Judge Stearns Too Fast On The Trigger

Speedily Taking Whitey To His Destiny

Even a person who is unfamiliar with the court system can pretty much get this. Lawyers do their best to advocate a client’s position by setting forth the facts and law as they see it in a memorandum to a judge. When you pick up the judge’s decision and read this language on page 3 where the judge states he considers one of your arguments “as a challenge to the authority of the court to review the legality of a grant of immunity extended by the Executive Branch” you know you’re not going to have a good day. It seems Judge Stearns was in a mind to slap J.W. Carney down a little. Maybe he is still smarting over the recusal motion.

Well, as I’ve said, Carney and his client did not have a good day. But I don’t think Judge Stearns did either. He seemed to have jumped the gun. Without any idea of the deal that O’Sullivan had with Whitey, that is having never listened to any evidence to ascertain what it was, he has decided he won’t listen to any. He ruled as a matter of law Whitey could not get prospective immunity because, “A license to kill is even further beyond the pale and one unknown even in the earliest formulations of the common law.” He went on to say, “any grant of prospective immunity to commit murder was without authorization and is hence unenforceable.”

Assuming those are true propositions, what do they have to do with this case? All we know about the deal Whitey said he made with O’Sullivan is that he had one. He has not disclosed its terms only saying it gave him immunity. Stearns has decided without any evidence that Whitey will say O’Sullivan told him that he had carte blanche to commit any crime he wanted including murder.

That may not be his testimony at all. I would suggest it would be much better had he found out what this alleged deal was before making a decision relative to it.

I wrote yesterday how Whitey was just about to take over the whole Winter Hill Gang operation along with his buddy Stevie Flemmi when O’Sullivan approached him with a deal. Whitey would move his headquarters into the enemies’ den the North End and O’Sullivan would protect him.

But the deal may have been more basic than that. You may remember I was in the middle of conducting a reanalysis of Whitey’s life when I ran off on a detour because of other happenings. What I believe I had shown is that Whitey up until 1973 had never murdered anyone and he joined Winter Hill to protect himself from his Mullen foes in South Boston. I left the reexamination at the point Stevie Flemmi the long time FBI informant was coming back to Boston to join Winter Hill.

What happens after that according to FBI records is Whitey becomes an informant, which he denies, and he picks up a relationship with Agent Connolly. I’ll get into it in greater detail in my reexamination but in 1978 Howie get indicted in a case where he tried to force pin ball machines into a couple of clubs in Somerville; Anthony Paul (Fat Tony) Ciulla starts spilling his guts over the race fixing matters;Jimmy Sims is among the missing, and Winter Hill seems beset with troubles on all sides.

Whitey had spent from age 26 to 35 in prison; he was determined not to go back. He was coming up to 50 years of age. Over the last ten years he had put aside enough money to live comfortably life. He wasn’t a drinker, gambler or drug user and led a very disciplined life.

He may have decided he’d had enough. He didn’t need the aggravation any more. It was time to get out of the rackets. Or maybe he just wanted to cut back and head over to Southie which no longer presented a threat and run a low profile business. Either prospect would have terrorized Stevie Flemmi who needed Whitey. It would have done the same thing for O’Sullivan who would see his plan to take down the Mafia which depended on Flemmi was going to be undermined. Connolly, who was always more comfortable with Whitey than Flemmi, would also not be too happy if Whitey changed course.

O’Sullivan’s meeting with Whitey could have been for the purpose of keeping him involved in his criminal life so that Flemmi would continue to provide information against the Mafia. Whitey might have expressed his fears of continuing especially since O’Sullivan wanted him to involve himself  more closely with the Mafia. O’Sullivan needing him desperately may have said I guarantee there will not be any charges that come about as a result of you doing this.

That’s not a license to kill, it’s an inducement to continue to be a criminal to help the US prosecutors get the Mafia. It’s a recognition by O’Sullivan and Whitey that in doing this he could be framed.  They would both know that a guys like Martorano could easily throw Whitey into their murders to get deals for themselves. We have seen that Martorano has done precisely that.

Martorano tells about the long deceased Jimmy Sims driving, himself firing the grease gun from the passenger seat , and his buddy who he won’t identify in the back seat mowing down innocent individuals. He gets jammed in. What did he do? He put Whitey in a crash car. You can put any hood you want in that situation. Look at the Teddy Deegan murder that would have been fresh on their minds where Joe “The Animal” Barboza added 4 people who weren’t there to Teddy’s murder.

