Individual Murders: The Ladies Group: Deborah Hussey (part one)

(3)RoseLaRoseI do not for one second believe the story Weeks and Flemmi tell about the Hussey murder. It makes no sense. Whitey had nothing against Deborah. She was murdered because Steve Flemmi found that she was in the way.

Deborah Hussey grew up with Flemmi as her step father. He had been raping her in her family home since she was in her early teens. Finally she yelled out for help after being unable to take his assaults and intimidation any more. She told her mother that her boyfriend had been raping her for all those years. Her mother, Marion, supposedly threw Flemmi out of the house. That was it. No one dared to do any more to him than that. She should have gone to the police and reported these evil acts but Flemmi also had her intimidated.

We’ve read during the Catholic priest scandal how devastating it is on young kids when they get abused. This is especially so when the abuser, like a priest or a step-father, is in a position where protection should be given rather than carnal abuse. Deborah’s life would spin out of control in that situation. It is alleged she became a heavy drug user and eventually fell into prostitution. Flemmi would testify how he tried to help her.

I felt like throwing up in disgust. I was glad I named him Benji Ditchman after the sewer system in Japan that carried all that country’s excrement. He was truly vile that he made my skin crawl that he had the audacity to suggest the somehow the young girl he ruined he tried to help. He had the effrontery to say that after he had murdered her which he blame on another who wanted her murdered because she allegedly made a spectacle of herself in a barroom noted for its spectacles.

I could not believe the prosecutors who have kept him out of the federal prison system even dealing with this man. The vision of Fred Wyshak laughing with him in the Florida court as if they were close buddies over the death of Brian Halloran was enough in and off itself to confirm to me that Wyshak had become like his star witness unable to differentiate good from evil.

The surrealism in all of this seems to escape most people. How is it a prosecutor can find such intimacy with such filth and offer it as a witness for the United States? Flemmi is one of the most disgusting people who ever lived. How many men have you ever heard of who would bring their step-daughter to a house to be murdered and say he had no choice because another told him to do it?

How many prosecutors would buy into that story? Do you?  What is most astounding is how all the media accepted it and promulgated it without question.

We’ve seen how Flemmi murdered Debbie Davis. He tried to put it on Whitey. How do you know the same thing did not happen with Deborah Hussey? Because that viciously corrupt man said so?

John who comments here on occasion put it well: Sure, he is a seriously bent individual. Words : sociopath, psychopath, thrill killer, degenerate and so forth give a purchase on a cruelly warped mind, but what is never understood is how private someone like Flemmi must be within the closed circuit of his pathological blood lust.”

Stevie murdered Deborah because she was a walking billboard advertising his dirty and filthy sordidness. The more she drank and did drugs the more she talked about his encroachments on her innocence; his preying upon and stealing her youth; that in all his bravado he was little more than a pedophile.

He tried to send her away. He sent her to Florida. She didn’t stay. She came back flashing all about Boston her relationship to the man. What kind of father could he have been to let his daughter fall into such decrepitude people were asking? How many people did she tell about the abuse she received at the hands of her step-father? Her advertising in neon lights that he was not all he was cracked up to be was more than he could stand.

None of this affected Whitey. He wasn’t being tainted by any of her actions. There is not even the suggestion that she knew something about his business and he wanted her done away with. It is a totally senseless murder that could only be committed by a depraved man like Flemmi. Only that type of person would murder the poor wench who probably slept more under bars than in a bed during the latter stages of her tragic life?

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  1. Stephen Flemmi= Pedophile + Serial Killer + TEI = Satan. Living breathing human form of Satan.

  2. Matt- Can you specify when you say they were laughing together about Halloran? Was it them making fun of his head? calling him Balloonhead? If that is true, I find Wyshak to be a real sick bastard. Steve Flemmi killed his rape victim and killed his ex girlfriend because she was leaving him for a Spanish guy or something. He killed Hussey because she had been raped and was old enough now to get him pinched for it more tan likely. It is pretty cut and dry. Raped her until she finally self destructed with drugs and alcohol and he needed her to never mention what he did to her. Debbie Davis and Debbie Hussie were all Stevie all the way.

    1. Doubting;

      Yes, Wyshak and Flemmi had a big chuckle over the name Balloon Head? It was sordid to see him questioning him about a murder and both of them treating it like it was some sort of joke. It was obvious they had a big laugh over it in preparing the testimony.

