Individual Murders: The Ladies Group: Debbie Davis (part one)

Florida JusticeAs I review each individual murder I do so with the following in mind. Murders are usually done in secret. What happens at the instance of the murder is known to no more than the handful of people who are present. They are forced into silence about it because of the penalty involved if one implicates himself.

The idea that gangsters involved in murders tell other people about them is a non starter. It just does not happen. To suggest that people outside the limited circle of those involved in the murder knew that Whitey, Martorano, Flemmi, Nee, Salemme, or the others had murdered specific individuals is to fail to understand how these people operate. Now that we know about a murder to suggest that we should have known about it prior to one of the murderers telling us is Monday morning quarterbacking of the worst kind. The plain truth is the culprits in the murders are known to only those involved.

Now we know about these murders attributed to Whitey Bulger because one of the persons involved told us about it. That person did so pursuant to a deal he made with a prosecutor.  His aim was to please the prosecutor. The prosecutor had no way of knowing if that person was telling the truth or not.

The prosecutor in question, as we have seen, was not interested in the truth but was mainly interested in gaining evidence against Whitey Bulger. The person giving the information knew of the prosecutor’s desires and was aware the more he could satisfy him the better his deal would be. The person also knew that he had to implicate Whitey in as many murders as possible because he had try to bring Whitey’s total close to his own.

To show this point I will discuss first the two murders of the Ladies Group. I suggest that neither one was committed by Whitey for the simple reason that he had no motive to want these women dead. But most importantly, he never should have been indicted for the murder of Debbie Davis.

He is implicated in the Debbie Davis murder by Steve Flemmi. A plethora of evidence showed that Debbie was Flemmi’s girlfriend since she was 17 years old. At the time of her murder she was in her mid-twenties. Flemmi was about fifteen years older than she. She had lived with him well aware he was a hardened criminal. She brought his to her home where her family also knew of her involvement with him and of his involvement with organized crime. We all know that if you play with fire you can be burnt.

Debbie was tired of Flemmi. She was in the process of breaking up with him. She had found a new boyfriend in Mexico. She was planning to fly there to see him. She was murdered the day before she planned to leave. We do not know where she was murdered. Flemmi testified she was murdered at his mother’s house. There is no independent evidence of this.

The prosecutor in this case would not have known of any of the murders attributed to Whitey until John Martorano turned state’s evidence. Shortly after Martorano turned so did Kevin Weeks. Neither man could give any first hand information about this murder. Martorano was in Florida; Weeks was not part of the crew. Weeks did not know Debbie; Martorano would have known her as Flemmi’s long time girlfriend.

The prosecutor would have debriefed Martorano about this murder. He would have learned from Martorano that he had a conversation with Flemmi about Debbie. Martorano asked how she was; Flemmi replied that he had accidentally strangled her. He did not mention anything to Martorano about Whitey being involved. As we can tell from listening to Flemmi he was always putting things on other people if he had the chance. The only real evidence the prosecutor had about Debbie’s death prior to Flemmi’s cooperation is that she was accidentally strangled by Flemmi. If he had looked a little further he would have found FBI files that indicated she was planning to leave him for a Mexican man and disappeared about that time. He would also have found that Olga Davis, Debbie;s mother, had fingered Flemmi to the FBI as the man involved in her disappearance but given that Flemmi was a top echelon informant for the FBI nothing was done.

The federal prosecutor would put Martorano before many juries and tell the juries he was to be believed. He had evidence from Martorano that Flemmi admitted to him he was responsible for Debbie Davis’s death. Martorano had no reason to lie about this especially since he knew the prosecutor was trying to involve Whitey in as many crimes as possible. With that evidence the prosecutor should never have charged Whitey with her death.

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  1. Hello Patty. I’m suitably impressed. Your inductive reasoning skills are sharp. You’re close.


  2. Jerome,

    I don’t believe it. I never heard of it, and I believe I would have heard of any such event. The fact was that Weeks was impotent without Whitey so nobody would pay him rents or vig. He was drowning and desperate for money. His life may have been hard until he joined Team Wyshak. In the video above, he only claims that he was abandoned to run everything himself, a reason he cites as justification for becoming an informant.

  3. Jerome,

    Thanks for pointing out that Globe article. It’s hysterical.
    It is a puff piece written by Wyshak to promote and placate Weeks. Shelley Murphy is entirely controlled by Wyshak.
    There’s some mention on the record in FL (Callahan) that after Wyshak got Steve Flemmi on his team, he also hooked Flemmi up with Shelley for similar purposes.
    The record in other cases contain testimony that Shelley is essentially an agent of Fred, getting info for him from her sources, running errands for him, and doing research. Shelley is on the take and living large on the Wyshak gravy train. She may be the most unethical and morally compromised reporter ever, right behind her companion Cullen.


    1. Patty
      SO would you say that Weeks was lying and that he wasnt getting beat up at that time in his life? I watched part of Epidose 1 of the Pat Nee cable show. Can you or anyone explain WHY in the world Pat Nee and his “crew” would allow themselves to be filmed getting illegal money from bookmaking? Its a little over the top that Pat Nee tells them to shut the cameras off if Whitey Bulger name is mentioned. Am I crazy or do all his crew members look and act like alcoholics and drug addicts? Their faces look worn and weary and their body language says drug use. I will watch the rest of the episodes purely for entertainment.

      Today I picked up teh Edward MacKenzie book STREET SOLDIER and a book by Halloran names IMPACT STATEMENT (this is the Davis family book) and the book ONE MURDER TOO MANY (about Roger Wheeler murder). A local guy told me that when he was a kid he and his friends knew of the Davis family, knew they were trouble, and were to be avoided at all costs. He said they owned a gas station at the time. I asked him about Debra Davis and he made a face like he wanted to say something negative but chose instead to bite his lip and say nothing.