In this case the other gangsters looking to get deals have implicated Whitey in murders. A close look at the facts surrounding them show it is questionable that Whitey had any motive to kill some of these people. These may have been the precise situation that O’Sullivan told Whitey he would protect him from. It wasn’t murder but false accusations of it. He may never have assumed Whitey would murder anyone and made the deal.  But to do it he had to protect him entirely whether he murdered anyone or not.

Remember, O’Sullivan was head of the Strike Force. During the years O’Sullivan was in the US. Attorney’s office Whitey was never charged with a crime. Carney wanted to show that happened to prove Whitey had this deal. Judge Stearns without knowing the deal ruled neither he nor a jury will listen to anything about it. That’s one way to keep Whitey’s trial on track.

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  1. (Snarky comment only) – Given the FBI’s “confusion” over the misspelling of Tsarnaev’s name and that they couldn’t find anything on him for that reason, should someone ask whether there is confusion over Mr. Bulger’s matter of “immunity” due to a misspelling? For example, should folks be asking federal authorities to check to see if there was any documentation with respect “imPunity” (with a “p”) granted instead?

    1. Alex:
      I think you just asked the right question. Maybe you’ve solved the whole case. O’Sullivan say he was giving Whitey impunity because he felt Whitey was important to keep Stevie Flemmi in line. Connolly in the next room thought he said immunity and informant. If C&B should file a motion for all documents giving people impunity; Whitey will testify that he was not an informant but important. Thanks for clearing it up.

  2. Because I have a relative who was sentenced due to allegations that Anthony Cuilla made in 1978. I have studdided many of the court transcripts. In one Transcript District Judge Mark Wolf heard teastiony that indicated Thomas Daley, Jeremy O’Sullivan and FBI headquarters promised they would proctect Bugler and Flemmi. Agent Jon Connolly indicated that promise was made, but the word immunity was not used. It was only implied by O’Sulivan, Daley, Rico and Agent John Morris. Therefore, Judge Wolf refused to allow Flemmi to claim the immunity plea.
    People need to consider the letter of the law along with legal deffinitions. The Government hid evidence from Jockey Billy Phelps and enfringed on his 5th, 6th and 8th ammendment, by hidding evidence and forcing him to testify to a crime that could not have been committed on May 29th and June 6th 1973. At that time Anthony Ciulla was locked up serving a six year sentence. The only connection to Ciulla was the story released to Sports Illustrated. The FBI had threatened Phelps with 46 years if he was indicted for fixing races with Ciulla in 1973. They gave him a choice between the 46 years or 6 months and 2 years probation to say he was guilty. Because they refused to let Phelps ride he was not making a living between 1987 and 1979.
    Consider the legal deffinition of the word immunity. It means to be immune from prosecution. The definitind also says to be protected from prosecution. When we consider the deffinition tied to the word we could make an argument that says the Govenment may not be willing to follow the letter of the law. I have pieced together evidence that proves the Government treated my uncle as a pawn or colladeral damage. The entire investigation against the Winter Hill Gang never started until Jan of 1973. Ciulla was sentenced June 6th 1972 and he did 20 months of that 6-year sentence. Therefore, our Government sent a man to jail for a crime they know he did not commit.
    All the evidence needs to be revealed in the Bugler case as it should have been when the FBI had my uncle suspended and his license to ride taken away. The racing charts indicated my uncle never rode favorites on May 29, or June 6th 1973. There were no major pay-outs at Hazel Park and according to the last indictment Hazel Park was not on O’Sullivans radar.

    1. Rick:
      It’s not unusual for the FBI to scare guys into cooperating by talking big numbers or having them plead guilty for a little time to avoid a much stiffer sentence. Your tale is very interesting. I know very little about Ciulla and the races he was fixing. Ciulla said Flemmi was in on the fixing with Winter Hill but if it happened in 1973, Flemmi was not in town.

  3. My thought is that if the FBI hadn’t given Bulger immunity then incompetence would be the next explanation as to how Bulger skated all those years. What year did the appeals court make this ruling, unfortunately, the court of appeals cannot grandfather in a corpse to make things whole!

    1. Jan:
      The appeals court made the decision shortly after Judge Wolf’s decision in 1999. It suggested if Flemmi (or Whitey) relied on promises an FBI agent had no authority to make they were out of luck. I’m not comfortable with it but it looked liked they wanted to slap Judge Wolf down.

