“I Thought If I Did That They’d Be Satisfied?” Senator Brian Joyce’s Road To Prison

Senator Brian Joyce from Milton’s lawyer said back around February 17: “Senator Joyce  has been cooperating with each inquiry that has taken place . . . ”  Too bad the senator never read this site. Had he, he would be a much more contented elected official. He would have learned that the last thing that would help him was to cooperate with the Boston U.S. attorney’s office.  To read more go here:

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  1. Doug:
    This is why I plant all these Trojan Horses
    manipulating Matt so he will take a leadership
    role and help us create a volunteer civilian review
    police board with subpoena powers that would
    set and enforce standards of performance for
    OUR criminal justice system.

    wink,nod, know what I mean?


    Secret Service Investigating Radio Host Glenn Beck Over Alleged Threats to Donald Trump
    Glenn Beck


    The Secret Service is investigating conservative radio host Glenn Beck following comments he made on his radio show about Donald Trump.

    Beck said his remarks were not directed at the GOP front-runner.

    On his radio show Friday, Beck responded to his producer’s mocking statements about Beck being in the shoes of Trump’s rivals: “Was it gigantic shoes?” producer Stu Burguiere asked.

    “If I was close enough and I had a knife. Really. I mean the stabbing just wouldn’t stop,” Beck responded.

    Beck wasn’t referring to Trump, Burguiere said on Facebook.

    “It was reported that Glenn had threatened to stab a presidential



    Congress probes former Greenville Secret Service agent’s actions

    Editor’s note: The Greenville News has a policy of not identifying
    victims in cases of sexual assault. The newspaper is identifying the
    accuser in this story, Kristen Anderson, because she publicly came
    forward as a named plaintiff in a federal lawsuit leveling accusations
    that did not result in criminal charges. The paper discussed this
    decision in advance of publication with both the woman and her lawyer.

    COLUMBIA ─ Seated at the dining room table of her father’s Greenwood
    home, tears welling in her eyes, Kristen Miles Anderson described the
    night she says she was coerced into having sex with a U.S. Secret
    Service agent investigating her as a suspect in a bank embezzlement.

    It’s been almost six years to the day since that night at the U.S.
    Secret Service office in Greenville. Anderson long ago pleaded guilty
    to embezzling about $90,000 and served 10 months of a 15-month
    sentence at a federal prison in West Virginia.

    A judge citing legal grounds in January threw out her lawsuit filed in
    2012 against the agent, the federal government and others. A federal
    grand jury investigation spawned by her allegations went no where.

    However the U.S. House Committee on Oversight investigating wrongdoing
    among the Secret Service is now interested in her story. Last month
    the panel asked the inspector general for Homeland Security for a copy
    of its investigation report.

    Anderson wants the world to know what she says happened to her that
    night in March 2010.

    “I stood up and took the blame, told them what I did and paid the
    price,” Anderson said during an exclusive interview with The
    Greenville News. “Then to go back and learn they didn’t even charge
    him, that’s just devastating. I can’t even tell you.”

    Richard Kerns Jr., the agent who first denied the incident took place
    and later described the sex as consensual, resigned after the
    allegations came to light. Kerns, who was not charged with any crime,

  2. I wondered why my reporting to the Boston office of the FBI and the United States Attorney’s office was dead on arrival and why the media has been silent for years regarding a pattern and practice of public corruption and criminal activity by several AUSA’s allowed to operate above the law.

    The following excerpt, (“I Thought If I Did That They’d Be Satisfied?” Senator Brian Joyce’s Road To Prison) Posted on March 7, 2016 by mattathubgab explains it all:

    “A fundamental rule for all persons who have become targets of the Boston Tag Team consisting of the Boston Globe and the Boston U.S. Attorney is to not cooperate. Once you have the faintest hint they are after you the only thing is to be silent. That not only goes for when the Tag Team is running. It applies to any inquiry by the feds and most state law types.

    I’ve been around a long time and I’ve never known anyone who helped himself by cooperating. When the spotlight shines on you lawyer-up. Remember if you don’t tell the whole truth they’ll whack you for lying; or perhaps add to that obstruction of justice. You need a lawyer who also understands how the Tag Team works.

    The Globe decides upon the target and then sics the other half on it. They coordinate the matters. One has subpoena and warrant powers which they will use liberally; the other has the power of the press which will be fed by the one that extracts information by force.”

    If true, the “Tag Team” has it backwards. The FBI and the US Attorney’s office is mandated to investigate public corruption and government crime and the Globe is supposed to report it.

    I guess law enforcement’s mantra, “If you see something, say something” is just an empty slogan selectively used to cover up as law enforcement sees fit.

    Sworn & Commissioned Officer, Massachusetts Trial Court (Retired)

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