John O’Brien and Vicious Prosecutors

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  1. It makes ya sick fachrissakes. In my day nothing was on the level, but nobody got rich playin the game. Every one of these boobs is corrupt to the core, including St John O’Brien and most of the Legislature and the Judiciary. They won’t stop stealing until the Commonwealth files for Bankruptcy, and the unfunded pension liabilities alone might bring that about. Can you say 10% income tax? How many young people, not part of the conspiracy, do you think will stick around to pay for this madness?

  2. It’s all blackmail and “Graymail” where do many high level DOJ officials (including Gary Crossen, Bob Mueller, Dennis Condon, Bill Weld, and two judges) were personally involved in not only the Winter Hill murders and cover-ups but also other domestic informant aided murders. They leverage the disclosure of this so-called “classified” information. My view is Wyshak has been able to survive in part because of Bob Mueller and especially Deputy Attorney General Dave Margolis, whom runs the day to day operations of the DOJ for 40 years.

  3. There were objective Washington DC based investigations by the U.S. Dep’t of Labor, Office, Office of Inspections and Special Investigations (OISI), ICE-OPR, FBI-OPR, ATF-OPR and DEA-OPR into the U.S. Attorney’s Office grand jury “leaks” as well as agents selling immunity for $50,000 by making them Confidential Human Sources (CHS), agent selling drugs, stealing money, false reports, perjury and obstruction of Justice. To obstruct the legitimate WashDC internal investigations a sham Worcester grand jury was empaneled by DOJ Special Attorney John Durham (AUSA Fred Wyshak’s sidepiece) until the 5 year statute of limitations had passed in 2008. Wyshak essentially took the 5th and refused to cooperate after helping the agents implicated with Wyshak, AUSA Brian Kelly, DOL agent Steve Mitchell, DEA agent Joe Desmond, whom were implicated by whistleblowers that included a Bulger-Teamster ASAC Dennis Kurdek. There were tons of bribes involved as well as a CIA-FBI contractor Mike Taylor, AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY whom the agents were working for part time. Taylor was immunized by Wyshak, Theo Chuang and is being sentenced for more bribes with the same agents in Utah, on Monday, March 30, 2015. Shelly Murphy and the Globe were represented by Denise Casper.

  4. The hypocrisy out of the U.S Attorney’s office is staggering.

    If “selective prosecution” was against the law none of this would be happening.

    If there was a “real and actual” penalty for prosecutorial misconduct by any AUSA, in the form of felony perjury, fabricating evidence, withholding evidence, retaliation and retaliatory frame ups against federal employees refusing to join in with public corruption, theft of honest government services and other “color of law” violations, none of this would be happening.

    If the federal courts acted on 18 USC 4, “justice as required” would be meted out accordingly. “Fraud on the court” is a tremendous waste of public resources and should be stopped.

    The irony in John O’Brien’s case is that the United States Attorney’s office has been complicit with, perhaps, the biggest promotion fixing scheme in the history of the federal government, designed to cheat highly qualified females and blacks out of merit based promotions and using the court to complete fraudulent acts by “settling these cases on the courthouse steps,” “admitting no wrongdoing” and repeating the process over and over again, subsidized by more than one trillion tax dollars. The collateral damage cannot be quantified.

    As an expert government witness against the unwritten policy to encourage egregious promotion fixing and other criminal conduct by certain AUSA’s, I offer myself as a government witness toward misconduct that harms us all.

    Signed under the pains and penalties of perjury.

    Douglas K. Kinan

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