  4. Roger,

    You are welcome. This is all a big and complicated saga that spans decades. None know it all so it is malleable and vulnerable to the intent of those who have an agenda.
    For example, Wyshak declared in court to Judge Casper that the Whitey defense should not be given information about Pat Nee before trial because “Nee has nothing to do with this case, nothing at all!”
    On that date, it became crystal clear that part of Wyshak’s agenda was to protect Pat Nee, even if it meant lying to a judge in open court. Wyshak’s solemn oath of office is to pursue the truth, justice, and above all, fairness. This is one of many glaring examples of Wyshak abandoning his oath to deliberately deny the truth, obstruct justice, and inhibit fairness in a court proceeding. Not a single reporter questioned Wyshak’s statement, despite knowing it was false. On that date, it also became clear that the Boston media had entirely abandoned their duty to scrutinize government on behalf of the citizens. Instead, they meekly adopted Wyshak’s false narratives. It was Wyshak, after all, who had leaked them the narrative to include in their articles and books. The Boston media is financially reliant on Wyshak and his false narrative. They can never go back. to question Wyshak’s narrative is to question their own books and articles. It is against their financial interest. They will not bite the hand that feeds.
    Thus the citizens are on our own, trekking towards the truth against the headwinds of the two most formidable forces in our society, the media and the DOJ/Wyshak.

  5. Roger,

    I’m not sure of the answer. The DOJ/Wyshak must have thought Nee was very valuable. He’s been catching huge breaks in federal court since the early 1980s. After his very early release from prison 15 years ago, he’s been on the street conducting his illegal business quite openly. If Whitey and the Winter Hill were really so bad, you’d think the Feds would have prosecuted a major player and shooter like Nee.

    In 1984, two weeks after John McIntyre started cooperating against Nee for the Valhalla, McIntyre disappeared. He went to meet Nee and was never seen again. McIntyre ended up killed and buried in Nee’s basement, but I’ve never heard that Nee was even questioned about it.
    Instead, Nee was convicted in federal court for the Valhalla. The boat was carrying 7 tons of weapons valued at $1 million. Nee had gathered 70,000 rounds of ammunition, 91 rifles, 8 submachine guns, 13 shotguns, and 51 handguns. Using a fake name, Nee ordered rocket warheads from an Ohio firm and had them delivered to the Columbia Yacht Club in Southie, where he was a member. He was already a convicted felon so this subsequent conviction for possessing and smuggling 8 machine guns alone would have been a 30yr minimum mandatory sentence. That’s not including the 7 tons of other weapons and explosives. Yet Nee only served 5 years!
    The next time he got pinched, he was also in possession of a submachine gun, while masked, during the commission of a bank robbery. He still didn’t get the mandatory 30 year sentence!
    For these reasons, I have to conclude that he was cooperating with the Feds before the Valhalla.
    In the original 1994 indictments of Whitey, Flemmi, Salemme, Martorano, etc., Nee’s name was notably absent from the indictment. Martorano hadn’t been seen in MA in 16 years, but he was still included in the indictment. The Feds knew from the Valhalla that Nee was a prominent and active member of Winter Hill, and a likely suspect in the murder of McIntyre. Nee was also in jail then, so the Feds would have an easier time rolling witnesses against Nee. He couldn’t hurt any witnesses.
    While serving about 9 years (in a preferred local jail) Nee helped the Feds locate Debbie Davis’s body. Nee is also cited for helping Oklahoma police put together a wanted poster for Whitey. That’s when it became indisputable he was an informant, but it appears his cooperation began decades earlier.

    Why do other wiseguys still do business with him? I’m not sure. Maybe they haven’t put two and two together. After all, Nee has served some time so he looks stand up. It’s also clear that he is a shooter. Maybe other wiseguys assume, like they did for whitey, that a shooter could never be an informant. I do know that Nee has dealings with the LCN. He was seen meeting with them in a private room at a restaurant downtown. (Don’t ask for sources, but that fact is 100% solid.) I wonder what the LCN thinks of him?
    Maybe other wiseguys deal with Nee because he approaches them in a criminal way. For example, if he shows up at an independent bookie’s shop and tells the bookie “you work for me now and you start by paying me $1000/wk, then that bookie might assume Nee can’t be an informant if he’s committing extortion. Alternatively, the bookie may see some advantage in working for a DOJ informant. I’m simply not sure.

    A last theory may be that Nee just filled a vacuum in local OC. He is the only guy on the street now that is a proven hitter. There’s not much competition to be the boss out there. It’s not worth being high profile, unless you have immunity.

    I don’t think Nee is protected explicitly because he has something on the Feds. Although he has to know how the Feds got Weeks Martorano and Nee to know they could protect each other in the case against Whitey.
    It could be the case that Wyshak is very appreciative of all Nee’s work for the DOJ over the years, and specifically against Whitey. It seems less likely that Nee is a valuable informant currently. On the other hand, we have learned that DOJ will still protect someone who isn’t giving them good information.
    Maybe Wyshak keeps him out there to keep people like us from speaking out publicly against Wyshak’s tactics?
    Maybe Wyshak is taking money from Nee and that’s how he bought his McMansion and its acreage on a prosecutor’s salary?
    There’s some reason in the DOJ that they anointed Nee to be the new Whitey.

    1. Patty,

      Thanks for the backstory overview of Pat Nee’s charmed career.

      I may have just glimpsed the light.

      I’ve wondered why Weeks seemed reluctant to even mouth (or write) Nee’s name.

      Nor did I bother to consider that an “informant” could just as easily be working both sides of the street at the same time – providing “disinformation” to authorities to insulate underlings.

