Justice System Tuesday: From Dickens to Now – Little Has Changed

Did you ever wonder why the court system is so awful? It has been like that since Dickens time. He lived from 1812 to 1870 and pointed out how bad it was during his days.  He wrote Bleak House between 1850 and 1852. Here is what he wrote about the court which truth be told applies to the present time since little has changed.

The raw afternoon is rawest, and the dense fog is densest, and the muddy streets are muddiest near that leaden-headed old obstruction, appropriate ornament for the threshold of a leaden-headed old corporation, Temple Bar. And hard by Temple Bar, in Lincoln’s Inn Hall, at the very heart of the fog, sits the Lord High Chancellor in his High Court of Chancery.

Never can there come fog too thick, never can there come mud and mire too deep, to assort with the groping and floundering condition which this High Court of Chancery, most pestilent of hoary sinners, holds this day in the sight of heaven and earth.

On such an afternoon, if ever, the Lord High Chancellor ought to be sitting here–as here he is–with a foggy glory round his head, softly fenced in with crimson cloth and curtains, addressed by a large advocate with great whiskers, a little voice, and an interminable brief, and outwardly directing his contemplation to the lantern in the roof, where he can see nothing but fog. On such an afternoon some score of members of the High Court of Chancery bar ought to be–as here they are–mistily engaged in one of the ten thousand stages of an endless cause, tripping one another up on slippery precedents, groping knee-deep in technicalities, running their goat-hair and horsehair warded heads against walls of words and making a pretence of equity with serious faces, as players might. On such an afternoon the various solicitors in the cause, some two or three of whom have inherited it from their fathers, who made a fortune by it, ought to be–as are they not?–ranged in a line, in a long matted well (but you might look in vain for truth at the bottom of it) between the registrar’s red table and the silk gowns, with bills, cross-bills, answers, rejoinders, injunctions, affidavits, issues, references to masters, masters’ reports, mountains of costly nonsense, piled before them. Well may the court be dim, with wasting candles here and there; well may the fog hang heavy in it, as if it would never get out; well may the stained-glass windows lose their colour and admit no light of day into the place; well may the uninitiated from the streets, who peep in through the glass panes in the door, be deterred from entrance by its owlish aspect and by the drawl, languidly echoing to the roof from the padded dais where the Lord High Chancellor looks into the lantern that has no light in it and where the attendant wigs are all stuck in a fog-bank! This is the Court of Chancery, which has its decaying houses and its blighted lands in every shire, which has its worn-out lunatic in every madhouse and its dead in every churchyard, which has its ruined suitor with his slipshod heels and threadbare dress borrowing and begging through the round of every man’s acquaintance, which gives to monied might the means abundantly of wearying out the right, which so exhausts finances, patience, courage, hope, so overthrows the brain and breaks the heart, that there is not an honourable man among its practitioners who would not give–who does not often give–the warning, “Suffer any wrong that can be done you rather than come here!””


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  1. This just in from the Hurt Locker…..


    Los Angeles: sheriff’s deputies fatally shoot Black man stopped for riding bicycle


    ‘I’m still hurting’: encounter with Phoenix police leaves teenage girl with permanent burn scars


    Woman, 105, leads lawsuit seeking reparations for 1921 Tulsa massacre
    * Historians estimate as many as 300 black people were killed
    * Suit alleges massacre responsible for inequality in Tulsa toda


    The Mole Agent: the story of the most unusual documentary of the year

  2. Might Hydroxychloroquine Actually Be Good for Your Heart?/ AAPS
    Verbatim 8/31/20 from the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons:
    Many are afraid to take hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for COVID as they have been told it could kill them because of its effect on the heart. Are you worried about this?
    It is a fact that HCQ, azithromycin (Z-Pak™), and other drugs can prolong the QT interval on the electrocardiogram (ECG)—see image below. This could make patients vulnerable to fatal changes in the heart’s rhythm (such as torsades de pointes or TdP). People with a rare condition called “congenital prolonged QT syndrome” are especially at risk.

    You do not have to have an expensive ECG to check for this. It takes about 5 minutes with inexpensive new technology that fits in your pocket and can be used in your home (see below).

