globe and Howie Carr have smeared his name unjustly for decades; those who know Jackie Bulger like him, love him, respect him and appreciate his lifelong work in public service, too; Billy and Jackie Bulger have many lifelong friends, good friends, good people; Billy and Jackie Bulger are good family people, and good neighbors. Jackie was convicted of one count of perjury. Jerome do you have any friends or family members who’ve committed crimes? Do you think we should continuously stone them in public, too? Or should we just stone them behind their backs?
        6. Howie Carr constantly throws stones at people who have run afoul of the law. Some people enjoy innuendoes and casting aspersions at others. Some people enjoy throwing stones, especially at defenseless people, or POOFs as Matt calls them, or at Political Undesirables (P.U.s) (the movie Judgment at Nuremburg talked about P.U.s.) How about a new rule for society: Any person who does not stop their parents, siblings, sons or daughters, or their neighbors from committing crimes shall be stoned. How about that? How about stoning them for life? Or how about this rule: If a person in a family is convicted or suspected of murder, then all of the family members shall be stoned for life, including second cousins.

        1. William- That was refreshing! I have never come across anyone who defended Carr in my 32 years of living. First time for everything, I guess?

    1. That’s the Governor of Alabama, George Wallace, joking around about counterfeiting and money laundering!

  6. I didnt leave any comments in the comment section for these clips but the comments give you an idea of what some people think about Billy Bulger. Also why plead the 5th unless you have something to hide?

    1. Jerome:

      The videos you posted add nothing since we’ve all seem them many times.

      You fail to understand the Constitution. Why object to letting the cops search your house or mail if you have nothing to hide? Why not have a presumption of guilt for anyone who relies upon her rights? Did you ever wonder why people are allowed to take the 5th Amendment? It is a Constitutional right. You posted videos of Congressman Burton who started out his committee hearings looking into the FBI misconduct in the Barboza/Teddy Deegan matters which made everyone yawn. Looking for publicity he subpoenaed Billy to testify. Billy had no information on what he was looking for but he wanted to make a show of it, as did Howie Carr behaving like a high school class clown behind Billy.
      Look you’ve made up your mind so there’s nothing I can do to convince you otherwise. Unfortunately you’ve come up with nothing to support your way of thinking suggesting you neither have the time or desire to put some effort into doing so. You toss out things you’ve heard as if it is proof of something. They aren’t. You like many others have a predisposition to believe things without a scintilla of evidence. I you want to believe because one brother is successful and the other is a criminal the successful brother must be maligned because of that then go ahead. You have a lot of company.

    2. …and why say “no” when asked by law enforcement officials if they can search your home without a warrant. You have nothing to hide, do you?

      1. Well in my case cops usually sent in their criminal informants to do an illegal search or ‘fishing expedition’ first, but for some reason a warrant or legal search never transpired. I wonder why?

        However, while inside said informant felt the need to steal from us and destroy brand new furniture. I caught him but no one would question him. When I pushed for a police report they wrote false ones or none at all.

        Approximately 4 months later they have this informant get a restraining order on ME! Me and my daughter caught him trying to enter our home again. I stood before the judge with a stack of complaints and police reports on this guy. Do you think the judge looked at them? Of course not and a restraining order was granted. (Nov 30,2010).

        Later that same afternoon, the cops were on Craigslist where I argued with them and they were having a good laugh over the fake restraining order and their court connections. They were laughing and typing “Hey, you were wearing this (the outfit I wore that day) at Hingham District Court and you were sitting in the left corner” “We’re gonna scratch ourselves up and get you arrested. ha ha”. Others would chime in and say “but that’s false arrest haha”.

        The case was later dismissed when he didn’t show up. I hear he was locked up for something else at the time.

        Their informant was also assisting with illegal cams and surveillance which was placed in every one of my rooms including the bathroom. (since my divorce mind you) A cop who uses ‘Saratoga51′ was instructing him on adjusting the audio thru Craigslist. I have the instructions saved. I know which cop it is and I have the proof. I have his Ebay account too and his pay to those in Plymouth County and informants.

        Not all cops are like them but many are, at least the ones I know personally, but this is what happens when you stand up to their abuses and are POOFED. They pay people lots of money to do this stuff to others. They did it again to me in 2012 when I was sick in bed. They paid my roommate to say I pushed her but she pushed me. I asked her to leave my room. I have her and her ex husband emailing and calling the cops Ive been reporting for 3.5 years (including my cop ex) but no one will subpoena her cell records or emails because that may prove what I say is true.

        They were plotting getting me arrested with my roommate and her ex husband but my court appointed attorneys will not request the very information which will help me. Incidentally, two of these attorneys know and golf with the harassers. I’ve asked one to resign.

        It’s their intimidation tactics to shut me up but they do not work. Today its’ nothing but lies and cover ups but no one wants to see what I have on them.

        And these same guys are doing not so nice things with some ‘rogue’ jail guards I knew from Suffolk County.

        So if anyone wants to search my house I’d probably say “Nope, you already have” because I am not the only home they do this with.

        And seeing the lies they are putting out today about me and have threatened me with humiliating me I’d probably plead the 5th just to avoid all the lies on the stand .

        I know sort of off topic and I’m venting. Sorry Matt, I’m sorry to type so much on your space but I’m still angry and still reporting them to no avail. I’ve now left the state and am sleeping in my car. I found a cell phone behind that they dropped in my last home and they do this no matter where I live.

        I refuse to let them continue so I chose to have peace of mind in my car. Now they continue this harassment and stalking in NH. So looks like Ill be trying the NH AG and DOJ to see if they do anything. LOL

        One thing I’ll never understand is this. For 3.5 years I’ve been sending letter after letter, calls and emails telling them I have stacks of proof on these guys yet I get ignored. I have death threats, rape threats, cells left behind in my home, proof of destroyed furniture, forensics reports they were tied into my internet shortly after my divorce, proof my ex is a part of it, photos, call records, bank records, telling me what I did in the bathroom, and lots more.

        But I get no reply or response.

        Yet another tells me there is a case ‘some place’. I can’t imagine there has been a case going on regarding my issues when I haven’t heard a thing.

        Wouldn’t I be contacted if there were? Doesn’t make sense to me but I’m no attorney. I may go back to school and become one after all of this though. I’ll really be POOFED then because I would focus on police abuses only and I wouldn’t be able to be bought off to go along with them.

        Again, my apologies Matt. Still enjoy reading your blog although most times I remain silent. lol

        1. PS Matt,

          The funniest thing is I hear they are trying to justify their being inside my home videotaping me and showing the world for over 7 years by saying I did something illegal 5,6,7, years ago but I have no idea what I am accused of doing.

          No one is telling me. I’ve never been stopped, questioned, or arrested. My final question to them would be if I were doing illegal things which they clearly would have on all of these tapes (minus the bathroom shots they were distributing to all cops) why didn’t they do anything like make an arrest? They’ve had over 7 years to do so.

