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  1. You make it sound like a festival . The drumbeats should have been as his parole hearing approached . Carr is right . It is loathsome and reprehensible to approach a parole board member in Massachusetts, Sal Albano , and in FBI officialdom put the nix on Peter Limone’s parole , a man you know to be innocent , along with Tameleo , Greco , and Salvati . John was reptilian in this regard . Yet , John Morris , his Supervisor , and other reptiles slithered in the Underworld passages along with him . When in Rome etc. Call it Noble Cause Corruption , which call I agree with , or not , John Connolly deserves much better than ” John Connolly Week ” on a Boston blog . Giddy yap ! Square it .

    1. The Feds threw a bullshit gun charge on Connolly. I know what that feels like. Go for it Matt. When’s John come up for parole in the Florida system? That’s when you want maximum media attention. Its like the Dreyfuss case, everybody who writes to support him will have to dig deep into their own souls to find the words. We will all have to be Zola. The quality of what’s written will have a direct impact on the decision . We have to raise the issues the FBI normally deflects and make them stick. First off, attack that phony gun beef.

      1. John Connolly will come back up for parole in 2039 . He will be 96 years old . So , let’s ” rally the troops . ” You spammed my post . At least when ms.freeh spams with an inane post there is the consolation that not all her posts are inane . You had to click on ” reply to …” to trumpet this crumpet of Khalid nonsense . Your projection of your ” craving for attention ” on others as part of your general campaign of disinformation a la Alinsky has gotten quite tedious . Grow up . Try to get it together by 2039 . Basically you came on this blog waving the bloody rag about all the ” old white racists ” on it . Then, when the parties you reviled treated you with tolerance and understanding , you morphed into a cheerleader . Shake those pom poms all you want . When someone insults me I never forgive or forget . That does not mean I totally write them off . I have ” determined ” that your peculiar style is amusing at times . Other times , you are somewhat of a nitwit . Not that there’s anything wrong with that .

        1. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that .”

          Another Seinfeld reference?

          The Janissary Tree is incredible! I read the first half last night. Like The Name Of The Rose, it is so hard to imagine undertaking it and remaining accurate to the time it takes place. He is a great writer and historian. Thanks.

          1. Abe, Whenever I tip at a coffee counter I say …Look, I’m gonna George Costanza this in …. That was a great ensemble … Richards , a great physical comic …had it all over Christopher Lloyd who played Jim on Taxi …Lloyd said he stole character which was BS . I finished Dancing Bear …Am two chapters in on One To Count Cadence . Have …The Wrong Case on board and await The Mexican Tree Duck . Crumley is indeed solid ! Figured you’d like The Janissary Tree and there are a series that follow . Mr. Hurley was that Freshman English teacher . Mr. Hopkins was … distinctly … goggle eyed . Probably a thyroid condition .

            1. Thyroid …or …perhaps some Bolivian marching powder … Could that indeed have been possible in 1972 . Heavens forfend . Ludicrous . Why the idea is absurd Mr. Hop Hop Hop Kins ! Absurd , say I !

        2. I have ordered The Snake Stone, which is the next Ashim, the Eunuch novel in the series. I may check out one or two of his non fiction books. The guy can write on a high level. A glossary of Turkish terms might be handy, but when I read A Clockwork Orange, going to the glossary became more of a distraction. The words fall into place eventually.

          Any other suggestions? What did you think of the rest of The Longest Silence?

    2. John:

      Tameleo and Limone were the guys who cleared the hit. Raymond passed the OK through Tameleo: Gerry used Limone. Greco who knows. The Animal didn’t put any of them at scene. Salvsti-as Frankie Salemme said – he wanted to hang around with the wise guys. So the Animal throws him in the back seat so he doesn’t have to ID the Bear. Added a bald wig.

      Read SJC opinion and not Gertner’s ode to the Mafia.