      1. Matt- Real classy, Real nice. Making fun of someone’s features who is murdered, I now wonder just how slimey as a man Fred Wyshak actually is? This is more than likely just the tip of the iceberg of just how cruel and hurtful he is as a person with an incredible amount of power to change peoples lives for the very worst.

  3. Matt
    Thanks for the feedback. Any theories as to why Flemmi was more feared than Bulger? I am thinking that Bulger, while also a murderer and sociopath, may have had better people skills . Unless of course he was trying to intimdate the crap out of you. I am sure Whitey reading all those books had an effect on his emotional control. Because Bulger was methodic, a planner, a schemer, Machiavelli type of person after all his jailhouse reading that he had more self-control.

    Flemmi on the other hand sounds like a very emotional , anger, and uneducated man. In the same realm as Barboza. Almost like an animal. I see Bulger as a criminal who murdered out of “necessity” or “survival” while Flemmi has been killing his whole life and it probably didnt take much to set him off

    1. Tough choice, eh? My vote goes to Flemmi: pedophile, sociopath, murderer, liar and government favorite, evidently.

  4. Matt
    danc brings up something I have thought about at times too. How come there is the perception that Kevin Weeks didnt murder ANYONE but only assisted in the cleanup? You would think guys like Flemmi and Bulger would have insisted (similar to the Mafia wanting a member to make his bones) that Weeks murder someone so they would always have something on weeks. Also, you say that Bulger was running with sharks and depraved men and this caused him to eventually become a murderer himself. Of course its a STRONG factor but not the only factor. Well , applying this logic and line of reasoning, wouldnt it be safe to assume Weeks killed too?

    Weeks is surrounded by vicious killers yet never kills?

    As crazy as this statement sounds, I think Steve Flemmi was/is MORE sick that Whitey Bulger because of the sexual abuse and murdering innocent and helpless women.

    1. Jerome:

      I do assume that as you will see in my further discussions of Deborah Hussey’s murder. Of course it is absurd to accept that Weeks was always standing around not doing anything when it came to the murder but on the other hand in every other instance where murder is not involved (and the statute of limitation has run) he is punching and beating any and everyone who looks cross-eye at Whitey.

      The problem I see with all of this – again I am jumping the gun on my posts – is the zealousness of the prosecutor who did not want to take a step back and ask whether what he was being told made sense. Chasing after his goal of getting Whitey made him loose perspective, that is if he had any to begin with being a lifer prosecutor.

      Flemmi is sick. Even if you believed him 100% you would still have to say he is sick. Who would murder his girl friend and step daughter because another person told him to do it. Can you name one other person in history who has ever done that? I can’t. Of course close to him is Martorano who tells us that after he had murdered twenty people he is a good man.

      But what is really sick is the way the media and prosecutor and the public bought into all of these fairly tales by men who admitted doing their sick crimes and were given deals that should make any normal person feel sick. Flemmi and Martorano have both pretended that Whitey was the one giving the orders. Don’t believe it. Remember Jimmy Katz testified at the trial that the people were most afraid of Flemmi.

  5. Matt: Agreed. Flemmi murdered these women. What do you make of what Weeks claimed? You are asked to believe that Weeks witnessed various murders, cleaned up after some of them, but never killed anybody himself.

    1. Dan:

      I’ll get into Weeks. I suggest in examining all these things you have to do it from the point of view of the guy who is ratting others out. He will always make himself a minor participant in any of the events; that not only helps him but it also serves the need of the prosecutor who is looking to nail the other guy.

  6. Well drawn reasoning indeed ; Flemmi’s motives to kill both ladies are plainly understood by any human detective with a grain of sense. In Deborah Hussey’s case he certainly understood she could put a Roman collar around his neck and take ” Father Stevie” the full gauntlet criminally and civilly for his pedophlliac rape and repeated childhood abuse of her. The ” Clergy Suits ” for pedophilia, though nascent, gave stirrings to much more being in the wind. He could not, as noted, take that risk. She was a serious …. serious …. serious … Threat !
    As to the ” Flim-Flammy-Flemmi” chain of custody as to who knew where the ladies were buried, there is nothing that suggests anything more than a hundred different ” vignettes” and scenarios that could be spun off of Flemmi’s sole actions in murdering and burying his female quarry .

  7. Hi Matt and is it true that Flemmi provided information on his own partners in the Winter Hill Gang such as Howie Winter, Jimmy Martorano and Joe Mcdonald to law enforcement?

    What is your understanding of mobster Nick Giso? As I read in Black Mass that he used to hang out in Lancaster street garage with Benji and Whitey

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