          That’s hogwash too though and they’re just making excuses for their abuses. I wonder why they didn’t claim I was up to anything until I started getting complaints and emails thru? Only then did they start with their accusations. Aside from that my ex’s entire unit was a part of it all since 04-05. Isn’t that somewhat of a conflict of interest? I know all of these guys. I’ve even hung at their after hours bars til 5am with troopers bartending.

          Maybe that’s the problem? I know their secrets.

      1. That’s New Jersey Governor Chris Christie asking that jokes about him being fat should actually be funny.

      1. That is Governor Romney joking about being groped, which to others is a form of sexual harassment — surely, not a laughing matter at all.

        1. Here is President Nixon joking around about President Johnson being involved in the assassination of President Kennedy:

          1. Dear Jerome,

            The point is that the Saint Patrick’s Day roasts were roasts where light was made of otherwise serious topics; you have to look at the context. That is what a roast is — it’s supposed to be funny.

            It involves sarcasm. Do you really believe that former U.S. Attorney William Weld was part of the big “conspiracy” to protect James Bulger as well? What about all of the attendants at the event who were laughing? Are they complicit, too? Or is it because it was a roast, which means mocking otherwise serious topics?

            Think about it. What makes more sense?


    1. The Fifth Amendment’s right to remain silent is derived from the amendments relating to protecting privacy in the U.S. Constitution. Those rights include the Fourth Amendment. Any protest to a person’s invocation of a right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment is comparable to a protest that someone refused to be searched without a warrant after invoking the Fourth Amendment. If law enforcement authorities knock on your door and ask to search your home, will you consent? Clearly, you have nothing to hide, so why not just let them inside to search your home? They should not have to get a warrant, if you have nothing to hide, right?

      The point is that the Fifth Amendment supports a presumption of innocence; the fact is that prosecutors were trying to catch William Bulger in an inconsistency and try for a perjury charge.

      It was a general consensus amongst members of Congress that William Bulger could have answered questions on December 6, 2002 when he invoked the amendment; U.S. Representative Shays even said “I heard nothing today that you could not have said then…” Then, Representative Shays, who is not an attorney, claims that he “has a different view of the Fifth Amendment.” Because the Fifth Amendment is a legal provision, perhaps Shays was lacking in his understanding of what the Fifth Amendment means, including the legal case citation from the U.S. Supreme Court which noted that the Fifth Amendment is to protect the innocent “who find themselves ensnared by ambiguous circumstances.”

      William Bulger’s case was beyond ambiguous; it is a tale for the Twilight Zone. It is a place where, no matter what he said, those asking questions had a presumption of culpability. If you knew that your askers would not believe what you would say and the chief intent was to ensnare you, what would a reasonable person due in such ambiguous circumstances?

      Mr. Shays. Thank you, Mr. Bulger, for being here.
      I have a different view of the fifth amendment than yours
      and maybe they are not all that different, but I believe a
      public official has a duty to cooperate when you have an
      official body that wants the truth. It blew me away when you
      exercised your fifth amendment right which you are allowed to
      do but you are a public official.
      It bugs the heck out of me that we had to delay 6 months
      what you could have answered. I heard nothing you said today
      that you couldn’t have said back then.
      My view is the fifth amendment gives you the right not to
      incriminate yourself and you have the right to use it. The
      courts have made it very clear that you can’t convict someone
      on it but it doesn’t say what public opinion has a right to
      think or what a congressional hearing has a right to think
      about the exercise of anyone using that right.
      So my natural instinct is to think what do you have to hide
      and I have listened to you and you have used as an excuse that
      your memory might not be good enough and that therefore, you
      don’t want to do something where your memory isn’t good enough.
      Whatever you say here has to be the truth and your immunity
      doesn’t protect you from lying before us. You were sworn in.
      Everything you say here has to be the truth, correct?
      Mr. Bulger. Exactly.
      Mr. Shays. Or you can in fact be prosecuted, true?
      Mr. Bulger. That is exactly right.

  7. And another thing. Matt you criticize Howie Carr for him slandering people, attacking people, making fun of people but then you turn around and do it yourself. And you justify it based on what Howie Carr does to other people. That is disappointing to see in a man as intelligent, successful, and thoughtful as yourself. Two wrongs dont make a right. Yes Howie Carr can be self-serving jerk. Why stoop to his level Matt> Never be too old and too know-it-all to learn something about yourself.

    By the way, you never did answer my question about why Carr can get crime scene photos that he put into Ratman but the general public cant have that same access at Moakley.

    1. Jerome:

      You show me one instance where I have slandered people. Show me where I have criticized a person for a physica characteristic such as Carr’s comment on Billy Bulger’s height as “corrupt midget” outside of firing back at Carr. I criticize Howie Carr for him being what he criticises others for. I’m not in the business of xenophobia slandering groups of people as Carr does. You seem unable to see the difference between apples and oranges, between people that engage in race baiting and those who deal in facts. Thanks for the advice about learning something about myself but let me suggest it would be best not to paint with too broad a brush and deal in facts.

      Carr gets the crime scene photographs like the Boston Globe gets grand jury minutes, they have people inside law enforcement agencies who are anxious to cozy up to them and do for them what they won’t do for the general public. All you have to do is watch how many people in uniforms seek out Carr and engage in whispering conversations with him. As far as the exhibits at the Moakley courthouse, you can go into the clerk’s office and look at them.

      1. I didnt say or mean to imply you slandered people. I was referring to you insulting, teasing, and making fun of Howie Carr. Like Howie Carr has done to Billy Bulger. Its the same thing but you dont and wont see it that way. If you enjoy making fun of Howie Carr more power to you. You have ever right and I think the first comment in this post says what I was trying to express.

        If I go to the Moakley Courthouse I can get access to see all photos used in the trial?

        Which books discuss the Boston “Irish Mob” wars besides Carr’s HITMAN?


        1. Dear Jerome,

          You state here, “I didn’t say or mean to imply you slandered people.”

          Yet in the prior post, you clearly and unambiguously declare, “Matt you criticize Howie Carr for him slandering people, attacking people, making fun of people but then you turn around and do it yourself.”

          That statement expressly states that you opine that Matt “does…slandering…attacking…[and] making fun of people.” So, my understanding is that you did not imply Matt slanders, attacks, and makes fun. My understanding is that you expressly did say it.

          This is, at times, a discussion blog for matters of substance. It requires an open mind and open dialog. While I am sure that Matt values moments of informed disagreement with his views, it is also a realm rich in factual information even where grey areas may remain. I tend to stray away from that Twilight Zone. What I take issue with, and I am sure that those who have followed my own postings in times past, is when people get the facts wrong. You claim to espouse your “humble opinion” but the fact is that you misstate the facts. You take assumptions as facts, when the facts subvert your assumptions. A statement of fact on your part should not be shrouded as an opinion. I believe that is where Matt has expressed concern.

