Kavanaugh’s Nomination Is Very, Very Scary For What It Tells About America: Ask Teddy Roosevelt

On October 12, 1915, in New York City, Teddy Roosevelt spoke to an assembly of the Knights of Columbus holding its annual event on Columbus Day. It was an important event to have an ex-president addressing it. Teddy’s speech has been billed as the “Unhypenated America” Speech but it was so much more.

On September 20, 2018, and article in the New York Times noted the prominent evangelist Ralph Reed said: “If Republicans were to fail to defend and confirm such an obviously and eminently qualified and decent nominee, then it will be very difficult to motivate and energize faith-based and conservative voters in November.”  After noting how other evangelical leaders are supporting Kavanaugh, the paper said:  “To be sure, evangelicals leaders are trying to push Senate leaders to stiffen their resolve to force the Kavanaugh confirmation to a vote at a time when it may be politically perilous to do so. And the likelihood that the base will stay home in November and risk handing the Senate to the Democrats may  be relatively low, given how popular Mr. Trump remains with white evangelicals.”

We do know that Trump is overwhelmingly supported by the evangelicals. Over 80% voted for him in the election. Their preachers routinely appear in the White House praying with him.  Preachers like Robert Jeffreys said: “Millions of Americans believe the election of President Trump represented God giving us another chance—perhaps our last chance to truly make America great again.” The latter article noted: “There will be no point at which Trump’s most loyal evangelical and charismatic supporters declare they have had enough. Because to do so would be to admit that they were wrong, that God wasn’t behind Trump’s election . . . .”


Back in 1915 Teddy Roosevelt said: “For there is nothing that a man of loose principles and of evil practices in public life so desires as the chance to distract attention from his own shortcomings and misdeeds by exciting and inflaming theological and sectarian prejudice.”

He said: “It is a wicked thing either to support or to oppose a man because of the creed he professes. This applies to Jew and Gentile, to Catholic and Protestant, and to the man who would be regarded as unorthodox by all of them alike. . . . Washington and his associates  believed that it was essential to the existence of this Republic that there should never be any union of Church and State; and such union is partially accomplished wherever a given creed is aided by the State or when any public servant is elected or defeated because of his creed. . . .To vote either for or against a man because of his creed is to impose upon him a religious test and is a clear violation of the spirit of the Constitution.”

He added: “We must recognize that it is a cardinal sin against democracy to support a man for public office because he belongs to a given creed or to oppose him because he belongs to a given creed. . . . True Americanism demands that we judge each man on his conduct, that we so judge him in private life and we so judge him in public life.”

Teddy went on to talk about immigrants becoming more devote to America, of the need for labor peace and for war profiting to stop along with the need for a strong defense knowing the war was waging in Europe. He warned; “If as a nation we are split into warring camps, if we teach our citizens not to look upon one another as brothers but as enemies divided by the hatred of creed for creed or of those of one race against those of another race, surely we shall fail and our great democratic experiment on this continent will go down in crushing overthrow.”

 He had earlier said “that in this country there must be complete severance of Church and State.” He picked up on this theme again saying: “All of us, no matter from what land our parents came, no matter in what way we may severally worship our Creator, must stand shoulder to shoulder in a united America for the elimination of race and religious prejudice. We must insist on the maintenance of equal justice to both big and small.”

I suggest Teddy Roosevelt would not recognize America where one religious group seeks to control our government.

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  1. Let us just clear the air here. The Demonrats have gone full stalin/goebbels on Kavanaugh, including producing a real circus show in Congress.

    Senator Hiroshima, a giant Oriental insect from Hawaii, knows that Kavanaugh gang raped quite a few girls when he was young, because she “read his legal opinions and other writings,” and he’s not “credible,” but the surfer girl accuser is.

    She joins the screeching chorus of “accusers shall not be doubted,” because, well, revenge for Garland’s nomination must be had. And in the process of getting revenge for Garland’s nomination, a new phrase has erupted – “survivors lives matter.” Well, except when it comes to victims of Demonrats, like Saint Teddy Chappaquidick Kennedy, and Mooselim Keith Ellison, where there are pictures of a brutally beaten woman.

    Then Demonrat – well, “progressive” – Ellison must be believed when he says “anyone can make up anything in this political climate.”

    Senator Corey Booger became Spartacus in the process.

