Is This Freddy’s Revenge: Ralph DiMasi the Last Stand Up Guy

ralph-dimasiRalph DiMasi (pictured left at his arraignment by the Herald) has become a Whitey associate. That’s what the headline in the Boston Herald said:”Whitey cohort charged in 1991 murder of bank guard.”  Perhaps we can add that murder onto Whitey’s long list.

Of course that is nonsense. Ralph had as much to do with Whitey as the innocent bystander Michael Donohue had. Donohue, who happened to be giving a ride to Brian Halloran, was murdered when Whitey gunned down Halloran on the Southie waterfront, now known as the Seaport District, in front of  the Pier barroom.

Ralph happened to have gone from Southie over to Linda Mae’s on Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester with a guy named O’Brien who was buying a birthday cake for his nine-year old daughter. Ralph was part of a Indian Al’s group trying to take over some gaming business from Gerry Angiulo  who hired Howie Winter (how come he’s never been charged with any of the many murders he did?) and the Cowardly  Murderman aka Martorano to eradicate the members of that group.

The guys who were hired drove up besides O’Brien’s car trying to shoot Ralphie. They murdered O’Brien instead. The car crashed. The assassins stopped a little way off to savor their cowardly deed when Ralphie, who was wounded, got out of the wreck, pulled out his knife, and went chasing after them.

Here is Ralphie running up Morrissey Boulevard with only a knife and with his body spouting blood and the guys like Winter and Martorano in the car  with the guns seeing him coming toward them hit the gas and flee in fear. They were always tough against unarmed guys.

As you can tell Ralphie is a tough guy. He had no connection to Whitey. He was a witness against him. He testified about the shooting. He did not identify any of the shooters. He did not have to.

But Ralphie wouldn’t have done it under any circumstance. He was one of those old-fashioned criminals. Are there any left like him?

He reminded me of that old Irish  lad walking the back roads of Connemara who said: “Take a good look at me. You’ll never see the likes of me again.” I thought that of him after he testified. Look at all the Mafia guys, Southie criminals and Winter Hill gangsters that folded under pressure of doing time and rushed to turn state’s evidence and squeal like Two Weeks Weeks.

Ralphie is a true believer in the adage “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”. There should be a place like an Honorable Crook Museum where people like Ralphie and Catherine Greig are honored. Not for their alleged criminality but because like the captured soldier who refuses to cooperate with the enemy they had the courage of their convictions.

They were nabbed. They accepted that they did. They took the punishment without betraying others.

So how is it Ralphie is again indicted and none of those cry baby “tough guys” and their friends murderers all are walking the street. These betrayers of their friends cooperated with Freddy Wyshak. They got good deals, government passes for their murders (wasn’t that what Whitey was told he could not get) and became friends of Freddie.

BOSTON - JUNE 20: Ralph DeMasi speaks to the media outside of the courthouse. The trial of James "Whitey" Bulger continues at the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse in Boston, June 20, 2013. (Photo by David L Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Here’s what I said about DiMasi shown at left in Reuters photo during Whitey’s trial: “Ralph DMasi had a couple of months ago gotten out of jail after doing 21 years for planning a bank robbery and getting ready to do it. 21 years for a good attempt and he’s testifying in a case where a guy with 20 murders got 12 years and a guy with five murders five years.

I paraphrase DiMasi but it went something like this: “federal justice, I’ll tell you what it is, you have a guy who murdered 20 people walking the street and you have a kid commit one murder and they want him to get the chair. That’s what dealing with the government does.”

Of course, the kid who kills one can’t turn anyone in because he’s probably not a real criminal; the guys with lots of murders like those mentioned above are real criminal and have plenty to offer.

Ralphie insulted Freddie with his testimony.  He poured scorn on Freddy’s deals putting all the murderers out on the street. Like the Trump, Freddy does not forget being crossed. He brooded. He waited.

The murder Ralphie is charged with happened 25 years ago. That’s a long time. You have to wonder who is making a deal to finger Ralphie. Do you think it is one of Freddie’s cup cakes?







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  1. Dear Janet,
    Thank you for responding. You are right – the Globe and Herald are part of the problem. But they like a good story. When William Camuti was arrested, Peter Gelzinis wrote that William Camuti’s trial will be “tantalizing” (something to that effect).
    Going to universities is a great idea. But it is easier handing out a newspaper column that explains your problem, than trying to explain it to individual students. Once they read the column about William Camuti escaping justice – you can quickly explain the federal corruption.
    If possible, please contact Peter Gelzinis and explain that Willliam Camuti has escaped facing justice for the murder of Stephen Rakes. Peter Gelzinis lives in Southie. If possible, start collecting signatures (even three signatures is considered a “petition”) that seek to have William Camuti face justice. This will give Peter Gelzinis a peg to hang the story on.
    Peter Gelzinis already invested effort in the hope for that William Camuti will face justice for murdering Stephen Rakes. Now Peter Gelziznis is being denied, like the rest of the world, the chance to learn exactly why William Camuti killed Stephen Rakes.
    The claim Stephen Rakes lent William Camuti is outrageous. Stephen Rakes recorded some of their phone conversations – that’s how much he didn’t trust William Camuti.
    The trial of William Camuti would show there was no reasonable explanation for murdering Stephen Rakes. But that cold-blooded murder kept Stephen Rakes from exposing Kevin Weeks’ blatant perjury! Is this the reason he’s escaping justice?
    Janet, you have the power to start a movement. All you need to do is collect signatures and network with students – and seek to get media exposure. Student groups thrive on getting media exposure. The Spring is the perfect time for creating a strong movement.
    Edmund Burk’s quote: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” doesn’t exclude woman. You would wonder why Matt doesn’t seem to care about William Camuti escaping justice. We know Matt is a “good man” – it makes me wonder. But maybe he’s trying very hard and hasn’t been successful.
    Your background and being a woman almost guarantees success – if you try very hard.

