It Wasn’t That She Was A Women: It Was That She Was She

hillary-cartoonThe American people have no objection to a woman being in the highest office in the land. They do have problems with just any woman occupying that office. In the same election when the American people denied that office to one particular woman, they elected three minority women to the Senate. Women are near making up 25% of that body. That’s not too shoddy when you consider it has mostly been an old white man’s club.

Hillary Clinton did not lose because she was a woman. She lost because she was Hillary Clinton. She would not have been in that position to run for the office had she not been married to Bill Clinton. When she was a younger women back in 2008 she lost in a Democratic primary to Barack Obama a relatively unknown junior senator.

An article back in June 2008 set out what it believed the reasons why Obama defeated her. Five reasons in favor of Obama were: his message for change over Hillary’s talk of experience, his superior organization, his coolness under fire, his candor and truthfulness, and his respect for voters. It said Clinton lost because she: had no respect for the voters, poor strategy, weak management, arrogance and sense of entitlement.

The only thing that basically changed was she gained in the area of being seen as lacking candor and truthfulness. The article said that when it was clear Obama was going to get the nod “both Clintons were so far inside their narcissistic bubble that longtime friends didn’t dare tell her to quit in recent weeks because they knew she would never speak to them again. “

She could not win the Democratic primary in 2008 when only Democrats were running; why was it thought she could win the national election? She should have won because she was running against the only candidate who was more disliked than she was. A candidate put in the race by her husband Bill.

What people in the media and elsewhere miss is that neither she nor her husband are very well liked outside of the inner circles of the Democratic Party which they have controlled since 1993, almost a quarter of a century. Obama might have been a Democratic president for eight of those years but the Clintons were always operating behind the scene to control much of what happened. As the article noted, you had to follow their lead or be left to bleed.

Bill was a fairly popular president but it was more as a “good ole boy” who you could have a drink with at the Dublin House. When it turned out he sold pardons at the end of his career and his exploits with young Monica in the White House were recalled, except for  die-hard Democrats he really was best kept out of the limelight – he was, as you may recall, only the second president in the history of the United States to be impeached – could you imagine the wife of Andrew Johnson running for president. Bill is the guy who arrives to liven up a party but who no one wants to take home.

Hillary this year still possessed the same old arrogance and entitlement which is now enhanced by her lack of candor. There would have been no Democratic primary this year had not Old Bernie got it into his Socialist head that people were tiring of the Clintons same-old, same-old. He knew Hillary would run with the program of more of the same; he figured he could run because of the sense that people wanted a change. His audience, mostly young voters always ready to grab at something that seems pure who have no historic understanding of the evils of socialism, marched forward with their red and black flag colleagues, and that ragtag outfit also almost beat her.

Hillary put the knock on Comey for undermining her. She would have been better off pointing the finger at her buddy Bill. He reminded people how corrupt the Clintons were with his visit to the Attorney General within a week of the decision on whether to prosecute Hillary for her handling of the emails. Who but someone who thinks the laws do not apply to him would have pulled such a stunt.

Even with that the real blame belongs with Hillary herself. She will never accept that. She will point out she won two million more votes than Trump. You have to remember she is still a young seventy year older and covet the idea of being the first female president.



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  1. Awwwww Matt :

    Actually you did not delete that post, you Eminence Grise of thorny torts and sharp reports 🙂 MEA CULPA … Ir is worth repeating however.

  2. ” Forget it Jake, It’s Chinatown ”

    Movie : CHINATOWN .

    Matt : In some fit of PC sensitivity you seem to have deleted this quote I posted from an iconic and blockbuster American Film. So, here it is again. There is no.slur intended in a word that is completely and resplendently present in the AMERICAN LEXICON. . You gravely insult all Americans of Chinese ancestry in denying them the richness of their original cultural enclaves … as they reside … CHINATOWN … PROUD .. in many major American cities. Including Boston .

    1. Dear John King, Yes, Brian Halloran was screaming in agonizing death throes. He was screaming profanities at Whitey and Whitey was screaming profanities at him. After dropping Brian Halloran with a couple of bullets, Whitey tortured him for about two minutes. My brother testified in front of Judge Lindsay concerning the Brain Halloran and Michael Donahue murders. Brian Halloran was wearing white coveralls. Whitey started shooting at his ankles and slowly moved up to his chest. My brother watched the red dots appear on Brian Halloran’s white coveralls. He said Brian Halloran was “flapping like a flounder.”
      Stephen Rakes was my best friend. He wouldn’t even lend me money. He lent NOBODY money. Stephen once told me, “I’ll feed you. I’ll cloth you. But I won’t lend you money.” The story that William Camuti owed Stephen Rakes money is outrageous!
      Kevin Weeks testified that Whitey never left his car when murdering Brian Halloran. My brother’s testimony concerning the Brian Halloran and Michael Donohue murders was completely different from Kevin Weeks’ testimony concerning those murders. My brother told the truth, he had no reason to lie. Kevin Weeks had a major reason to lie – he wanted to increase his status as a government witness. The federal seal was placed on my brother’s witness statement to allow Kevin Weeks’ perjury. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that fragment of federal corruption.
      Two FBI agents were at the apartment of my brother’s girlfriend 40 minutes after the murders. His license plate was registered to our mother’s house. My mother didn’t know the location of that apartment. The only way the FBI could have found his girlfriend’s apartment was if they followed my brother’s car or if one of Whitey’s gang followed his car and contacted the FBI.
      Stephen Rakes was determined to expose Kevin Weeks’ perjury. Matt writes extensively about Fred Wyshak – but seems not to care when someone determined to release a “bombshell” – that would also expose Fred Wyshak for allowing perjury – gets murdered. I was hoping Matt would speak to Stephen Davis and use this interview for another excellent Patriot Ledger article. That’s how you create change, by getting the public interested. Matt has the contacts for publishing at the Patriot Ledger. He should at least try to publish an article questioning why William Camuti has escaped justice. This article could also mention related perjury allowed by Fred Wyshak. Such an article would definitely help educate the public about federal corruption – something desperately needed! But considering how the press bows to the FBI, doing so would probably kill the article.
      I will not give up trying to expose this federal corruption. Matt is a good man. I hope he remembers Edmund Burke’s quote: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” A Patriot Ledger article question why William Caumti has escaped justice would be a wonderful Christmas gift for America.