      Thanks again for your kind, detailed response.


    2. Patty
      Again Thanks for all the inside knowledge. Highly appreciated. From what little I know I think Nee is a very valuable resource for the DOJ/FBI. What I mean is Nee has a ton of criminal and legal system experience. Its probably a ton of work to develop TEI and also so many criminals are so wild, reckless, and unpredicatble that a guy like Nee is seen as reliable. When you look at it from the DOJ/FBI perspective what better person in OC in Boston is there besides Nee? There are probably a handful of guys/girls capable of living a duplicit life by committing crimes and informing. I am in no way shape or form agreeing Nee should be free and conducting crimes. But I do understand today better how law enforcement really works thanks to Matt, you, and this blog.

      Also Patty, have you read any organized crime book(s) that were well written and informative?

      Are there any other places in Boston where OC or LCN hang out? Seems that one finds out years later after guys get caught. THANKS AGAIN

    3. Patty
      I think Wyshak believes he needs Nee (or another major criminal) inorder to make and win cases. Without Nee (or any other informant) then Wyshak wouldnt have the “impressive” record that he has. Its also disgusting that Fitzpatrick and Grieg have to deal with his zealot and self-righteous agenda. He clearly is a man on a power trip. The guy that comes across worse from a PR view is Kelly. My 2 cents.

      1. Jerome:

        The thing about Wyshak is if you ask any defense lawyer who practices in federal court what he or she thinks about him and there is the slightes chance the answer might get back to Wyshak they will praise him. He loves praise and treats those who tell him he is wonderful one way; but if you go against him by saying something bad he will get revenge.

        There’s also this that no one has picked up on. These guys might be in a position where they control Wyshak. They have worked with him and come up with the made up plan and now Wyshak has to keep them happy. Why else give John Martorano twenty grand when he got out of prison.

  6. Roger,

    Despite what he says, Weeks makes himself very scarce around South Boston. His brother Jack bought him a condo on Ticknor St just a block from the restaurant, but he is rarely at the restaurant. It’s a very different neighborhood these days, however, Weeks is still not at ease. He can’t ever leave the neighborhood because it is his entire life and identity. The neighborhood is also his livelihood. It’s a backdrop for pimping his books and he can keep in the local rackets without much risk, it’s the place where he falls under the perceived protective umbrella of Nee. (The Itlos and Charlestown guys were rumored to have an interest in killing Weeks back when he flipped. A guy from Charlestown was rumored to have stepped forward for the job, but he got pinched for something else. It was further rumored that the contract holder was once placed in a cell with or near Weeks at the courthouse. That could be all false rumor, but it made for good barroom banter. The banter then was all in favor of the contract holder being successful. Contrary to his public statements, Weeks gave up dozens of low level guys to save his own skin. Some were very old bookies who will now probably die in jail. Weeks also gave up Greig’s twin sister, another young woman, Jackie Bulger, and even Greig herself. There’s a wide variety of folks who would like to see a chalk outline around Weeks.)
    Standing on the corner talking with the guys these days, Weeks keeps his back to the wall and his eyes constantly monitor every passing car. He remains a tempting target for various people, including any young, oxypowered, wannabe wiseguy looking to make a name for himself. Currently, guns are cheap and the town is flooded with desperate opiate addicts, an dangerous and unpredictable combination. (I wonder who is flooding the streets of Southie with heroin these days? Two grandmothers have been murdered by junkies in recent years. Maybe Nee and Weeks should use their power to bounce the heroin dealers, unless they’re getting a good cut of the heroin action.)
    Weeks has absolutely no risk of trouble from law enforcement, so he’s pretty safe working for Nee in the neighborhood. Weeks doesn’t ride around with Nee, but they appear together at places to collect money. Nee rides with a much younger ex-boxer who keeps up with the gym, and the roids. Weeks looks rough and slovenly at times, slobbish, but desperate to maintain appearances.

    1. Patty,


      Could you possibly help me understand something I find inexplicable?

      How can Pat Nee continue to have any value as an “informant”?

      I mean, if the wiseguys even suspect Nee is an informant, don’t they treat him as if he’s “radioactive”? How’s Nee going to know anything of value?

      I’ve thought that maybe Nee continues to be “protected” because he had/has something on the Feds or law enforcement. Something they desperately don’t want to get out. But, playing that scenario out, it doesn’t make much sense, either.

      I have no idea how this really works. If you do, please help me make sense of it.

      Thanks, in advance.


    2. Patty
      Excellent insight into Weeks. I didnt mean he was constantly out and about but that he wasnt hiding and holed up on Ticknor St. Heck TJ English even mentions Weeks lives on Ticknor St in the book Where the Bodies Were Buried. I was curious where Weeks got the funds for his condo. I was also curiuos as to why he didnt enter the Witness Protection Program. You have cleared a lot of that up for me. Thanks. I still see it as a “dumb” move for Weeks to live in South Boston given his past. That my own opinion of course. Weeks in the media interviews tries to come off as tough and not scared and having no worries. You bring up a great point in that he could earn some money by doing low level crime (probably as Nee right hand man no less)

      Did you read BRUTAL? If so, what parts do you think are total BS and lies? I still am trying to figure out if Weeks actually murdered someone with a gun or his own hands. So not only did Weeks extort bookies with Bulger but then he ratted them out to the feds? I am surprised he is still among the living. I wonder if he has more fear knowing that Flemmi is probably out of prison. It wouldnt surprise me if Flemmi took a shot at Weeks.

      There was a Globe article where Weeks complained to Flemmi that he was getting beat up. I think it was an article from 1999 or 2000.