  2. Wyshak was not a counsel of record on the Swartz case, but he was a “senior litigation counsel” and he’s a key part of Ortiz’s team on all high profile cases.
    2. Wyshak was convinced that Flemmi had a record of perjury. Wyshak had put Flemmi on the stand before Judge Wolf in 1998-99. Wolf found that Flemmi had lied. Wyshak, despite warning Durham not to use known perjurers like Salemme, dragged the known perjurer Flemmi to Florida.
    These are my recollections. I’ve elaborated at length about them previously on this blog.

  3. Fred the Fed’s rotten fingerprints are on many cases that stink: (See below) Remember that Wyshak and Judge Young worked together to give Congressman’s Tierney’s wife one month in jail for orchestrating a scheme laundering $8 million dollars. Remember, too, the poor bookie’s wife tangentially or remotely related to her husband’s small scale bookie operation, probably one tenth the size of Tierney’s wife’s? Fred the Fed threatened the bookie’s wife with years in prison, then gloated about her sentence to a full year in prison. A year for the bookie’s wife tangentially related to her husband’s racket, one month for the Congressman’s wife at the center of an $8 million dollar laundering scheme. How many bookies’ wives get sent to prison? I can’t recall one. So, it goes on and on with the vindictiveness and show trials: the persecution of Catherine Grieg (how many gangster’s wives get prosecuted? Gotti’s wife, Gambino’s wife?) How about Kenny Conley, the Schwartz kid who committed suicide (who I read Wyshak threatened with 50 years in prison); the Carswell Motel debacle; Chuck Turner sentenced to 3 years over a few hundred bucks . . . now think back to Tierney’s wife, again, getting one month for laundering $8 million . . . and on and on it goes. On the Probation case, Wyshak’s team recommended a multi-year sentence for a non-existent crime.
    Now, I wouldn’t excuse a prosecutor for putting on a serial killer, Salemme, a known perjurer, subsequently convicted of perjury; remember Wyshak warned Durham not to use the known perjurer Salemme; and remember Fred the Fed used another serial killer who changed his story after 7 years . . . Steve Flemmi said John Connolly was an honest cop from 1995 to 2002, that’s why Flemmi wasn’t used in Connolly’s first trial (2001). . . but Wyshak somehow “turned” him and put him on the stand in Miami. And we know the serial killer Martorano’s deal . . . 12 years in prison (basically time-served) for 20 murders plus a $20,000 pay-off as he left prison, plus, Martorano admitted he never met John Connolly, had only skimpy hearsay evidence to offer (totally disbelieved by the Boston jury), nevertheless despite the Boston jury disbelieving every word of Martorano, Wyshak dragged Martorano to Miami and used him again. And as Howie Carr writes, Martorano’s deal with Fred the Fed included an agreement that Martorano did not have to testify about his brother, Jimmy, a made Mafia-man, nor his friends, many career criminals among them. How do you put a man on the witness stand who “swears to tell the whole truth” when you’ve cut a deal with him that he doesn’t have to tell the “whole truth”; he doesn’t have to say anything about his criminal brother or criminal associates?
    Well, that’s Fred the Fed, for you. “Diabolical dealings” is not hyperbole. The similarity with Javert is an understatement. Nifong’s fate or worse may yet await him.

  4. * Speak plainly, but without a rancorous disregard for people like Davis, whose … Experience …is monstrously different from your own. 🙂

  5. Janet Uhlar :

    Again, I perceive that you are stung by my honest observations. Let me iterate that I have several times spoken highly of you on this blog. ” Pollyannish” may have come it a little strong, but I am ever direct in my aim and opinion. You have to have walked in Steve Davis’s shoes before you suggest his stock in his sister’s murder is a venal one, and chide him for not being as highly educated as yourself. He is a rough fellow indeed, but not a bad hearted one. But how would you know that, or be expected to know it. This is not to your demerit, only a reference to the God you seem to have an especial relationship to, if one is to judge from your earlier quoting of Scripture, and present allusions to the religious authenticity of others.