          While I am sure that Matt does not expect all commentators to fawn over him like willing disciples awaiting enlightenment from his Gospel, he has certain expectations about the level of discourse here; most on here do.

          I hope you reevaluate your perspective, particularly in knowing whether you speak from the pulpit of an informed opinion or a misstated fact.

          Here, you DID say that Matt “slanders.” That is a fact, as I have shown. Perhaps you retract that statement now, but you did previously say it.


    2. Jerome- Do you realize what you are defending? You are defending a bully, You got some nerve. Take a real look at the man you are defending. Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, evil person. You take a good look at some of the horrible things he has said about people in the past. You don’t treat a bully with class, You drop the hammer on bullies like him. Adjectives and all.

      1. It takes nerve to defend Howie Carr? I said I liked his book HITMAN. I am saying there is a big difference between what Howie Carr does and what Whitey Bulger did. Is Howie Carr about to sever two life sentences plus 5 years for being a racist, sexist, homophobic, evil person. NOPE. I am not saying Howie Carr is NOT a douchebag I am criticizing Matt comparing Whitey’s actions to Howies’ actions. From the sounds of it you Doubting Thomas would like to see Howie Carr doing time right next to Whitey for the same length of time, no? Aslo it seems you advocate and eye for eye and fight fire with fire. Howie Carr slanders people so now we should slander Howie? Yeah, taht makes a lot sense and clearly show an intelligent decision

        1. Jerome- I definitely understand where you are coming from with the whole Brother dynamic, I grappled with my own family members about how Billy and his relationship with Whitey seemed favorable and protective as far as police, politicians, newspapers. I understand your skepticism, Carr though is a monster who thrives off of suffering. Also no, I do not think he belongs in jail with Whitey. I think you should try and look up some of the horrible things he said about and this is just one example of The Donahue kid who is the mouthpiece for the family, see the lovely things he says about him, an innocent person.

        2. Jerome- The real sad part about you and the tone in which you blog is that looking at all your postings you know basically nothing about this whole story. You say there is a big difference in what Howie and Bulger did? no shit, Bulger is a evil criminal and Carr is a evil tabloid reporter. The comparisons you make are so strange and out there. From the sounds of it you seem like you would be the type of person to wait in a line to have him sign his fictitious, old FBI memo filled books. The book Hitman was a joke. I fight fire with fire when I am dealing with a bully.

  8. Well we can all share different opinions. First let me address the Billy “knowing/not knowing” about Whitey and his crimes. Yes, it makes sense and is logical that Billy knew NOTHING about Whitey committing murder and found out when those charges were slapped against Whitey. Of course Whitey had no reason to tell Billy. But how could we ever know what Whitey and Billy discussed? We cant and only they know. But come on Matt, Whitey Bulger was a well known gangster in the Boston area. Whitey had a feared reputation (deservedly so) and you really believe that Billy Bulger had NO IDEA what his brother was doing, who he was running with, how he earned his money. You really believe that Billy Bulger was shocked when his brother went on the run and got indicted in the 90s? So everyone else in Boston and surrounding neighborhoods knew that Whitey Bulger was a mobster and ran the Boston mob but not the most powerful politician in the whole state? My point being that Billy Bulger could have done more to end Whitey reign of criminal terror sooner IF he wanted to. I mean he lived across from Steve Flemmi parents and everyone knew Steve Flemmi was a murderous thug along with his brother for years

    Regarding influence. Of course I cant prove that Billy used his position of power in relation to his brother. I am not a criminal investigator nor have the time nor the financial resources to do such a thing. But given how its constantly brought up about us Irish “looking out for another” especially in Boston and how close Billy and Whitey are its a stretch to assume that Billy did some things to help out Whitey? Well you can believe what you want just because there is no official documents showing where and how Billy helped Whitey but I believe otherwise. I am not saying Billy Bulger was not an excellent politician, was not good at his job, not a good father or husband. What I am saying is he dropped the ball in relation to his brother Whitey BECAUSE it is his older brother and he would never in a thousand years go after his brother no matter what his brother was doing or rumored to be doing…

    As far as the criticisms regarding Howie Carr, you might not like the mans show or his books or anything about him but to compare Whiteys crimes as being on the same level (and you said Carrs were worse)is simply ridiculous in my opinion. I would rather get slandered by Howie Carr then take bullets from Whitey Bulger.

    With all that said this website is excellent, I enjoy reading all the articles, but I dont agree 100% with everything you write Matt and thats how it should be…IMHO

    1. Jerome:

      When you have to tell someone something three times then it seems clear the person is not listening or doesn’t like hearing what is being said. I was a criminal investigator as a prosecutor during all the times tht Whitey was operating and I’ve told you before Billy never used his positon to help Whitey nor was it ever suggested by the hundreds of detectives both federal, state and localo that he did. To me that’s fairly conclusive. If you want to ignore that, what can I do but please don’t tell me that he did. And you can believe what you want even though you haven’t anything but the wildest speculation to support it. Also, Billy’s job was not to go after his brother.
      Concerning Billy’s knowledge of his brother there’s no doubt he knew he was in charge of the gaming rackets in South Boston and that Flemmi was Whitey’s partner. That’s a far cry from what he is being accused of knowing. If you’d read Billy’s book you’d see that Billy says he heard about other things involving Whitey but he choose not to believe them suggesting people were using them to get out of jail by implicating Whitey in things he did not do. I find that perfectly understandable for a brother; which also to Billy justified Whitey’s flight because he was being framed.
      As far as conversations between Billy and Whitey I can assure you that in my experience they would not be discussing anything illegal. Billy was a highly talented individual with a highly successful career who would never jeopardize himself and family by doing any such thing.
      The more you write the more you sound like Howie Carr taking a fact – brotherhood – and inferring everything negative about it. Why not look at objective facts = why not consider statements like that of Dukakis who said when Billy was president of the Senate there was never any question of the Senate’s ethics rather than Carr who knew nothing of the Senate who said it wsa corrupt; why not see there were never the slightest hint of any wrongdoing by Billy other than by Johnny-come-lately writers seeking to make a buck of the type of wild specualation you seem to thrive in.
      I tell you what it was like to be an investigator at that time and you dismiss it because it doesn’t fit into your theory. Of course no one wants to take a bullet from Whitey but how many did? Have you ever considered how little influence Whitey really had?
      On the other other hand how many people has Howie Carr ruined by destroying their reputation? How much hatred has Howie sown among our people setting one group against another? Howie preys on weakness in people and holds the up to mockery. His evilness is of a different kind appealing to peoples most vile emotions and it encompasses a much larger territory than Whitey could ever dream of having influence in.

      1. Matt

        1. You are right in that I can not produce one detective (federal or state or local)who suggested that Billy used his position to help Whitey. If I could I probably wouldnt be able to be writing this right now.

