Is Russia no longer the “evil empire?” Time for Evangelists to Get a Check-Up Part two of two

Buchanon writes how the World Congress of Families (WCF) was planning to meet in Moscow (it was cancelled). That groupopposes same-sex marriage, pornography, and abortion, while supporting a society built on “the voluntary union of a man and a woman in a lifelong covenant of marriage.”  Here’s an article that gives a supportive view to Buchanon’s on the Evangelist/Trump/Russian troika.

Its sort of ironic how Evangelicals close their eyes to Russian aggressions and the manner in which it is actually operating to believe, like Buchanon, the words of the ultimate deceiver the former KGB Putin.  Buchanon extols Russia for its ban on abortion advertising and abortions after 12 weeks yet the facts are Russia has the highest number of abortions in the world and the fourth highest abortion rate.  While the so-called corrupt states of Western Europe have the least abortions (12 per 1,000 women) Russia is among the nations with the most (43 per 1,000).

WCF supports a life long covenant of marriage between a man and a woman and backs a president in his third marriage; Buchanon rails against easy divorce and promiscuity although Moscow is high on the list of the most promiscuous cities. Pornography is worldwide addiction with American companies, cable providers, and hotel chains doing well financially providng it.

Putin talks a big game but his own country is no model for those seeking old time values (if any exver existed). So what is his attraction. I have to suggest the movement toward Russia is  motivated by an anti-gay agenda. The idea of homosexuality and the idea of same sex marriage is anathema to these “Christians” and Buchanon followers. Of course, they oppose it unless it happens in their own families then they seem to make exceptions as we saw with VP Cheney. But even if they truly oppose it and speak out against anyone who is gay or engages in gay marriage or is a trans or queer what do they hope to accomplish.

We are not going back.  We are not going to discriminate against gays or prevent same sex marriage no matter how much some want to do it. We’ve opened our arms to our fellow citizens  and given great support to same sex marriage.  The Luddites among us should accept the train has left the station.

The Evangelists should also accept it. They should accept it as God’s will that all be treated and loved as they would want themselves to be treated and loved. Wasn’t that something “Jesus of Nazareth [the] Lord over the United States” taught them.(Luke 10:27)?  Isn’t it time to stop hating people who don’t act in a manner we don’t like which actions do not interfere with our lives and let God be the final judge of our fellow citizens.

And, isn’t it time that the Evangelist recognize that Putin who thrived under the Soviet communism until well into his adulthood recall Billy Graham’s words: “Communism has decided against God, against Christ, against the Bible, and against all religion. … Communism is a religion that is inspired, directed and motivated by the Devil himself who has declared war against Almighty God.” 

Perhaps if Evangelist accept that a zebra can’t change its stripes anymore than a 38-year-old communist can become a religious believer; perhaps if the Evangelists would recognize Putin’s a fake and that the road to Russia is being paved by the Devil; then perhaps they will recognize that “God Almighty is the head of this nation ” and what we have in this nation of so many religions, nationalities, sexual beliefs, and races is what God wanted. Surely they can’t believe God wanted us to become like Russia.



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  2. First, one assumes by Buchanon, you refer to Patrick Buchanan. Second, you are unable to distinguish between the USSR and Russia. Third, you assume that by a change in governmental ideology that three quarters of a century under the heal of godless communism would have had no effect on the mores of the people. The Russian folk was much weaken by the mass murder of millions of its best by an anti-Christian state.

    The re-invigoration of the Russian people is a long term project. Questions about Putin’s sincerity are small beer in the broad context of history. The Emperor Constantine advanced the cause of Christianity though he was not much of an adherent. Did not a Protestant king of France observe that Paris was worth a mass? Men who move history are often ambiguous. That is the nature of politics.

    Blind faith that what is today is the best of all possible worlds is not the mark rationality. It is as foolish today as it was when espoused by Dr. Pangloss. Societies that embrace as normal abortion and homosexuality have proven to be societies in decline. But vigor can be restored. Christianity has always loved the sinner while hating the sin. You confuse the sinner with sin. Not everyone does.

    Since the founding of the Republic the American people and the Russian people have been mostly on the same page because there is no vital conflict between their respective interests. The period of conflict, 1917 to the 1990s was mostly the result of the internationalist ambitions of godless communism though beneath the surface, from FDR’s swift recognition of the Soviet Union on forward, the Democrat party always had a faction that hated traditional America and aided in all ways possible keeping the yoke upon the long suffering Russians. You identify with that faction, which is odd for a Christian.

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