    Leave your Ego out of it. It gets you in. trouble here. Speak plainly, but without a rancorous disregard for people like Davis is monstrously different from your own. Yes, talk and bluster are cheap. I earlier pointed that out and do not want to regard you as a plagiarist as well as a sort of snob. I would prefer to feel you are neither. Do not disappoint me. In the honeyed words of one you may actually have an enemy. In the unsparingly candid words of one you may bristle at as a critic, you do indeed have a friend. Nothing is as simple as you think in this matter.

    Yes, you are Janet Uhlar. I am John King McDonald. I met ” Jim ” when I was fifteen years old. I have worked …extensively … on this blog to deconstruct the absurd myths promoted in the Moakley, and in the Press, about him. And I have largely succeeded, particularly as regards the moderator of this blog. I have a thorny relationship with him …but so what. He has a demonstrably open mind and a thick hide. I would encourage at least the first virtue in yourself … an open mind! See you at the Senate Subcommittee Hearing no doubt. And trust that we Irish will be taking the Fifth, and not simply swigging a Fifth. I assure you that even Stevie Davis knows the difference. 🙂

    1. ‘ I am John King McDonald.’ So what. Is that supposed to impress me?
      ‘ I “met ” Jim ” when I was fifteen years old.’ And, you have a story to tell. Again — so what? Martorano, Weeks, Morris, and Flemmi had stories to tell as well.
      John King McDonald, you know nothing about me. Hell! I’m not even a Christian. I just happen to quote men and women whose courage and wisdom aided others seeking guidance. I have no religious allegiance whatsoever. Our backgrounds are vastly different, John King McDonald. Don’t pretend to understand my moral values or world outlook. I certainly don’t want to understand yours.
      You haven’t rattled me in the least. And, my opinion of Steve Davis remains firm. According to his own mother, Flemmi killed his sister, his father (and, I wonder if he played a huge role in the death of the second sister?) Why doesn’t he show outrage in the fact that Flemmi is a free man with millions of dollars to spend. Why does he remain so focused on Bulger — it does make me wonder.
      You haven’t rattled me in the least, John King McDonald, in fact, I find you rather amusing in a sad sort of way. I am not part of the ‘brotherhood’ nor do I want anything to do with it.
      This is Matt’s blog — and I do respect Matt.

      And, Matt, in response to Jon Stuen-Parker’s comments: Why haven’t you posted any thing on William Camuti?

      Jon, as a jurist (do I dare present myself as such, John King McDonald might get upset) I suspected the government had something to do with Rake’s death. How could they put a witness up that was going to contradict everything Weeks had to say? To be honest, I wasn’t surprised to hear that he had been removed from the witness list — only by the means in which it happened. (And, the fact that the jury wasn’t sequestered at that point screams volumes!)

      I would be interested in communicating with you directly, Jon.

      1. Janet Uhlar :

        Apparently, No good deed goes unpunished with you, as goes the old saying. There has never been any intention to ” rattle” you, which seems something you are a little stuck on. Although I confess, as a layman and not a jurist as you self-describe, I am really curious as to just what is ” rattling ” around in that head of yours. Are you so above the fray in your exclusive status as the affronted martyr that you do not understand that regardless of your opinion, others can and will form and state their own opinions ?

        Janet Uhlar, for indeed that is who you are, and in stating that earlier I was indicating to you an affirmation of a universal truth : Everyone is an individual ; Everyone has a singular and unique … Experience … of life ; Everyone has a story or stories to tell, though some tell false, and that’s yet another story , and others tell true.

        I am picking up on a funny little frisson in your obsessive references to my name, being ‘ rattled ‘ , ‘not caring ‘ about such and such so stridently that it is clear you care very much, and a repetitively ranting tone against me that suggests I have become a foil for some …sort of schooling crush! 🙂

        Look, Janet Uhlar Tinney : Any dolt, let alone a jurist, not humbly a juror, as yourself, could see that I was ….Incredibly Gracious …to you in my remarks. Yet, you were not content. You were titillated and strangely disturbed. ‘ Hell’ you did not even realize in your inward self that you had such variable passions. You have lashed back at me in an unseemly, vulgar, and ratherrrrrr …inchoate …fashion. In other words ….your words make little good sense.

        Yep, met Jimmy, not your ” Jim Bulger ” when I was fifteen. I am not his cloying pen pal or another vampire sucking Fame’s blood for potential profit. You know what I mean …Right …Janet? I am not responsible for the stories of others . I am responsible only for my own …Experience ! Insofar as my …Experience …dictated to me a defense of a man I knew as differently than his Press and Courtroom caricatures, I have employed ‘ Matt’s Blog ‘ … THE TRIAL OF WHITEY BULGER …to straighten things out. …Where have you been ???

        You, Janet Uhlar Tinney, so above the fray and the hoi polloi of South Boston and those untutored Davis’s and Martorano and Flemmi types, and that loathsome Weeks as you clearly view them, did not have the …GUTS …to hang that Jury. Period.

