Keeping Track of Whitey: And Ibragim Todashev

On Wednesday whitey with gunI went to the inmate locator for the Bureau of Prisons to check on the status of Whitey. He was listed as “not in BOP custody.” Thursday I went back to it. It reported he was “in transit.” As we know Judge Casper ordered him into the custody of the BOP on November 14. I’m wondering where he is going to and how long it will take to get him there.

I’ve read about these guys being in transit. Some are put on a bus that ambles across the country stopping here, there, and everywhere while the inmates are chained to their seats. So I’m wondering whether Whitey is getting some of the Justice Department’s diesel therapy.

I’m anxious to find out whether he has been sent to the super-max prison ADX, Florence, Colorado. That’s where the terrorists are being confined and since the Boston Globe’s Bostonian of the Year Carmen Ortiz tells us Whitey was a terrorist it is only right that he goes there with those other terrorists. (Here is an interesting article on Ortiz, the FBI and terrorists).

Terry Nichols, the guy who worked with Timothy McVeigh the Oklahoma bombing terrorist, is there. Take a look at some of the other inmates he’ll be confined with as it is set out in Wikipedia. It is quite a crew.

Now if Whitey is getting the diesel therapy one has to wonder about what really is happening to the soul of America. There’s no doubt Whitey is a bad guy and deserves to be punished. But that punishment is set out in statute for the crime. There is nothing in there that allows prison officials to torment people who they consider POOFs (people out of favor). If 84-year-old Whitey has been put on a bus and is being held on that bus for 18 hours a day chained to his seat force to urinate or defecate while sitting there, as apparently other federal prisoners have been forced to do, then we’ve jumped the shark.

I suppose we’ll be able to tell what is happening by seeing how long “in transit” takes. We’ll just have to watch.

Ibragim Todashev was killed 6 months ago today.

When one speaks of jumping the shark, the investigation into the death of Todashev has reached the six month mark. Adrian Walker of the Boston Globe in July said:  “surely we can all agree that the government can’t just kill people without explaining — clearly and in detail — what happened.” Maybe in July we could have thought that but now as we move into late November it is beginning to look like it can. At least it appears the FBI can do that.

It’s not that this killing has been under the radar.

In May the Washington Post said that we need answers as to why he was killed. It then dropped the inquiry. Why?  In June, the Boston Globe asked for an explanation. It walked away from it. Why? Walker asked the same question and he too has let the subject slip. Why?

On June 19 an article in The Wire began: “Last month an FBI agent killed Ibragim Todashev, a man who was friends with the dead Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and very well might have had information tying him to a triple murder to better explain the marathon attack. There were many conflicting accounts of that night, all of which led to the question of why a house full of law enforcement officials used lethal force against an apparently unarmed man who was about to peacefully sign a confession as Tsarnaev’s accomplice. If past statistics of the agency’s internal examinations hold, expect the FBI to fully justify Todashev’s killing — even though it’s taking a suspiciously long time to do so.”

June 14, 2013 was considered a suspiciously long time” to tell us what happened. What is it now that it is six months since the killing.

The Wire in the same article noted: The Boston Globe’s Maria Sacchetti explains that protocol is out of step with the way the agency usually treats shootings, citing a deadly FBI shooting in Illinois that occurred 12 days before the Todashev case. “Within 24 hours, the FBI issued a press release saying agents shot and killed Tony Starnes, 45, when he allegedly rammed an agent’s vehicle with a stolen Honda Civic,” Sacchetti reported.

Surely with two major newspapers asking the FBI to shed light on the event, Attorney General Holder and President Obama know of the matter. How do we account for their indifference? Or is it that unlike Adrian Walker they believe the Government can kill a man without explaining.

I must end by suggesting what I find most remarkable in this case is the government has filed a notice in Joker Tsarnaev’s case suggesting that Todashev implicated Tamerlan Tsarnaev in the Waltham Triple Homicide. Wouldn’t you think if you had that type of evidence you would do everything in your power to preserve it?


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  1. WOW! This post is turning into a Netflix ancillary site.
    Sorry for returning Matt but I was watching the 1st quarter of the Patriots game when the fumble occurred during the Patriot possession
    so I developed a temporary case of Tourette’s Syndrome not to be confused with Pseudo Bulbar, eh, and found myself channeling the internet asking myself how I could endear myself to the Connolly brothers but alas I stuck out.
    I agree we need to stick with the Boston Marathon bombing and focus on Lee Harvey the Chechen.
    UNBELIEVABLE 24 Zip Denver Broncos leading.WAIT 4th QUARTER ENDED TIE SCORE
    Back to reality
    Did I ever mention how taxpayer funded FBI agents paid witness $3 million dollars of your tax dime to lie on the stand and convict the guy charged with the Lockerbie bombing? Nah, no connection between Lockerbie and Boston.

    In today’s news Sunday, November 24, 2013
    Lockerbie detective: FBI give $3Million to Maltese witnesses


    The lead investigator in the Lockerbie bombing personally lobbied US authorities to pay two Maltese witnesses at least $3 million for their part in securing the conviction of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, documents published today in The Sunday Times of Malta reveal.

    The documents are salient to the case not only because they could potentially cast doubt on the motivation of star witness Tony Gauci’s crucial testimony that convicted Mr Megrahi, but also because the information about the payment, and the discussions the police entertained with the Gaucis on the compensation, were withheld from the defence.

    The former Libyan secret service agent had lost his appeal against his life sentence for his role in the bombing of Pan Am 103 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie, killing 270 people in December 1988.

    Mr Gauci provided key evidence at the 2001 trial because he identified a number of clothes fragments found at the crash site as having been bought from his shop in Sliema. He later identified Mr Megrahi as the person who bought those clothes.

    This evidence tied together the prosecution’s thesis, that the bomb loaded on to the doomed Pan Am flight at Heathrow Airport had first left from Malta before being transferred via Frankfurt. But serious doubts were raised about Mr Gauci’s testimony over the years.

