I’d Walk A Mile For A Camel; They’d Walk 2000 Miles For A Hope

Camel cigarettes had the advertisement suggesting that you’d really go out of your way to have one. You’d walk the extraordinary distance of a mile. The folks at R.J. Reynolds thought that would be a great sacrifice.

Imagine you are an unskilled worker living in Boston. You are pretty down on your luck – a little money and no transportation – but you are looking for a job. You see an advertisement for a job in Denver, Colorado. It sounds like something you’d like to do. So you plan to set out walking to there. It is 2,000 miles away.

Google maps estimated that it would take 638 hours to make that trip or about 26 and a half days. That works out to about 24 miles a day. As I recall from my military days the distance one can travel on foot at a normal pace is 2.5 miles an hour. That means you’d have to walk ten hours a day for the 24 days to get to where you can apply for the job. If you did it you probably would not get the job anyways because you would be too tired to properly apply or the job would already have been taken.

But what if it was not for a job advertised but for a hope that a job that might materialize. How willing would you then be to take that walk? Add to that, there would be people on the way who might stop you from getting into Denver or if you arrived at the outskirts the Denver police might not let you in.

I’d suggest very few, if any, would undertake that trek. I’d also suggest that those who were willing to do that had to be far beyond the red line of desperation. They’d be people fleeing from a situation similar to what existed in concentration camps: to stay where they are means death. No matter the risk one had to attempt what to some will be just a road to a sooner and surer death.

Right now in Mexico about 2,000 miles from the closest point in the United States is a cavaran of 5,000 people many who have passed desperation into the land of utter hopelessness. With luck, some will arrive at the U.S. border probably in a month. They will pound on Americas door asking to be given a chance for a job and a chance to live without fear for their lives.

The United States will be given a little taste of what has happened to other people in the world. The nations that border on Syria flooded with Syrians escaping wars;  Bangladesh  who have Rohingyas, ethnically cleansed by the Burmese army, pouring over its borders; and the European nations dealing with flights of people from the poverty of Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Trump is doing his traditional act. His policy is America for Americans. His initial instinct is to punish the countries from where the people come for letting their people leave. That reverses the usual American belief that people are not prisoners in their own countries. It was only the Soviet Union that kept people in with such devices as the Berlin Wall. Aside from that, it is really not such a good idea. The worse off we make those countries the more the people will flee them.

Trump talks about sending U.S. troops to the border. What will they do? Will we start shooting at these people? Will we declare war on them?

Yes, then there’s the wall.  That may stop them from coming in but it won’t stop these hopeless people from arriving at the wall with their wails for help. What then? Ignore them? Let them starve?

How long will we be able to abide the thousands of people yearning for the freedom we have in America leaning against our fences? People who walk 2,000 miles looking for succor are not easily dissuaded. Will we punish them by taking their children? How long will we remain deaf to their cries when they start dying at our border?

Unfortunately Trump is too obtuse to do other than lash out. He will blame the Democrats. His followers who shout out against the “leftist liberals” will fall for that. Will any accept that the horrendous conditions s those people suffer in their own countries have nothing to do with Democrats?

We will soon know what happens. Can America be more cruel to those people than the people they are fleeing from? That may be the only way to stop them. Before Trump no one would think America could do that. Now, who knows.

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  1. Our Happy Communist Warrior smiles at the floating Vladimir in the Crystal Ball !!! …. Certain amount of prescience ,doctor, but America is losing its patience .

  2. Wa-llahi! I liken the immigrant caravan to the Children’s Crusade of the Middle Ages. Hopefully it will pick up marchers in Mexico, and, hit the border a hundred thousand strong. Down with sovok Trump, and, the selfish ignorance that supports him. Up the Revolution. The people united will never be defeated.

  3. Have any of you guys been to Central America? Probably, not. If you had, you’d know why folks are so desperate to leave. Cutting off aid to the Central American countries would be a mistake, and, such an action would make the immigration situation worse.