        2.You are right that it was not Billys job not to go after his brother. That is totally a weak argument. Its a question of morals. You and other people imply that HAD Billy known Whitey had murdered people, sold drugs, extorted etc etc that he would have done something. I use the word imply. Innuendo. Billy Bulger is OK with the decisions he made and he has to live with himself. I am not god nor a judge and so my opinion really doesnt matter one way or the other. But I dont understand the world you live in when many Bostonians are disgusted with all the Bulger Brothers because of Whitey’s criminal reign.

        3. Of course Billy Bulger is going to write the he chose not to believe the allegations about Whitey. What is he going to write in his book? That he did beleive them and still did nothing?

        4. What are the names of the people that Howie Carr has ruined?

        5. You said about Howie Carr “his evilness is of a different kind appealing to people most vile emotions and it emcompasses a much larger territory than Whitey could ever dream of”. Then, may I ask, why isnt Howie Carr on trial? Why isnt Howie Carr in prison doing 2 life sentences plus 5 years?

        My point about Howie Carr is not that I agree with everything he says and belives but that I find it offensive to compare what Howie Carr does to what Whitey Bulger did. Would you want to be slandered by Howie Carr on his radio show or have Whitey Bulger muscle in on your business with a gun with Steve Flemmi and then shoot you for dead if you dont pay him?

        You Matt are the one who has to be told 3 times and counting that there is a Big difference between what Whitey did and what Howie Carr does and that what Whitey did is FAR MORE WORSE (at least according to the court of law and not the court of Matt)…

    2. Jerome- Quick question, What could Billy have done? IF he wanted?? This is what I would like answered. You are stating IF he wanted, At what point could he of stopped it? AT what point did he not stop it, when he had the chance? What opportunity did he neglect to stop it? Living across from the Flemmi’s is a pretty weak argument as to why he knew what was going on?

      1. Doubting Thomas that is a great question. I mean lets say for arguments sake that Billy Bulger was aware that Whitey Bulger was murdering people, robbing people, selling drugs, etc. That he knew all that Whitey was doing and up to…My first impulsive thought is he couldnt really do anything except go tell the police, DEA, FBI etc…Only that wouldnt have done anything seeing that Whitey had the right people on his payroll and was an informant. What could Billy Bulger have done? Gone into the witness protection program? See how ridiculous it is to even answer that question. And yet that is part of the general publics disgust with Billy Bulger (some people not all). There is a perception that he did nothing. That he was non-chalant and indifferent and could care less what Whitey Bulger (his brother) was doing. I mean who rats on his brother right. Personally I think if Whitey Bulger only killed fellow criminals and not killed the 2 Debbies and not Michael Donohue etc then people wouldnt be as disgusted with the man. I could be wrong about that conclusion though

  9. Carr is little more than a huckster peddling cheap entertainment via endless potshots at practically anyone. To consider him a reporter or anything else, really, is delusional.

    1. GOK:

      He’s quite friendly with the other so=called reporters but he really is nothing more than a stand up comedian who could only be thought of as a reporter in the narrow world of the Boston Herald where he is a columnist passing on dirt given him by others with grudges.

      1. Matt. Was your main criticism of the book HITMAN the issue that Howie Carr is now “friends” with John Martorano or because there are many factual errors in the book or because he is profitting off the murder and suffering of the victims? I personally thoroughly enjoyed the book and must add that part of the reason is that there is no other book on the Irish gang wars of that time. There were so many murders within the “Irish Mob” that it was fascinating and eye-opening just how dark, dangerous, and fatalistic to be a part of organized crime. The ease with which these men killed each other is so far from the reality of the average working American that it is a glimpse into just how dangerous that life is for these men.

        Howie Carr has an engaging style of writing. I also dont agree that he and Whitey are “similar” just because they are greedy and love the almighty buck. Whitey Bulger killed, tortured, robbed, sold drugs, extorted, etc and as far as I know Howie Carr has not done any of those things. I do agree there is much to be said about the fact that Howie Carr has done character assasination of Billy Bulger and that is not admirable at all. But on the other hand surely Billy Bulger was part of Whitey’s life and had some influence more than he shares, no?

        1. Jerome- What do you mean by influence? Billy knew he could not influence his older brother in anything. Not to ruin the family name, Not stay out of trouble, Not to mess up the job he got for him as a janitor. Billy was his younger brother, It is tough to tell your older brother how to live and what not to do. Try and read “While the Music Lasts”. I do agree with you though as far as not giving an inch when it comes to answering the reporters and the politicians questions about his brother. He did adhere to the code of silence, it was how he was raised. He was the kind of brother I would have wanted, as far as keeping it all in house. IRISH always Protect the family.. it is called K.U.A — keeping up appearances. Jerome, As I read your posts you are really an intelligent knowledge thirsty person, You found the right man if you want to know about this shit show saga…Matt T. Connolly is the truth!!!

          1. Thanks Doubting Thomas- Actually what I meant about influence in relation to Billy Bulger was the possibility that Billy Bulger made decision within his power as favors to Whitey. For example, reducing budgets of those who were critical of Whitey. I cant remember the source (Howie Carr possibly) but it was suggested that Bily Bulger made it very difficult for anyone who wanted to investigate Whitey. Also, is has to be more than a coincidence that Billy Bulger lived across from Steve Flemmi parents. I wonder why that decision was made? I agree that this is teh place for finding the truth. Matt does an excellent job explaining and clarifying things. And those who leave comments are also sharing a lot of important insight as well

            On a side note I looked through Howie Carr’s book RATMAN. It seems like a rush job to capitalize on the just ended trial. Good but not great. HITMAN is definitely better written in my opinion. But how come Howie Carr can get crime scene photos that he can put in the book but the general public can not have access to them at Moakley Courthouse. I was not able to attend the trial but would like to see the crime scene pics (the ones not in Carrs book)

          2. Doubting:

            Jerome has come to conclusions without much basis for doing so. I’ve asked him to support some of them. He suggests Billy had to know Whitey was murdering people and selling drugs without any showing that others outside of those involved as his confederates knew that was happening. In my experience, the last person who Whitey would tell his criminal exploits to was Billy who went out of nicehis way to defend Whitey by noting that those who were giving information against him were all getting rewarded for doing it. He always hoped what he was hearing about Whitey was wrong. You’re right about the Irish not wanting to wash its laundry in public but there is also the Irish tendency not to be candid within the family itself. An insight into this is Billy’s description of Whitey in his youth where his mother never seemed to know where he was or what he was doing. The woman he was involved with after he got out of prison,Linda Cyr, was quoted as saying Whitey seemed to know everything but she knew nothing about his activities. Teresa Stanley also said he never talked with her about his business. Kevin Weeks said he operated on a need to know basis. Weeks said the idea on committing crime is to get away with it; one way not to get away is to talk about it.
            Nice comment: Thanks

        2. Dear Jerome,

          May I chime in to share that on more than one occasion, William Michael Bulger has shared what he did to try to help his brother, James. He noted that he tried to get him a job at the courthouse to keep him out of trouble; he purportedly made a comment on one occasion to John Connolly to keep his brother out of trouble. I think that comment, if it did actually happen, became contorted to mean don’t let his brother get caught for anything when, in fact, it was intended to mean make sure his brother James does the right thing.