    Hundreds of millions of people have taken HCQ without ever worrying about this issue. Have we overlooked a serious problem for more than 50 years? A just-published article that reviews the medical literature concludes that, on the contrary, HCQ protects the heart.
    In one case series of 251 COVID-19 patients treated with HCQ and azithromycin, extreme QT prolongation occurred in 23 percent. The HCQ was stopped; no deaths occurred. No reports of cardiac deaths were found in the review. Rather, “HCQ/azithromycin were uniformly found to substantially reduce cardiac mortality and also to decrease thrombosis, arrhythmia and cholesterol in treated patients.”
    Warnings issued by FDA, CDC, the American Heart Association, and others have suppressed the use of potentially life-saving HCQ treatment. However, author Chadwick Prodromos, M.D., notes that warnings cite no specific study, and do not comment on whether actual deaths have occurred.He concludes that: “HCQ decreases cardiac events. HCQ should not be restricted in use for COVID 19 patients because of fear of cardiac mortality.”
    It is important to remember that COVID-19 itself can damage the heart, increasing the importance of early treatment.
    Cardiologist Peter McCullough, M.D., M.P.H., of the Baylor Heart and Vascular Institute in Dallas, recommends HCQ and other measures for early treatment in a recent article in the American Journal of Medicine.
    Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 4:40 PM 0 comments

  3. Monday, August 31, 2020
    How CDC and WHO Rewrote the history of the 2009 swine flu pandemic–reprinted from 2012

    The article below I wrote 8 years ago, but it has relevance to today.  I describe some of the tricks that were pulled when a pandemic vaccine was rushed into use in 2009, and how the agencies that rushed it covered their tracks over the next several years–Meryl Nass MD

  4. wa-llahi! No one seems to have noticed the civil war kicking off. Good looking out. I know what side I’ll be on, how about you lads? Any of you hoping to lose your lives defending Glorious Leader?
    So, far, no suspect in Portland’s fascist rub-out. Who’s the hero? Nobody knows. Maybe, the shooter’s a female comrade. Back in the day (68-72), the women were way out front. Could be a gal who plugged that SOB.

    All praise to the fighters. All power to the dialectic.

  5. “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change…..I am changing the things I can no longer accept.”Y.Davis

    Just sharing what we have been doing, hope you enjoy, our Motto in VOTE is, “No Surrender No Retreat” Remember, Voting is our Power!!!


    Put this quote in the forward to your book

  6. wa-llahi! Trump fascist shot dead. Left-wingers must not be pussies after all, eh. Lot’s of guns around, enough for everybody. See you on the barricades.

  7. Matt

    Trump supporter killed in Portland Oregon


    The FBI’s decades-long fight against industrial espionage hasn’t really worked
    In the global economy, companies that steal trade secrets rarely face the consequences


    History toppling spreads to Canada as protesters in Montreal tear down statue of John Macdonald, country’s 1st prime minister
    30 Aug, 2020 03:16 / Updated 6 hours ago


    India breaks US record for biggest daily Covid-19 infections as global tally leaps 25 mn mark
    30 Aug, 2020 07:11


    1 person shot dead in Portland, Oregon near site of showdown between pro-Trump & BLM activists
    30 Aug, 2020 05:00 /

  8. Stay safe

    Meryl Nass MD has a new post

    Part 1

    Saturday, August 29, 2020
    The perfect storm created by poorly tested pandemic vaccines: when they are not tested, manufacturers cannot be found liable for injuries
    I wrote this article in August, eleven years ago. The take-home lesson is that everyone having anything to do with a pandemic vaccine or drug program has had their product liability waived… as long as they don’t know there are product defects. This incentivizes manufacturers to avoid testing products and fails to penalize them for selling shoddy or deadly pharmaceuticals.–Meryl

    Friday, August 7, 2009
    Using New Laws for Swine Flu, Designed for a Much Deadlier Disease, May Create a Perfect Storm
    1. The US government is using laws designed for dealing with a very deadly pandemic, or bioterrorism, to bring about a mass vaccination program for swine flu, beginning with the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act 0f 2006.