    Maybe, Glorious Leader should order the US puppet regimes running Guatemala, El Salvador, and, Honduras, to treat their citizens with a little humanity, rather, than, suppressing their political, and, economic, hopes in the service of US/multi-national corporations.

    As far as the maras go, the street gangs have been around for a long time. The gang problem has become more complex, because, the G deports gang members after they finish their bits up here. The gang guys return to their countries of origin, and, re-organize the local gangs using the know-how they picked up on US streets and in American prisons. Sending those guys back to their countries was the bone-headed move that’s started all this MS-13 hysteria.

    All praise to Antifa, all power to the dialectic.

    1. “Have any of you guys been to Central America?”

      Yes. Belize and Costa Rica were comfortable. Mexico was hot and cold. I know a number of people that got screwed in Mexico. The scariest place was Guatemala. I was birding in Tikal and a few of us decided to head north. The rebels were all over but they were not bad people at all. The ones there that freaked people out were the soldiers. I didn’t feel comfortable with them at all.

      A funny story was one I probably told here before. I had a visa to go from Belize to Guatemala and we heard that rebels with machine guns were stopping tourists cars and busses and robbing them. It was a concern. I asked the border police about it as we entered the country. The guard stared down at my size 13 feet for a few seconds and smiled at me. “You will have nothing to worry about, senor.” he said in perfect English.

      “Why is that?”

      “Your feet are too big. Mainly they are stealing are shoes.”

      We had a great laugh and crossed the bridge, hoping that he was correct.

      1. Up there, in the jungle fastness of the Peten, live the Lacandone Maya. If you cross-bred an Apache to a Seminole, you might get a human critter like the Lacandone. You can’t really hear them, but, you now they are there. They only move when something else is moving. They’ll wait all day for a breeze strong enough to rustle leaves, or, the racket from a passing deer. It was all about listening. GA junior officers made their bones up in the Peten. Maybe, still do.

  4. 1) Billy C points out something very, very important – the health aspect

    On Ellis Island, people had to go through medical exams. Apparently, with mid-term elections, “Hondurans” should just be able to jump the line, as Henry Barth points out, and flood into the US to satisfy the virtue-signaling of lefties.

    2) Speaking of virtue-signaling – a short while ago, oh, say, 2005 and beyond, the likes of Diane Feinstein, Schmuck Schumer, Killery “Wide-load” Pandersuit, and Barry “I Hate America and I’m a Used Car Salesman” Obummer, were all preaching the virtues of legal immigration, controlled borders, etc. You can see the videos very easily – they’re not hard to find. The hypocrisy is astounding.

    3) We truly have a bunch of commies trying to ruin the US.

    Open borders? Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Marx advocated the elimination of all nationalities – their only disagreement was how fast that was to occur.

    The Kremlinoids took that to heart, and used various tools – forced massive resettlement of nations, Russian as the only standard official language – to try to make that a reality.

    The Mongols, on the other hand, didn’t really care. When they showed at the gates of your city as part of their expanding empire, they gave you a choice – submit and pay tributes, or your city will be destroyed.

    You could keep your language, and your religion, and your government, etc. – all you had to do was make a yearly trip to pay tribute and feed the Khan’s horses out of your helmet.

    All sovok citizens were taught that the “entire world is their address.”

    There are a bunch of idiot commie leftie politicians who think that the US ought to be the welfare provider for the entire world (something that Diane Finestain warned against in 2005).

    I don’t think anyone ought to be afraid or concerned about attacking stupidity and vapid generalizations.

  5. Another feel good bromide .

    A DAMN # PLEASE !!!

    Bridge the gulf between utopian socialist fantasies and the REAL WORLD .

    FAST !!! …. 170,000,000 people in Latin American countries said in a poll last month that they want to live in the United States .

    Be careful what you wish for .

    Scam artists and Spam artists !!!

    1. “A DAMN # PLEASE !!!”

      How about none? I have no problem with that.