    The Sunday Times of Malta is in possession of dozens of documents annexed to a damning 2007 review report which showed there could have been a miscarriage of justice.
    ‘He is worthy of reward’

    In one of the documents, Detective Superintendent Tom McCulloch, from the Scottish Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary, wrote to the US Department of Justice on April 19, 2002, making the case for Maltese witness Tony Gauci and his brother Paul to be compensated for their role in the trial from the US Reward for Justice programme.

    McCulloch wrote: “At the meeting on 9 April, I proposed that US 2 million dollars should be paid to Anthony Gauci and US 1 million dollars to his brother Paul. However, following further informal discussions I was encouraged to learn that those responsible for making the final decision retain a large degree of flexibility to increase this figure.”

    The letter followed on from a meeting with the Justice Department and the FBI and another letter sent a year earlier in which Mr McCulloch first made his plea on behalf of the Gaucis.

    In this first letter, he wrote: “There is little doubt that (Tony Gauci’s) evidence was the key to the conviction of Abdelbaset Ali Mohammed Al Megrahi. I therefore feel that he is a worthy of nominee for the reward…”

    Mr McCulloch said he had discussed the reward with the Crown Office (the prosecution) but they would not offer an opinion on whether the Gaucis should be paid as this was deemed “improper”.

    “The prosecution in Scotland cannot become involved in such an application,” Mr McCulloch wrote.
    Extract from police document about the Gaucis dated June 10, 1999.Extract from police document about the Gaucis dated June 10, 1999.

    The Sunday Times of Malta tried to obtain Mr Gauci’s reaction to this latest development but he refused to comment outright, maintaining the media silence that has characterised his role in the whole affair.

    The letters were referred to in a report by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) which in 2007 sent the case back to the High Court and cast doubt whether Mr Al Megrahi was the Lockerbie bomber after all.

    The commission’s damning conclusion was partly based on the content of these letters but the documents remained secret. The SCCRC report only saw the light of day last year when it was published by the Scottish Herald and investigative journalist John Ashton, who was engaged by Megrahi’s defence team.

    Scottish police officers defended their actions before the SCCRC, insisting that the Gaucis were never offered money during the investigation.

    Mr Gauci himself gave evidence before the commission and stressed that he had never shown any interest in receiving payment. To sustain his point, he underlined the fact that he had turned down various offers for payment by journalists, who had been hounding him and his brother for an exclusive, over the years.

    He had also turned down an offer made by an unidentified Libyan man for compensation from the Libyan regime.

    However, extracts from a diary kept by Dumfries and Galloway Inspector Harry Bell give a different picture. In a note dated September 29, 1989, early into the investigation, Mr Bell noted that FBI Agent Chris Murray had told him he had “the authority to arrange unlimited money for Tony Gauci” and that he could arrange for “$10,000 immediately”.

    Moreover, there are also various entries in the classified documents in which Scottish police describe Paul Gauci as being very forceful about seeking some sort of financial gain and also that he influenced his brother greatly.

    “It is apparent from speaking to him for any length of time that he has a desire to gain financial benefit from the position he and his brother are in relative to the case. As a consequence he exaggerates his own importance as a witness and clearly inflates the fears that he and his brother have…”

    In another document, it was also pointed out that Paul Gauci leveraged on a perceived loss of takings at the shop Mary’s House.

    Paul Gauci’s testimony, which was relevant mostly because it corroborated Tony Gauci’s evidence, was never used at the trial.

    It is not clear, therefore, why he was eligible for the reward programme, which awards money in exchange for information on major terrorism cases of interest to the US.

    However, as Mr McCulloch pointed out in one of his letters: “…it should never be overlooked that his major contribution has been maintaining the resolve of his brother”.

    In 2010, Mr Al Megrahi accused the Maltese witness of “betraying a fellow human being for money”.

    1. MS:

      A couple of things. In the Pan Am bombing the critical question seems to be when the money was offered. There seems some confusion on it. Unfortunately in a police state you can never get the clear answer which bothers me since convicting the wrong person compounds the tragedy since the true culprit is still at large.
      Last night a program on Public Television’s Frontline absolutely convinced me Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. So much for the multitude of different theories.
      As for the Patriots, I’ve lost interest in them since the commercials have now reached the point of torture and I’d rather read a good book than watch those games anymore.
      Take care.

      1. Lighten up Matt: Humans are a work in progress ,eh?
        If you tell me that Lee Harvey is the perp I believe
        you, wink, nod, know what I mean? Yea, I want to believe.
        Sorry to hear you still watch Public Television. Back in 1979
        I talked my way into the student run radio station WMUA
        at UMass Amherst. I inherited the mantle of Public Affairs Director.

        We looked around for new talent and brought on Robbie Lepzer
        who produced an hour long weekly news magazine called UNDERCURRENTS.
        He has since gone on to bigger and better things

        We also recruited two guys who had their PhD . Bill Dorris and Steve Bengis who created their own unique programs Steve in criminal justice
        and Bill a weekly folk music program. We also became involved in picketing the home of board members of the official public radio station WFCR. So when I tell you I stopped watching Frontline after they produced
        The Secret Files of J Edgar Hoover I mean the series has tanked and has become another mouthpiece for the Military Industrial complex.The Secret Files of J Edgar Hoover program has a scene overlooked in lieu of the bigger sound bite everyone remembers. I am talking about the interview with Susan Rosensteil who attended a sex party with her husband , Roy Cohn and FBI Director J Edgar Hoover.
        Susan details the scene where Hoover is dressed as a woman and calls himself Mary.The part of her interview that the media conveniently overlooks is when she says ” Hoover went into the bedroom to have sex with young boys”. Roy Cohn is a confirmed pedophile. Google roy cohn pedophile

        But what does this have to do with the Lockerbie bombing?
        Well if you had your ear tuned to the whisper stream in 1994
        you would have known who created the Lockerbie bombing because you would have watched the banned movie THE MALTESE DOUBLE CROSS

        The filmaker Allan Frankovich had a convenient heart attack
        at the age of 56 see

        Backstory: In 1988 Boston Globe reporter and Pulitzer winner Ross Gelbspan covered our 1st annual conference investigating crimes committed by the FBI held at Boston University , for the Boston Globe. The next year he would start writing his book BREAK INS DEATH THREATS AND THE FBI published by South End Press. In the book narrative there is a section where Ross describes a trip he made to New York City to interview an El Salvadoran refugee named Yanirra Correa. In the middle of the interview the Boston Globe photographer who had accompanied Ross for the story leaves the room to use the bathroom. When he return he finds a piece of paper slid under the door. It is a part of a torn poster for Yanirra Correa speaking at a college. In the upper right hand corner is a crudely drawn picture of a decapitated baby with writing above the drawing saying in spanish” do you know where your baby is?” Yaniira had a two year old baby boy.