    And Senator Finestain decided to play “I’ve got a secret” – better than the KGB secret police.

    And, of course, the media idiots have joined in the fun, because, after all, they are so important in bringing facts to the public.

    Only Mikey Obama is out there bemoaning the “loss of civility” in politics – the Demonrats have dropped all pretenses, but Mikey hasn’t caught up yet.

    And, finally, the cherry on top – the Creepy Porn Lawyer has demanded to be heard. The Demonrats like it that the Creepy Porn Laywer has joined in, but they are holding their noses and letting him operate on his own – so far.

    Teddy Roosevelt would be oh so proud.

    Especially of Senator Hiroshima’ ability to judge “credibility” just on the basis of nothing.

  2. Fells Acre Day Care was a travesty. Matt and I have argued in the past about AG Martha Coakley’s lamentable role in walking lock step with a hysterical and immoral Press in really jobbing Gerald ” Tooky” Amaral. He wears an electronic ankle bracelet to this day because of Governor Charlie Studebaker’s reluctance to do the right thing.

    In the cases of suffocation and sodomizing of pre-pubescent boys by the Clergy, or any others, the offending instrument was invariably not a butcher knife, but a penis.

    If you have any qualifications as to that or any other aspects of pedophilia with which to enlighten, from tragic Erin, do saw away .

    1. John:

      Agree totally with you about Fells Acre. It was a total mockery of justice. At that time there was one of those “Salem Witch” type hysteria running across the country. Most basic proof of that is the absence of these cases once the hysteria died away. In Norfolk there were two cases involving it that I recall. One family alleged their child was involved in some devil cult at a pre-school. Some immediately bought into the story but the family gave enough information that by simply sending the state police detectives in the office out to do a little surveillance the tale fell apart. The other was a mother who had been convinced by a psychologist that her daughter had been abused at a day care and became so frightened by the psychologists explanations over time that she threw her husband out of the house, suspected everyone of trying to abuse daughter, and ended up murdering her child because she imagined she saw the abusers coming up the walk into her house for the purpose of taking her child away and abusing her. I’m told, after the psychologist was cross-examined, the judge told her clerk that the wrong person was on trial for the murder.

      1. Matt:

        Appreciate your perspective. You were in the Fray at the time !!!

        Let’s table any discussion about Martha’s role in Fells Acre. You like her. I do not . We can leave it there..

        Lovely—Antique—, Her lifetime of love and hard work articulated in every delicate bone and sinew of her now frail figure, as she watched Martha and the ” Vandals ” raven on her Family, her expectations and Dreams, and, most importantly, her CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS :


        Want to cry anytime I see your picture.

        1. ★ Violet Amirault

          Google her image !!!

          Now, Google Martha Coakley’s !!!

          Coakley TORTURED that Beautiful woman to Death. PERIOD .

          And did a real Coakley dump on her beautiful daughter, Cheryl Amirault !!!

          DESPICABLE !!!!!!!!!!

  3. When I read about people being accused of things that seem unreasonable if not impossible, I am reminded of a period in Massachusetts legal history where the Attoney General believed a 5-year old boy who said he saw an elephant being stabbed to death in a tunnel underneath his school. The accused and his family were prosecuted and sent to prison. There were no tunnels. Political careers were built on false memories.

    ‘He had plunged a wide-blade butcher knife into the rectum of a 4-year-old boy, which he then had trouble removing. When a teacher in the school saw him in action with the knife, she asked him what he was doing, and then told him not to do it again, a child said. On this testimony, Gerald was convicted of a rape which had, miraculously, left no mark or other injury.’

  4. 1) TR was right, we don’t want a theocracy, and the Founding Fathers had plenty of experience with the intermingling of church and state, and of conflicts between church and state; but it’s freedom of religion, not freedom from religion

    2) TR seems to have been describing today’s identity politics perfectly – the attempt by the Pandersuit to classify Americans as “deplorables,” the incredible magical ability of Strzok to “smell Trump supporters,” and so forth; and it’s the lefties who create different identities, including 54 genders based on wishful wishing, and nothing else, for the purpose of garnering votes; it’s insane

    3) lefties have their own religion – they worship the state, and politicians, with various religious tests

    a) you must believe in the “climate change hoax”
    b) you must believe that it’s perfectly OK to kill unborn babies
    c) you must recite the prayer – “we are for the chillinz”, because it’s a magical religious phrase that results in ends justifying the means
    d) you must believe that there is no truth, because you must believe that reality is whatever lefties claim it is