    3. Patty
      The projects were Bulger grew up (41 Logan Way) and the project where he lived after 9 years in jail (252 O”Callahan Way) are still lousy living conditions. Its amazing how Weeks lives a short walk away in a $400,000 condo in the new expensive South Boston area. Amazing. Who says crime doesnt pay?

      1. Jerome:

        The projects where Whitey grew up and lived after getting out of jail at that time were not lousy living conditions. They were much sought after places to live back in those days and the people who lived there treasured the ability to do so. Too many people think of projects in a negative way but if you read Billy Bulger’s book you would see that those living there felt they were as close to heaven as they were going to come during their life time.

        1. Matt
          Have you been by these projects recently? They look very run down and in poor condition but maybe I am clueless as to what the standards are for a project.

  7. Patty
    Is it safe to say that Weeks hangs out at the same spot Pat Nee does? TJ Eglish mentions in his book that he ate with Weeks and Nee at Mirisola. The book WHERE THE BODIES WERE BURIED. I am really surprised that Weeks would still be living in South Boston given all that he did there and his role in disposing of murdered bodies and possibly being a murderer himself.

  8. Roger,
    The address you have is accurate. I highly recommend the food. The cooks are usually a couple of talented and very nice Sicilian women.

    The Mullins Club aka ‘The South Boston Athletic Association’ was on the Northwest corner of O&3rd. Today it is a condominium and there is no evidence a club was ever there. The club had been in the rear of a corner store, with its own separate entrance on O st.
    Nee was the ‘manager’ of the club, and was there consistently. His brother’s house was about 1/2 block away. That house was first used for storing guns. Nee was also the gang’s armorer back then and he kept the guns in the basement under the stairs.
    When Weeks first testified about the shooting of Halloran and Donahue, Weeks described what he and Whitey did when they heard that Halloran was at the bar in South Boston. Weeks said he and Whitey drove to the vicinity of O&3rd to find another shooter. Weeks also claims, however, that Nee wasn’t there. Instead, Weeks drove off to the bar to act as lookout and Whitey allegedly retrieved the guns and the backseat shooter. (Presumably, he retrieved the guns from the gang’s arsenal in Nee’s house.)
    It raises the questions of whether Whitey had access to the arsenal, or whether Nee was needed to gain access?
    Another important question just dawned on me… Whose car did Weeks drive to act as lookout on the waterfront? My memory is that he testified it was his sister’s car, but I’m not positive. It seems unlikely that Weeks could have located his sister and borrowed her car to get to the waterfront in advance of Whitey and the “mysterious backseat shooter.” Maybe Weeks took Nee’s car? A female witness walked by Weeks as he was watching the bar. She thought he might be a cop due to his car style and his behavior. After the shooting, she gave a good description of the car to homicide detectives. It would be fascinating to know if it matched the description of a car Nee had registered at the time.


    1. Patty

      Thanks so much.

      I mean, confirming the address of Mirisola’s, recommendation of cuisine there, and particulars of the Mullen (sp?) club.

      You have a wealth of detailed information.

      For me, at least, they have a ring of authenticity and advance my sense of what might be the true underlying reality.

      Thanks for kindly sharing.

  9. Jerome,

    Nee doesn’t own the restaurant, it’s his hangout where he meets people and conducts wiseguy business.

    Doubting Thomas and I told you that most of the info you want is on YouTube. Watch “The Real Deal” and the other videos we pointed out. The Real Deal is shot at Nee’s after-hours gambling club, a different location from the restaurant.

    If you watched Nee’s videos, you wouldn’t have to ask anyone anything.

    1. Patty
      I will watch the youtube clips but that doesnt change the fact that you could have just as easily named the restaraunt. Thankfully Matt shared the name of it. Matt doesnt seem to think Weeks is back in the rackets but you do. Weeks lives in South Boston and seen out and about and I was wondering what he was doing for a living. I now understand why Weeks didnt go into the witness Protection Program. He didnt have to testify or name anyone besides Flemmi and Bulger. If he had named Pat Nee in some murders then I am not so sure Weeks would have moved back in South Boston. Has anyone seen or know where Weeks hangs his hat to do his business?

      I read a lot of posts this weekend and appreciate ALL the ifo you have shared Patty. No hard feelings at all.

  10. Matt
    Do you know what restaraunt Pat Nee owns and hangs out at on a consistent basis? Do you believe Pat Nee still is in organized crime and runs the rackets in South Boston?

    Have you ever spoken with or dealt with Kevin Weeks? He lives in South Boston currently. I have no idea and wonder how he makes a living since he has a 5 year sentence on his record. Are you convinced that Weeks actually killed people too (with a gun or his own bare hands)? Perhaps he is still working in organized crime? He doesnt live in a gated community and is out and about in the public.

    1. Jerome:

      Someone has to be running the rackets in Southie — all of a sudden with the disappearance of whitey in 1994 Southie didn’t turn a new leaf. There may be less because of the gentrification but it still exists and from what I understand Nee has advertised himself as sometype of mobster.

      I’ve never met or spoken with Weeks. He manages to survive; he did work construction at one point. I would think he was too smart to get bacck into the rackets but he was dumb enought to get involved with Whitey and think he could live that life without consequences. I’ve set out my beliefs in my posts.

      The restaurant is the Mirisola which is located at O and Third Streets.

      1. Matt

        Mirisola’s Pizzeria at 200 L St (South-East corner of L and East Eighth Street)?

        O and Third Streets: Is this the so-called Mullen clubhouse? If so, which corner?

        Please clarify.

        Thanks in advance.


        1. Roger:

          Thanks for the correction. I had the Mullen’s clubhouse on my mind because of a recent conversation with someone who was there quite often. My editors did not catch the mistake but I can’t blame them since it was my work product.

