Jury Sent Home – Things Moving Fast

Pretty Soon In Boston's Fields The Poppies Will Blow
Pretty Soon In Boston’s Fields The Poppies Will Blow

Just to keep you updated. Counsel is arguing over some discovery. I’ve left courtroom since my internet only works in hallway.  Just listened to another family member testify about losing her father, Al Plummer.

The other interesting witness was Charles Raso a long time bookmaker. Will give you a report on his testimony a little later. But no more evidence for the day. Government slowly piling up its evidence. Raso identifies Whitey as running rackets and collecting weekly rent with Stevie. Smiles when he identifies a picture of himself as a young guy at Lancaster Street. Don’t see how Whitey gets himself out of money laundering indictments and remember all the government needs is one conviction to give him what amounts to a death sentence.

Raso supports my suggestion that Whitey was as tight as the Gordian Knot and never gave Connolly big money. Whitey was running the bank, the place that held the money to back up any bookmaker who needed some to pay off his losses, and when Raso had a big loss Whitey told him to get lost and wouldn’t back him. Always the nice helpful guy except when it came to money.

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