Is This What The Trump Supporters Will Bring Us?

(`) Liberty CriesI have some people I know who are big Trump supporters. On occasion, they send me emails that they circulate among themselves. I assume they do it because they believe me to be a liberal and perhaps think they are throwing a friendly jab at me every once in a while. I don’t mind since mostly they are innocuous comments on Democrats.

These are also the people who have fallen in love with the philosophy of the Russian atheist  Ayn Rand whose family lost its business in Russia to the communists so they fled to America and were die-hard enemies of communism as practiced back in their homeland. Rand looked at the world through narrow lenses dividing it into the “good people”, the wealthy, usually railroad, mine and factory owners and the rest who she considered some type of moochers because they thought they should be paid a living wage. These individuals identify themselves with the “good people” and look down upon the other Americans.

Ayn’s “good people” build nirvana somewhere in the Colorado Rockies to escape from the rest of the Americans who are portrayed as disease infected dirt-balls. Money equals goodness — sort of a take off on the old WASP idea. It is no wonder then that they support the candidacy of Donald Trump who plans to make America Great Again by walking over all those who the “good people” don’t believe contribute their fair share to our country. Of course the first step the Trumpeteers are hoping for is a reduction in their taxes which means that others than the “good people” will have to pick up a greater burden.

As those who follow me know I am writing a book and as part of that I have gone back to the turn of the century (19th into 20th) America. Those were the times of the Jim Crow laws. One device effectively used was to parody African-Americans in cartoons to make them look a little bit less cultured, very ignorant and different from other Americans. Those who remember the Amos ‘N’ Andy shows know blacks were shown as little more than moronic clowns which was up until the mid 1950s and during a time when few other blacks appeared on television or in decent roles in Hollywood.

Slowly white America turned from its black exclusionary policy into opening the doors more and more despite fierce opposition from some. It was not until the Voting Rights Act of 1964 that the wholesale disenfranchisement of African-Americans in the South was addressed. Imagine, American citizens who were not allowed to vote because of their color and some who peacefully protested were beaten down with clubs. Gains have been made over the years to a less racist society into one where we are more likely to judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

Now these Trumpeteers  who email me on occasion are all college educated and some have advanced degrees. They are people who you would expect do not dwell among those wallowing in the muck of racism. So imagine my surprise, and chagrin, when I  received an email with the following cartoon attached which seemed to have met with universal approval among them.

Obama Movin' DayI had to respond: “Some would suggest that this is the type of racist thinking that infects our society.  Perhaps you should pause and think if you were black if you would find much humor in that. “

I then wondered how much of that type thinking was involved in deciding to vote for Trump. It could portend very scary days ahead!

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  1. Bill: Wa-llahi! I can only hurt you with ideas. Relax, you’re pretty much impervious to complex thought.

  2. ” There are only two races in the World : The Decent and the Indecent ” VICTOR FRANKEL

    NC pops with ” Votaries” …Tadzio wheels out ” Pharisaical” and Bill C. does the Jesuits proud with a eloquent vivisection of Khalid’s positions on the greatest imposition on the Mother Bitch Of Woe that is America 2017 , The Jewwwwwwsss 🙂 …. Nope , just kidding of course …. THE WHITE DEVIL! …Would that it were all so simple.

    1. hutch ??? I seldom post any arguments I don’t compose. My thoughts are original.

      Henry: There are no racial distinctions in Islam. Muslims come in all skin shades. We all speak for each other. Western European descended cultures have a corner on color prejudice. You don’t see much of that in the rest of the world. Anyway, your prejudices seem to revolve around social class more than race. If an Afro-American apes white greed, you are fine with him/her. If that person sticks up for their own, you are against them. Black Lives Matter. All power to the dialectic!

  3. Thugs? No, man. I hold sway over one hundred goats, six dogs, and, two horses. Is raising thugs a profitable business? I might try it. You can’t get shit outta the land these days. I’m hoping Wississippi will legalize the weed.

  4. All I want to know is will Trump attend Nicky Scarfo’s funeral ?

    I wonder why The Donald’s relationships with certain folks didn’t float to the top of the cesspool during the campaign.

    1. Good observation, Hutch. These white supremacist dudes are kind of short in the original thought department.

  5. “As a black conservative Republican, I have been called a traitor to my race. All my life, blacks have maligned me for not relating to fellow human beings through an invisible divisive wall of race. I deal with people as individuals. Good and bad people come in all colors.