        The FBI Assistant Director Oliver Revell coordinated the attack upon Yannira and the American group called CISPES . Ross Gelbspan was in New York interviewing Correa about her kidnapping in Los Angeles where she was thrown into a van, stripped naked, raped with a stick, burnt with cigarettes and had the El Salvadoran death squad initials carved into her hand with a knife.
        After driving around for 6 hours she was thrown onto the Los Angeles freeway naked. Ross would also interview FBI informant Frank Varelli
        for his book. Varelli’s father was commandant of the El Salvador National Guard responsible for the disappearances of teachers and union organizers who were later found naked and decapitated at the local smoldering garbage dump. Varelli blew the whistle on the FBI . Gelbspan had to buy a bulletproof vest for Varelli and very, very special # 2 guy
        at the FBI Oliver Revell was transferred back to running the Dallas FBI office by FBI Director Sessions. What does this have to do with the Lockerbie bombing? Investigators say Oliver Revell pulled his son, also a FBI agent, off the Lockerbie plane. see See more here

        So now you know a little more of what I and the FBI already know.
        Remember blogging is not truth. Behaviour is truth.

        1. ms:

          the last blog citation has Robert Mueller taking over the Lockerbie plane bombing investigation in 1988; me recollection is that he wasn’t part of the FBI until much later.

          Alleging Hoover who was extremely protective of his public image would dress as a woman is absurd, as is the woman who made such a claim.

          You do tend to walk on the far edge of things.

      1. And this one is dedicated to what has become a deluge of videos here. Sometimes, only a good video can best convey what words can’t. Or maybe it’s more like turning up the radio to tune someone out…

        On a side note, if Howie Carr began using your “Joker” moniker — which you used only days after the Boston Marathon incident and capture, then that can only mean that he or someone close to him reads this blog. Maybe you should find some way to smoke him out of hiding? Oh wait — maybe you already have.

        1. Jay:

          Having been routinely ignored by some in the media during the summer who I knew from the past, it seemed to me that they were not only thin skinned but purposely pretended my blog didn’t exist. Shelley Murphy while complaining that I libeled her by suggesting she may have paid Billy Dick Sunday something for the Whitey letters made a point to tell me she didn’t read my blog.
          Whether they read it or not doesn’t matter; I’m not trying to convince them of anything since they have staked their repuations on the false story and will doggedly cling to it no matter how much it is exposed.

  2. That video conveys the relationship between some and some others who post without regard for polite and not-so-polite requests to the contrary. At the end of the day, when requests are blatantly ignored, I would imagine that the remaining question can only be, “Is there anybody out there?”

  3. Msfreeh: I thought Matt asked you to drop the chatter about the 1963 JFK assassination conspiracy theories. Please no more on that or other conspiracy theories like 9-11. Spare us. 2. I did like, however, your link about the Tretandue brothers case and one brothers 2011-2013 efforts. 3. I didn’t know about pat-con and FBI’s S-Files. I didn’t know the FBI shelved and hid info beyond purview of Freedom of Information Requests and Attorneys’ Production of Documents requests. I didn’t know that all Americans are “vetted” by the FBI/DOJ who believe they have plenary powers. Let’s focus on the victims and circumstances of the Boston Marathon Terrorist bombing, the Chechnyan killed in Florida, the FEDs use of serial killers/perjurers, the release of serial killers, the TEI program and related CONTEMPORARY matters.
    Jay, I like your videos!

    1. You got my attention.

      Crimes that are considered exceptionally heinous by society have no statute of limitations. As a rule, there is no statute of limitations for murder, especially capital or first-degree murder.

      Halftime Report

  4. If you had the presence of mind to attend our 13 th Annual Conference
    Investigating Crimes Committed by FBI agents in 2002 you would have had the opportunity to hear former FBI agent William Turner discuss how J Edgar Hoover, Lyndon Johnson and Texas Oil assassinated President Kennedy.
    The conference was held at the University of Maine in Farmington Maine.
    The birthplace of Chester Greenwood, the man who invented ear muffs.

    The question on everybody’s mind was How do you shut the FBI down?
    The answer was you shut down the Department of Justice.

    In today’s Boston Globe you have the expected corporate media spin on the JFK assassination They are now spinning Robert Kennedy saying in the article “There is no indication that Bobby ever found evidence to prove a wider conspiracy.” Fortunately we have the facts that within 48 hours of the assassination Robert Kennedy asked the French Secret Police force to investigate the murder of his brother. Shortly later The report was published in the book FAREWELL AMERICA detailing the evidence for Texas Oil, the FBI and Lyndon Johnson assassinating Kennedy.
    Of course Bobby Kennedy could not be allowed to become President.

    2 stories

    1st story
    see link for full story

    Robert F. Kennedy saw conspiracy in JFK’s assassination
    By Bryan Bender and Neil Swidey
    | Globe Staff

    November 24, 2013

    Robert Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy watched as President Kennedy’s coffin was placed in an ambulance at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., on Nov. 22, the day he was assassinated.

    Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy was sitting at his backyard patio table, clutching a tuna fish sandwich, when the call came through. Kennedy had spent the morning at a Justice Department conference on his intensifying war against organized crime. He had invited two of his employees from New York, US Attorney Robert Morgenthau and an aide, back to his sprawling home, Hickory Hill in McLean, Va., to continue the conversation over a private lunch.

    A key focus of the morning meetings had been the Justice Department’s efforts to put Mafia kingpins behind bars. Now, by the pool on an unseasonably warm day in November 1963, Kennedy talked optimistically about efforts to neutralize one of those mob leaders, Carlos Marcello. At the very moment when Kennedy and his guests were digging into their sandwiches and clam chowder, Marcello was sitting in a packed courtroom in New Orleans, awaiting the verdict in his deportation trial.