        I know it vexed you when I simply and …. logically …pointed out, that if you found Fred Wyshak’s methods so Juris Devil Incarnate that it …ALL ..had to be thrown out. Yet you ‘ talked the big talk ‘ and ‘ cowered ‘ in your too easy acquiescence to the ” Crowd ” while yet supposing you could set yourself up as some sort of … Moral Avatar …in the matter. Gimme a break …Lady. Give us all a break. Cite your letters to newspapers and love notes to Old School stickup guys like Ralph. Continue to be what we call a ” Shit Disturber ” with no real skin in the Game. In other words …SUIT YOURSELF. 🙂

        Christian or not, your remarks concerning Steven Davis and his Family are disgusting ….SCHOOLGIRL! …. GROW UP. I have no more to do with you .

        1. John,
          She was on that jury for weeks on end. Heard all the testimony, purchased or otherwise. She knows all the answers…..but probably never set foot in Southie ….except from a jury box at the Moak.

          1. Rather, For the first time in print on this blog we get the self-righteous …profound insight …from Ms.Tinney, ‘ Why does he remain so focused on Bulger?” …speaking of our delinquent Stevie’s marching lockstep with a ..Narrative … that she was the twelfth disciple in finally signing the warrant on. Stevie has faults numerous. Has Tinney ever met a guy like Flemmi in his gory glory as a mob sanctioned psychopath courting her teenage sister? Well, Steve Davis did. Now we have the shrill denunciatrix who in an earlier unbalanced comment in this thread threw ” Let he who is without sin cast the first stone ” up for our moral digestion and instruction, now telling us that she is no Christian. We learn her love of Scripture is a convenient …Do as I say, Not as I do…casual intellectual reference. ‘HELL’ ..We don’t even know if she is really serious when she says that.

            You, the highly literate Connolly’s, to say NC, and William or Bill C. as he now prefers, Mtc himself, myself and numerous other articulate and well written contributors to this blog, and that includes Jon Stuen Parker …have been working …really hard …at this stuff for a long time now. Baubles of Wisdom from one who …as I think it is now generally perceived …Babbles …more than …Baubles, are OK I suppose. But accomplish little real …WORK . 🙂

        1. Rather, In an amusing sidebar :

          Yesterday, I did indeed refer to the lady as ” Our beloved jurist ” in a humorous exchange we were having. In the gallows wit Irish way we understand there was certainly a Rose embrambled in my thorny Irish wit. I little doubt she saw the comment and thrilled to such a marker of esteem ; an Olive Branch rather than a hickory switch. That is my style. Yet, today she parenthetically grouses, reciting my name yet again in her cavil , that she would fain refer to herself as a …’ Jurist ‘…rather than juror, though …John King McDonald …might object. You know, she is kinda’ Kooky, but I still like her. And the beauty of that is that my thoughts and feelings have naught to do with her opinion of them.


          The Bard ( paraphrase)

  6. Jon, I do have a healthy fear of Wyshak and his ‘ko-operating killers’. I put nothing past him.
    What I fear more, is being complacent. What I detest is people that ‘talk a big talk’ and make excuses for their cowering posture. I despise individuals that claim morality is their guide (through whatever God they claim allegiance) and fail to defend it. That which I never want to be guilty of is mocking the ultimate sacrifice of the valiant that willingly gave their lives for the inalienable rights this nation was founded upon. Call me a fool. Call me Pollyannaish. It don’t care. I’m disgusted by individuals that have no actions to back their words. (And, I have no doubt that Steve Davis’ look of incredulity for me had more to do with his ignorance of the United State’s foundational principles of law and that he viewed me as having blown his chance of making more money off his sister’s murder!)
    I have three children (one who serves in the military) and a young grandchild that I wish to live in the land of the Free and the home of the Brave. Talking a big talk doesn’t secure that blessing for them. I’d rather come under the attack of Wyshak in attempting to expose this man that, in my opinion is an ‘enemy within’ than be counted among those that did nothing.
    I’ll attempt a letter to the Globe and Herald (as I have done many times). But, Jon, the Globe and Herald are a big part of the problem —. I believe it’s better to go to colleges and universities and appeal to professors of journalism, law, and history to speak truth to their students. (Or perhaps go to the students themselves). I think it’s time to go to the Senate and House Judiciary Committees. I think it’s time to get the attention of National and International news.
    But, the truth is, Jon, there are very few who would join me. Again — they talk a big talk.
    “We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice; we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself.”
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German theologian, anti-Nazi dissident, sentenced to death by Adolf Hitler (1906 – 1945)