      1. Jon,

        I was always impressed with your intelligence as you made your way through the Yale School Of Public Health . Your creation of the needle programs and the oft militant Aids Brigade were impressive guerilla efforts to do good. I scoffed when those Spartans among us said that the Brigade could be a shakedown crew tactically sometimes ; You know that charge got into the wind at the time. It does not take a cynic or a rocket scientist. however, to realize that Uncle Sam can shake it down with the best of them.

        I will not question your brother Jaime’s fact patterns except to suggest that anyone who drove up on such a scene would not have stuck around while … Whomever … was shooting Brian. They would not sit there for two minutes. They would have the survival instinct to drive off when those … machine guns started spraying … or whatever it was. If interested, I recollect the local television news reports that night that cited a truly … prolonged … session of machine gun fire. These reports are archived certainly ..I also recollect the surprise expressed on the newscast that all this happened in such crucial proximity to the Navy Yard.

        Buttlescutt had it that there were about 100 witnesses across Northern Ave. opposite the Port Cafe. None seemed to elicit the same intense interest as your Brother as witnesses. They were nearly as close presumably, although probably were doing the prairie gopher pop up.for a look as they took table cover.

        The fact pattern you loyally maintain was cited by your brother is more consistent with a handgun than a machine gun as a specific assassination weapon. Any layman would infer the same from your account.

        I do not doubt that Jaime drove up and was there for several moments of personal horror ; not two full minutes. The rest of his account seems a pastiche of neighborhood Intelligence. We were not all rocket scienrists , but many witnessed it considering the many accounts circulating at the time.

        You have a lot of Character, Jon Stuen-Parker. It is only because I respect this that I speculate to this extent. I wish you luck in your continued quest. John

  3. What would the bombshell have been? That the 1982 report was sealed was a matter of public record. I remember a tough kid, who later turned out to be a closet genius in many respects, rocking back and forth on his roller skates as I stood in a doorway next to Tom Kirley’s place on Cambridge. His seemed a skeptics look upon life.

    Would not a skeptic suppose that Fred Wyshak did not need to enlist the slightly dypsomaniacal services of Bill C. as a hitman ? Would not a skeptic suppose that there would be consequently little investment in consciously and deliberately delaying prosecution?

    More likely is that Bill Camuti met Steven Rakes at that McDonald’s, owing him money, and exploiting
    the opportunity that Rakes” braggadocio about a ” bombshell ” gave him to….. muddy the waters … as he murdered him with … cyanide vile … and beat a debt.

    There were many Southie socialites, young and full of piss and vinegar, down at the Port Cafe that day in May ’82 . It was a popular spot. It was a beautiful day. Buttlescutt had it in the Neighborhood afrerwards that a poor soul had driven up on a bad scene and was within close range. It also has it that Edward Brian Halloran was screaming in agonizing death throes, and thrashing in those throes. This would at the least, shock, most people. At the most it could in a way … crack … the Mind of a sensitive person. I can only offer you, only this, John . Read it. Respect it. Leave it be.

  4. Dear Matt, You previously wrote an excellent Patriot Ledger article concerning the Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue murders. William Camuti shouldn’t be allowed to escape justice for murdering Stephen Rakes. But nothing will happen unless the public gets interested. That takes more newspaper articles, like your Patriot Ledger article, books, movies, etc. In a comment on your last post, I asked you and the readers a question. You didn’t answer this question, nor did any readers answer it. Let me ask this question again: Do you think – or do any readers think Freddie could be helping William Camuti avoid trial?

  5. Dear Matt, Something’s not right. Your last blog: “Freddy’s Dilemma: What Liar do I Believe” concerned (among other things) Fred Wyshak allowing perjury. I posted a comment that Stephen Rakes (who planned to expose Kevin Weeks perjury) was murdered by William Camuti (July 2013) and William Camuti has never faced justice. Previously, you mentioned speaking with Steven Davis on friendly terms. Stephen Rakes was a friend of Steven Davis. Stephen Rakes introduced me to Steve Davis (brought me to his Quincy home)and I consider him a friend. Do you care that William Camuti has never faced justice for murdering Stephen Rakes?