    Kennedy had turned 38 just two days earlier, and his mop of brown hair, slim frame, and charging intensity had always combined to project an aura of youth. Still, the bags under his eyes betrayed the weight of responsibilities he had been shouldering for the previous three years, serving as not just the nation’s top law enforcement official but also the president’s most trusted adviser and fixer.

    Just then his wife, Ethel, called over to him, holding the patio phone extension. “It’s J. Edgar Hoover,” she said, a look of worry playing over her face. They both knew the FBI director never called Bobby at home.

    Morgenthau, in a recent interview, recalled watching Kennedy drop his sandwich, race over to the phone, and then quickly cup his hand over his mouth as he heard the devastating news. “Jack’s been shot in Dallas,” Bobby said with a gasp. “It may be fatal.”

    In the half-century since that awful day, much has been made of Bobby Kennedy’s impossible burden following the assassination of his brother. He needed to reassure a shaken nation, support his widowed sister-in-law and her two young children in addition to his own brood of kids, and maintain the cohesion and political relevance of the entire Kennedy clan — all while contending with his own soul-crushing sadness.

    But a closer examination of Bobby’s actions leading up to and immediately following Nov. 22 offers a fresh vantage point on this still-unhealed gash on the American psyche. The view has become clearer thanks to the accumulation of documents released over the last two decades — some as recently as a few months ago — that had long been kept from public view. A review of those documents by the Globe, fortified by the work of historians and new interviews with former Kennedy aides, paints a picture of a brother responding to the assassination with equal parts crippling grief and growing suspicions.

    No one had done more than he to create enemies for the Kennedy administration — the right kind of enemies, to the brothers’ way of thinking. In the mob, in corrupted labor, in Castro’s Cuba, in the rogue wing of the American intelligence system.

    It had been a brave, sometimes reckless crusade. It all looked different now.

    In the five years between his brother’s murder and his own assassination in 1968, Bobby Kennedy voiced public support for the findings of the Warren Commission, namely that a pathetic, attention-seeking gunman had alone been responsible for the murder of President Kennedy. Privately, though, Bobby was dismissive of the commission, seeing it, in the words of his former press secretary, as a public relations tool aimed at placating a rattled populace. When the chairman of the commission, Chief Justice Earl Warren, personally wrote to the attorney general, asking for any information to suggest that a “domestic or foreign conspiracy” was behind his brother’s assassination, Bobby scrawled a note to an aide, asking, “What do I do?” Then, after stalling for two months, he sent along a legalistic reply saying there was nothing in the Justice Department files to suggest a conspiracy. He made no mention of the hunches that appeared to be rattling around in his own mind.

    There is no indication that Bobby ever found evidence to prove a wider conspiracy. But judging from his actions after hearing the news out of Dallas, it’s clear that he quickly focused his attention on three areas of suspicion: Cuba, the Mafia, and the CIA. Crucially, Bobby had become his brother’s point man in managing all three of those highly fraught portfolios. And by the time the president was gunned down, Bobby understood better than anyone how all three had become hopelessly interwoven, and how much all three bore his own imprint.

    2nd read

    see link for full story

    Farewell America
    The Book and the Enigma
    by Al Navis

    “Farewell America, Al, you have to get a copy of Farewell America,” said the voice on the telephone. The soft East Texas twang immediately identified the caller as one William Penn Jones, Jr. and he was calling me from his desk as Editor-in-Chief of the Midlothian Mirror, a weekly newspaper from the town just south of Dallas.

    It was about two weeks before Christmas 1968 and winter in Toronto was fast approaching. America, and indeed the entire world, had just endured what was possibly the worst single year of the century, excepting the Wars. It was a presidential election year and Lyndon Johnson said he wouldn’t run, but Robert Kennedy said he would. By the end of the year, Kennedy was dead by assassins’ bullets, Richard Nixon was President, Hubert Humphrey had lost the election by just over 25,000 votes and Johnson was back home in Texas after aging 20 years in the past five.

    Add to this, the assassination of Civil Rights champion Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; the riots at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago; North Korea capturing the electronic spy ship USS Pueblo; the continuing war in south-east Asia; the Soviet Union occupying Czechoslovakia, a student and worker revolt in France and the few good things which occurred that year were all but invisible.

    The first heart transplant in December, 1967 gave way to an avalanche of them in 1968; American astronauts orbited the moon in preparation for a lunar landing in mid-1969 and President John Kennedy’s widow, Jacqueline, married Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis.

    So when Penn mentioned Farewell America, I asked him what was it about. The story that Penn told me — coupled with what I learned from former FBI-agent-turned-author William Turner and added to the rather bizarre occurrences which would happen to me 16 years later — is what Paul Harvey routinely calls “the rest of the story.”

    The rest of this story begins on 22 November 1963, with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas. While the various timelines of history converged on that place at that time, what came out of Dallas was best described by a Hopi word koyaanisqatsi, meaning crazy life, life in turmoil, life out of balance, life disintegrating or a state of life that calls for another way of living.

    For virtually every person connected with the assassination, this is true and it was especially true for the President’s brother, then-Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Even in the middle of the worst four days of his life, Robert Kennedy had the presence of mind to ask one of his most trusted aides, future Senator from New York Daniel Moynihan to quietly assemble a small staff to look into his brother’s murder. Kennedy basically asked Moynihan to get him the answer to two questions: did Teamster boss and Kennedy family enemy Jimmy Hoffa have any involvement in the assassination, and, was the Secret Service as an agency or specific agents themselves paid off?

    In a few months, the results came back to Kennedy: “no” and “no.” The report was, however, quite damning in its criticism of the Secret Service agents and the agency in general, as far as their collective performance was concerned. Standard protection procedures had been ignored, countermanded or subverted and the result was that the President was left exposed from practically everywhere in Dealey Plaza — a full 360 degrees of opportunity.

    When you look back at the weekend which followed the assassination in 1963, you can probably agree with Robert Kennedy’s prime suspects. Jimmy Hoffa was the most vocal of the detractors of the Kennedy White House as both John and Robert Kennedy had sat on the Kefauver Committee in the late 1950s looking into organized crime in America. The very fact that the President was so completely defenseless naturally gave cause to cast disparaging glances at the organization whose primary duty is to protect him.