    “Here we are, folks, another Black History Month. How awesomely inspiring it would be if powerful black voices in media, education, and politics used the occasion to celebrate blacks who achieved success via self-reliance, education, hard work and right choices?

    “Sadly, every Black History Month, Leftists rip the scab off old racial wounds. Their goal is to anger black youths rather than inspiring them to follow extraordinary blacks’ paths to excellence. Leftists want blacks to forever view themselves as victims of white racist America where cops murder them at will. The truth is, America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet. Unfortunately, far too many blacks have been duped into believing that remaining loyal Democrat voters is the only way to keep racist white America at bay.”


  6. Sorry Bill. I have a hard earned street PHD in racism. It took me a hundred and three months to complete. I’m just trying to give you the benefit of my experience. I’ll try not to talk over your head. I’ve known some radical racists, spent hours in conversation with them. Nothing else to do, I guess. Keeping in mind that some of them were killers, we still managed to have lively debates. It’s a respect thing. I’d tease out the ironies their beliefs. You’d think they’d be enraged, but, they weren’t. Wa-llahi! They asked me to propose. Couldn’t do it. I hate tattoos.

  7. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. ” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

    So, when you fairly and objectively judge someone on the content of their character yet the color of their skin is different from yours, is that racism?

      1. Ed:

        That is an interesting article showing how word which seem so clear to some are interpreted in an opposite manner by others. My take is that MLK asked us to look beyond the race of a person and look at what the person is or has done. You should judge a white rioter in the same way you treat a black rioter. However, you don’t ignore color in the greater context as where ten times a many blacks are imprisoned than whites; or, in the early 20th century when ten times as many blacks were lynched than whites.

  8. Racism, Racism everywhere, and never a stop to think, such as nonsense like Amos ‘n Andy was Racist because many of its characters were clownish. As opposed what what comic figures of the era? Ralpn Kramden the bookish bus driver or Lucy Ricardo the PBS style intellectual? Comedy is exaggeration and usually employs clownish figures. Most liberal race sensitivity is pandering to Negroes and/or Pharisaical breast beating.

    Poseurs are more offensive. Folks who have to constantly virtue signal their moral superiority take the cake. They are also hypocrites and seen so more today than previously because just about every school child has figured out that anti-Racism is a code word for anti-White.

    The tired old liberal memes designed to divide the people are not working anymore. If one is unsure about this, one should check the election results for the President, Congress, governors and state legislatures.

    For two generations liberals bought votes by promising economic goodies to some and by extorting votes by promoting White Guilt. The invoices are now coming due. Today’s young have figured out who is the goat, who is to pay the bill. They see their talents wasted, their hopes strangled by Racist politicians, especially the Democrats who gleefully have tossed the White working class into a garbage bin.

    There was a similar movement in 1980 and they were called Reagan Democrats. Perhaps today they should be called Dumpster Democrats – those lower middle class blue collar families that the DNC, Schumer and Pelosi scorn because the color of their skin and the churches they worship in are not fashionable in Hollywood, Georgetown, San Francisco or Manhattan.

    Accept it. You lost. Get over it.

  9. N.C. You are 100% correct on all points. The Deep State is something to be feared. It’s something to be controlled and contained. The FBI looked like an unaccountable secret police when they refused to go before Congress after being summoned following the Boston Marathon Bombing. The CIA and FBI have to realize they are accountable to the President and the people through their elected representatives. An authoritarian bureaucracy acting independently is fascism, per se!