  4. I have ordered the “Rico” book. I have no other choice,but to continue to seek the assistance from those who have the power to reverse my situation. As you continue to point out, a lot of people have gotten a lot wrong, so far. But, it takes political will to make it right now. The rule of law is the most fundamental element in our societie’s trust of government. It is the necessary glue to hold the US together. When trust is gone what is left? Nature and political systems abhor vacuums.

    Thank you for all your efforts in providing a platform for this very necessary inquiry into the myths, and facts of the saga that has surrounded James Bulger, and his relationship with the US Government.

  5. I believe that Jan’s question as to the “much ado” if Whitey’s immunity claim amounts to “nothing”, extends to my questions as well. Why did someone need to totally destroy my life, when usdoj could have just answered my questions in the first place? Way to much energy is going into the effort to “not level” with the public, so far by both parties. The difference is that the prosecutor and the court have a duty to see that justice is done.

    1. Jean:
      Judge Stearns believes justice is done when matters that should not be presented to the jury are kept away from it. He has ruled since there is no such thing as prospective immunity for murder there is no need for the jury to consider that.

  6. In the link in your post above, Shelley Murphy has additional articles on the side-bar to include the one titled something like cases disappear as the FBI looks away….you might notice Shelley Murphy doesn’t include any of MacKenzie’s sexual assault cases that disappeared, as a matter of fact, Shelley Murphy had no interest in publicly outing MacKenzie in any news story in the Globe after she met in person with one of MacKenzie’s victims. MacKenzie’s association with Bulger was intentionally minimized in the media subsequent to Bulger going on the lam – minimizing MacKenzie’s association with Bulger would effectively negate much of anything MacKenzie might reveal about Bulger and it would make MacKenzie’s life of freedom more comfortable for him in Boston, as well help to excuse the authorities who et the MacKenzie sexual assault cases disappear. A can say that the younger brother of a federal Marshall who was from Quincy used to do the yard work at Bulgers home in Squantum where he stated that MacKenzie was at this home all the time. Mackenzie was also repeatedly witnessed at the Boston Athletic Club stalking one of his victims with Bulger cohort Kevin O’Neil repeatedly at his side…..MacKenzie was seen hanging out with Bulger at the handball courts at the BAC with Bulger. Seems the local media, politicians and possibly every law enforcement dept. has looked the other way regarding MacKenzie….while simutaneously looking at the films MacKenzie made depicting heinous acts of beastiality committed against young girls…..sickening. I think Bulger should give up MacKenzie. There’s never been any redemption of Eddie Mack and there never will be. Bulger has a better aptitude for redemption than MacKenzie as MacKenzie has none at all – Giving up MacKenzie would be like giving up Idi Amin, who cares about Mack, just do it already and put his sad sack behind bars where he belongs. Catherine Greig got 8 years and MacKenzie got zero…..again, what’s the matter with this sick city of fools.
    Also, in Kenmore Sq., was it the Vara family or Vera that owned properties there?

  7. It seems if the alleged immunity deal was unauthorized that the authorities should be the focus of charges here, not Bulger. If an ‘authorized’ representative of the U.S. attorney’s office along with the FBI, etc. arranged such a deal, it seems acceptable for Bulger to have considered it enforceable, it was certainly a respected arrangement for years, prior to Bulger having to go on the run. O’Sullivan couldn’t have been the only one involved from the U.S. Attorney’s office and the convenience of O’Sullivan’s death perhaps lends hand to him being the only one publicly cited. As Barboza allegedly placed 4 people on scene at a murder that were never there; conversely, perhaps Bulger & Carney are omitting authorities names that are still alive who perhaps were in fact part of the Bulger arrangement. Could Stearns’ audacious decision actually cause Bulger and Carney to start naming more of the authorities involved?

    1. Jan:
      I agree that if O’Sullivan put Whitey into a position where he had to murder people he should have been prosecuted. But it’s difficult to believe he ever did that especially since Whitey won’t tell us when, where or what was said.
      Stearns has given Carney the chance for a comeback. He is saying to him tell us what you have. Carney has yet to bite.

      1. Many people in the law & order field here in Boston gave Bulger a free pass to murder for many years to include tipping him off when the tides turned enabling him to go on the run for so many years….now the tides turned even further and they finally decided they had to bring him in. Miss Iceland makes for good sensationalism, more difficult for the general public to realize and prove the erroneous nature of this bogus tipster fable since she is removed from the immediate vicinity & conveniently located in a country that most Americans have never been to….sort of like O’Sullivan’s long passed state of rigamortis makes the story more difficult to corroborate while protecting other corrupt officials. Shelley Murphy reportedly interviewed Miss Iceland, however, I can tell you Shelley Murphy has some Malarkey in her past regarding Bulger cohorts. As far as Carney goes, I would think Carney doesn’t have to immediately reveal all….wouldn’t that be like alerting the Taliban that we’re heading their way for an air strike. I do believe Bulger did gave an immunity deal….a corrupt immunity deal.
        Regarding Melotone, isn’t that the vending machine company that a Jerry Dangle was involved with?