    It is indeed interesting, from the point of view of 35 years after the fact, that Hoffa and the Secret Service would be the primary suspects in the ‘crime of the century.’ When we now look at who might have had a hand in the planning and execution of this execution, we normally list the CIA, the FBI, the Mafia, the anti-Castro and pro-Castro Cubans, the Joint Chiefs of Staff/Pentagon/DIA, the Texas oil fortunes of the Hunts and the Murchisons and even the massive interests involved in the Federal Reserve Bank. The ‘grassy knoll’ is now getting to be as crowded as a Tokyo subway car at rush hour!

    It was during the first few months of 1964 that a copy of the Moynihan report to Robert Kennedy found its way across the Atlantic and into the caverns of French Intelligence and, eventually, onto the desk of President Charles de Gaulle. Who actually was the genesis of what would become Farewell America must now be left to pure conjecture, as it was probably done verbally, covertly and quietly. Was it Robert Kennedy or Charles de Gaulle or both or neither?

    It became the provenance of two recently-retired French Intelligence operatives and one of their British counterparts to look into the murder of a president, again probably done verbally, covertly and quietly. They were basically given carte blanche to travel wherever leads took them and to talk to whoever they thought had useful and pertinent information to give. Their investigation took more than 3 years and covered practically the entire globe.

    Because the operatives were just that, and not writers, they enlisted a rather peculiar-looking Frenchman who called himself Herve Lamarr. It was this slightly-built, chain-smoking editor who took the voluminous notes, reports, interview transcripts and essays that the operatives had accumulated over the past 40+ months and collate them into a somewhat readable concise report. It was also Lamarr who came up with the pseudonym “James Hepburn,” based on his overwhelming love and admiration for actress Audrey Hepburn. He bastardized the French word j’aime which means I love.

    It was most probably in mid-December, 1967 that Robert Kennedy received the final draft of the report and its effect was quite noticeable. Kennedy’s public image changed from that of a New York Senator to a potential presidential candidate. His speeches became more international and less local-oriented. And it was quite soon thereafter that he did indeed throw his hat into the ring for the November presidential election.

    During Kennedy’s all-too-brief run for the Presidency, most people judiciously avoided the assassination questions, but one student reporter for a campus newspaper in Berkeley, California asked Kennedy a rather direct question, couched in metaphor — if elected would he open ‘the files?’ Kennedy’s reply was metaphorical in return, saying that only the President can open ‘those files’ and I will be President! In less than three days, Robert Kennedy lay dead in a Los Angeles hospital after being shot three times at point blank range 25 hours earlier, only minutes after winning the California Democratic Primary.

    After waiting a few weeks, the Kennedy family was contacted about the status of ‘the project,’ meaning Farewell America. It was now the duty of the last remaining son, Edward Kennedy to basically squelch the entire operation as he said to the effect that he and the Kennedy Family no longer wished to pursue any aspects of either of the brothers’ deaths.

    So now Lamarr had a book with content that could change the world’s view of what had happened in Dallas. After approaching nearly every major American and British publisher and getting rejections from all of them, Lamarr decided to begin in Europe. One can assume that corporate attorneys working as counsel for those American and British publishing houses looked at a statement on page 387 of Farewell America:

    We challenge the individuals whose names are cited in this book to sue us for libel.

    One can also assume that those same attorneys would have cast a ‘no’ vote when asked by the editorial staff if they should publish Farewell America. But that was the entire tone of the book, because the book was a natural product of the results of the research and that research named names and placed blames.

    While I won’t disclose what that research found, leaving it up to you to read the book, I will say that it cast light in directions which, at that time, had always been in shadows. When it was published in France under the title America Brule (America Burns), it quickly shot to the top of the non-fiction bestseller charts. Italian and German editions soon followed, each a bestseller as well and soon it became apparent that the only way to get an edition published in English was to self-publish it.

    So came the entity now known as “Frontiers Publishing.” It was registered in Vaduz, the tiny capital city of the even tinier Duchy of Liechtenstein, nestled in the Alps. The legal office was in Geneva, Switzerland. The editorial office in Paris. The books were actually printed in Belgium and shipped to Manchester, England and Montreal, Quebec. The print run has never been disclosed but my research came up with an approximate number of copies in the 10,000 range. It seems that 4,000 were shipped for distribution throughout the UK and the other 6,000 were off to North America, but by having them sent out from Montreal they kept them out of the reach of the American authorities. Or so they thought.

    While the copies which were in England were distributed without incident to various bookstores in the British Isles, the copies which were sent to Canada came under attack quite quickly. After about one-third of the consignment had been shipped, a very odd thing happened. The shipments stopped completely.

    I have been able to place together some random facts and oddities into a fairly reliable story of what indeed happened. It seems that the FBI (or perhaps the CIA, but more probably the former) had traced the flow of Farewell America to a book warehouse in Montreal and they elicited the assistance of the Canadian Government (possibly the RCMP, but more probably the Ministry of Customs and Excise) to find a way to staunch the flow of Farewell America into the U.S.

    Now comes the creative part. Through some logistical legerdemain they were able to create an excise on hardcover books which were printed in Belgium. They were then assigned a 50% duty, to be applied retroactively as well! This means that the books would be seized for non-payment of a duty which didn’t even exist when the shipment arrived in Canada. It’s like getting a speeding ticket in September after they lowered the speed limit, and you traveled there in July! Nice grift if you can swing it.

    From 1969 until 1984 two pallets of Farewell America languished in Montreal, in an unheated, bonded, government warehouse. Freezing cold winters and blistering hot summers — all fifteen of them.

    During this time the book became very tough to find and the price began to climb, eventually hitting more then $100.00 — if you could find a copy. The scuttlebutt was that the FBI had bought up all remaining copies and had them destroyed. This type of tactic had worked with two of William Turner’s books, The Fish is Red and The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy which Random House had stopped shipping to bookstores a few months after it was published, probably at the behest of the FBI. Of the 20,000 copies it printed, Random House probably burned three-quarters of them! Not good for the bottom line, but very good for the government relations.