          At the June 19, 2003 hearing before the House Committee on Government Reform, William Bulger spoke candidly about his relationship with his brother, whom he referred to as “Jim.” Among other relevant excerpts, I note the following, as adapted from the official transcript available here:

          I find these details to shed a great deal of light. These are substantive replies which make sense and emphasize a record which speaks for itself. On the one hand, there is one elder brother convicted of crimes, and on the other hand there are a wife, nine children, and what I believe to be 33 grandchildren today, in addition to his achievements during four decades of public service in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

          Taking a step back, on the one hand there is one elder brother who is now a convicted criminal caught in a complex web which is part of a much larger web involving FBI policies at the time these crimes occurred. It’s not an excuse, but it is an irrefutable part of Jim Bulger’s story. On the other hand, there are 43 people — that’s a wife, nine children, and 33 grandchildren. When we add that up, I think the weight goes towards emphasizing the proven achievements of what William Bulger HAD direct control over, rather than the one area where he has admitted he did not. Notwithstanding that fact, he clearly, unabashedly, wished that he did…That he could reform his brother with a swing of the State Senate gavel.

          But, as he learned, from a man who had achieved so much — there he fell short, even as it was not his fault. He could only fall short there. Unfortunately, even men of power, even public servants, face the common problems of the proverbial black sheep. That, too, is human nature. This is a tough situation to be in for any brother or mother or father, to have a family member cause harm to others; those family members may also become victims themselves, forced to internalize the pain that others may not see. While the convicted family member may disappear from the spotlight, they must live with that legacy. On some occasions, it may even seem to overshadow the achievements of other family members. Perhaps that phenomenon links with how negative emotions take longer to fade than positive ones, according to some studies; check out this New York Times article for more discussion of that:

          This is much to consider, and now I believe we shall let Billy speak for himself.


          Mr. Burton. Let me see what Mr. Martorano said here. Mr.
          Martorano, who was a hit man for the Mafia testified at
          Connolly’s Federal racketeering trial that Connolly protected
          James at your urging. Did you ask Connolly to protect James
          saying something like, keep my brother out of trouble?
          Mr. Bulger. Whatever was done by Connolly would not have
          been done at my urging and there was no urging on my part along
          those lines. There was something about the quote itself which
          seemed to be kind of innocent, depending on the circumstances
          and if I ever said such a thing, it would mean I am saying
          please steer him clear of getting into trouble or keeping his
          nose clean or following the straight and narrow, the kind of
          thing we might be inclined to say.
          Mr. Burton. Did you ever ask any law enforcement officer,
          State, local, Federal, Mr. Connolly, anybody, to assist your
          brother in any way?
          Mr. Bulger. Never.
          Mr. Burton. None?
          Mr. Bulger. I don’t believe ever in my life, never.


          I care deeply for my brother but no one should construe my expression
          of concern as in any way condoning any illegal acts. Nor should
          anyone ever think that I take lightly this entire matter.
          One political foe has made the claim that I have somehow
          made a choice of my brother over my civic duties and my public
          responsibilities. There is no basis in fact for such an
          assertion. I had in fact been concerned about the direction of
          my brother’s life for many years. In truth, my efforts with Jim
          span the decades. My attempts to change my brother’s life were
          unsuccessful. I wish that I could have achieved success but I
          must tell you that reforming Jim Bulger was not my sole, 24-
          hour a day focus during the 30 year period spanning his release
          from prison during the 1960’s through his departure in 1995.
          During that entire period, I served in the Massachusetts
          Legislature, I was honored to serve in the Massachusetts House
          of Representatives for 10 years, and subsequently in the Senate
          for 25 years, elected by my Senate colleagues for nine terms as
          president of the Senate.


          I know my brother stands accused of many things, serious
          crimes, brutal crimes. I do still live in the hope that the
          worst of the charges against him will prove groundless. It is
          my hope. I am particularly sorry to think that he may have been
          guilty of some of the horrible things of which he is accused.
          He has heard me speak often enough of society’s right to
          protect itself and to impose severe penalties on anyone guilty
          of such deeds.
          I am mindful of the victims in this matter and I do not
          have the words that are adequate to let them know of my own
          sympathy and anguish but I am ever mindful of the Good Shepherd
          story and its lesson that no one is to be abandoned.


          While I never abandoned hope or abandoned my efforts with
          respect to my brother, the truth is that other important things
          were happening in my life. I never wrote off my brother, or
          walled him off, but public service and my own immediate family
          placed very large claims on me. It is natural to focus our
          efforts on those matters that we can affect and while I worried
          about my brother, I now recognize that I didn’t fully grasp the
          dimensions of his life. Few people probably did. By definition,
          his was a secretive life. His actions were covert, hidden even
          from or perhaps especially from those who loved and cared about
          The subject that interests so many, the life and activities
          of my brother, James, is painful and difficult for me but it is
          a subject I have lived with for a long time. For years, my
          political opponents, my detractors in the press and my
          adversaries in public debate have tried to use my brother in a
          cynical and calculated way in order to gain advantage.


          1. Jay thanks for the well thought out reply, insight, and perspective. Perhaps its more of a moral issue. Let me just say I am in no position to judge Billy Bulger. Yes he has achieved a lot of success for himself as a politician, husband, father, and grandfather. With that said , and to me its the elephant in the room (no?), it is not enough to say “Well I tried to reform my older brother” and “I was hoping he would do better” etc. I mean Whitey Bulger spent 9 years in some of the hardest and ruthless prisons for bank robbery in his mid 20s, no? So Billy Bulger knows what his brother is capable of…So thats the Hollywood angle to THIS slice of mob history. You are the MOST POWERFUL politician in the state of Massachusettes and your older brother is murdering people, extorting people, selling drugs, robbing people, etc and you DONT KNOW? First I dont buy he didnt know what Whitey was doing. Its what politicians are great at doing, the bullshtt talk. Because Billy Bulger IMHO implies that had he known what his brother was doing then he may have done something sooner to stop Whitey…

            Thats why its a moral issue in my opinion. I am going on the assumption that Billy Bulger knew who and what Whitey was and he wasnt going to do anything to stop Whitey. And just because its his older brother he gets a pass? The more I read and research this story the more it sounds like there was a cult of personality surrounding Whitey Bulger. Cult leaders who do horrendous crimes but no one turns them in or does anything about it because they are mesmerized by the leader.