      1. Matt :

        ” Gerry used Limone, Greco , who knows . ” … That ” who knows . ” Is that a question , rhetorical , or a statement of fact ? We can consider my question a rhetorical one in this case as I do not think we will be on same page as to the answer . As soon as you acknowledge that the gourmet cooking gorilla with the deadly dentition , Barboza , puts Joe Salvati in the back seat the case falls asunder . Period . Nancy Gartner’s Ode To The Mafia is pretty damn wry btw !

        1. John:

          That’s your mistake. One lie does not destroy a case. If what you said was correct how did the convictions of Wilfred Roy French stand. He was convicted along with the other.

          I said “who knows” about Greco because he would not normally have been involved in okaying hits from what I’ve seen where Tameleo and Limone were. Doesn’t it seem strange only the Mafia guys plus Salvati got around 25 million each but French was left out as was Cassesso?

          Here is something that’s clear. Barbossa did go to Raymond LS to get permission for hit. He had to also get OK from Jerry. Both Tameleo and Limone (later became Mafia boss after release from jail) gave OK for hits.

          You want to say because Barbossa protected the Bear by including Salvati in his place therefore his whole testomony is a lie bout Tameleo and Limone I don’t buy. Fed appeals judges didn’t give Connolly a new trial because Salemme lied.

          1. Matt :

            Keep it straight . Make no mistake that I agree that the Deegan murder was orchestrated by ” In Town ” and that you present a sound case as to the usual suspects . OK , that said , I suggest only that the chain of command out of Providence was uh ….rather complex … Federal Hill is aptly named . You seem to argue for a species of … Prosecutorial Nullification …as in …look we know you did it , so all the rules of jurisprudence are subject to suspension at our discretion . Unfortunately , or really quite fortunately , depending on who is hitting whom , the Feds play favorites . I will qualify that last statement as … Depending on who is hitting whom …for Whom .

            1. John:

              No, I’m not interested in nullification. I have no problem with Salvati getting the dough. Frankie Salemme felt since he hung around with some of the wise guys he got what he set himself up to get. I don’t buy that.

              It’s just that the idea Mafia guys were wrongfully convicted if you want to believe that they should then be given wads of dough I don’t like. Admit we were wrong if you want to say every thing Barbosa testified to was a lie, but before handing out the money recognize these guys were gangsters and were involved in sordid doings. Apologize and give them a couple of hundred grand and suggest that they might have ended up in the can later as the Angioulo brothers did if they were not put in on Barbosa’s evidence.

              We’ve had guys who committed murder and rape etc. who were let out because of technical errors in questioning them or in searches or because some dumb prosecutor did not know how to argue a case. Just because that happens does not mean the person did not commit the crime. We’ve had people who clearly committed crimes get acquitted. That also does not mean they did not commit the crime. If you know someone committed a crime I cannot see pretending that they didn’t and then introducing them to Uncle Greenbacks just because they were not convicted or beat the rap.

              1. Matt :

                Your points are well taken . There is nothing Simon Pure about accepting the parts of Barboza’s testimony that serve the Government’s case and giving a nod and a wink to perjured testimony by your prize pigeon . The acquiescence of the Government in this partnership is not mitigated by an end justifies the means argument. If Barboza demonstrably lies on the stand then all his other testimony should be considered impeached . The bum took an oath and then lied on the stand . The fact that you concede some remuneration was due the quartet indicates that you understand the merit of this argument . The exorbitant awards then become a secondary issue having more to do with judicial largesse than with the legal folly of making Joe Barboza your prize witness.

                When that happened it became a matter of Joe Barboza sticking his nose under the robes judicial. The consequence is that years later a confirmed pedophile , woman murderer who mutilates corpses , and quite possibly a necrophiliac considering his rather bizarre proclivities , Stevie Flemmi , becomes Joe Barboza redux with a serious twist for the perverse . Justice is not peeking out from her blindfold . She is wide eyed and sporting sunglasses .

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