In Massachusetts Has There Always Been Same Sex Marriages?

CharlatanNow that Massachusetts has passed legislation which prohibits discrimination against gender identification then all the hullabaloo over same-sex marriage should disappear. The gender identification law makes us belong to any gender that we want to identify with at the time we feel like identifying with it. I suppose I am now able to apply to college as a male on Monday and on Tuesday if I feel more like a female than a male then I can apply as a female.

So if I was a male and wanted to marry another male prior to the change in the law authorizing same-sex marriages all I would have to do is say I feel like a female that day and I could marry my male partner. Or to look at it another way, when a man who felt like a man married a woman who felt like a woman that would have been an opposite sex marriage; but if during the time of the marriage the woman started to feel like a man it would have been a same-sex  marriage for as long as she felt like that.

So looking back all those who anguished over whether people of the same-sex could marry were being foolish since there were already same-sex marriages in existence and following the law there was no way to tell objectively whether what looked like a marriage of opposite sexes was such a marriage.

As I have noted in Massachusetts it does not depend on any physical aspect that determines sex it is what you feel inside. You might have all the necessities to identify as a male or a female upon an objective examination but if you feel inside you are not what you look like then you have to be treated with how you feel and not how you look. It does provide for a very complicated society especially within the time sphere of being at work and being out of work it is all right to feel you are of different sexes.

We have arrived at this point because we recognized the traditions, stereotypes, and customs of the past were discriminatory. They must all be thrown out when it comes to determining a person’s sex. Our society having decided this is pretty much in a free fall.

In order to save it, we might have to do away with sex identification since even trying to make a determination of a person’s sex may be considered discriminatory.

I suppose the first and greatest area where people are being deprived of their sexual freedom is in those places where we confine people such as prisons or jails. How many men who identify as women are being kept confined with men? Are they not being discriminated against? What about a prisoner who identifies as being a woman who going through a check point is patted down by a male guard? Is that an infringement on her rights?

What happens when a person goes through scanning at an airport? Suppose Sally who identifies as a woman has the alarm goes off and has to be checked out by a pat down. Who will do it? Would it be a woman TSA agent? What if that woman TSA agent at that time identified as a man? Would it be all right if a man who identified as a woman did the pat down? Or, could the TSA employ people who identified as a woman when in the presence of a woman and as a man in the presence of a man?

When we read how Hillary was going to break the biggest of all glass ceilings by becoming the first woman president, how do we know that no prior president identified as a woman? Maybe we have already had a woman president. How do we know what Hillary is? What if deep inside she identifies as a man but keeps the outward attributes of a woman and what if she got elected would we really have elected our first female president?  How can we say women make less money than men when we really do not know who is a woman or a man?

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  1. I hope they dont get this blog in MCI with this legal logic think of all the men who will identify as woman and who want to be incarcerated in a womans prison, of course as a woman they will consider themselves lesbians.

    Welcome to Progressive Land leave your logic and morals at the gate.

  2. Leftists see “bigotry” everywhere. Pro-Christian? Bigot! Celebrate Christmas? Bigot! Pro-American? Bigot! Anti-illegal immigration? Bigot? Anti gay- marriage? Bigot! Anti-affirmative action? Bigot! Like St. Patrick’s Day Parades that celebrate the Irish, Irish-Americans and Christian Saints, but don’t celebrate homosexuality? Bigot! Italian-American clubs? Bigots! Polish-American clubs? Bigots! CYO dances? Bigots!
    If you disagree with the left, it’s “hate speech”; if you have differing socio-political views its “bigotry”; the name calling is sophomoric.
    The vast, vast majority of Americans I’ve met in my lifetime are people of good will.

    1. I got two militant lesbian Starbuck’s soldiers of the Left so exercised at the Dunster St. Starbucks in Harvard Square last night that as the tattooed muscle gal was telling me to leave, while taking a witheringly logical cross fire from me she said …” There is a Dunkin’ Donuts around the corner. “… GAME ON !!! SALLY THE STEVEDORA !!!!

      Now my Chess Mafia compadres and their undisputed Leader, Moi 🙂 …long ago colonized these Starstruck Starbucks in the Square, and drop a lot of $$$ in them. And oddly, when Jack is creating a particularly instructive piece of PERFORMANCE ART in these hectic moments Cambridge will as always be monitoring on the closed circuit feed. And since I go back 45 years with Harvard Square they have learned to Trust that I am the Captain of more than my own fate in those situations.