        1. Jan:
          That’s Carney’s problem. He doesn’t want to tell what he has up his sleeve but now he has no choice. It will be like alerting the Taliban as to what is coming. But keep in mind, no one is going to believe him so the horse he is riding is a carpenter’s horse, it doesn’t move.
          Bulger’s deal might have been quite simple. I’ll give you money and you give me information but what you do for Flemmi you should do for me. I’ve got to believe the O’Sullivan tale is nothing but that, a tale. I can speculate on what it could have been but what sense does it ever make for O’Sullivan to deal with Whitey. Whitey could have believed as Flemmi did that they would always be protected by the FBI. They had certainly good reasons to believe this. The day Flemmi was arrested he was looking around for FBI agents to help him up and up until the time he revealed he was an informant he still hoped Connolly would come through and bail him out. Flemmi was the one who was really betrayed because he was the one who put his life at risk giving all the information but I can’t feel the least bit sorry for him.
          I’m not familiar with Melotone but I think they were the good guys in the Howie Winter saga.

          1. I don’t have any room to extend towards Flemmi as feeling betrayed….I have no sympathy for vicious child molesters/serial sex offenders, which is what Flemmi and Edward MacKenzie are. The real crime here is the lack of justice with regards to any of Edward MacKenzie’s victims, however, mostly men are running the show here and they have a lack of concern for the young girls MacKenzie brutally assaulted, to include acts of beastiality perpetrated on young girls by MacKenzie. The boys running the show here often have an odd need to sensationalize their own lives via their investigations which for them is fulfilled mainly in the areas of the international drug circles, international gun running, money laundering, etc. while having no concern or regard for innocent young neighborhood girls brutalized by MacKenzie – MacKenzie raping girls just isn’t sexy enough for the boys running the show here….MacKenzie has gotten the best corrupt deal of them all.
            MacKenzie’s victims are forgotten, not to mention stalked and harassed while people like Brian Halloran and Louie Litif are referred to as victims?? What’s the matter with this picture….oh, it’s the good old boys who ran the show and still are running the show!

            1. Jan:
              Nor do I have one scintilla of sympathy for Flemmi. There is no one more evil. Although to go along with the rest of your post I have to tell you that Howie Winter called him “a man’s man.” (http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/1998/07/22/howie_winter_never_saw_bulger_coming/) Statements like that make me sick. Flemmi is the example of a narcissist pig, nothing more but perhaps less. And by pig I mean the type that lives in a sty.

              MacKenzie’s book made me really upset at the way he talked about women from South Boston. I never read a worse portrayal of woman as a group but having come from South Boston and knowing lots of the women from there I could not relate to any of his vile talk. If there is a terrible underclass that this man knows about and something like what he suggested is close to reality then he never should have mentioned it if he had a minimum amount of class which apparently he does not.

              I know what you mean about the “boys . . . often have an odd need to sensationalize their own lives.” They are exactly that, boys. They never grew up. They never will because they lack the most basic values. MacKenzie of course turned out to be a rat by his own admission. You’ll note if you go to the article the feds also wanted Howie to become a rat. He may have been mistaken about Flemmi back in 1988 but I’m sure now that he sees he’s no man’s man. You have to give it to Howie if this quote is accurate. “If it was my worst enemy I wouldn’t cooperate against them. Myself, I think I’d rather take a cyanide pill than go trap someone else to save my own ass.” I guess Martorano, Weeks, Salemme and Flemmi showed their true colors. The jury is still out on Whitey. If he testifies about other guys involved in other crimes he’ll join the rest of the rat pack.

              The thing that’s wrong with the picture – is the courts are all messed up when they refer to guys like Litif and Halloran as victims. They were in the gangs participating with all the others. The madness that comes over people wanting to join in the anti-Whitey parade is beyond belief. There’s even someone in the MA House of Representatives who wants the governor to issue a pardon to Henry Tameleo, one of the deadly departed, who was a Mafia chief. You are right the true victims are the women the gangsters abused and raped and nothing happened. Weeks testified he told his girlfriend he would put her in a landfill because she did something he didn’t like. Then, as I mentioned before, he said in mitigation of this that after he said that they had a continuing relationship. He doesn’t see that the poor woman had no choice — continue to be his girlfriend or get murdered.