    But the rumors were untrue and for some reason, still unknown, the book showed up as part of a Canadian government auction back in the spring of 1984. When I saw that there were two lots of about 2,000 copies each, I decided that I would attend the auction. With most of the auction audience after office furniture and the like, I was unopposed when bidding for the first lot of 2,000 copies. That changed in the few minutes that it took to begin bidding for the second lot. I repeated my opening bid when a voice from the back of the room bid an amount that was ten times my bid! Needless to say I didn’t get the second lot.

    The bidder was a nondescript white male in a dark suit, perhaps 6’2″ and around 200 pounds, as was his partner. I say ‘partner’ because they immediately radiated the impression ‘government’ or ‘police.’ When I paid for the lot and got my receipt and release slip I was approached by the two men and offered twice what they had just paid for the second lot in cash, right there and then, if I gave them my release slip and receipt. I politely declined.

  5. WOW! It’s November 24 2013 and we won’t have to deal with any more of this JFK assassination conspiracy garbage for another year.I had my chance to perform a citizens arrest on FBI Director Tomey for operating a RICO enterprise but let it slip through my fingers. Guess I will have to wait until next year.Everybody have a good Thanksgiving
    Beam me up Scotty

    While he was in jail, Oswald asked to speak to the FBI, whereupon Special
    Agent John Quigley met with him for an hour and a half. When Quigley
    testified about this incident to the Warren Commission, he said Oswald
    simply explained to him why he was passing out the Castro leaflets. But
    Harold Weisberg’s book “Whitewash IV” included top-secret
    from chief Warren Commission council J. Lee Rankin, which were declassified
    after an extensive legal battle. Rankin’s statement revealed the actual
    reason for Oswald’s meeting with Quigley. According to the session
    transcript, Rankin stated Oswald was “employed by the FBI at $200 a month
    from September of 1962 up to the time of the assassination.”

  6. The one question that unites us all at Matt’s blog is:
    Why doesn’t Congress act and deal with FBI misconduct.

    see link for full story

    Brother of Murder Victim Seeks Details of FBI’s ‘Sensitive Informant Program’
    Posted on January 30, 2013 by BobMcCarty

    Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue filed a motion Monday asking a federal judge to determine whether he is entitled to limited discovery into the FBI’s “Sensitive Informant Program.”
    Trentadue Motion for Discovery 1-28-13

    Click to download copy of motion (pdf).

    In his motion, Trentadue described the program as one used by the bureau “to recruit and/or place informants on the staffs of members of the United States Congress and perhaps even federal judges, in the national media, within other federal agencies as well as the White House, on defense teams in high-profile federal and/or state criminal prosecutions, inside state and local law enforcement agencies, and even among the clergy of organized religions.”

    1. Mafreeh: Thanks for the Bob McCarthy link: Everyone interested in DOJ/FBI corruption, obstruction, whitewashing, and cover-ups should watch the one hour video referenced above about the Trentadue brothers’ trials, tribulations, and killing of one brother. The extent to which evidence disappeared and witnesses changed their stories, seemingly under pressure from the DOJ, is appalling. It reinforces my opinion: “The FEDs are not your friends” and many may be domestic enemies of the constitution. Jesse Trentadue says he will fight the DOJ until his death; he’s been battling the DOJ/FBI for seventeen years over his brother’s “suicide” while in the Bureau of Prisons. Do yourself a favor: Watch the video!
      Msfreeh wrote: “The one question that unites us all at Matt’s blog is:
      Why doesn’t Congress act and deal with FBI misconduct.”

      see link for full story

      Brother of Murder Victim Seeks Details of FBI’s ‘Sensitive Informant Program’
      Posted on January 30, 2013 by BobMcCarty

      We may indeed have created and still foster a unlawful monster within the bowls of the FBI/DOJ. More Americans should speak up!!!!

  7. I apologize Jan. I see my dry Maine humor fell a little short of it’s mark re: Pseudobulbar. after watching the Kabuki Play “WHITEY” I no longer know when to laugh or cry,eh except when I realize my tax dime funded the play,eh?

    In the mid 1990’s we brought retired FBI agent Wesley Swearingen to speak at Bates College in Maine also taking him to speak in Burlington Vermont where filmaker Roz Payne arranged for him to speak at the University of Vermont as well as conducting a private interview with him which is now included in her 4 DVD collection she has just released containing all the footage of the Black Panthers she took starting in the 1960’s continuing through 2013. see

    We brought Swearingen to discuss his book FBI SECRETS in which he detailed many of the black bag illegal break ins he performed
    as a taxpayer funded FBI agent. during the 1960’s through the 1970’s.
    Swearingen was assigned to the FBI San Fransisco office as part of the Racial Squad. The function of the Racial Squad is to eliminate black politicians/ activists by any means necessary . Swearingen was responsible for getting black activist Geronimo Pratt released from prison after he served 27 years when a judge looked at evidence Swearingen presented that FBI agents had framed him. see

    Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner was a recent target of the Boston FBI Racial Squad.

    More recently Swearingen’s second book was released called TO KILL A PRESIDENT detailing his prior knowledge of Kennedy’s assassination 1 year before it happened.

    I thought you might enjoy this recent interview with Searingen.
    Backstory : Because of my interest in sailing I asked retired FBI agent Swearingen about his experiences sailing across the Pacific in his sailboat from San Diego to Hawaii.

  8. Dear MS:

    If you do have multiple sclerosis, it could have been caused by any vaccine you ever received. In addition to initiating the investigation which preceded the testimony of William Bulger on June 19, 2003, U.S. Representative Dan Burton (R-IN) was a huge advocate for abolishing vaccinations, because he believed these caused permanent, debilitating harm to people, including the onset of autism. It was before Dan Burton that William Bulger invoked his Fifth Amendment right on December 6, 2002.

    As you can imagine, Dan Burton is a jack of many trades. He is also a huge golf fan. I hope you feel better and find some productive uses of your time beyond ruminating about the tragedy of President Kennedy. It sounds like you are having some personal issues to address for yourself, and I hope you find the time to take care of those. Matt took time for his knee recently; maybe you should take some time for yourself as well?