    There are other religious tests, but I won’t list the rest of them here

    4) it is clear that there is a vocal minority of lefties that will scream, shout, screech, and squeal no matter what, in order to create chaos and anarchy, in a bid to “resist”, and that there is a “disaster” of the day, from plastic straws to supreme court nominees

    it’s like 2-year olds throwing temper tantrums every day; the best way to deal with those tantrums is to let them thrash about on the floor, or preferably in a padded room, and let them screech and scream themselves out, while they go through their screaming me-me’s (“me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me…..”)

    Kavanaugh should have been confirmed and sworn in already.

    The Demorats have really shown their ass for the past 2 years, and apparently they have decided that showing their ass is the best strategy for them going forward.

    1. Elmer, I don’t think the Democrats are handling Hillary’s loss very well.

      I do hope they recognise their hypocrisy in ignoring and/or defending Congressman Keith Ellison, Titular Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee since 2017, while clamoring for justice for women.

      “On Friday, Ellison sparked further speculation when he said in a televised debate that he would not rule out the possibility of more women coming forward with what he said would be made-up accusations. “Look, you know, in this political environment, you know, I don’t know what somebody might cook up,” he said. “But I could tell you that there is absolutely nobody that I am aware of … who is threatening or suggesting or who has ever made a prior accusation about me.”

      His accuser, a former girlfriend, has documented evidence.


  5. Breaking News

    Bill Cosby set to testify as character witness
    on behalf of Brett Kavanaugh

    stay tuned

    in other 5 hour erection newes….


    Washington state representative refuses to resign amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, but says he won’t serve next term

    SEP 24, 2018 | 8:20 PM

    1. Freeh :

      Brett Cavanaugh is YOU !!!

      Do you really not get this ?!?

      Listen, PUTZ : Don’t gaslight. I know people whose experience of sexual abuse is so horrific it makes Burroughs’s NAKED LUNCH read like fact instead of fiction. I compassionate any person really suffering in this regard. I have little patience for Sarah Lawrence firebrands lecturing to me about the horrors of having Mr. Satterlee fondle their bottom at the Sisters Of Mercy high school Bop thirty or forty years ago and how soul crushingly difficult it has been to deal with this … Enormous Trauma !!! …. Pathetic and demoralizing nonsense that trivializes the issue of unconscionable sexual abuse of very young children, and allows legions of crazy posers to mantle themselves in the virtue of being …. Survivors …. THE STOLEN VIRTUE OF BEING SURVIVORS OF ACTUAL PROFOUND SEXUAL ABUSE …. and run screaming into Georgetown restaurants to surround Ted Cruz and wife with the modern APPLE IPHONE TORCHES OF THE UGLY AND UNRULY 21ST CENTURY FRANKINSTEIN MOB ….. THEIR GLOATING AND WELL FED FACES BOBBING LIKE CHANTING CHINESE LANTERNS IN THE RESTAURANT’S SURREALLY ELEGANT GLOOM ( Note to self : do not use any unimaginative predicates, especially ….Churn ) This was a scene Fellini would have lavished intimate erotic detail on, as , (watch it on YouTube) there is a strong current of sexual excitation bordering on the orgiastic in this circle jerking group of self-satisfied virtue smugglers !!!

      Freeh, I have to maintain a belief , as I have defended your eccentricies on this blog many times, and therefore have an investment in my previous judgment that you seemed to have good character, that you do indeed actually possess good character. And that you can see that any person of good character could be levelled by this FRANKINSTEIN IT TAKES A HILLARY CLINTON MOB OF SLAVERING TORCHBEARWS

      1. …. Cont’d


        Feel terribly for him !!!

  6. C’mon Norwood , We know you’re a good guy, but this thesis will always be a non-starter in any public discourse ; regardless of merit or lack of merit !!!

    I think they’re paranoid about that attempt to exterminate them in the Forties !!!


  7. Don’t know what NB’s anti-Semitic outburst has to do with Kavanaugh, who appears to me to be the sexually repressed product of a Catholic education if I ever saw one. I don’t think NB is ready for a seat on the high court. Sigh.