  11. Patty- is spot on about Nee. He was in the works with discovery channel with a show that aired a few times called Saint Hoods. The Guy hangs out with all ex-low level boxers. If you manage to get the few episodes they have silly nicknames like Jimmy Babyface Assasin. One episode they go and retreive a “box” that belonged to Whitey and needed to dig it up and hide it during the trial. It was bad television and the acting quality of a 80’s porno. The show is basically about taking sports bets and being tough guys who could not put together a string of wagers to save their lives’. Need also has a youtuber video called “Day in the Life of Pat Nee” where he lectures at Bunker Hill Community College. Just a little FYI- Did anyone else no Jimmy Melvin passed? Winter Hill protege of Howie Winter. They were still trying to makes scores GRUMPY OLD MEN style. Pat Nee is a TEI and only has to worry about getting killed in the street not in the courtroom.

    1. Doubting Thomas
      Since Patty refuses to say what restaraunt Pat Nee owns and hangs out at I will ask you. Do you know? Were you aware that Kevin Weeks currently lives in South Boston? Whats your opinion about Weeks? Thanks

  12. Jerome/Roger,

    The answers to most of your questions are online. Nee promotes himself on YouTube in various clips. He has starred as the head of Boston’s gambling rackets in a reality TV series called Saint Hoods. He also produced his own short film called”The Real Deal”, also available on YouTube.

    I’m not going to name the restaurant he works out of, you can find out online. I like their food too much, among other reasons.

    You asked: Why would Wyshak allow these guys to continue in organized crime? He has no choice. He needed all these guys as witnesses to satisfy his lust for Bulger and Connolly. Once the witnesses joined Wyshak’s team, he can’t let them get pinched for anything that would endanger Connolly or Bulger’s convictions. Those convictions are Wyshak’s life work. He knew the guys he immunized are only capable of one occupation, crime. That is their life’s work. So far, he has kept them from being investigated and has only been forced to reindict Salemme because Salemme spilled the beans about how Wyshak makes evidence.

    In the 1960s-1980s, the DOJ wanted Mafia convictions at any cost. Guys like Barboza and Whitey capitalized on that DOJ lust and the results were tragic. Wyshak is repeating that error.

    Wyshak and Margolis claim O’Sullivan could not have made a deal with Whitey, but it’s crystal clear that Wyshak has made the very same deal with Nee. Wyshak even swore to Judge Casper that “Nee has nothing to do with this (Whitey trial) case! Nothing at all! He is not a witness, it is a non sequitur!!” Lying to a judge is usually called perjury, but Wyshak had to uphold his Faustian bargain to protect his boy Nee.

    Meet the new boss…

    I have no idea if Weeks pulled the trigger in a homicide. It doesn’t matter. He is criminally responsible for those homicides he helped with.


    1. Patty
      Why wont you name the restaraunt Pat Nee owns? I looked online and found NOTHING. Also, were you there when Pat Nee showed the bodies that Kevin Weeks supposedly showed the Feds? How do you know Pat Nee still runs organized crime in Southie? You make statements and then get defensive when asked for sources or proof. Your face is not on here and no one has any sinister motives, well at least I dont.

  13. Jerome/Roger,

    Your pointed questions may be well intended, however, it would not be prudent to be more specific. The sources are contrary to the interests of Nee and the current Winter Hill Gang. it is equally dangerous to be identified as contradicting Wyshak, the DOJ, or the reporters Wyshak uses.
    You may recall what happened to the MSP Detective (Orlando?) who started investigating the current Winter Hill Gang. He learned the hard way that the Hill is protected at all levels.

  14. Roger,,
    The sources of my information about Nee’s field trip are obviously related to the institution, albeit 15 years ago. The significance of the eyewitness account didn’t entirely register until Flemmi flipped a few years later. .

    Thank you, I was curious about who was promoting the image of Nee as the nice neighborhood guy. (He does project that image.)
    It makes sense that Weeks would sing Nee’s praises. Weeks protected Nee by repeatedly perjuring himself regarding at least 5 homicides. Nee likewise agreed to protect Weeks. They subsequently went into business together.

    Pat Nee is currently the head of the rackets in South Boston and likely beyond. He conducts his illegal business from a restaurant in plain view. At all times, he keeps an ex-boxer with him as muscle. Last week, I watched Nee and his muscle step out of the restaurant into the busy street. There they had a conversation while covering their mouths with their hands. It was almost comical. Nee was dressed just like Whitey used to dress. His muscle was dressed just like Weeksy. Their body language was classic wiseguy style.
    It’s ironic that organized crime in South Boston is currently run by a guy who the Feds know killed enough people to qualify as a mass murderer and serial killer. Wyshak immunized all the guys Nee did the mursers with, so he has proof beyond a reasonable doubt, not just rumor. The DOJ manipulated much courtroom evidence and suborned substantial perjury to get Nee on the street and keep him there as their informant.
    If you have any doubts that Nee is the DOJ’s new Whitey, just ask any wiseguys around Boston. Also look at Nee’s YouTube videos or TV reality shows. One of them is actually filmed in his after hours club where he runs high stakes card games. Nee is not too smart, but he doesn’t have to be since he works for Wyshak. Nee, Weeks, Winter, and John Martorano are all back in the wiseguy business. Flemmi is also out of jail, but keeping his distance.
    Wyshak’s 25 year jihad against Whitey has resulted in only Whitey and his girlfriend in jail, both serving life sentences. That’s it. The entire Winter Hill gang is now back on the street running the same old rackets while collecting Social Security. Now instead of just the gang’s leader having immunity from the DOJ, every single member of the gang has DOJ immunity.
    Wyshak plays a very strange game.