    Please feel free to consider some of the treatment options I’ve provided — and good luck!


    This site discusses that in further detail:
    In July 2001, Representative Dan Burton (R-IN) held a congressional hearing [48] where he requested that the FDA immediately recall vaccines still containing mercury (certain influenza, meningococcal, and tetanus vaccines) [39] due to the risks associated with autism. The request was not met. In a subsequent Oct. 25 letter to then Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala, [49] Representative Burton stated that “leaving thimerosal containing vaccines on the market is unconscionable.”

    As of Feb. 1, 2009, over 5,500 cases alleging a causal relationship between vaccinations and autism have been filed under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the United States Court of Federal Claims. [21] They are all under consideration by the Office of Special Masters.
    More information is here:

    Congress Looks At Vaccines

    On August 3, 1999 and April 6, 2000 the U.S. House Government Reform Committee, chaired by Indiana Congressman Dan Burton, examined vaccine safety issues, including vaccine-associated autism ( Congressman Burton’s two grandchildren reacted to vaccines. Danielle Burton Sarkine’s newborn daughter almost died after a hepatitis B vaccination and her bright, healthy 14-month old son, Christian, became autistic after being injected with 9 different vaccines on the same day. The Government Reform Committee has also held a series of hearings on the safety of the anthrax vaccine, while the subcommittee on criminal justice, drug policy and human resources has examined hepatitis B vaccine safety questions and the implementation of the compensation portion of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.

  9. I hear you Matt. LOL
    After all any crime scene investigator would discount
    the testimony of a wife in the murder of her husband, eh?

    Jackie Kennedy believed LBJ had her husband killed new tape shows
    Interview also reveals her affair with actor William Holden
    CATHAL DERVAN, Staff Writer
    Monday, November 18, 2013

    Jackie Kennedy believed Lyndon B Johnson was behind the 1963 assassination of her husband President John F Kennedy.

    In the sensational tapes recorded by the First Lady months after the President’s death, broadcast by ABC, Kennedy revealed her belief that Johnson and a cabal of Texas tycoons orchestrated the murder of her husband by gunman Lee Harvey Oswald.

    Kennedy, who later became Jackie Onassis, claimed that the Dallas murder was part of a larger conspiracy to allow Johnson to become American President in his own right.

    Johnson, who served as a member of Congress, completed Kennedy’s term after the assassination and went on to be elected president.

    Leading historian Arthur Schlesinger Jnr recorded the tapes with Jackie Kennedy within months of her husband’s death.

    They have been stored in a sealed vault at the Kennedy Library in Boston after orders from Mrs Kennedy that they would remain secret for 50 years after her death.

    Years after her mother died from cancer, daughter Caroline has opted to release the tapes early.

    She has entered an agreement with the ABC network in the States who will air the tapes after agreeing to cancel their Kennedys drama series which upset Caroline and the Kennedy family.

    The $10 million series starred Tom Cruise’s wife Kate Holmes as Jackie Kennedy and critically charted the family’s political and personal trials and tribulations since the 1930s. It has now been dropped in a deal with Caroline concerning these tapes.

    ABC executives have confirmed that the revelations in the tapes are ‘explosive’ with Jackie Kennedy allegedly blaming President Lyndon Johnson for the death of JFK, according to the Daily Mail reports.

    It is believed the tapes also include the suggestion that President Kennedy was having an affair with a 19-year-old White House intern with his wife even claiming that she found underwear in their bedroom.

    Jackie Kennedy also admits to several affairs of her own in the tapes – one with Hollywood star William Holden and another with Fiat founder Gianni Agnelli – in retaliation for the President’s indiscretions.

    There are also claims that the couple had discussed having more children in the weeks before his death.

    Noted Kennedy family historian and author Edward Klein said: “Jackie regarded the pretty young things in the White House as superficial flings for Jack. She did retaliate by having her own affairs.

    “There was a period during which she was delighted to be able to annoy her husband with her own illicit romances.”

    1. Mimi Allen was the19 year old intern he took advantage of, Also her virginity, she has a book out. She appears to be very sincere and genuine in my opinion. I have never heard or found Jackie blamed LBJ.. Robert Caro’s books are good fact finding materials about LBJ. Jackie was a class act of a lady. She did shit on Ted Sorensen though about how he tried to be like JFK and claimed he was the source of a particular speech that JFK gave. Sorensen was a genius speech writer for JFK though. Can we kill all the videos it is getting to be a shit show on here, i mean aliens come on??. This is a great place to chat with some people i don’t want lose touch with. Let’s not ruin a good thing that is being financed by another person who has been patient with all of us.

  10. The point is for Matt to communicate with Whitey about co-writing
    a book together.

    In other news here is a letter Colonel Prouty wrote.

    Len: This is a response to Tony Pitman on the subject of the Christchurch STAR coverage of the JFK assassination, and related items.

    Dear Mr. Pitman:

    I am pleased to have a copy of your research in Christchurch about the STAR newspaper’s issue of Saturday, November 23,1963. In many ways what you have learned locally verifies the information I got from the STAR and many other papers that were issued on that same day from around the world. (We are allowing for the time change over the Int’l Dateline when applicable.)

    JFK was hit at 12:30 pm on Nov 22, Dallas time. I was in the hotel (Hermitage?) at the foot of Mt. Cook in the N.Z. Alps having breakfast at 07:30 am on Nov 23 when the hotel speaker system reported:

    “BBC have just reported that President Kennedy has been shot… dead, in Dallas, Texas.” (Silent thereafter.)

    The U.S. Congressman, who was with me at breakfast, and I left the hotel as soon as possible and were driven back to Christchurch without delay. We arrived there around 1 pm. We found a newspaper being sold by a newsboy on the street. This is the source of my “official” copy that day.

    The point of this timing is that much of the “news” items about the assassination, that appeared in that issue of the STAR, had to have been written before the shooting took place. The paper was printed before Oswald had been arraigned for the crime of killing the President.

    We must keep in mind that Oswald, although picked up by the police on suspicion for the murder of a Dallas Patrolman J.D. Tippet, 35 minutes after Kennedy was shot, was not arraigned for the assassination of JFK for another twelve hours, i.e. early on the morning of Nov 23rd, Dallas time.