              There’s a lot of people who wrote books who shouldn’t have done so. MacKenzie’s right at the top of the list.

          2. Wanted to add, if Bulger was not extended this corruptive immunity deal, why would Stearns have such a strong desire to keep this info./defense out of the trial. If it is such a ludicrously false assertion on Bulger’s behalf, I would think Stearns would believe it would easily be proven false when/if he allowed its’ introduction in the trial.

            1. Jan:
              Judge Stearns says he is obligated to keep it out because matters that may cause the jury confusion do not come into the trial. He says prospective immunity for murder is not a concept that exists in the law. In his mind it is like Whitey wanting to offer evidence that men from the moon did all the murders. He can’t have the jury speculating on the impossible.

          3. If Bulger didn’t have some type of immunity deal, perhaps I should start a class action law suit due to the incompetence of the FBI and their failure to perform their job duties….

            1. Jan –
              The Court of Appeals has said FBI agents can’t give immunity even if they tell a person they have immunity.

  8. “That may not be his testimony at all. I would suggest it would be much better had he found out what this alleged deal was before making a decision relative to it.” Matt, thank you for pointing this issue out. This was what I was referring to with my ‘slippery slope’ comment.

    Also in the piece above, you allude to a pinball company,Somerville, MA and the Winter Hill Gang. Interestingly if that company was Melotone, then this is the combo that I reported that I saw at the scene of the sabotage of the High Birches Springs, North Woodstock, NH in October 1997; and, that I reported to Boston FBI, among NH State law enforcement; and, that I have also posted on nhjustice.net. That report, among other earlier documents dating back to 1994, were shredded, according to the FBI agent with whom I communicated. It was sometime in 1996 that Boston FBI set me up as a suspect in USA v Rennert, which I have already stated.

    It would appear to me that its time for the FBI to do an internal investigation of its past policies. In this case the facts are clear, and no guess work is required. It is public policy not to entrap innocent citizens in a cover up of government malfeasance.

    1. Jean:
      Asking the FBI to do an internal investigation is a waste of time. It investigated the actions of Morris and Connolly and found they had done nothing wrong. You can’t investigate yourself.

      Not sure about Melotone Vending. I thought that they were the company Howie Winter was trying to move in against.

      1. You are right. I already have with no success. With respect to the vending company, I was told by a reliable source that they were a target. The red van that I identified had a magnetic name plate attached to the van. I was told it was for cover. It was just one piece of a very large puzzle as to ‘who didi it’. But with US Attorney General waving the white flag yesterday, my family has no hope that we will get restitution a of our properties, or that my personal situation will ever be remedied. A very sorry ending to the great American dream, when the government is put in defense of the criminals who have made themselves too big to prosecute.

        1. Jean:
          Yes, things aren’t too good. It seems everyone buys into a tale and no one looks at any other. As long as the FBI runs the show (Wayne Budd yesterday said the FBI wouldn’t respond to his request) and there is no power in the US willing to look into what it is doing with most people running scared from it, our system for an open democracy no longer exists. When you have an unregulated secret police, you have no where to turn.

      2. You’d find nothing but road blocks with the Boston Police, MA State police, U.S. Attorney’s office and any D.A.’s office also, especially when it concerns these hoodlums and their corrupt handlers. Budd’s recent publicized comments on these issues seem rather pathetic.

        1. Jan:
          Yes, Budd sounded pathetic. Here’s what I read in the Globe: (According to the Herald this was in 1992) “We sat with the FBI. I said, ‘Listen, I need to know whether or not this guy is one of your people,’ ” Budd said. “I was told there was not a need for my office to know.” Budd said later Bulger thwarted the federal government’s fed’s investigations with “frightening regularity whenever we tried to bring a case, he would be ahead of the game.”
          Budd was US Attorney from 1989 to 1992. By that time Whitey had done what he was going to do and was keeping a low profile.
          It’s hard to believe the FBI would not have said in 1992 to Budd that he wasn’t an informant because at that time he was not one on their books. What kind of a country do we have when the US Attorney in Boston is told by the FBI he doesn’t have to know something? When Donald Sterns was told that he insisted that he get an answer. Why didn’t Budd?
          Also, it would be nice if he told us about all these cases he was trying to bring between 1989 to 1992. He’s making this stuff up. That’s the problem, everyone is reinventing history. If he had all these cases then something would have happened. Connolly was no longer in the office after 1990. Is Budd suggesting that the FBI kept Whitey as an informant after Connolly left and continued to feed him information to protect him. That would be interesting to know but we’ll never know because no one is leveling with us.