    1. Matt was bringing up one group having political power. I am from Boston, lived in LA and Miami so I have been around these people all my life. Did I write anything negative about them? They take care of their own, just like White Christians and if it is EVER brought up, right away people get upset. Take a look at Donald Trumps son in law. Take a look at the people closest to him in business? Anybody from Iowa? Utah? I could go on what for ? I have lived it, seen it all my life

    2. The Supreme Court has four Catholics and four Jews. Don’t you think the great Protestant White American class need a vote?

        1. Neil and his two siblings, brother J.J. and sister Stephanie, were raised as Roman Catholics and attended weekly Mass. Neil Gorsuch later attended Georgetown Preparatory School, a Roman Catholic Jesuit school in North Bethesda, Maryland, from which he graduated in 1985. Gorsuch’s wife, Louise, is British-born; the two met while Neil was studying at Oxford. Louise was raised in the Church of England. The two married at St. Nicholas’ Anglican Church in Henley-on-Thames. When the couple returned to the United States they started attending Holy Comforter, an Episcopal parish in Vienna, Virginia. The Episcopal Church and the Church of England are both members of the Anglican Communion, which considers itself to be both Catholic and Protestant but rejects papal authority.

          Before his appointment to the Supreme Court, Gorsuch attended St. John’s Episcopal Church in Boulder, which kept an open-door policy for the LGBT community prior to legislation protecting gender preference equality laws. After his marriage in a non-Roman Catholic ceremony, Gorsuch has not publicly stated if he considers himself a Roman Catholic or a Protestant, but “according to church records, the Gorsuches were members of Holy Comforter”, an Episcopal church.

  8. What group has a high concentration on Wall Street? What group keeps the pay level on Wall Street at 15 percent tax? Can a Democrat fundraise without Wall Street? What Democrat or Republican favors the PLO over Israel? Boston, New York,Miami, Hollywood , could any of them function without this group? This group is known for favoring and hiring their own people. Watch a report on Wall Street or Silicon Valley. Watch the credits roll at the end of a movie. What kind of names do you see? Bring it up in public and touch the third rail.

      1. good to hear from Mishuga Mac
        the “ganuff” of Cognitive Dissonance

        in other Mormom newes….

        Oliver “ buck” Revell holds a special
        place in Mormon FBI history

        Known as the highest ranking FBI Mormon
        he is known as the man who pulled his
        FBI agent son off the plane before it exploded
        over Lockerbie


        the video Maltese Double Cross


        Buck the Mormon’ s scent was all over the
        FBI Terrorist Scrapbook created by FBI TEI
        Frank Varelli that included terrorist photos
        of Conneticut Senator Dodd and Catholic nuns.



        By Peter Carlson
        July 19, 1987
        ROBERT E. WHITE WANTED to get the long, complicated story down straight once and for all. A former American ambassador to El Salvador, he hoped to put together a coherent account of the bizarre events, a document that might be useful in persuading some members of Congress to sue the FBI. While three tape recorders churned, preserving every syllable, White aske

        I won’t mention Ruby Ridge or the OKC bombing
        because this material is for the uneducated and
        the uneducable.

        you do know what to do?


        1. Ms. Freeh :

          That will be quite ” ganuff ” from you . I believe it is a Mitzvah Bulger Christmas nigh approachin’ !!!

          How is that for Cossonance Dignitive ?!?

          1. Ms.Freeh:

            Tape recorders do not ” churn” —Buttercup — or more accurately for you – Bittercup .

            Punch up your prose, Freeh .

            You can do better.

            Way better !!!

              1. Ms. Freeh :

                Yes, these are just the sort of firewalls you are delegated the CoIntel task of setting up for me !!!

                Crazy, Dad !!! ….. That whole scene eas

              2. You’re Lazy E.Freeh …… You’re gettin’ flabby there, boy . You’ve got Bill C. putting words together in cataracts of boiling white prose and here are …. You …. with a few snarky sophomoric trust funder thunder denunciations and then , invariably, a lot of SPAM.

                Again, Lazy !!!

                Churn about is fair play !!!

                When not viciously attacking Matt with your Oedipal whinings and your opinings about spent Trojan Horses you are generally rather clever.

                Step Up !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Agree. Evangelicals want to erase the boundary between church and state. A sad day that would be. The public space must be an atheistic space for all the nation’s religions to preserve their freedom of worship. One would have to be a dolt not to understand that.