    1. Patty
      Thanks for ALL the information you have provided. Can you share the name of the restaraunt that Pat Nee owns/works out of? How about where one can see Kevin Weeks and John Martorano? If you dont want to post it here on the blog then I can share my email.

      Any thoughts on WHY Wyshak allows Nee, Martorano, and weeks to continue in organized crime?

    2. Patty,
      I dont know any wiseguys at all in Boston. I am curious where they hang out as I would like to see what these people look like and more importantly how they behave while in public. Their mannerisms, body language, etc etc. I would appreciate any landmarks you care to share where these individuals hang out. I have no idea why Whyshak had such a thing for Bulger but not these other individuals. Which 5 murders do you think Pat Nee was involved in in which he may have done the murders himself ?

      Do you think Weeks murdered anyone? Maybe in time Flemmi will be back to do crimes. Sad he is even out of jail. A travesty to say the least.

  15. Jerome,

    My memory of the newspaper articles is that the homicide victim was named Kathleen Murphy. I think she was from Dorchester and was murdered in 1965. The articles about her death suggest that she was coincidentally a witness to what was the first homicide of the McLaughlin/McLain gang war.
    On the night of her death, she was at Flemmi’s after hours club. Later that night she was found dumped and all shot up. A receipt signed by Flemmi was under/with her body. Flemmi was questioned about the honicide but claims Murphy left with Jimmy Kearns. Murphy had apparently had an abortion close to the time of her death.
    You can find articles about this homicide in the Globe archives. The Wyshak team allegedly asked Flemmi about it and he denied it so it was dropped…if it wasn’t a crime done with Whitey then it wasn’t relevant.

    1. Patty,

      Thanks for the information and insights. You didnt address where or what your sources are regarding Nee pointing out the body of Debbie Davis burial (and using Kevin Weeks as a cover) but I am not angry nor upset. I understand thats highly confidential information and perhaps you dont want to share your sources. I thought perhaps you were there at the burial site and witnessed Nee pointing out the burial site.

  16. Roger,

    Why do you care so much? How did you know it took several attempts? That’s not a detail someone would note unless they had a particular interest. What’s your interest?


    1. Patty,

      Thanks for your kind responses. I mean, to Jerome and me.

      I regret the tone of my posting was slightly peevish.

      My interest? I’m just a fool. Little else.

      I’m acutely aware that I know nothing. Nothing! Actually, less than nothing!

      Still, I’m trying to figure out what (if anything) in the Whitey-Bulger saga has a basis in objective reality.

      Besides that, I’m a little late to the party.

      Only just found this website a while back.

      Have mercy while I endeavour to catch up.

      Of all the people who post replies, you consistently contribute elements which are found nowhere else.

      Moreover, you write them with an engaging air of plausibility.

      Just want to know more. That’s all.

      Thanks, again.


  17. Jerome,

    Please tell me where and how you came by that perception of Nee?

    The books are all written by journalists imbedded in the DOJ or wiseguys who are similarly controlled. They all spin the same DOJ cover story: ‘There was no widespread misconduct in federal law enforcement. This was only an isolated Irish Catholic problem. We’ve punished these satanic micks for their unholy alliance/black mass. Don’t look any further.’ (I.e. Don’t look at Scarpa, Rosetti, Bologna, etc. etc. and see that this is a nationwide problem.)

    The most accurate and insightful sources are this blog and “Don’t Embarass the Family”. The DEA 6 reports, 209s, and trial and deposition transcripts are also laden with DOJ fiction. For example, the Wyshak team removed Nee from at least 5 homicides he was involved in. They did this despite the fact that they had immunized witnesses who were present with Nee at each homicide. That is some damn impressive script/history editing!! Wyshak thinks nothing of suborning perjury, especially if it’s the perjury he wants and paid for at the expense of the public. The real unholy alliance is between Wyshak and the reporters that work for him. You can’t expect immunized wiseguys to tell the truth. Wyshak’s duty is to seek justice and fairness. The free media’s solemn duty is to protect the citizens by criticizing and examining government officials like Wyshak. The free press may be a huge flaw in our democratic structure. The founding fathers seem to have underestimated the profit motive among journalists. Wyshak made Dick Lear a multi millionaire by leaking him documents to promote the DOJ’s cover story. Every reporter since then wanted to jump on Wyshak’s gravy train. None dare bite the hand that feeds. Thus Matt is doing a great public service.


    1. Patty

      C’mon, Jerome asked you how you came by the narrative of Nee’s pointing out the burial site. I mean, the deception of bringing him out of prison and then walzing out Weeks for spin.

      Please address your sources.

      If Nee knew the burial site (presumably because he was a participant). why did it take several attempts (reportedly) before remains were exhumed?

      Level with us, Patty.

      Don’t be coy about your sources and what you know.


      1. Roger
        I agree with what you stated. I dont understand why Patty is not upfront about what restraunt Pat Nee owns and works out of nor how he/she knows Pat Nee showed the where the bodies were and not Kevin Weeks. This WHOLE BLOG created by Matt is about the “TRUTH” and not just believing what one is spoon fed by the media, prosecution team, the FBI, etc and that carries over to commenters too. When accusations are made its not absurd to ask what ones sources are. Thanks.

    2. Patty
      I came to my conclusion about Pat Nee from a variety of sources. One is the latest TJ English book WHERE THE BODIES WERE BURIED. Also, from how Weeks describes Nee. Finally just in general there is no mention of Pat Nee being a “ruthless, evil, cold, dangerous” individual. If anything, Nee is seen as a criminal with a SOFT SPOT for his home country of Ireland. You see what I am saying? The media does NOT portray Nee in the same light as Bulger even though its highly likely that Pat Nee murdered individuals too.