  6. : -) WAR OF THE ‘ WORDS ‘ …If we could just get Orson back from the Great Bourne to voiceover that second paragraph in particular, Professor Apocalypto ….


    NC : Well stated as always!

  7. Wa-llahi! It’s TV Sunday!

    Glorious Leader in league with the Russians? The company and the firm on opposite sides regarding Trump! Talking heads are chattering, today.

    The brittle institutions of American-style democracy are crumbling before our eyes. The recent zero-sum electoral contest for political supremacy has brought the bourgeois political parties to the brink of civil war. The proletariat is close to consciousness. Unions will lead the way. Not a moment, too, soon. The first winter snow fell last night. I’m gonna shovel my way out to the barn, and, rummage around in the stacks. I’ve got a hankering to re-read Marcuse’s “Counter Revolution and Revolt.”

    Matt: Comey’s going to have a deciding role in what happens next. What do you think of him, now?

  8. I’m still waiting for her book explaining how to get rich from home by trading cattle futures online.

  9. It may have been the messenger. It may have been the message. 70% of the country thought we were heading in the wrong direction. The liberal policies of the Democrats were not popular except on the coasts. 2. What do you think of Trump’s cabinet picks? He will have three U S Marine generals in high places. Mattis as Sec. of Defense and two Boston jarheads, Kelly from Brighton at DHS and Durham from Southie as Chairman of the joint chiefs. Isn’t a cabinet of CEOs of major companies and Generals preferable to the usual Academics and lawyers? Remember Shwartzkoff’s successor at Central command was a BC High grad from Brighton Jo Hoar. 3. Read an article by Mark Bowden about a year ago. He interviewed Mike Morrell the number two guy at the CIA. Morrell couldn’t stop complimenting BHO on his superior intelligence and judgement. Morrell pointed out that most of BHO’s advisers told him to stay out of Libya while Hillary was pushing for total military engagement to remove Qaddafi. So the President brilliantly took a middle path and enforced a no fly zone. Morrell statements were made three years ago. Today Libya is a total mess and we are still fighting to remove ISIS. BHO’s policy there and in much of the Middle East was a total failure. Morrell looks foolish. If he had been around in the sixties he would have praised LBJ for entering Viet Nam.

  10. ” A light bulb creates an environment by its mere presence ” …. McLuhan

    Been awhile since the great man came down for breakfast as the Sage of Boston likes to say. I leave it to you to figure out the columnist referenced . But, significantly, McLuhan used the light bulb as an example of a medium … without content. You know, other forms of Media have embedded content, TV and Movies have words and, visually, what he called … configurations . In a homelier example, the Telegraph had the stacatto Morse Code clicks, as well as the … embedded words … in that … Medium.

    Anyhoo, Barak Obama has always had that light bulb charm for me. He LIGHTS UP any room he is in. His is a brilliantly high wattage. He is not like my Irish friend Kevin, whom another Irish Friend, in citing Kev’s … dependability … said, ” He’s not the brightest bulb in the World, but he’s always burning. ” 🙂

  11. Ohhhh , Just get down off your ” Tuff it ” cause she/he Hillary did simply just muff it ; eight years ago and in this past election. A ” Narcissistic bubble? ” .. Well look around you on any given day, in any given situation, and generally you will find that worthy Lawrence Welk’s Champagne Lady is surrounded by them no matter where she presides. People, generally, are narcissistic.

    Barak Obama is the epitome of T.S. Eliot’s HOLLOW MAN. In our Marshall McLuhan”s MEDIA IS THE MESSAGE. world, which is on steroids now in our Digital Age, he seamlessly meets All expectations, from Anyone, from Anywhere …. He is brilliant in his formlessness ; his chameleons changeability . He is a Politician. Race baiting is his Gold Embossed Calling Card. Hillary’s Platinum Calling Cards are Gender Politics and a dash of Red Hot Sauce with her Race Baiting Card.


  12. Matt, an insightful column on Hillary, the snipe, the queen of deceit, a power drunk demi-demon who’ll continue to haunt us (true, she’s only 70;); Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and boy oh boy has she been scorned, losing to an unpopular novice, arguably the worst of the 17 Republican candidates. She’s obsessed with power and can’t accept a power-outage! Out out damned Hillary!
    Remember her bold-faced lies: Here’s one: Ducking sniper fire and running with her head down to military vehicles in Bosnia; a thrice-told tale, told to large audiences in December, March and April; and when finally caught red-handed by the video, she didn’t blink: “Well, when I said that, I was sleep deprived.” No one in the cravenly solicitous press asked, “Do you commonly make stuff up, or imagine stuff or hallucinate when you’re sleep deprived?” Were you sleep deprived when you said you turned over all work-related emails? etc, etc, etc.
    2. Hillary won California by 3 million votes; subtract California from the calculus, and Trump won the popular vote in the rest of the country. Trump won the popular vote in 85% of the counties.

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