  7. Dear Janet,
    I’m in Australia – that’s why asking for your help. When Stephen Rakes faced prison for lying to a grand jury – I chained myself to the federal courthouse revolving door in protest! This was the old courthouse where chaining yourself to the courthouse was possible.
    Stephen Rakes knew telling the truth about Whitey was a death sentence. I protested because that was obvious and prosecuting Stephen Rakes for perjury – when other more serious crimes are neglected – was wrong. The court understood my protest, and although I was quickly arrested, the charges were dismissed.
    Considering what happened to Stephen Rakes, I would think twice about going against Freddie. But if you have the courage, please help expose Freddie for allowing Kevin Weeks to commit a federal crime (perjury) – Kevin Weeks for numerous times committing perjury – and William Camuti for never facing justice. As stated before, two federal lawsuits and testimony before Judge Reginald Lindsay contradict Kevin Weeks’ testimony concerning those two murders.
    Kevin Weeks testified Whitey killed Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran by shooting them from a car. My brother was forced to be within ten feet from Michael Donahue’s car when Whitey’s associate jumped on the hood and killed Michael Donahue by shooting through the windshield. Then my brother watched Whitey stand beside Brian Halloran (who was lying on the pavement) and torture him with bullets.
    The widow of the security guard allegedly killed by Ralph DiMasi needs closure. But the Halloran and Donahue families also need closure. It must be very difficult for them to picture Kevin Weeks enjoying this holiday season, when they know he helped kill their husband/father and was allowed to commit perjury to obtain that freedom.
    The person most responsible, the person who would face the most humiliation for allowing Kevin Weeks to commit perjury – Freddie. If you have the courage, please use your writing ability, intelligence, and concern for America’s future to expose this federal corruption.
    Thank you for considering my request.
    Jon Stuen-Parker MPH

  8. Dear Janet,
    You write very well. Stephen Rakes was planning to expose Kevin Weeks’ perjury. That would be very easy since two lawsuits and testimony before Judge Lindsay contradict his numerous testimonies concerning the Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran murders.
    The day Stephen Rakes had the podium – the day he was cut from the prosecution witness list and the press would report his outrage – he was murdered with cyanide. The person doing the crime (William Camuti) has never faced justice. I believe Stephen Rakes paid the ultimate penalty for planning to harm Freddie – death.
    I was Stephen Rake’s best friend. His last communication with me (email): “Jon, You’re making me do this alone!” Stephen Rakes many times told me about William Camuti. He didn’t trust him. He would never lend him money. The claim that William Camuti killed Stephen Rakes because he owed Stephen Rakes money is outrageous!
    I indirectly asked Matt to write a Patriot Ledger article questioning why William Camuti has never faced justice. Since you personally know Ralph DiMasi – I’m asking you to somehow (Boston Globe/Herald letters to the editor, etc.) bring attention to the selective prosecution of criminals for murder. Why should Ralph DiMasi face murder when he’s trying to make the world better, when a scumbag (I say that because William Caumi’s court photo showed a slight smile) like William Camuti has never faced justice? Matt says the FBI doesn’t kill people. But history has shown they use other people for their dirty deeds.
    Matt wasn’t successful (if he tried). Your background, intelligence, and writing ability could possible succeed exposing Freddie, Kevin Weeks, and the truth why William Camuti murdered Stephen Rakes. Most important, you seem to really care about justice. John King McDonald, Rather Not, and myself are the only TTTT readers who showed they cared about justice concerning the murder of Stephen Rakes.
    This is the tip of the iceberg. But exposing Freddie for allowing Kevin Weeks’ perjury could help uncover a lot of federal corruption.
    If Ralph DiMasi murdered someone 50 years ago – he should face justice. But why should William Camuti be exempt from prosecution?
    Thank you for considering this important request.

  9. in other DOJ updates

    draft agenda for Wednesday, 28 December Teleconference
    Dec 24, 2016, 11:54 PM
    From 9/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference
    9/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference
    Draft Agenda for 12/28/16 Teleconference

    8pm (ET)/5pm (PT)   Teleconference #  (641) 715-0632    Access code: 551571#

    Holiday greetings all,

    We all easily recall the frisson of excitement when Drs. Stephen Jones and Niels Harrit independently confirmed the presence of copious amounts of unreacted nano-thermite in the WTC dust samples, thereby electrifying the 9/11 Truth movement. Whilst some were quick to point to this novel incendiary as the efficient cause of the pulverization of the WTC buildings, more careful analysts soon revealed a problem: nano-thermite lacks the innate explosive potential to have accomplished that feat.  This left a major gap in controlled demolition theory, but now Dr. Ronald Cutburth offers a solution: He asserts that another substance, called “nano-RDX,” was developed by Lawrence Livermore Labs, where he was engaged, at the same time as nano-thermite, and it has far greater explosive velocity.  He believes it also was deployed at the WTC. Dr. Cutburth will give us a detailed briefing on his theory, the background of nano-RDX, and of course, his answers to our questions afterwards.

    To close us out, Wayne Coste will offer a short presentation on the Lloyd England saga, postponed from last month due to time constraints.

    As always, we’ll reserve time for your announcements.

    Please join us this Wednesday evening for these latest currents from the Truth Movement.

    Ken Freeland
    Cheryl Curtiss
    Craig McKee

    Mark Your Calendar for Wednesday 18 January!!  At long last, the third in our series of Pentagon debates is scheduled for this EXTRA teleconference  (Barbara Honegger vs. Craig McKee:  “A plane was destroyed at the Pentagon.”)