      I have worked for a lot of people from India, Pakistan, China. I always ask them why they came here. These are not poor folks. They come here for college, learn skills and often start out planning on returning to their native lands. But once here they stay. I have heard it so many times. “Everyone in India eventually wants to come to America.”

      Its just too good to leave.

  6. Good comments all around. Once again, I learn a lot from all . . .Texas-Oklahoma brawling over a river bridge . . .All American Story . . .

    Top Problems: Migrants (immigrants or refugees fleeing oppression) breaking our Immigration Laws.
    DRUGS: Not just heroin, opiates, but amphetamines, hallucinogens, coke, crack, etc.
    CRIMINALS: The MS-13 types.

    I’m a Milton Freidman Free Market Capitalists . . .all those greedy billionaires who give away all 50% of more of their wealth for Hospitals, Libraries, Schools . . .who fund Research that cures some cancers and chronic diseases . . .all those greedy millionaires who turn a local hardware store into a multi-million dollar international bz selling locks, and who employ hundreds of locals and contribute to schools, sports, hospitals, etc. When you think about businessmen think about Andrew Carnegie, Jack Connors, the Lynch, DeMoulas, Davis, Mancini, Rotondi families . . .and all the good they’ve done with their hard work . . .think about the products they’ve produced, the services they’ve provided that benefit all of us. Two out of three millionaires-billionaires were born poor or middle class . . .who is that Mattapan guy who made a few billion in Taxi Cabs and now lives in Las Vegas and supports mostly conservative, but also liberal causes. A great American, from probably a triple decker in Mattapan or North Dorchester to owner of a few cabs in New York to multi-millionaire, billionaire . . . .and a generous one.

    Private sector greed is not the problem; bloated Big Government, Abuse of Power, corrupt/biased/power abusing federal prosecutors and inept Legislatures (fed and state.)

    The problems is Illegals, Drugs, Criminals (including yesterdays Fenians, Anarchists and today’s Terrorists.)

    The FOURTH PROBLEM IS HEALTH-RELATED . . . .unvaccinated migrants, migrants with infectious diseases, newly arrived illegals living in unhealthy conditions.

    2. Interested in the issue? Read BC Prof Peter Skerry, and his recent article, WHAT EMMA LAZARUS MEANT, in Nov/Dec THE AMERICAN INTEREST . . .
    The American Interest repeatedly addresses the Issue of Immigration rationally. As the Editor wrote: “We have accumulated a formidable archive for anyone who takes this issue (Immigration) seriously enough to study it. (He cites 14 Essays; two more by Peter Skerry). Study is exactly what most members of our political class don’t do. Our political class postures. No serious effort has b.een mounteto deal with the problem since 2007 . . .and that effort fell afoul of CONGRESSIONAL COWARDICE and WHITE HOUSE TACTICAL ERROR.”

    It’s a manifold problem, that the Politicians and commentators would rather exacerbate that address seriously

    Signed, Billy C., just another Savin Hill Billy

    1. Good stuff, Bill. It wont be solved by two sides that attack each other. This system we live in allows the gulfs between us to not only keep us separate on major issues, but also promotes conflict. Do we want our societal strengths to be used as weapons or tools?

  7. Matt :

    Fine . Argument accepted . Now. push a # at us and please be specific. If this present venous flow of people from Guatemala, Honduras, and most importantly and especially Venezuela. becomes an arterial flow of several sustained millions. what ,if any. is your cap ???

    The Sans Frontiere , no borders, people are radically committed to saturating and overwhelming the border by this Pilgrimage of Grace tactic. They have stated this clearly. Rather than the usual Democrat demagoguery … Never let a crisis go to waste … Mumbo jumbo that slams Trump with the nastiest pejoratives and unbalanced rantings and yet never owns their own complicity in the problem, there should be a further owning of the mathematical and logistical consequences of becoming Pilgrimage Destination # 1 !!!!!!

    How many … 10 million ?!?


    GET IT ???


    A NUMBER !!!!!!!