    2. This law removes liability from the manufacturer, medical practitioners who use the product, and from “government program planners” who decided on using the law. A suit can only be brought if the DHHS Secretary allows it, and if there is willful misconduct on the part of the manufacturer.

    This law has been invoked for swine flu drugs (Tamiflu and Relenza),


    for swine flu vaccines, and for novel vaccine adjuvants (which may be used in vaccines to stretch the supply and possibly convey broader immunity).


    3. If testing of these products is very limited, then the manufacturers are unlikely to become aware of their flaws, and specifically their adverse effects. Then there can be no willful misconduct.

    4. Due to the fear that swine flu will cause a large outbreak once students return to schools, where the virus might rapidly spread, the US government has stated that vaccine is likely to be available, and used, before clinical trials are completed.

    WHO says vaccine will be ready in September. Novartis began testing in humans in July, and Sanofi-Aventis and Glaxo Smith Kline are starting now.


  9. Matt

    Was that Abe’s of Maine with the 3rd degree black belt in mouth….
    not to be confused with Wilhelm of Cognitive Dissonance….
    I personally think it was Abe ‘s of DUMBF**KERY making the rounds

    In other news……


    White fear is on the November ballot
    With lies about ‘violent mobs’ and anarchy, Trump keeps inching this nation toward a civil war.
    By Renée Graham Globe Columnist,Updated August 28, 2020, 11:15 a.m.

    Also see


    If police reform is ever going to come, it has to be right here, right now
    Massachusetts and the nation’s lawmakers must use this moment to reform policing.
    By The Editorial BoardUpdated August 28, 2020, 3:52 p.m.



    I was a cop for 33 years. Why didn’t Kenosha police question an armed vigilante in a riot-torn city?
    Any person walking about with a loaded AR-15 needs to be stopped and detained.
    By Letters to the Editor Aug 28, 2020, 3:00pm CDT

    1. “Was that Abe’s of Maine with the 3rd degree black belt in mouth….
      not to be confused with Wilhelm of Cognitive Dissonance….
      I personally think it was Abe ‘s of DUMBF**KERY making the rounds…”

      Its just a comfort to know that they don’t make alcohol or tobacco any more. I am speaking from a rather thin dimension in the distant future that you haven’t arrived at yet. Have a few of these. You’ll relax.


      I’ll probably see you down here. Adidas!


  10. Matt ‘Holy Dickens’

    I think you should have asked the question “ Does Crime
    And Punishment Change After Death Especially If We
    Choose to Move On To Other Dimensions of Reality ?”



    A question of dimensions

    Also see


    Physics professor Ron Bryan was a student of Jane Roberts/Seth.
    He had researched and discovered portals to other dimensions
    discussed in Jane Roberts/Seth books


    Also see


    Giving eyesight to the blind……..

    1. Its nice to see that Dr. Stevenson has been allowed to make this presentation without his straight jacket on. I like his calming, thorazinial tone of voice, too.

  11. Stay safe….

    The MATH Plus treatment protocol for hospitalized Covid patients
    This protocol was developed by Dr. Paul Marik and additional colleagues over the past few months, and their results were published last week. They report a mortality rate of 5.1% in hospitalized Covid patients using the protocol, which notably does include zinc. Compared to other, historical data from hospitalized Covid patients, this is a 75% reduction in mortality.

    The protocol does not include HCQ, as I was told the protocol is intended for the late treatment of Covid, and since HCQ performs best in early treatment, its use might have muddied the waters regarding the benefits this (less controversial) treatment protocol provides.


    The authors provide the evidence base for each component of this protocol:

    Evidence based scientific reviews supporting MATH+ components:

    Ascorbic Acid
    Vitamin D
    Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D.