      I will wear my Brian Walsh Memorial Golf Tournament Statie Blue vest on occasion, and this is red meat to the weeping Lefties. Last evening I got the deadpan stare after my cheery greeting, and, as I was in an antic mood, things only got better from there.

      Naturally, after expressing my Older White Male ” Devil’s ” anguish at getting the cold reception, and Deconstructing Starbuck’s Customer Protocol … I tipped the Jar my usual dollar. I am just soooooo drearily Working Class that way.

      Suffice to say that things … escalated … and five minutes later I was rescuing my worthy soldier from said Jar, and reading them the Hate Speech Civil Rights Violation Act. Tattooed Sally had sufficient sense to realize she had gone a Democratic Double Standard Hate Speech Utterance too far on this one, and I left in very fine spirits. Sat at a table with Russian Chess Master Andre and played him for an hour, in arcade hallway just outside.

      Proceeded after that up to the …FANCY STARBUCKS…in Square Ground Zero and held Court there with my 82 year old Russian Chess Mentor, Boris, until we closed the Joint as usual at One A.M. … Then, it’s get Boris on the Bus, and I am back on my bicycle machine to the Hills Of Brighton !!! Yes, I capitalize when I please, seek no commas to appease, and We are a lively and diverse Crew at that Big Starbucks in the Cambridge Firmament. We find a way to all get along it seems. And there is, amidst the Angst, much Fun to be had. And this ” CAMBRIDGE SPIRIT ” is what I’ve always dug over there.

      So, No! . I won’t call CORPORATE and rattle Sally’s Cuckoo’s Cage threatening a complaint before a Federal Magisterial. And she and her snake eyed confederate will chill out, and I will lope back into that Satellite Starbucks sooner than later ; and somehow We All implicitly ” Get ” the rules and nuances of our Political blood sport in the IVY DIVY !

      People are complicated . I would not have it any other Way ! 🙂

  3. Wa-llahi! Conscription will definitively answer all these questions. Once the war takes off, nobody will be thinking about gender equality. Warm bodies of either sex will do. Think about Bush II’s Iraq campaign. The power of American propaganda machine is truly awesome. Patriotic Idiocy will be the standard fare on all channels. Perhaps, an openly gay person will win the CMH. Wa-llahi! Haters would sure be in a fix, then. What if he/she wanted to carry Ol’ Gory in the St. Patrick’s Day parade!?! The future is grim for men of prejudice. The war will supersede everything, even bigotry.

  4. Matt:

    It does seem that on the days that you ” feel more like a man than a woman ” that your posts stand up a lot better ; more vim, more vigor, more gonna skip the catty references and show Bill Delahunt I can still pull the trigger! … GO FIGGER ‘ 🙂

    Anyhoo, I feel comfortable in speaking on behalf of Freeh, and K and JSP and all ” Irregulars ” from Flying Pond to the Dedham Rotary Dunkin Donuts in assuring you that we are adjusting our wigs, Madonna super conical bras, and garter belt derringers, determined to support you in your dizzying odyssey through the wild jungle of gender dysphoric dystopia that you are attempting to establish your … Compass … in! … Matt, Keep these inner voices speaking to the crisis issues of a Bearded Carmen and does you have to hire the truck driver in a bustiere … or whatever the heck you Guys/Gals call it. You are a Hoot. And we are having some Fun !!!!!!! 🙂


  5. Matt: The mind boggles!
    A true story: A young woman asked an old man directions to a parking garage. He told her. She inquired about the the garage’s “safety”. When told it was very safe, she said,”How do you know? You’re not a woman!” The old man, having read your blog, thought of responding, “How do you know I’m not a woman?”

    As Cole Porter sang after the Roaring Twenties morphed into the Great Depression: “The world has gone mad today.”

    (1934) Cole Porter: “Anything Goes”
    In olden days, a glimpse of stocking
    Was looked on as something shocking.
    But now, God knows,
    Anything goes.
    Good authors too who once knew better words
    Now only use four-letter words
    Writing prose.
    Anything goes. . . .
    The world has gone mad today
    And good’s bad today,
    And black’s white today,
    And day’s night today,
    And that gent today
    You gave a cent today
    Once had several chateaux.
    When folks who still can ride in jitneys
    Find out Vanderbilts and Whitneys
    Lack baby clothes
    Anything goes.

    My advice: Laugh at the absurdities. Don’t jump out windows.

    P.S. A Dutch court convicted a Prime Minister of “hate speech” yesterday, for asking an audience if they wanted “more or fewer Moroccans” in their country.

  6. Actually, you’re better off forming a Limited Liability Corporation instead of getting married.

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