          1. “That would be interesting to know but we’ll never know because no one is leveling with us.” Prior to this comment you wrote that the FBI would not do an internal investigation because no one can investigate itself. And, Jan commented that there would be no help from any Massachusetts State law enforcement either. I have tried. I agree. BUT:It appears to me that without someone in high authority (such as the President) who is willing to ‘level’ with us, we all are operating in isolation.

            A perfect example just happened to me. Due to this blog, and other public postings, I was referred to some public statements made by a Mr. Mulvey. (I have to preface my following comments by stating that Mr. Mulvey’s writing style is difficult to follow). But I was struck by certain similarities in his complaints to OIG Inspector Glenn Fine, and to his Congressional Representatives, and my personal situation.

            The complaint similarities are as follows:

            Mr. Mulvey claimed that he had information on a murder in which a woman was killed by blunt force trauma to her head, and then a knife in the heart. His claim included some type of personal knowledge that at least an accomplice to the murder was a ‘self confessed’ government informant.

            The murder occurred in 2002 and a suspect was arrested in April 2005. The suspect that was arrested was not the ‘self confessed’ government informant. Mr. Mulvey claims that the investigation was compromised by very powerful and influential people. Mr. Mulvey then experienced what I would call a series of interferences with his attempts to provide his information to the proper authorities, to include US DOJ OIG Glenn Fine. I associate completely with his experiences in the complaint process. This is one of the reasons that I began to publicly post my documents on nhjustice.net beginning in 2005.

            In my situation, back in 1989, I too was told in so many ‘self confessed’ words that I was a target of the US government, and that confessor was hired to harm me. He said he would not personally harm me, but that others would. In the end this self confessed ‘hitman’ only extorted $6000 from me and my mother.

            However, true to his words, my family’s troubles did not end with his disappearance. We began to experience many managed misfortunes, to include, but not limited to:

            In 1997, The total destruction and sabotage of our nascent branded beverage business – High Birches Mountain Spring Water. There was no investigation. I was named as the sole suspect.

            In 2001, the suspicious death, and then disappearance of my mother while her body was in the custody of the State of New Hampshire. There has been no investigation.

            In 2003, the attempted arson of my mother’s cottage, while I was living in it. The smoke from the fire that I put out had a heavy metal component that poisoned me. That poison spread throughout my body. An emergency operation was required to clean out the toxins after my appendix burst. There was no investigation.

            In February 2005, I awoke on the floor in the hall of my mother’s cottage. I found myself in a pool of blood. I have no memory of the actual event, but I was told that the blow to my head was from blunt force trauma. There was no investigation. I was told it was my fault.

            Since those events I have been arrested and place for three days in solitary confinement based on what the facts show to be a false affidavit. The arrest was for criminal trespass in my mother’s cottage that had been illegally foreclosed upon.

            The case never came to trial since the prosecutor had the State of New Hampshire determine that I was a non recoverable psychotic to make all the complaints that I have against ‘very important people’, to include those individuals in the private financial industry and state and Federal government.

            Beside stripping me of my sanity, I have lost all my social security benefits, and my US Citizenship. I am no longer living in the US.

            I will agree that my story and others like it are hard to believe, and since all the victims have been isolated it is difficult to see a pattern to our collective ‘managed misfortunes’. And, in many cases many of the victims, to include my mother, have been silenced, either by their own hand or by some anonymous ‘hitman’, or some strange accident.

            In the end family’s like mine have no hope of restitution unless the US DOJ’s Criminal Division takes a very serious look at our collective stories. Some of us are not wordsmiths, and cannot explain ourselves as well as the ‘white shoe’ lawyers that we are up against can. And, since all of our wealth has been stolen, we no longer have the ability to even sustain ourselves. But, the rule of law was established in America to ‘level’ this uneven playing field. When it does not work, America does not work.

            1. Jean:
              I’d refer anyone who wants to know more about your story to your on line postings at nhjustice.net. You know that once people get in their minds certain things it is hard to change them. I try to deal with Whitey’s situation and find many things wrong. The rule of law was established so that we’d all have a level playing field but as you’ve seen it doesn’t work like that all the time.

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