  18. Jerome,
    You ask a poignant question, ‘how did Weeks know where Debbie Davis’s body was buried?’
    Weeks didn’t know. Pat Nee buried her, according to Flemmi’s testimony. That begs the question, how was Weeks able to direct the Wyshak team to her grave? You may recall that the Wyshak team offered the media numerous photo ops of a shackled Weeks pointing out graves around the Neponset marsh. These photo ops occurred over a 9 month period. Davis’s body was the last to be located “by Weeks”.
    The answer is that the Wyshak team pulled a little deception with the media to protect Nee’s informant status. They had secretly pulled Nee out of jail and brought him to the marsh to point out where he buried Davis. Then they called the media and paraded Weeks around to make it appear that he was the source of the information. Nee was returned to jail all covered in mud from his field trip. That stood out like a sore thumb in jail. All the COs and inmates then knew Nee was cooperating, the only way to get field trips from jail.

    Since the topic is Flemmi’s motive to kill women, it should be noted that Flemmi was a suspect in the murder of a third young woman in the mid 1960s. The details are available in newspaper reports of the time. The victim was a young, tall, thin, blonde gIrl who had been seen with Flemmi on the night she was murdered. Somebody emptied a gun into her body (classic passion rage) and dumped her body on a street. Under her body was a money order receipt to Steve Flemmi. I suggest there is a pattern here.

    1. Patty
      EXCELLENT insight Patty. How were you privy to this information if you dont mind me asking. The more I read this blog the more I realize how so much has been covered up. As per a few comments above it seems that Steve Flemmi may have had a hand in the death of Debbie Davis sister and her father. WOW. The other thing is this criminal underworld really shows that the expression YOU LIVE BY THE SWORD YOU DIE BY THE SWORD. I mean I have lost count of murderers being murdered themselves. Its almost like there is a mindset and/or energy(aura?) that creates all these murderers to eventually be murdered.

      Thats part of my fascination with Bulger and Flemmi is that they were murderers and hands on killers who were able to avoid getting murdererd themselves.

      Do you recall the name of the young blond woman that Steve Flemmi may have murdered that was mentoned in the newspapers?

    2. Patty
      I apologize if I already asked you this question but which book(s) have you read on this subject matter? I have read Deadly Alliance, Black Mass, Hitman, Ratman, and currently reading Whitey (same authors as Black Mass). While all very good books this blog really helps to get to the TRUTH and clear up A LOT of misconceptions.

      Amazing the “image” of Pat Nee versus the “image” of Whitey Bulger. Bulger is painted as an evil, demonic, crazy, cold, and sinister man while Nee is viewed as a nice neighborhood, likable, friendly, EX-criminal and gangster who has been able to sweep his murders under the rug. Both men did the same criminal acts yet Bulger is a sociopath and Nee isnt.

  19. Matt, I am very surprised you do not put in print the fact Debbie Davis had a brother shanked to death at Walpole in 1981. It is my understanding that she told Steve Flemi that she wanted him to have his FBI friends find out who killed her brother. When Whitey find out she knew Whitey and Steve were FBI informers he was none to happy. It is also my understanding that Debbie Davis had a father who drowned in Boston Harbour. Some family members strongly suggested that Steve had something to do with his death.I am surprised your not bringing any of this up.

    1. Norwood;

      Some of my answers to the comments I mentioned that. I did not think that it fit into the post I was making since if Flemmi admitted murdering her why would any of the things you mention be relevant. My office indicted the guy we believed killed Debbie’s brother. He was acquitted. I am told that he left prison a year or so after that and he was murdered. I’m not sure they knew who murdered him since it was not in our county.

      There was a story I heard about what you mention that Debbie asked Flemmi to have his FBI friends look into the murder. My recollection is that the case was handled by the state police and based on their investigation we indicted who we believed did the murder. I do not recall the FBI being involved in it.

      Flemmi put out the story he had to murder her because he “blurted out” to her that they had a relationship with Connolly. I will cover that in my continuation of the discussion of her murder. Yes, there has also been the suggestion that Flemmi was involved in her father’s death because he objected to Debbie’s relationship with him; and other suggestions that Debbies’ sister’s death at a young age was attributed to Flemmi.

  20. Matt, how can you be so sure that Debra Davis knew so much about Flemmi’s criminal career, while Catherine Greig was oblivious to Whitey Bulger’s?

    1. Bob:

      I’ve never said that Greig did not know about Whitey’s criminal operation; I did say there is no evidence she knew about his murders. Nor do I suggest that Debbie Davis knew about Flemmi’s murders but there is little doubt in my mind she knew he was a gangster. Perhaps I suggest that because I did a wiretap on the Davis home and saw that it was a place from which a drug operation was occurring involving her siblings. Her brothers would certainly have known about Flemmi; one of them was murdered at Walpole prison where he was serving time. I believe Debra’s father knew about Flemmi and opposed his relationship with his daughter. I also think her mother knew he was a gangster.

      My point on Greig is she was punished because Whitey was a murderer not because he was a gangster. She was excoriated in court by the families of murder victims and was sentenced based upon that.

  21. I thought Weeks was brought into the fold slowly beginning the late 70’s? His first murder was Halloran a year later.

    1. Dave:

      According to Weeks he started to drive around with Jimmy in 1978 for a couple of hours a day. He testified in Connolly’s trial he started in 1979. He still worked his job at the MBTA and was a bouncer at Triple O’s which took up most of his time right up until the time he was involved in the murder of Halloran. Debbie Davis was murdered in 1981 when Halloran was associated with Whitey but he apparently knew nothing contemporaneous about her murder. he’d write about it in his book Brutal putting the blame for the murder solely on Flemmi. After he testified in Whitey’s trial he met with T.J. English the author and told him he was not present at the murder of Debbie Davis but even so it was his belief Flemmi had done the murder. He said that his first murder was the Halloran take down that was in 1982.

