Judges Dealing with Whitey Twisted, Turned, Contorted Evidence to Reach a Wanted Result.

IMG_3065A theme of this blog has been how judges rush to judgment when Whitey is implicated in any murders. Even in the face of evidence that would normally require them to make a contrary finding they pin the murder on Whitey.

I showed how blaming him for Louis Litif’s death is totally wrong. No one knows who killed Louis or where he was murdered. We do know he could not have been killed at Triple Os if he was dropped off there by Halloran. That would mean his car was not there. If he was murdered there the murderers would have to take his body and drive around looking for Louis’s car, opening the trunk, and dumping the body into it. Murders just don’t happen like that. If a person is found in the trunk of a car he was killed while in the car or having come to the scene of his demise in the car.

I noted how Judge William Young concluded that Whitey had to have murder him because Litif went to Attorney Kevin Curry and told him he was willing to incriminate Whitey Bulger and others in a drug scheme. Young wrote: “Curry in turn approached Boston Police Detective Edward Walsh to share this information. John Connolly . . . was also there. In the presence of Connolly, Curry related to Walsh what Lifit said about Litif’s willingness to incriminate Bulger. “

He goes on to say three weeks later Whitey murdered Litif because Connolly leaked the information to Bulger. There is no evidence, none, that Connolly told Bulger this. The judge guesses it. He says the evidence “mandate this conclusion.”

What evidence? He says: “Connolly’s leak of Castucci’s cooperation.” How can a judge use that fact when Connolly was tried before a Boston jury on that charge and the jury found that was not proven. That’s like Judge Wolf saying in his findings John Naimovich was convicted when he was acquitted.

Judge Young adds, “Connolly’s later leaks of other informants’s status, leading them to a similar fate.” Who? Halloran? I wrote about that inferring he gave Whitey the information on Halloran but he had no idea a murder would follow as shown by the Becks incident which I wrote about.

Callahan? It is too simple a conclusion to believe that. Callahan was a clear and present danger once the FBI focused on him as a suspect. He very well could have contacted Martorano and told him the FBI wanted to question him and asked what to do. That would be his death knell right there.

Knowing how weak his support is to believe Connolly leaked information to Whitey he says after Litif was dead Connolly told Whitey he was an informant. Young says it violated the agency guidelines. Why? Was someone going to dig him up and kill him again?

The problem with Young’s story is even Kevin Weeks did not say Whitey murdered Litif nor did he say anything about a leak. Flemmi also said he did not know who murdered him. You can bet if Flemmi did not know Bulger didn’t do it. Flemmi said Whitey did not like Litif. He also said after Bulger heard the news he was happy about it. That in itself would seem he had no involvement in it. Flemmi then contradicts himself by saying that if Bulger was not involved he would have gone after who ever was involved. Of course, that’s because the government wants to have him involved in it. But any dope would know that if Bulger did not like the guy and heard he was murdered he would not seek to revenge his death.

Youg tried to show Connolly told Whitey that Litif was an informer when Litif is alive. It is all pretty weak, a lot of guess-work. Young then uses Halloran’s statement that he dropped him off at Triple O bar where Bulger and an associate ambushed him to show Whitey murdered him. But as I’ve shown that could not have happened.

It is even worse. Attorney Curry had represented Larry Goldman in a matter where he alleged the Boston Police Drug Unit (DU)was corrupt and that it planted drugs on him. Curry was interested in showing that. Out of the blue Louis Litif shows up. They meet. Louis has a first degree murder rap he’s trying to get a deal on. He wants Curry to help him cooperate. He tells him of widespread corruption in the DU. It was just what Curry needed to support Goldman.

(Goldman was a sleaze. Later I would convict him at a jury trial in Norfolk County for conspiracy to murder a former Boston Police officer. He and his codefendant, Stippo Rake’s brother-in-law, each got 19 ½ years, the maximum being 20.)

After Curry left the meeting with Litif he hailed down Boston detective Eddie Walsh a long time friend of his. He told him that Litif “was going to be a witness, he wants a deal and he’s going all the way.” Walsh replied, “no shit.” Curry went on, “I am finally going to get those bastards, all of them.”

Walsh knew Curry was referring to Boston DU cops. He knew he was interested in helping out his client Larry Goldman. It had nothing to do with Whitey as Judge Young stated.

Judge Young knew Litif was also an informant for Connolly. He may not have known that Litif and Connolly were friends from L Street. You have to believe Connolly reached out for Louis. He could control him. He would ensure Litif was going to go after the DU rather than hurt Whitey. There was no need for Whitey to murder him.

Weeks told us Litif looked upon Whitey as a friend; Whitey looked upon him as a good earner. Judge Young ignored much contrary information to reach a conclusion supported by erroneous information.

This type of thinking would pervade the Boston federal court at all levels when it came to Whitey. Imagine how many of the real bad guys got a pass because of this laser like focus on Whitey as the “most evil man.”

6 thoughts on “Judges Dealing with Whitey Twisted, Turned, Contorted Evidence to Reach a Wanted Result.

  1. Matt
    Based on all your reading and research do you think is there are MORE Whitey Bulgers and Steve Flemmis operating all across the USA? More John Connollys? Meaning that in 2 years or 5 years or 20 years some bad criminals will be outed as Top Echelon Informants and their crimes will be aired to the public?

    Is it really as simple as this: The Top Echelon Informant program was only outed because John Morris tried to have Whitey Bulger killed to cover his betrayals? If it weren’t for Morris talking to the Globe reporters then we never would have known about how Flemmi and Bulger avoided being charged for 20 plus years?

    1. Jerome:

      No doubt that the Top Echelon program is still being run by the FBI and there are other high level criminals being protected by the FBI to this date. It will take extraordinary circumstances for a top level informant to be known – most if not all will remain hidden and their crimes covered up by the FBI.
      It may be as simple as Morris talking to the Globe which then urged Inspector Wyshak to investigate and indict Whitey and others. But it is more complicated I believe. When the indictments were coming down in 1995 the lawyers for Justice sought to learn whether anyone being indicted was an informant; they were worried that one or more of the defendants would claim they were authorized to commit criminal acts. The lawyers pressured the FBI into disclosing that Whitey and Stevie were informants. So along with the Morris and Fitzpatrick outing of Whitey the Justice Department lawyers now knew Flemmi and Whitey were informants. The public would be informed of this when Flemmi tried to walk away from the charges by saying he had immunity because he was an informant. When he did that the FBI was forced to discose the existence of the program with respect to those two. But it had disclosed it in other forums such as one involving Jackie Presser of the Teamsters and the New York Mafia case and there are others who have also made those claims.

      Your point is well taken in respect to why Bulger and Flemmi were not charged. I meant to get to that at one point to counter the assertions of Whitey’s lawyers Carney and Brennan that corruption in the U.S. attorney’s office is shown by Whitey not being charged all those years. That is simply untrue. The prosecutors would have no idea that the FBI had the Top Echelon program and they were protecting those in it. If the prosecutors were not getting any evidence how could it bring the charges?

  2. “Imagine how many of the real bad guys got a pass because of this laser like focus on Whitey as the “most evil man.”

    It’s a mirror image situation of how the FBI and Justice pinned everything on Connolly (letting Vino skate)while never scrutinizing the systemic faults in the entire T.E.I. program.

    1. GOK:

      Thanks – was tied up on air plane travels most of Father’s Day so I’m a day late in thanking you.

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