      1. As Commander Glick would say, Matt …. I have a snappy answer ….It may not be the right answer, but it’s a snappy answer..

        You have no answers, only gripes,pulings, moanings, squawkings, screechings , screeds and homilies and jeremiads, and Trump Midnight Mass Devil Triads !!!

        IT IS LUNATIC !!!


    1. Henry:

      I think the figure is down to 35,000 immigrants a year. I may be wrong but that’s what I read about the new quota. And, using a Breitbart site for backup is the same thing as making something up.

  8. The US (and to a lesser extent the other western capitalist democracies) have destroyed the ideals referenced above. In the past most people had a shot at realizing the modest goals of decent housing, food, clothing, and education for their children. With a modest income these goals were attainable. What does it take now? Two-hundred K per year?

    The problem can be placed at the feet of unfettered greed. Nothing is left after the CEOs, crooked banks and others are finished with gorging themselves. Generational investments are ignored (infrastructure, education etc.) That takes taxes–god forbid.)

    1. Hutch:

      Good comment. What greater showing of greed has there been than those who attended the Saudi financial conference who stood when Muhammed bin Salman who orchestrated the murder and dismembering of a mild critic stood and gave him a standing ovation.

      What’s Trump’s new pitch: he’s going to lower taxes again this time for the middle class. Our infrastructure is clearly in need of massive investment just to keep it at the Third World level. When a few more bridges fail then perhaps it will occur to people that there is a purpose to taxation.

  9. I was stunned to see that the president has learned that members of the Saudi royal family have infiltrated the migrant caravan headed for the US. For diplomatic reasons, of course, Mr. Trump could only identify them as “unknown Middle Easterners.”

    Seriously, though, as I see it, the problem stems from the erosion of the American Dream. Central to that dream is the belief that children will be better off than their parents. But that isn’t the case any more for many of us. Research shows that only about half of the children born in the 1980s are doing better than their parents. (More than 90 percent of the children born in 1940 did better than their parents.) This is how growing income inequality has hit home, and the middle class has suffered as a result. Trump directly appealed to these voters in 2016. Hillary Clinton sneeringly called the same people “deplorables.” Welcome to Washington, President Trump.

    Regrettably, the answer doesn’t lie in mumbo jumbo about MS-13, Middle Easterners and supposed job-stealing. I think it’s fair to say that the foreigners Trump has hired to work at Mar-a-Lago have their positions because Americans really aren’t interested in these kind of jobs, thank you.

    I don’t have any easy answers to the problem of income inequality and neither, unfortunately, does President Trump. I do know that encouraging nightmares about an invasion by Salvadorian peasants is no solution at all.

    1. I have an answer to income inequality – it’s called opportunity and hard work.

      I don’t view income inequality as a “problem.”

      Dems/libs view it as a “problem” for the purpose of promising money to people in order to gain votes.

      Rich liberals try to convince people through a bunch of crap that the “problem” is Other Rich People – not them – who should give away their money via the control of —- rich liberals.

      They throw in a good dose of “caring for the chillinz, and caring for the wimminz” while they’re at it.

      Here’s a good example of why “income inequality” is not a problem:


      People might hope to learn that success is something obtainable after reading a few tips, the stories romanticizing the hardships and struggles of the established business leaders who came a long way before enjoying the fruits of their success.

      One such person was Madam C. J. Walker, America’s first black millionaire and the first woman who became a self-made millionaire.

      1. I agree. If it is worked for and attained to its fullest, income is your by product. If you make less than someone else, or more, so be it. There certainly are legitimate exceptions, but they don’t count in my book. For the most part, you get out of it what you put into it. If there is a bigger human failing than people not taking responsibility for their own actions, I haven’t discovered it. It is rampant and it makes me boil.

        As John Wooden said, “You have not failed until you blame someone else for your failure.”