    DRAFT AGENDA for Wednesday 28 December Teleconference

    I Roll Call, minutes approval, agenda approval  (5 min)

    II  Nano-RDX and 9/11 [Ronald Cutburth, PhD] {James Hufferd} (45 min + Q&A)

    III  “Lloyd England’s Taxicab: A Comprehensive Review of the Accident Scene” [Wayne Coste, PE] (15 min)
    {view the accompanying pdf here}

    IV Announcements

    V  Any available updates on issues of identified ongoing concern (if any remaining time):
    New articles, books, films, or recent news about 9/11 or other Deep State crimes
    9/11 and the Deep State on the legal front, including current adjudicatory efforts by Lawyers for 9/11 Inquiry, JASTA, 28 pages, William Pepper’s efforts with AE911Truth against NIST and the Dept. of Commerce
    Censorship and cognitive infiltration: new examples of censorship or harassment of members of the Truth community;  MSM treatment of 9/11 Truth
    The 9/11 Crash Test
    The 9/11 Consensus Panel

    1. John,

      Yet,…at the same time…

      “…Life etches itself onto our faces as we grow older, showing our violence, our excesses, and our kindnesses…”

      1. Rather, Good of you to stop by. Brevity may be the soul of wit, but I always liked when you would break the traces of the throwaway line and wing it free feather in your prose , as it were. I think you can write, and more to the point want to express something about your experiences growing up …” In the belly of the beast. ” So, carve away, man.

        David Margolis died about two years ago I think. He was as institutional a figure as Hoover and considered a kingmaker, and preserver . Like Hoover though, he is a dead letter box as regards searching for Zip codes in the DOJ in this entire matter.

        There is no …” And yet … ” that Pablo would not appreciate as to the ways in which a face mirrors a World ; and the World mirrors a face. It is what cannot be seen that is the profound mystery . G-O-D 🙂

        1. John,

          My brevity is incidental. I try to be concise all the time, though,.. with an attempted touch of dry wit.
          “If you are truly an honest thinker, and a critical thinker , and a critically honest thinker as well as a honestly critical thinker” is beautiful, by the way.
          …and “Zip codes”……priceless.

          I’m flattered that a GREAT writer like you thinks I can write, and thank you for saying so, but I will stick to secondary commentary and friendly banter….there are no stories waiting to burst out of me…..just questions, my friend.

          1. 🙂 Rather, We both appreciate the many contributors to this blog, but I am tickled that you picked right up on ” Zip” which I got that inward chuckle on as I wrote it.
            I am not surprised that my brother adherent to Boston ward heeler Martin Lomasney’s dictum … ” Never write when you can speak. Never speak when you can nod. And never nod when you can wink .”… would get that right off.

            And now my Friend is time perhaps to grab the customary seats at the end of the bar, just inside the entrance, and see just who walks through the door of Joe’s Place. There are rumors of the Kennedy School Of Government students storming the Moakley to hustle Freddy Wyshak back off to ” Camelot High” for a thorough …re-educatin’. And our favorite Bulger jurist is vowing to place his head on a pike in the spirit of Christian Charity.

            So, We watch. We wait. We listen . We nod at the Idealist. And wink at the quiet fellow in the dark green vest.

  10. Sorry you seem stung by the commentary Ms. Uhlar. You have a pollyannish view of these events in many respects, and yet an upright moral sense I admire and have previously commented upon in this blog.

    If you feel that yours is the lone voice in the wilderness and it comforts you to take a simplistic view that Fred is the devil and the lamb of god was just another porkchop on the Federal Docket, then so be it. You vilify, but words are cheap. I do not need you ..
    Janet Uhlar … to instruct me as to body counts, villainy, mob iniquities or Federal malfeasance. Your wheelhouse is the strength of purpose you displayed in rightly condemning a process rife with constitutional injustices especially as regards Jimmy Bulger’s trial . When you personalize it to the degree you have with Wyshak, well then, again you are just strolling by the museum and not realizing that the Old Masters within hold the secrets . Fred is a figurehead. You have been conned into believing that sitting in a jury box and hearing perjured testimony is something new in Boston. You are a latecomer to this band of incarnadined brothers. Stevie Davis’s look of incredulity as he beheld you outside the Moakley that day and asked if you were serious, said it all. A Screetch Owl may have howled at my birth, but I would prefer to continue thinking you are nonesuch. Do continue to enjoy the holiday! 🙂

    1. JKMcD: Your cautions regarding Wyshak are exemplary. They apply to all matters.

      You present the DOJ’s Javert as a “figurehead”. An interesting concept. It implies a hidden hand, a tacit conspiracy. Who or what or why then is there an entity casting a shadow across the courthouse?

      It could be the self-interest of the bureaucracy itself. It could be Racist animosity. It could be an individual with a hatred of the former Senate president. Any theories? Are there persons making furtive phone calls?

      A figurehead by definition is fronting for someone else. Searching for a motive behind the obsessive prosecutions by outrageous means should lead to someone. Who is hating?