            I cant speak for every critic of Billy Bulger but I think that is at the heart of the criticism of the man. He did NOTHING when he could have done something to end Whitey reign of terror sooner.

            Of course its easy for me to say that as Whitey is not my older brother. If Billy Bulger has a conscience then perhaps it weighs on his mind. If he doesnt have one, like Whitey doesnt have one, then he sleeps at night just fine. Ironically Whitey doesnt because he is in lit solitary confinement.

            1. Jerome:

              Here’s where you got it wrong. You say Billy had to know Whitey “is murdering people, extorting people, selling drugs, . . . ” You offer nothing to support that. No one outside of his accomplices that I know had any idea about his murders or extortions until 2000 when Martorano first cooperated. I’d also not Whitey never sold drugs. I’d think his brother would be the last to know it. How do you suggest he came into this knowledge? This is an important issue. You suggest he knew, I ask you to give your basis.

          2. Jay:

            Excellent comment. I could only add I never believed the Martorano story that Whitey came back and said that John Connolly said that Billy Bulger said take care of (or look out for) my brother. It made no sense for several reasons. First, one of Whitey’s alleged conditions for being an informant according to Connolly was that Billy know nothing about it; second, Whitey went out of his way to avoid being connected with Billy in all these matters and the last people he would be telling about his brother is other gangsters. Also, you have to keep in mind the ill will of the prosecution team toward Billy and its introduction into the Connolly case made little sense in the same manner as Kelly’s question to one of the witnesses in Whitey’s trial out-of-the-blue as to who was the master of ceremony at Connolly’s retirement party.

            As for Jerome he has the common belief that I talked about that somehow for some reason Billy might be involved with Whitey when he states without support that Billy made it difficult for people to investigate Whitey which is totally untrue.

          1. Jerome:

            You are mixing up your facts and stumbling into the group think without doing an analysis of what you write. First, Billy never (NEVER) made it difficult for anyone to investigate Whitey. I investigated him and knew all the cops doing it. I know that for a fact. What do you have to support your suggestion?

            Billy had two spats relative to official payrolls. One involved the judge of the Housing court who reneged on a promise to him and it had nothing to do with Whitey; the other involved John E. Powers another South Boston politician who took Whitey off the payroll where he had been in an unpaid position. Billy hoped Whitey would return to his job in the courts; Powers had a dispute going with Billy over inside politics in Southie. Those are the only two incidents in his 17 years as president senate and 36 years in public service where any allegation has been made against him. None had anything to do with stopping investigations of Whitey.

            How was Billy to stop Stevie Flemmi’s from buying a home next to him for his parents? Read how Flemmi had to move his parents from Mattapan where his mother was beaten up and he picked that location.

        3. Jerome:

          When Martorano was asked if he considered himself a hitman he said no. (He clearly was when he was doing the murders for Angiulo). He said Howie Carr made up the name because he thought it would sell books.

          I find it reprehensible that a person who murdered more than 20 people can make a profit off of his murders; likewise, anyone who would join with that man to make a profit off his murders. The man should have been executed or if not that spent his life in prison.

          Obviously I believe anyone who is friends with Martorano has lost his moral compass which again shows Howie’ desire for money has no boundaries and that he would do just about anything to get it. Then, Hitman, is replete with self-serving lies since the one case I know about, Tony Veranis, is totally false since he was pistol whipped and shot in the back of the head which is inconsistent with Martorano’s statement of him trying to draw a weapon on Martorano and he wasn’t as fast as he was.

          Carr’s writing is not to my taste. It’s quite facile and full of falsities. He just makes things up which he has no support for. You point out what Whitey did for the almighty buck; Carr has probably done greater harm. I’ve listened to him on occasion and find his show appeals to the haters in society. It is clearly based on xenophobia where he sets his audience (white conservatives) off against the Latin community playing Mexican music while reading Latin names of people arrested. Whitey did harm on a small scale compared to Howie who has wrongfully destroyed reputations of many, and who expresses joy in the hardship and sorrows of others.

          There are other books on the mislabeled “Irish Mob.” There were upwards of 60 murders during that time and only 13 related to that mob feud.

          As for Billy Bulger you are right he was part of Whitey’s life, he was his brother. But Billy accomplished more good for more people than Howie ever will do since Howie’s stock in trade is tearing people down while Billy in public office gave those who were down a lift up.

          1. Let us not forget his comments referring to ROLLING STONE as a “gay publication” and claiming that the editor posted a picture of the Boston Marathon bomber because “he has the same kind of crush on ‘The Joke’ as those teenie boppers at the courthouse…That’s what this is all about.”

        4. Dear Jerome,

          Let me also point out something unique about William Bulger: he is a devout Catholic, which includes that it was no secret he is pro-life. For that same reason, I find it to be inapposite to believe that he was pro-life on the one hand and on the other hand that he also had knowledge in any way, shape, or form, that a family member was committing homicide. Understanding close values like this one, which one could even say goes to his very core, similarly reinforces his fear that the FBI hoped for James Bulger to be killed, a finding of fact which was made during the Judge Wolfe hearings, as noted in the testimony pasted below.

          Furthermore,if you read page 1701 of Volume 2 in that report (in the .pdf version, from the link below), there is the relevant page of U.S. District Court Judge Mark Wolfe’s statement that Agent Morris intended intended for James Bulger to be killed by leaking his informant status to THE BOSTON GLOBE. In short, Wolfe determined Morris believed James “outlived his usefulness” and “intended to provoke ‘another [Brian] Halloran.'” Furthermore, Wolfe cited a statement by Morris that, “…a human life [is] a human life, be that person criminal, informant, or both…the criminal element would not need proof or documentation to take action, so, such statements as inferences could be deadly.”

          In short, it is reasonable to believe William Bulger perceived that facilitating the capture of James Bulger at the time of the 1995 phone call would facilitate the murder of James Bulger. Surely for a man who is pro-life, and who similarly would not support knowingly murders of others by family members, would also not support the murder of family members.

          There is one thing which, I think, can be said for William Bulger, which speaks to integrity; he is consistent. His values and principles consistently show in his decisions. One undisputed value is his deep respect for human life. You can’t be pro-life on one hand when it applies to the abortion question, and then turning a blind eye to murder. It does not work like that; principles are things which we have whether we like it or not. Often, we may not even get to choose our principles; they are merely there, a part of us which life forces us to accept whether we like it or not.

          William Bulger is pro-life, which means he does not and would not support murder in any form. I believe that conclusion is consistent with the truth.


          The full House Committee report, a record for the ages, is available here:



          In 1995 and in subsequent years,
          I believed the FBI wanted James Bulger killed.
          It has been established that an FBI agent, John Morris,
          in 1988 met with Boston Globe Spotlight Team editor Gerard O’Neill and told him that my brother was an informant,
          information that was summarily published in the Boston Globe.
          Morris’ leak had one purpose, pure and simple,
          bringing about the death of James Bulger.
          This is not just my hunch. This is the finding of U.S.
          District Court Judge Mark Wolfe after extensive hearings.