    2. Here’s another answer to the “problem” of income inequality.

      There is a very fine 1939 Ginger Rogers movie called “Fifth Avenue Girl.” One of the characters in the movie is a would-be commie who has married the millionaire’s daughter. He is in the kitchen talking about redistribution of wealth, something like this: “if we took all the money and distributed it equally, everyone would have $533.”

      To which one of the hired help, the female cook, responds, at the same time picking up a rolling pin in a sort of belligerent posture: “I have worked hard all my life, and I have saved up $2,000, which is in the bank – and noone is going to take that away from me.”

      A great response to a stupid idea – wealth redistribution aficionados are, of course, nothing new.

      The commie eventually decides to open his shop. When his millionaire father-in-law calls him a capitalist, he responds: “but I shall never forget my proletariat roots.”

      There was a time when Hollywood had a modicum of common sense.

  10. The politics of fear is working. You’re all jumping under the same bed.

    The worst invaders from the south in my lifetime have been small glassine packets of heroin, cocaine and meth. Those items reach into every corner of our country and affect millions of Americans, users and non-users, in an extremely destructive way. And they don’t even mow our lawns. To stop THAT invasion is where the energy and money should go. That is a real threat that is taking us down. For every pound that is intercepted there is a ton that makes it through.

    The problem is, that it is an old story. We have become complacent to it. Too many Americans and Mexicans have become millionaires and billionaires from our rampant usage. Bringing attention to that problem could never kick this coming election in the pants.

    MS-13 members in El Salvador would never leave that country. They run parts of it. They are the top of that criminal food chain. Apex criminals. The last thing any of them would do is give up that luscious criminal life and walk 2000 miles so they can sit in detention cells and be scrutinized by US law and immigration officers. That would be like Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta and Robert Di Nero’s characters in Goodfellas leaving NYC and walking to the Yukon to take advantage of life on an Eskimo reservation to get a free ski mobile and double wide. Makes zero sense.

  11. Historically immigrants have been great for this country. It was a lot of work to get here and people didn’t come here unless they were willing to work. If they didn’t, they were on their own – or at least on their relatives. The difference now is that there is a “safety net,” so there’s a motivation to come even without a desire or ability to work. Life on the Safety Net doesn’t appeal to mos of us but it’s better than what some of these folks have at home. Some will be a burden. We used to prohibit admission of someone likely to become “a public charge.” We were not threatened in the old days by terrorists (except the odd Fenian to raid over the Canadian border) or international drug cartels. We need immigration- lots of it. But we need to control who comes in.

    1. “We need immigration- lots of it. But we need to control who comes in.”

      This is important, Brian. It is rational. There are ex-MS-13 members in this area. Some know an opportunity when they are presented with it properly and take advantage of the possibility of a good life. Most do not.

      The gang is a real threat and here in Fairfax County it has flourished. The members that choose to leave are often targeted for death. The new arrivals from Central America that are in their teens are the most vulnerable to recruitment into the gang. That is my concern. Those are the immigrants that need the highest level of scrutiny by a combination of police, educators and their parents. Its not easy. MS-13 is vicious, aggressive, completely fearless and incredibly mobile. They disappear in a flash.

      About twenty years ago I witnessed a savage beating taking place behind a dumpster outside of a 7-11. What I later found out was that it was a new member going through initiation. A Fairfax cop that works specifically on gang related crime told me that. Rough boys, they are.

  12. A SECOND migrant caravan heads for the US: 1,000 Hondurans have crossed into Guatemala following the first group of 7,000 into Mexico
    First caravan of 7,000 migrants formed around two weeks ago and has traveled from Honduras to Mexico
    But a second group has now rallied in its wake and has already marched from Honduras and into Guatemala
    Second caravan is made up of around 1,000 people and is currently located near the town of Chiquimula


  13. a little historical aside:


    The Bridge War, also called the Red River Bridge War or the Toll Bridge War, was a 1931 bloodless boundary conflict between the U.S. states of Oklahoma and Texas over an existing toll bridge and a new free bridge crossing the Red River.