  10. Some yell anti semetism to stifle debate. Others yell racism to denounce opposing views. Voting for Trump had nothing to do with race. It was a vote for change. 2. Christopher Hitchens noted during the 2007 financial collapse that Paulsen and Greenspan were votaries of Mary Baker Eddy and Ayn Rand whom he described as two of the battiest females ever to infest the American scene.3. What is your take on the Russian dossier? Bob Woodward said he has been around for forty plus years and seen many reports. He described it as garbage. Nothing in it has been verified and it has been around for six months. Why would Russia make it public if it intended to blackmail someone? Can you blackmail another with public information? The dossier was compiled by a former MI6 spook named Steele. A former British Ambassador Wood vouched for Steele’s credibility. According to British press Wood told Sen. McCain where he could get a copy. McCain sent an aide to England to retrieve it. McCain then turned it over to the FBI. Is this a British intelligence plot to get Trump. Trump has called for changes in NATO which the Brits oppose, The Brits have no military or diplomatic power of their own. They are only relevant if the can snooker Uncle Sam into going along with their intrigues. They will fiercely resist change. 4. Are Greenwald and Dick Morris right about the Deep State trying to prevent Trump from having a free hand in foreign policy? Is there a plot to hamstring the new President? Is the entrenched establishment pulling out all stops? Morris has called this a coup d’etat by the intel guys. Are we witnessing a rerun of Seven Days in May but done by the CIA instead of the military? Is McCain the James Matoon Scot of this drama? Two former high ranking CIA officers Morrell and Hadyn, both supporters of Hillary accused Trump of being a useful idiot of the Russians in August. Were they part of this plot? Hope Trump is strong enough to ignore this smear campaign and appoints a special counsel to get to the bottom of this conspiracy.

    1. NC:

      3. Bernstein totally disagreed with Woodward. Perhaps because Woodward is on Fox News and Bernstein on CNN they have decided on their positions. I don’t think it was Russia who made the report public; it was a British MI6 guy who gave it to the FBI.

      Don’t think Brits were after Trump. After all he is a big Brexit supporter.

      4. Greenwald is an anti-American crank. Dick Morris is a fraud who goes where the money is – first with Clinton and then when ejected over to Fox. The intel guys don’t believe we should ally ourselves with Russia against our long time friends.

      Since when did America become so Russia friendly.

  11. My bad. Your tongue can write all sorts (of) checks, your ass won’t have to cash’

    That picture is very insulting. In the Fed joint, if you wanted to share that joke you’d have to attend a Christian white identity Bible meeting, where, every week, white racists get together and exchange hatreds. The legalities of religious freedom create that small space for venomous self-expression.

    1. Khalid: Stop the Gangsta Gibberish! We’re not in jail. You don’t have thugs at your command to stifle expression!
      How about not threatening people with physical violence for holding opposing views?
      Lighten up!
      You see “racism” in a picture; I don’t. That should be the end of it. But no . . .
      You label me “a racist on the Internet” and imagine me being brutalized in prison because I don’t agree with you. Pretty sick stuff!!!
      2. I always liked watching Amos and Andy, the Kingfisher, the Three Stooges, the Marx Brothers, Red Skeleton, Red Foxx, Moving on Up, Archie Bunker, Steve Allen, Sid Caesar, Jack Parr, Jackie Mason and George Carlin — I guess to some people that makes me a racist, anti-Semite, anti-Irish, anti-White, anti-American T.V. watcher. Thank God I’m not in prison, where if I watched those shows, I’d get beaten up by thugs and bullies – – – and that really would teach me something, wouldn’t it?
      3. To all hypersensitive politically correct illiberal folk out there who can’t take a joke: go jump in a lake!

  12. Bill C: In some inclement climes, openly expressing racist sentiments like those pictured above could get your bell rung with a mop ringer. It’s easy, and, safe, to be a racist on the INTERNET. Your tongue can write all sorts checks your ass won’t have to cash.

  13. You can poke fun at Bush and Trump (white people) (relentlessly done on SNL) and mock Trump’s supporters as “Trumpeteers” evoking Mickey Mouse Mouseketeers, but you can’t poke fun at Obama and Holder (black people). You can call Hill and Billary Clinton the Beverley Hillbillies but you can’t call Obama the same.
    Some people see racism behind every tree.
    Get off your high horses and lighten up! Or is that a racist comment?
    Speaking of racism, what about these jabs at WASPs?
    Matt: welcome back; good ideas, even though we disagree!

  14. It’s too bad, some of the racists commenting on this blog haven’t experienced the type of harsh environment where black people get to run the show. They’d develop a much more nuanced perspective on race relations once they had spent a little time there.

    1. I see black people in a take-off of a TV show. Seriously, I see nothing offensive. Maybe more coffee would help me.

  15. This is a take-off of “The Beverly Hillbillies.” It involves the current administration. Those of us who don’t care for Obama might get a chuckle out of what you’re calling a cartoon.

    I’m missing the racist element(s) here. What, exactly, are they?

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