      1. Taddy , probably plus or minus several billion in damages, as well as many careers and reputations who would essentially have wittingly or unwittingly engaged in an ongoing criminal conspiracy spanning decades would be ” hating .” Mr. Wheeler’s family broached a billion plus suit based upon his founding of Teradyne Corporation and the subsequent digital age explosion of which it was a viable precursor. He was prescient, and his death untimely forswore subsequent earnings. Interest accumulates . Ditto for other Whitey Saga cases . I would add at this point that the Widow Morlock would no doubt have appreciated your sharp worded denunciation of a rather …breezy … recitation of facts in our wily moderator’s post today, much as I did. And now, TO WIT :


        ” From John Martorano, The man who said you can’t rat on a rat, We learned that he did rat on Howie Winter who never ratted on anyone. Nor had Howie ever been put in any FBI file as an informant . He told the Feds to take a walk.”

        ” If Catherine folds then that would only leave Howie who never ratted anyone out or wrote a book.”

        DEC.27,2016 MTC POST TODAY :

        ” Here is Ralphie Running up Morrissey Boulevard with a knife and with his body spouting blood and the guys like Winter and Martorano in the car with guns see him coming toward them hit the gas and flee in fear. They were always tough guys against unarmed guys.”

        Tadzio, Some people just do not get it apparently until they …get it. Words and bluster are cheap. I have yet to meet the man who would look a Stand Up Guy like Howie in the face and tell him he was a coward. The same is doubly true for Jimmy Bulger. Again, your shrewd and honest comments are appreciated! 🙂

      2. Tadzio, ★ TELEX CORPORATION and not Teradyne Corp. was founded by Roger Wheeler. In the big picture World Jai Alai is the enterprise that entangles his name. However, his real and proven genius was the founding of TELEX.

          1. Tadz, Johnny Mac,
            cc: msfreeh

            Sally Yates is spot on when she says Margolis’ “dedication to our [DOJ] mission knew no bounds”. That is not necessarily in a good way though, and Margolis was far from the the “personification of all that is good about the Department of Justice”. Mr. Margolis may have been such internally at the Department, but it is far less than clear he is really all that to the public and citizenry the Department is designed to serve. Indeed there is a pretty long record Mr. Margolis consistently not only frustrated accountability for DOJ malfeasance, but was the hand which guided and ingrained the craven protection of any and all DOJ attorneys for accountability, no matter how deeply they defiled the arc of justice.

            This is no small matter. When DOJ Inspectors General go to Congress to decry the fact that there is an internal protection racket within the Department of Justice shielding even the worst wrongs by Department attorneys…..
            …..”and so onand so on and Ortiz and Whyshak”

  11. Which of us can claim to be like St. Francis of Assisi (or which can ‘throw the first stone’?) The fact of the matter is that as time has passed, Ralph DeMasi has become a decent person. Can anyone say the same of Fred Wyshak? No one here is a schoolgirl or schoolboy. To the contrary, age develops wisdom. Ralph planned a robbery and served a ridiculous sentence for it. The man was minding his own business living his life and offering positive ideas for society as a whole. He was dragged into the Bulger trial by Wyshak.
    Wyshak on the other hand, in my honest opinion, has become ‘an enemy within’ and a threat to the Constitutional Rights of American citizens.
    Did you miss that history/social studies class in school? Seems school shouldn’t be out for you yet.
    As for holding your nose when you pass by Wyshak — it’s not so much his stench that is offensive; but the pile of bodies (at least 50 deep — including two teens who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time! The lives and deaths of these individuals were deemed meaningless by Wyshak — and the Federal Judges who have allowed this atrocity!

  12. This is the problem : If you are truly an honest thinker, and a critical thinker , and a critically honest thinker as well as a honestly critical thinker …and your premise is …it’s all a lie by Freddy …then you have to toss it …all…out.

    Slightly histrionic sketches of a Standup Ralphie spouting blood as he sprints after assailants unknown on Morrissey Boulevard become as much the stuff of imaginative fabrication as do tales of setup guys as hapless victims …in any particular scenario . It is easy to label Fred Wyshak the mad painter of scenes incredible, but you have to canvass his entire gallery and realize that the predominant color dripping from his palette is …blood red. Fred’s palette is awash in it ….inundated with it …soaked and running crimson with it. What’s an Artist or a tasked Federal Prosecutor to do?

    Characterizing him as Inspector Javert or suggesting physical deficits that psychologically drive a compulsion to blast the Irish any way possible is … comforting and a sop to consciense …but, just does not get us past the Indian at the entrance to Fred’s Museum Of Fine Arts. We become like the tourist who having seen the Eiffel Tower imagines that he has climbed to its top and beheld Paris in all of its spectacular glory …and grime.

    Ralph DiMasi is a standup guy, but by no means is he St. Francis Of Assisi. Fred Wyshak is a ruthlessly crafty illusionist, but by no means is he the Antichrist. He had a serious mess involving unofficial and official villains that he was charged with cleaning up. So, Fred Wyshak put on his waders and is joined at the hip with an incredible amount of crap. To fastidiously hold ones nose as you pass him while throwing nosegays at confirmed incorrigibles like Ralph is something schoolgirls and schoolboys do. School is out . 🙂

  13. Matt, Tadzio, Janet, NC: Well said! Words of wisdom! Wyshak’s”diabolical dealings”, his coddling of serial killers like Martorano, and his likeness to the fanatical vindictive obsessive “Inspector Javert” are apt characterizations. How many more serial killers will Wyshak coddle and manipulate to use against witnesses and defendants?