    The Red River Bridge Company, a private firm owned by Benjamin Colbert, had been operating a toll bridge between Durant, Oklahoma, and Denison, Texas, carrying U.S. Route 69 and U.S. Route 75. Texas and Oklahoma had jointly built a new, free span northwest of the existing toll bridge.

    On July 10, 1931, the Red River Bridge Company obtained an injunction against the Texas Highway Commission (now Texas Department of Transportation), keeping it from opening the new bridge. The company said that the highway commission had promised in July 1930 to buy the old toll bridge for $60,000 (equal to $878,964 today). In reaction to the injunction, the Governor of Texas, Ross S. Sterling, ordered that the new free bridge be barricaded from the Texas end.

    On July 16, Oklahoma governor “Alfalfa Bill” Murray ordered the new bridge open, by executive order. Murray issued this order on the grounds that the land on both sides of the river belonged to Oklahoma, per the Louisiana Purchase treaty of 1803. Murray sent highway crews across the new bridge to destroy the barricades.

    Governor Sterling sent Adjutant General William Warren Sterling and three Texas Rangers to the new bridge to defend the Texas Highway Commission workers enforcing the injunction, and rebuilt the barricade that night. The next day, Oklahoma crews under Governor Murray’s order demolished the Oklahoma approach to the toll bridge, rendering that bridge impassable.

    The Texas State Legislature called a special session on July 23 to pass a bill allowing the Red River Bridge Company to sue the state over the issue, partially in response to meetings in Sherman and Denison, Texas, demanding the free bridge be opened. The next day, Governor Murray declared martial law at the site, enforced by Oklahoma National Guardsmen, and personally appeared at the site, armed with a revolver, hours before a Muskogee, Oklahoma, court issued an injunction prohibiting him from blocking the northern toll bridge approach. Murray directed the guardsmen to allow anyone to cross either bridge.

    Murray discovered on July 27 that the free bridge was in danger of being closed permanently. He expanded the martial-law zone across the river, stationing guardsmen on both free bridge approaches. The injunction against the bridge opening was dissolved and the martial law order rescinded on August 6.

    News of the dispute made national and international headlines. Adolf Hitler may have believed that the events were evidence of in-fighting between the American states, weakening the union.[1]

    The free bridge that was the cause of the dispute was opened on Labor Day, September 7, 1931.[2] It was replaced in 1995, though a portion of the bridge was saved as a historical attraction and relocated to a park in Colbert, Oklahoma.[3]

  14. “It was only the Soviet Union that kept people in with such devices as the Berlin Wall. ”

    The sovoks also kept people out.

    So is the US supposedly now the sovok union?????????

    The pictures show the “jobless” political asylum seekers carrying the Honduran flag as they smashed down Guatemalan and Mexican border fences.

    There were plenty of refugees after WWII. They did not smash fences. Somehow, they managed to settle in England, the US, Canada, Australia and South America – on a legal and orderly basis.

    All without huge “caravans” timed for elections in the US.

    Well, except for some nazis that operated under assumed identities.

    PS I was born overseas. My parents were jobless when they came here – legally. I became a naturalized citizen – legally. So did millions of others. All done without staging caravans timed for elections.

    All this baloney and BS about “jobless” political asylum seekers from Honduras, pushing the idea that they ought to have the right to disregard our border and our laws, makes me really, really angry. It is not factual or logical, or truthful or right.

    And it is all designed to ruin this country.

    1. a caravan of illegal immigrants full of “hope” is also an invasion, especially when funded by lefties, who also provide trucks for the fleet-footed invaders in order to make sure that they arrive at the US border on time for the mid-term elections.