  12. In service training for the uneducated and the uneducable


    I Learned to Think Like a “Warrior Cop”
    A course from a prominent police trainer taught me to treat neighborhoods like battlegrounds—and to always be ready to kill.
    AUG 28, 20205:

    Also see


    California cop fired, charged with assault and looting during George Floyd protest

    Why not…


    WATCH: Women Strapped to Gurney Suffering Mental Crisis Punched by Cop 3 Times

    Boston Globe Pulitzer winner Ross Gelbspan has great book
    about FBI called Break Ins Death Threats and the FBI
    Ross had to buy his informant a bullet proof vest while writing
    his book.
    He lives in Jamaica Plain
    Check out his website


  13. Late night new feed…..


    SEE IT: Kenosha County Sheriff said Black suspects in 2018 theft case should be ‘warehoused’ for life, not allowed to procreate

    AUG 27, 2020 AT 4:24 PM


    White supremacists and militias have infiltrated police across US, report says
    A former FBI agent has documented links between serving officers and racist militant activities in more than a dozen states


    FBI agent shoots Chihuahua near Waco
    An FBI agent who shot and killed a Chihuahua named Sassy in front of his Texas home says he deserves probation.
    Amazingly, if a judge approves, that’s the sentence he’ll get.
    Lovett Leslie Ledger Jr., 40, who lives near Lorena, pleaded no contest to animal cruelty charges in exchange for a recommendation from prosecutors that he be placed on probation for two years, according to the Waco Tribune.
    The 3-pound dog, which belonged to a neighboring 8-year-old girl, was shot in the neck, just above her rhinestone collar, in February of 2008.
    A neighbor, who witnessed the shooting when she went to investigate why her dogs were barking, said Ledger shot the dog with a pellet rifle, as one of his children watched.
    Ledger initially lied to investigators about the dog’s death but later told deputies he shot the animal, according to court records. Ledger and his attorney both declined comment after a brief plea hearing Monday, the Tribune reported. The judge has set sentencing in


    Pepper spray study is tainted

    The main study cited by law enforcement agencies to support using pepper spray is apparently tainted by a conflict of interest on the part of an FBI agent who conducted the research.
    The pepper spray study was conducted in the late 1980s by FBI Special Agent Thomas W.W. Ward at the FBI academy in Virginia outside Washington, D.C. But Ward did not disclose at the time that he had accepted $57,000 from a pepper spray manufacturer that was laundered through a Florida company owned by his wife, Sheri.

  14. wa-llahi! No one wants to defend Glorious Leader. Does this mean the commenters from Voronezh are on vacation?

  15. While Matt catches his breathe…….


    A 17-Year-Old Aspiring Cop Has Been Charged With Murder In Kenosha

    Police arrested Kyle Rittenhouse, a onetime police cadet, whose social media accounts indicated an affinity for the “Back the Blue” movement.


    Bureau of Prisons ignored sex abuse allegations against sadistic MCC correctional officer for over a decade: suit

    AUG 26, 2020 AT 5:45 PM


    FBI agents discussed ‘sensitive matters’ at 2018 MLB playoff game, leading to top official’s reassignment

    About 10 years ago I had a chance to visit the home of Nancy Carlson
    Paige and interview her along with Robert Shetterly
    who had painted her portrait for the Americans who Tell the Truth



    I asked her about author/high school teacher John Gatto and
    his book Dumbing Us Down. One of my heroes.
    You can listen to Nancy’s son Matt Damon speak here.


  16. 9/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference
    wtc7 pentagon
    Draft minutes for July 29, 2020

    Ann Hendricks, Secretary 9/11 Monthly Teleconference Call
    Draft minutes for the July 29, 2020 regular conference call.

    Present were:
    Cheryl Curtiss, Teleconference co-facilitator, Connecticut 9/11 Truth
    Craig McKee, Teleconference co-facilitator, Truth and Shadows
    Ann Hendricks, Teleconference secretary
    Fern Tishman
    Barrie Zwicker, Towers of Deception
    Steve Stodola, Boston 9/11Truth
    Peter Michael Ketchum, formerly of NIST
    Marti Hopper, Colorado 9/11Truth
    Barbara Honegger, Lawyers’ Committee for 9-11 Inquiry
    Pat O’Connell, TAP
    John O’Malley, DC 9/11 Truth
    Gregory Longo
    Mike King, RealHistoryChannel.com
    Richard Gage, AE9/11Truth
    Charles Ewing Smith, The Demolition of Truth
    Karl Golovin, anidealiveson.net
    Lin Cornelison, Iowa 9/11 Truth
    Xander Arena, Arizona 9/11 Studies and Outreach
    Sheila Casey
    David Rolde, Boston9/11Truth
    Mike Cook

    The draft agenda was APPROVED.