    1. What a truly bizarre conclusion !!!

      Are you mailing it in or what, Khalid.

      Put down the Comma Sutra and grab a seat on the bench at SULLIVAN’S at Castle Island .

      Watch the seagulls.

      Lotsa them !!!

    2. No boundary between church and state? Should there be?

      Consider the many Muslim nations like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, etc., where the mosque and the state are as one.

      Queen Elizabeth II is head of the state and the church.

  10. Total nonsense. Conservative Christians have as much right as anyone to participate in politics. Kavanaugh is a Catholic. Are there too many Catholics on the Supreme Court? 2. Ronald Reagan said of the Soviet Union that they believe in the omnipotence of the State. They will lie, cheat, steal or commit any crime to advance their cause. They are the focus of evil in the modern world. Could that apply to the Democrat Party today?

  11. In case you’ve forgotten, Orwell’s Animal Farm concludes with the Pigs proclaiming this Truism: “All Animals are Equal; but some animals are more equal than others.”

    Which reminds me of Fred the Fed Wyshak replying to a Judge’s question, why are you recommending probation, with his rendition of justice: “Because she’s the Congressman’s wife.” She’d laundered @ $4 million of her brother’s illegal off-shore gambling cash. Around the same time John Connolly’s 50 year old nurse sister in law, with a clean record, first offense for “laundering” depositing her husbands @$400,000 in bookie’s earnings over the years, Wyshak recommended “Eight years in Federal Prison.” Animal Farm. Who’s Ox is being gored? Fred the Fed, Jihadi Javert, and his corrupt Persecutorial Prosecutorial Cohorts ask, as they administer justice unequally, unfairly, and sickly . . . .very sickly.

  12. O.K., if we’re going this way, let THE PURGE begin (my next book . . .it’s finished at the end of this post).
    THE PURGE: Let’s start with the serious Offenses: Adultery: Anyone who’s committed adultery is disqualified from Office and should immediately be resigned, fired, or wired to catch other. Adultery is both sexual and honesty/loyalty offense, not done in the heat of the moment. Next: We’ll go to Strip Joints; Any man or woman who has ever been at these or other DENS OF INIQUITY is ineligible for office, fired, wired, etc, as he/she has consciously pre-meditatively supported the DEN. Thirdly, . . . .well,,you get the drift . . .
    Let the INQUISITIONS begin and applied Across the Board to one and all EQUALLY and all found CHARGED shall be PURGED.
    THE CHARGE is sufficient because women must be believed, and ala Animal Farm, to be fair, men must be believed, too, but less so.

    The End. Welcome to Your World!

  13. Think about the environment. Think about the next generation. Let the little ones live, so they can grow up and become coeds. Think about the other body that grows inside a woman’s body. Think of her future, too.

  14. Nonsense. No Church is trying to take over America. This is sheer idiocy. Evangelicals like all churches, persons, are expressing their opinions, voicing their beliefs, publicly. Many liberal-leftists want to drive Conservative Christians and Jews from the Public Arena.

    Who is trying to control America? Today’s liberal-leftists M.A.F.F.I.A. —MSM, Academia, FEDs, FEMI-NOs (pro-abort, anti-life, anti-family, at work ax Kavanaugh) Internationalistic-Intervenionistic-Imperialists (Neocons and Hillarians) and Atheistic Antagonists (not all atheists, just those trying to drive religion underground, out of the public square.)

    Evangelicals like Roman Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians, Jews and Muslims have First Amendment Freedoms in America . . .to assemble, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press.

    I support the Evangelicals. You quote a Leftist MSM writer who mischaracterizes their stance.

    NEWSFLASH: Conservatives supported Trump, not the pro-abortion, liberal-leftist-big-government-Imperialistic-Interventionistic Hillary Clinton, who gave us the mess in Libya and Syria, etc.

    NEWSFLASH: Leftist-liberal FEMINISTS oppose Kavanaugh. (See my two ripostes, yesterday’s posts on Kavanaugh.)

    The FEMI-NOs oppose Kavanaugh, as does the Media, MSM, and MAFFIA entirely, in fact. The FEMI-NOs know no constraints on their capacity to smear with falsehoods and innuendoes. Not sure he was the guy who dropped trow at the party 30 years ago, say it was him anyway. It’ll help the pro-abort, FEMI-NO, Orwellian effort . . .the end justifies the means; abort; kill to be free!

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