  10. N. Great points. Howie Carr and the Boston Press malignantly attacked the reputations of John Connolly and Bill Bulger for decades. The FEDs picked up on Carr’s chronic defamations, and framed Connolly in hopes of framing other innocent men, including Bill Bulger. The thrust of Matt’s post was that Carr is a “corrupt fatso” who maligned many, including Bill Bulger. Carr constantly called Bill Bulger a “corrupt midget” for thirty years. Carr falsely accused him of “terrorizing” Boston when in fact Bill Bulger terrorized no one but did much through his work with hospitals, libraries and environmental groups to help make Boston, the Commonwealth and the University of Massachusetts more prosperous, more enlightened, safer and healthier places to live and work. Matt’s central point, it seems to me, is that Carr is a malignant character assassin and Shakespeare’s Iago condemned his ilk. Throwing muck was and is Carr’s stock in trade: murdering reputations and smearing many good innocent people are his modus operandi. He’s a smear-merchant who befriends serial killers and mocks the dead, including murder victims; he does so for money. We in Boston know Carr for the hollow man he really is. Just one example I’ve stated before: When Sal DiMasi and Dick McDonough were found guilty in a $65,000 “bribe” case, Howie Carr said on his radio show: “This is the happiest day of my life.” He delights in others’ sufferings. His shallow audience enjoys his mud-slinging. How shallow is a culture/civilization that elevates/honors a man like Carr? How easily misled are the masses? There are deeper lessons here in Matt’s and N’s posts: lessons about a malicious press, and the press’s manipulation of a corrupt judiciary. N. Connolly and I experienced press-judicial corruption first-hand for five-years-running during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade controversy and cases (1991-1995). The press-judiciary in Massachusetts have been biased for decades. Carr is the Press’s smearer in chief and stone-thrower in chief. He’s hurt a lot of people, a lot of families. Bravo to Matt for calling him out and telling it like it is.

    1. William:

      Iago could never envision a man profitting from falsely destroying the reputations of others. Carr has been able to do this. Even the Bard could not anticipate such an event happening but only in America among those who like to see people torn down.

  11. Carr always mocked Weeks and Kevin O’Neil for their weight. Yet he seems to be in the same category. Who is obsessed and fixated with money more so than Carr? With all the falsehoods the media has trafficked in it is not surprising that people believe certain folks are bad. Is the football player Incognito a bad apple or has he just been smeared? He wouldn’t last as a teammate if he were who the press claims he is. Remember how the Duke Lacrosse players were portrayed. They got the same treatment Connolly got. Invariably one would encounter someone who insisted Connolly was dishonest. When asked if they knew him the answer was always no. They were relying on press accounts or accusations from people with an agenda who had no contact with him. Having known him and knowing many people who did, including my brothers, cousins and friends. Also knowing my parents spoke highly of his father and uncle Martin one knew he was honest. If one choses to believe serial killers and discount the Boston jury’s finding of not guilty of bribery and not guilty of leaking( leading to deaths) and reject the evidence of those with personal knowledge of his character isn’t one engaging in the same smear tactics towards Connolly that Bill Bulger was subjected to? Connolly and Rico were framed? 2. Ortiz claim that WB was a terrorist rings hollow. She is more of a terrorist than WB. If one aids assists or emboldens a terrorist isn’t that person also a terrorist. Ortiz, Kelly and Wyshak struck a deal with Salemme and Flemmi two obvious terrorists ( they put a bomb in attorney Fitzgerald’s car on orders from the Mafia for the purpose of intimidating the legal community). Yet the DOJ struck deals with those terrorists facilitating Salemmi’s release. Who is the real terrorist? 3.You should give your talk all over the state. Refute much of the nonsense that the public has been subjected to. Expose Carr for the superficial lightweight he is. Maybe your next book should be the” Boston Terrorists” not about Tsarnaev but Flemmi and Salemmi and expose the deals the DOJ had with them.

    1. N:
      1. It’s amazing that Carr is so like Whitey except Whitey stayed in shape. Connolly was guilty of giving Morris a bribe. I don’t equate Billy Bulger with John Connolly. Connolly was convicted of obstruction of justice in Boston; had Billy cut off a police car he would have been charged with it. Connolly should not be in prison – he was rightfully convicted in Boston (harshly sentenced) and did his time; I agree that the Florida case is trumpery that never should have been brought. I tend also to agree about Rico.

      2. The term terrorist is used too lightly. I don’t think Flemmi or Salemme were terrorists as the term is understood today; but their act was pretty atrocious. Ortix is not a terrorist it is just that she doesn’t understand, among many things, that she’s in a position of responsibility and should use words in their proper context.

      3. I’m not interested in exposing Carr since that would just be a side light of the whole matter. The reason I wrote about him was to show that he likes to condemn others for doing what he is doing. To write just about the DOJ’s deals with Flemmi and Salemmi would be a disservice; there is too much other stuff that has to be covered to narrow it down to that point..

      1. Matt, I make a fine point: John Connolly was convicted of one act of transmitting a bribe between Whitey and Morris. John Connolly was never convicted of taking anything of value for himself. Yes, it’s true, he was convicted under a bribery statute; but the facts speak for themselves and there are fine distinctions which I find important. The one act of transmitting a case of wine with an envelope inside containing $1,000 sounded under both the bribery statute and the RICO statute. One act of transmitting a bribe, sounding twice. The Federal Appeals Court falsely stated John Connolly took “bribes”, implying he took stuff for himself. So, in my ethical view, there’s a difference between “transmitting” a bribe and “receiving” a bribe. N. Connolly and you are both correct that John Connnolly was acquitted of leaking any information that led to anyone’s death. In fact the “leaking” charges involved three different persons and they too sounded individually and under RICO, so in effect the Boston Federal Jury found six times (6) on six different votes that Connolly was “not quilty” or the charges, under RICO, were “not proven.” Six different times they acquitted him of any involvement in any murders.

  12. I have to admit, this article was disappointing. There is so much to examine about this guy other than his weight/appearance. I am not saying that fat jokes should be off limits, its just that it is a cheap angle that really doesn’t require much analysis at all to bring up. The bar for this blog has been set far higher, in my opinion, than easy low hanging fruit.

    The fact that Kevin Weeks has done more for victims, even if court mandated than Carr is a very damaging angle. Enriching a serial murdered in Martorano is another. I would also have enjoyed to understand why people flock to him and how someone who can be very unpopular establish so many strong connections.

    I am also not sure what the point was to this post other than to put a title on analysis that can be found in the comments section of The Herald.