  14. Wyshak has operated in the same manner as Nifong did in the Duke lacrosse case. Nifong was disbarred and charged with a crime. Prosecutors are not immune or above the law. Failing to disclose exculpatory information as was done to Connolly. Producing knowingly false testimony in several trials. Thirdly inventing crimes and malicious prosecution as happened to the Probation Officials. All of the above should be considered obstruction of justice. A grand jury should be impannelled 2 The Dimasi charge is comparable to the Fitzpatrick case. Fitzpatrick’s testimony had no bearing on the Whitey case. After his testimony he appeared outside the Courthouse and truthfully stated to the press that Connolly was not the leak but Morris was. This assertion was counter to the false narrative that the Feds were peddling so this truth had to be punished, A resulting indictment for the former FBI agent on statements that were clearly immaterial e.g. whether he was the first to find the MLK murder weapon in Memphis. So too Dimasi points out the truth about what a sham the DOJ in Boston is with it’s deal with Gucci Martorano and Winter. Ten serial killers set free to get one guy. The entire Whitey trial was a publicity stunt. They could have left him in the Golden State with his forty guns to receive a life sentence. 3. What is the evidence against Dimasi? The murder took place 25 years ago. Who is fingering him? Is it Flemmi? The rifleman has implicated Salemme in the DiSarro case. Is he doing it again. How can decades old claims from OC hit men have any credibility? If a Texas prosecutor brought Charles Manson before a grand jury and he stated that he was in Boston in June 1963 and overheard Bellotti and Dukakis plotting the JFK hit would Charlie be released and indictments against the Bay Staters ensue? That crazy scenario is no more preposterous than what was done with Winter, Nee and Gucci and to Connolly. Totally invented claims with no capacity to confirm or verify. What a sorry excuse for a justice system is the Boston Federal Court. This is what you get when you partner with the Mafia..

  15. As a juror observing Wyshak and Kelly’s puppet show, I was in awe of Ralph DeMasi. The first words out of his mouth on the witness stand were that he was there ‘under duress’. Of course the jury was quickly ushered out of the courtroom per Wyshak’s insistence. My immediate take on the situation: this guy was not a puppet.
    Ralph’s testimony went on to challenge Wyshak with every word uttered. He stated that he never set eyes on Jim Bulger until that day. And, guess what? Jim Bulger was not found guilty for O’Brien’s murder (a murder dear Johnny Martorano confessed to).
    Seems the Boston ‘journalists’ and news anchors don’t care about verdicts (just as Judge Casper didn’t seem to when she allowed impact statements on murders Bulger wasn’t convicted of). Boston’s tabloid writers from the Globe and Herald (as well as Channels 4 and 5) reported that Jim Bulger shot Ralph DeMasi. That’s not what Ralph said, and the jury listened to Ralph and followed the evidence presented.
    I contacted Ralph after the trial. We became friends. I found him to be a kind hearted man who wants true prison reform; wants children to learn anger management starting in elementary school; wants the death penalty restored; doesn’t want serial killers like Martorano and Flemmi walking the streets; and wants a National First Responders Day enacted.
    I introduced Ralph to Jim Bulger via mail. Yes, they communicate, having never known one another prior to that day in court (I’m sure Wyshak has copies of these letters that will attest to this).
    Did Ralph DeMasi commit a murder 25 years ago? Having had the opportunity to get to know Ralph, I seriously doubt it. Having seen the diabolical dealings of Wyshak, I don’t believe he did. Indeed, I have come to believe that Wyshak has a mental imbalance or a serious character or physical flaw that he is desperate to make up for with his unbridled power (as did the fictional character Javert).
    And, as Wyshak has done to so many loved ones of victims, I believe he’s offering the family, so distraught by this murder 25 years ago, false hope. Their emotions, like the emotions of the Donahue family, are of no concern to him (so it seems).
    Wyshak has ‘taken down’ those who dared to defy him during the trial of Jim Bulger — Bob Fitzpatrick and Ralph DeMasi. Next on his list? Perhaps the real estate attorney whose testimony revealed Wyshak’s ignorance. Or perhaps the elderly FBI secretary Desi Sideropoulus, whose testimony corroborated that of Fitzpatrick’s. Who will be next?
    Has Fred Wyshak violated the law? In my opinion he certainly has; over and over and over again. The question is: What can we do to make him accountable?

  16. No one is entitled to a Get Out Of Jail Free card. The question as to DiMasi is: Did he murder the bank guard? Btw, did that forlorn soul have a name? A family? Or does he lie in a pauper’s grave unmourned?

    From this column and others an additional question arises: Has EFFing Wyshak’s conduct of his office been criminal? A pattern has emerged indicating that abusive prosecutor’s discretion has reached on his part the level of criminality. Furthermore, it displays a hate-filled ethnic anti-Irish Racism. EFFing W is less attractive than Police Inspector Javert who was merely fictional.

    1. ★PORT CAFE … Across from Pier Restaurant . Ralph is a rugged character. And he is …A Character.


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