    September 11, 2020 anniversary events

    Richard Gage detailed AE911Truth plans for the coming anniversary. They will sponsor a free three-day online conference, September 11-13. Richard urged everyone to spread the word on social media and to suggest other venues for advertising. The conference will be accessed on the AE website and the AE YouTube channel. For information about the schedule of speakers, go to:

    Barbara Honegger said the Lawyers’ Committee and NYC 9/11 TAP are hoping to do a joint anniversary event at the National Press Club on September 10th. Barbara also mentioned that the LC is preparing to request a Grand Jury investigation on the 2001 Anthrax attacks.
    Richard Gage referred to Barbara Honegger’s recent interview with Andy Steele on the 9/11 Free Fall radio show on the links between anthrax and 9/11.
    Barbara recommended video of Kevin Barrett’s May 30th webinar on the parallels between the 9/11 anthrax attacks and Operation Coronavirus. https://noliesradio.org/archives/173989

    Richard Gage also mentioned Daniele Ganser’s popular TED talk: https://youtu.be/dsfROmgVN5U

    Xander Arena recommended the film A Good American about Bill Binney https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=666wsDcoNrU

    The next monthly teleconference call will be August 26, 2020. The July call began at 8 p.m. EST and adjourned at 10:34 p.m., PST/5 p.m. to 7:34 p.m. Audio of the July call can be heard here: http://truthandshadows.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/7/72920.mp3
    The next monthly teleconference will take place on August 26, 2020 at 8 p.m. EST, 5 p.m. PST. Agenda items should be emailed to facilitator Cheryl Curtiss (chercurt@aol.com) no later than one week before the call. Please use subject line “Agenda item for 911 Truth Teleconference.” Please include a brief description of your item and any relevant links you’d like participants to be aware of, together with your estimate of the number of minutes your agenda item will require. If you would like to join the teleconference list serve, contact Craig McKee (craigmckee911@gmail.com), and anyone who would like information such as links included in the minutes should email Ann Hendricks (hendricks_ann@yahoo.com).

    1. “Present were:
      Cheryl Curtiss, Teleconference co-facilitator, Connecticut 9/11 Truth
      Craig McKee, Teleconference co-facilitator, Truth and Shadows
      Ann Hendricks, Teleconference secretary
      Fern Tishman
      Barrie Zwicker, Towers of Deception
      Steve Stodola, Boston 9/11Truth
      Peter Michael Ketchum, formerly of NIST
      Marti Hopper, Colorado 9/11Truth
      Barbara Honegger, Lawyers’ Committee for 9-11 Inquiry
      Pat O’Connell, TAP
      John O’Malley, DC 9/11 Truth
      Gregory Longo
      Mike King, RealHistoryChannel.com
      Richard Gage, AE9/11Truth
      Charles Ewing Smith, The Demolition of Truth
      Karl Golovin, anidealiveson.net
      Lin Cornelison, Iowa 9/11 Truth
      Xander Arena, Arizona 9/11 Studies and Outreach
      Sheila Casey
      David Rolde, Boston9/11Truth
      Mike Cook”

      Has anyone of this list not seen Bigfoot?

    1. Matt

      “I would like my life to be a statement of love and compassion–and where it isn’t, that’s where my work lies.”

      “In most of our human relationships, we spend much of our time reassuring one another that our costumes of identity are on straight.”

    2. “It must be very sad to have spent your life doing something about which you feel that way.”

      Angry might be a better word. Many work within a framework that is not pleasing to them.

  17. wa-llahi I’m out in Wisco, and, the revolution is on. You can taste it in the air. Eat shit and die fascist dogs! How I love old street cheers! All praise to the street fighters. All power to the dialectic.

    A red star is rising. Spartacus call home.

    1. And you will be, I assume, right out in front, screaming for justice and holding your trash can cover high to deflect the rubber bullets and cannisters.