        1. Roger

          Thanks for catching that. I did mean to write Brutal instead of Hitman. I went back and changed it. Thanks again.

  22. Matt
    I too never understood how Whitey Bulger got indicted for the murder of Debbie Davis because of what Martorano said Flemmi told him (accidental strangulation). How did Weeks know where Debbie Davis was buried? Why would Steve Flemmi have (if he did) involved anyone else in disposing of her body. Whats also odd (and probably a moot point) is why would Flemmi murder Debbie Davis and Debra Hussey when he had a plethora of different women. Is there any reason as to why sociopaths murder one individual but not another given the SAME circumstances?

    In Deadly Alliance the author states that the Davis brothers were drug dealers who actually WORKED with Steve Flemmi.

    1. Jerome:

      According to Tom Foley’s book they got the lowdown on Debbie Davis from Kevin Weeks. He allegedly was told the story by Bulger. Foley had Weeks giving out a story about Whitey tying her to a chair and strangling her. That contradicts the story Flemmi told at Whitey’s trial where he had her being strangled by Whitey as soon as he came in the door.

      He said all Weeks knew was the body was buried by Stevie and Whitey some where near Tommy King was buried at the Neponset River> Either Whitey or Stevie could have told him that for I assume after Stevie “accidentally strangled her” probably at some location other than his parents house he went to locate Whitey to ask for his assistance in burying her. I’m not sure of this but Whitey at the time might have been living on the other side of the Neponset River so they just drove over the bridge and buried her near by where they had buried Tommy King in 1975. There is no reason to believe that Stevie told a different story to Whitey than he told to John Martorano. You know:”Geez Jimmy, I’m in a jam, I accidentally strangle Debbie you gotta help me out.”

      As for why he would seek Whitey’s help it would certainly make it a lot easier burying someone with another person helping than by yourself. Weeks put it best at some point – you had to know Flemmi to understand that if he could not have Debbie Davis he was going to make sure no one else had her as a girlfriend. He was that type of guy. Hussey, of course, was a different story because she was capable of embarrassing him — if he could have all the women he wanted why was he having sex with me as a child.

      I don’t think sociopaths think of other people; just themselves. But these two women were unique to Flemmi from all other women.

      I did a wiretap on the home of the Davis’s in Randolph along with the Metropolitan police. They were drug dealings going on over the telephone that was located at that home. Stevie Flemmi was also picked up on that phone but not in a conversation relating to the drugs. One of the Davis brothers was in state prison in Walpole and he was murdered there.

      1. Matt
        Thanks for the feedback. I just finished Deadly Alliance. I am ow reading Whitey by the same authors who wrote Black Mass. Of course I will keep in mind that some parts are made up,lies, and embellishments. Its a fascinating book in that it chronicles Bulger’s life and his development as a criminal. I was not aware he served in the Air Force for years.

        Any thought(s) as to why Steve Davis has kind of been a one-man crusade against Bulger? Was Steve Davis once a drug dealer as well?

        1. The second book is a joke. Most of it is some psychological analysis on what made Whitey tick. I thought it added nothing to our overall understanding of these matter but runs off into peripheral stuff like Whitey’s service in the Air Force or his time in prison.

          As to Steve Davis he loves the publicity he gets. He should know that Whitey did not murder his sister but that it was Flemmi. He must have known Flemmi when he was dating Debbie. He comes from a family of drug dealers. Whether he was one or not I have no knowledge since I do not have my notes from the time I did the wiretap on his family home. There may also be a guilt factor involves for the more he blames other people for his sisters death the less he has to think that he did nothing to help her get away from Benji Ditchman.

          1. Matt
            Interesting viewpoint about the second Lehr/O’Neill book on Bulger called WHITEY. I thought you would have a different view in respect to his years spent in prison. I say that because you bring up that Bulger at 42 has not killed ANYONE yet Martorano and Flemmi were killing possibly as early as their teenage years. I thought perhaps Bulger’s years in prison made him a WORSE and more VICIOUS criminal, one now capable of murder. The most violent thing Bulger seemed to do up until his 40s was punch people. Where as with Martorano and Flemmi those guys had guns and used them. Not many men had guns unless they were seriously dangerous and psychotic individuals. Today its not a “big deal” but back in those days for Flemmi and Martorano to have guns and use them made them very very unique individuals on the spectrum of people not to mess with at all.

            1. Jerome:

              I agree. I would note that today no one would get 20 years in prison for doing what Whitey did back in the 1960s. He was put in with other criminals some who were violent and he had to hold this own. We don’t know what he would have been like if he did not go to prison. Just because he was in prison does not mean he had to come out and turn into a murderer. Lots of tough guys go to prison and come out and don’t murder anyone.

              My problem with some of these books is they want to tell us lots of things about Whitey that are really not germaine to anything but they close their eyes or fabricate other things that run againt their theories. The big problem with blaiming prison for Whitey’s actions is we don’t know what he would have done if he did not go to prison.

      2. Matt
        The burial site along the Neponset River is on the Quincy side or the Dorchester side? I ask because the burial site was right below the T RedLine and on the Quincy side there is a condominium or apartment complex that has a walk path ?

  23. Hi Matt and what is your understanding of the murders of Poulos and Disarro? As both Frank Salemme and Stevie Flemmi blamed each other for those murders.

    Thanks again for an interesting article.

  24. Thanks, Matt. I didn’t know that Flemmi had admitted to accidentally strangling (Oops!) the woman who was about to leave him.

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