    O.k., he is fat, vain and greedy. There is alot more to discuss than just this. Carr is the one “Whitey expert” that I did NOT follow during the trial, I really have never cared for his style. I am not defending him as much as defending the standard I have for one of the best blogs I have ever found. ILove the blog, MTC is a terrific read but this edition left me empty. Thanks for all that you do.

    1. Another:

      Sorry to disapoint you but sometimes it is hard not to repond to fire with fire. Howie very freely in all his columns takes shots at people so when he deserves on back I felt it fine to do it. He’s always ready to criticize others for physical characteristics or to delight in another’s downfall. He continuaally attacks Billy Bulger because of his height calling him a corrupt midget. When I read his article saying the Bulgers were all about money and I had seen how hard he hustles for the buck I thought that was the height of hypocrisy and deserved a little shot across his bow.

      I don’t dislike the guy and in a sense what I was trying to do, that is if he ever got to read the article which I doubt, is to have him “smarten up: and start losing weight and watch his diet. He’s a hard working guy who is on the go all the time and being in his sixties he’s runnning a great risk which I hope he avoids.

      As to the point of the post it is to show a couple of things that Carr has made money off damaging the reputations of others, something Shakespear could not envision, and that what he criticises other people for doing he is doing himself. The idea of the blog is to make people alert to his approach so that they can read someone him and realize that he is not necessarily on the level.

      1. Matt- I thought you went easy on piggy boy…He is beefin up for the long winter, also to be the stunt double of john martorano in the bio-pic “Never met a friend I didn’t kill”. Howie’s gonna have to realize he is starting to look more like Tony Ciulla , not his idol john the “creepo” Martorano.

        1. Doubting:

          Good points – although I thought he was getting ready to take the part of Vinny Teresa in the play “My Life in the Mafia” by Teresa. Or as you note his association with John Marorano makes him think the way to get along with his new found friends is to look like Carmen S. “the Cheese Man” DiNunzio.

          1. Matt- I thoroughly enjoy your take on Carr and basically anything else you offer up for debate…You and I have discussed him and his antics all summer. You have been an unbelievable teacher and mentor to me, with this trial and history of all things. I really want to thank you once again for all your candor and patience. The John Naimovich story is one of the most disturbing things I did learn about this summer. Thanks Again Sensei!! …Hope to keep learning as much as I can from you.

        2. Dear Matt,

          For the record, it’s important to point out that the malevolent moniker, “Corrupt Midget” actually finds its roots with Boston Housing Court Chief Judge E. George Daher, as noted in the following article from 1987 reproduced below.

          Then, the following GLOBE article offers a retrospective interview in which Daher does not regret criticizing William Bulger — then serving as Senate President — which included referring to him as a “Corrupt Midget.” Daher was rightly punished by the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts and was required to issue a formal apology for his comment. While intending to criticize some political appointment decisions beyond the scope of his authority, it was in the midst of the 1988 presidential campaign cycle that he declared, “How can (Dukakis) stand up to the Russians if he can’t stand up to a corrupt midget?”

          In other words, like many other ideas you have suggested about Howie Carr, this phrase which he has adopted as his own, in fact came from Judge Daher. Importantly, Governor Mitt Romney later chose Daher to Chair the State Ethics Commission, appointing him to that role in 2003 soon after William Bulger’s voluntary resignation as UMass President. Fortunately, that resignation spared UMass the cruel and unusual punishment of Howie Carr purportedly being appointed to its Board of Trustees.

          To think that William Bulger would rather give up his post than have UMass endure that most unspeakable of hardships is a testament to his noble and selfless nature; it also illuminates the inevitable harm that Carr would have done to the University which President Bulger had worked so hard to improve during his tenure there.

          At the very least, Howie Carr’s apparent tendency to take ownership of other people’s words without attribution would be no role model for academic integrity. Did Howie ever attribute Chief Judge George Daher?

          Interestingly, Daher provided a campaign video supporting the congressional run of another past William Bulger foe, about whom Bulger writes at length in his classic memoir, WHILE THE MUSIC LASTS — William Keating. See that video here: As many know, Keating was also Delahunt’s successor in the Norfolk County District Attorney’s office and followed Delahunt’s footsteps into Capitol Hill.

          So, even as Howie Carr invokes “Corrupt Midget” like a meditative mantra, the fact is that those words, too, came from someone else.



          May. 13, 1987 6:01 AM ET

          BOSTON (AP) _ A city judge apologized to the state Senate president one day after calling the powerful Boston Democrat a ”corrupt midget.”

          Boston Housing Court Chief Justice E. George Daher wrote letters of apology Tuesday shortly after Supreme Court Chief Justice Edward Hennessey wrote him demanding to know if he had been correctly quoted in a newspaper story.

          Daher’s remarks were published Monday in The Boston Herald in a story about a feud between Daher and Senate President William Bulger.

          Daher was asked about a $111,963 item included in the House Ways and Means budget proposal to finance operations in the Housing Court after years in which the Senate and Gov. Michael Dukakis starved the court for funds.

          The judge said he appreciated the House proposal to restore the funds, but expected another round of cuts by the Senate and the governor.

          ”Knowing how corrupt the Senate is, I have no doubt it will be killed,” he said.

          Daher also faulted Dukakis for not defying Bulger in the annual budget process and insisting on funds for the housing court.

          ”How can he (Dukakis) stand up to the Russians if he can’t stand up to a corrupt midget?” Daher told the Herald, apparently referring to Dukakis’ campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

          On Tuesday, Hennessey released copies of a letter to Daher noting his remarks. Hennessey said the six other justices of the high court joined him in asking Daher whether he was quoted correctly.

          ”If you were correctly quoted, you should issue a public apology for your remarks,” Hennessey wrote.

          Reached by telephone, Daher said he was apologizing to all concerned. He sent letters of apology to Hennessey, Dukakis and Bulger.

          In a letter to the Herald, Daher wrote, ”I deeply regret the ungentlemanly tone of those remarks.

          ”The comments represented six years of frustration in being the only trial court in the commonwealth without an administrative staff and an ever increasing work load. Nevertheless, there can be no justification for such unbecoming comments. I offer my apologies to all parties,” Daher wrote.



          1. Jay:

            The Bulger/Daher dispute revolved around Billy punishing Daher for going back on a promise that he had made to Billy in order to put a person in a position of clerk of the Housing Court. Daher, a Republican, in Billy’s eyes and that of many other breached the promise and Billy made sure that he learned is lesson. It is the way things are always done in politics where you give your word to do something and you don’t then you have to expect some response.

            Daher did coin the word “corrupt midget” as you note and the use of it by a judge was somewhat demeaning to the court judiciary and Daher had to apologize. Prior to becoming a judge, Daher was a district court lawyer of no great ability. He was fortunate in being a Republican when the Republican governor was attempting to find Republicans to fill some judicial positions. Howie had been using that name for Bulger over the years.

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