  15. Look out the window in Dallas last night ? Quite a crowd for the man from Queens via 1600 Penn Ave. !!!
    There is a vestigial hunting ” Eye ” that modern man is castigated by the second wave feminists for having. He betrays his lustful, concupiscent approach to all women by what they characterize as his leering or ogling , but which is actually a unrelenting genetic inheritance from a time when hunting was vital to survival.
    People are funny when it comes to this atavistic stuff ; the fight or flight reptilian brain stem that critically overrides conscious frontal lobe super-ego inhibitions when the shit hits the fan . Just as the eye picks up on motion in the jungle quicker than any other visual phenomena, this that same primitive driver lurking in the lower brain, so it is today with a host of other visual ” Triggers !!! ”


  16. On a hot summer day after eight hours of hard work there’s nothing that quenches my thirst like a tall, cold glass of Kool-Aid.

    I love being told who my deadly enemies are.

  17. Drugs, criminals, terrorists . . .3 things we want to keep out of America.
    Unskilled workers yearning to breathe free lower the wages of Americans breathing free already here legally.
    Professor Peter Sherry of Boston College comprehensively examines the issues of Refugees, Legal Immigrants and Legal Immigrants, and does a good job of showing the complexity of the matter, without resorting to name calling.

    We have a system to legally admit refugees and immigrants. We, as all countries, have systems of law enforcement to protect our borders and apprehend and prosecute criminals who flout our immigration laws, drug laws, and other laws.

    1. ah, but Bill C. – we are told that because people have “hope,” and want to claim political asylum due to “lack of jobs,” we are not supposed to care about our borders, or legal versus illegal immigration, drug laws, or other laws.

      Honduras, just like Mexico, is a sh**hole – due to corruption.

      Massive corruption. Carlos Slim is one of the chief corrupt jerks from Mexico, who now owns the NY Slimes. When SBC (Southwestern Bell Corporation) wanted to acquire Telmex in Mexico and expand that business, they put Carlos Slim on their board of directors for a reason. MCI found out the hard way that they had to guard their copper wires at the time in Mexico for a reason.

      Even PBS has had stories about little mom-and-pop stores in Mexico, who have to survive mafia visits to make sure they sell the right kind of soda, and not any other brands.

      And – Mexico has very stiff immigration laws.

      Trump is right – cut off the funding to these countries. All the US has been doing is funding corruption.

  18. I thought that these were all “political asylum” seekers – due to lack of jobs in Honduras.

    I’m also wondering how the US “made Honduras worse.”

    The soviet union had a system of internal passports – one was not even allowed to travel outside one’s city unless one had permission.

    Why is it that the US should allow an invasion, paid for by leftists (watch the videos of operatives handing out money to the “jobless Hondurans”), into the US, without permission?

    Whatever Hondurans want, Hondurans get, is that the idea?

    One thing though – forget about your military training. The “jobless Hondurans” have miraculously found a way to cover 2,000 miles in only a few days, including the children, all “on foot”.

    No doubt, if they are let into the US, they will share their miracle secret of fleet-footedness with the US Military.

    Because it’s immigrants that have miracle secrets like that who make America great, and they don’t suck medical and welfare benefit dollars from US taxpayers at all.

    It’s sort of like Italy, when Italy stopped all those Africans. And Hungary.

    Italy and Hungary are so much worse off today, than if they had simply let all those Africans invade them.

  19. Drugs and crime .

    Jaime Rosenthal’s family owned Banco Continental, then the eighth largest bank in Honduras, which on October 7, 2015, had its assets frozen by the United States under the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act on charges that they laundered money for drug traffickers. Rosenthal has rebutted these charges, claiming, “we are sure that we will prevail in the trial because the accusations are false.” The Rosenthals have an extensive fortune worth $690 million which they have amassed through their management of Grupo Continental, a massive conglomerate of businesses which includes the Banco Continental, a meat packing plant, and an alligator skin export company, among others. Specifically, the Rosenthal family has been accused by the United States for dealing with Cachiros, one of the largest drug transport clans in Central America. The Cachiros group was run by the Rivera Maradiaga family who went on the run after being specifically targeted by the United States Department of the Treasury and in early 2015, turned their top members in to US authorities. Jaime Rosenthal, at 79 years old is currently under house arrest in San Pedro Sula, Honduras awaiting trial in the United States.

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