      I love those old street cheers, too. Like the kind I use to hear on lower Washington Street. “You here for a good time, Sonny?” A red star is rising? Well, something is rising.

      1. wa-llahi! I’m too old to throw rocks at the cops. I’d just be slowing things down. Now, driving a pick-up full of rocks and bottles to the barricades is another matter. Throwers are cheap, the logistics tail is precious.

  18. msfreeh, with each one of your lengthy “posts” on the blog of our esteemed host, don’t you feel as if you’re trespassing?

    I know that if I did anything remotely like what you’re doing, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

    “There oughta be a law”

  19. We were a member of NCOPA and brought Mary Powers to
    speak at Bates College in 2002



    The Supreme Court’s Attack on Habeas Corpus in DHS v. Thuraissigiam


    To Transform Policing, We Need Community Control
    An elected civilian council could crack down on police abuses, and pave the way for longer-term transformations.

    You can watch the doc I helped shoot and produce

  20. Sounds like our corrupt, crooked FBI & DOJ.

    President Trump trying to end endless wars. The Deep $tate doesn’t like that.

  21. Is this email not displaying correctly?
    View it in your browser.
    9/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference
    wtc7 pentagon
    Draft Agenda for August 26, 2020

    8 p.m. (ET) / 5 p.m. (PT) teleconference dial-in #
    (605) 313-4118 Access code: 464958#

    [Note: Some telephone service providers block access to this teleconference service, or require additional charges. If you encounter any of these difficulties, please try calling this alternative number: (425) 535-9195. You will then be required to key in the original phone number above before entering the access code. Please inform of us of any technical difficulties you encounter in accessing the teleconference.]

    Greetings all,

    We have a very interesting call for you this month. We’ll start with Richard Gage and Ted Walter from Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth who will tell us about the organization’s effort to help a family in the UK that is trying to get the inquest into their son’s death reopened. Geoff Campbell was killed in the North Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11, and his brother, Matt, has been fighting for years to get the inquest reopened, which would mean getting evidence for controlled demolition of the towers into a courtroom.

    Our second speaker will be James Lee, who will present on the fires in California. James resides near the Mendocino Coast of Northern California and grows biodynamic and organic food at his 100-year-old farm. He graduated from the school of business at San Diego State University as well as attending the Green MBA program at New College in Santa Rosa, California. He has had more than 25 years experience working on Wall Street, and in 1991, he founded a small investment/research boutique, JWL Investments.

    And our final speaker will be Dr. Beverly Rubik who will talk to us about Covid-19 and 5G.
    She earned her PhD in biophysics in 1979 from the University of California at Berkeley. After a long career in research and education, she now works a practitioner and health educator who provides laboratory and clinical assessments. Beverly is also conducting research at the Health Medicine Center in Walnut Creek, CA.

    So please join us for what should be three excellent presentations.

    Cheryl Curtiss
    Craig McKee

    DRAFT AGENDA for Wednesday August 26, 2020 teleconference

    I Roll call/minutes approval (copied below)/agenda approval (5 min)

    II The Campbell case [Richard Gage and Ted Walter] (20 min.)

    III The California fires [James Lee] (30 min. + Q & A)

    IV Covid-19 and 5G [Beverly Rubik] (20 min. + Q & A)

    V Announcements

    IV Updates on 9/11 topics (as needed)
    New articles, books, films, or recent news about 9/11 or other Deep State crimes
    9/11 and the Deep State on the legal front, including current adjudicatory efforts by Lawyers for 9/11 Inquiry, JASTA, 28 pages, William Pepper’s efforts with AE911Truth against NIST and the Dept. of Commerce
    Censorship and cognitive infiltration: new examples of censorship or harassment of members of the Truth community; MSM treatment of 9/11 Truth
    Google (et al.) censorship
    9/11 Truth political candidates
    VII Adjournment


    1. wa-llahi! 911! Kevin Barret lives down the road from me. Ghazwa Manhattan, the most consequential one-way commando mission of the new century.

  22. Time for The Who.

    “Meet the new Boss.
    Same as the old Boss.”

    I beat you to it, Bill.

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