    This account becomes pivotal in understanding the sources of the around-the-world news that contained considerable biographical items (true or contrived with respect to the assassination) that we found on the pages of the STAR early that afternoon.

    A newspaper on the streets between 1300 and 1400 hours on the 23rd, in Christchurch, had to have been printed and on the streets at least 6 hours before Oswald had been arraigned for JKK’s murder. This time gap itself creates a very doubtful possibility for anything but the most rudimentary account. Reporters would not have started on the collation of such bizarre data as was created for the Oswald scenario. They had to collect it, verify it, and then write their columns, first – let alone the time consumed in publication and distribution required for true news data.

    What has concerned me, since that date, is that this early afternoon newspaper, published in New Zealand, has many columns of Lee Harvey Oswald’s biography that must have been assembled, written and transmitted around the world many hours before Oswald had been arraigned. Other papers were given the same material about Oswald. They printed it too.

    Keep in mind, he was picked up by the police as a suspect in the crime of killing a Dallas policeman. That certainly could not have been the basis for reporters to begin a world~wide search for “Oswald News Items”. Such activity could only have begun, properly and lawfully, after the court had charged Oswald with the crime.

    With these questions in mind, let’s take a look at the newspaper itself:

    a) Only a few sentences into the lead story that is accompanied with a full-faced photo of Kennedy on one side, and a full ground to roof shot of the building from which the fatal shots were alleged to have been fired, there is an on-the-spot release of singular content for those of us who are familiar with the content of the Warren Commission Report and other “factual” data. This immediate release states:

    “Three bursts of gun-fire, apparently from automatic weapons were heard. Secret service men immediately unslung their automatic weapons and pistols.

    NOTE: Those two “on-the-spot” sentences wipe out the entire “Oswald did it, alone” cover story that appeared near the top of this front page of the Christchurch STAR. Notably, they were also the very first remarks broadcast by the nation-wide CBS TV network when they hurriedly shut down their scheduled programs and broke in with the news of the President’s assassination. They appeared also around the world in story~breaking broadcasts and newsprint.

    These two sentences do not appear in the Warren Report, and do not appear again in any media sources after this first release. After that release they began to get a steady stream of “cover story” material about Oswald and other matters related to JFK’s death.

    It is up to the reader/listener to decide, a) are they the curb-side actual truth, or b) were they contrived to lead the breaking story? *`(a) is the truth. It was the earliest phone call by an alert, on-site source that was flashed around the world. He simply reported what he heard, and it was factual. It was not written by the conspiracy team.

    This calls for another few words of personal information. have written about, spoken about, and have had inserted into Oliver Stone’s film “JFK”, this source of information about the Christchurch STAR, for one reason, and one reason only. I just happened to be in New Zealand that day… on my way back to Washington from a brief military assignment to Antarctica. I had no other reason the make reference to the STAR. I just happened to be there, and it was the local paper.

    Once I returned to Washington, DC and to my assigned military office in the Joint Chiefs of Staff area of the Pentagon, on Nov 28, 1963, I made it a goal to assemble as many “First Day” sources of JFK Assassination news as I could locate. This led me to the U.S. Library of Congress and to its vast, world-around files of newspapers. By doing this I discovered that for the most part they had access to, and printed, the same words from the same news sources as did the STAR. The conspiracy really got out there first. It became clear that the biographical material on the assassin, reportedly Oswald, had to have been put together before the shooting took place. It’s simply a factor of job scope and timing. I won’t go into a lot of detail; but in the lower left-hand corner of the front page there is a story under the heading, “Arrested Man Lived in Russia.” At that time the STAR, and other papers around the world, also published a fine studio photo of Oswald. There is no way that the newspapers could have run that select photo unless it had been provided to them before the murder and his arraignment. Oswald, who had yet to be charged, was wearing street clothes that day, not a suit coat and tie.

    There can be no question but what this “Oswald biography” that was flashed around the world even before he was charged with the crime was a preplanned part of the conspiracy.

    The STAR proved to me that a major conspiracy was behind this murder. There is a large photo of the Dallas Textbook Depository building, where Oswald worked and where they say the shots came from on the left side of the front page. This photo was taken right after the shooting. Look at it closely. Note how many windows are open.

    During my military years in the Pentagon, 1955-1964, I had worked with military and on occasion Secret Service “Presidential Protection” units. I know that it is mandatory in those jobs that all windows over-looking the route of a Presidential procession must be closed. Then ground observers watch to see that they are not re-opened; and, if opened, that radio calls to men in the building and on nearby roofs will alert rifle marksmen, and will cause others to go into those rooms and have all windows closed. None of this standard procedure was done as this photo confirms right at the time of the shooting. This is a powerful and key factor of the existence of a conspiracy.

    This photo tells a major story. The Secret Service and the Military Presidential Protection units were not there, they were not on the job. They could only have been removed, or over- looked for duty in Dallas, as the result of a massive conspiracy. This building photo with open windows is proof, beyond doubt. Why weren’t the Presidential Protection units there and on duty? Who had the influence, or power to have given them bogus orders not to go to Dallas, i.e. “Other units will cover Dallas?”

    By the time, the Congressman and I had scanned this important publication that day in Christchurch we were sure that the murder had been the result of a conspiracy. This newspaper, and others around the world, tell the story.

    I am well aware of the fact that global communications in 1963 was fast and effective everywhere. I find no fault with that part of the game. What is clear is that the “Oswald did it alone” story was contrived, and the cover story had been printed and made available around the world even before Oswald had been arraigned.

    This is the significance of the Christchurch STAR as published on Nov 23, 1963. A careful study of its content destroys the “Lone Assassin” theory, and gives irrefutable evidence of a major conspiracy at work in Dallas and around the world that day.

    Fletcher Prouty

    1. ms:

      Enough is enough on JFK – it matters little 50 years later. Nothing will ever be done about all these far flung theories like the one in the article. Fletcher Prouty’s absudity is shown by his statement: “There is no way that the newspapers could have run that select photo unless it had been provided to them before the murder. . . .” You see this was such a secret conspiracy that all the newspapers win the world were part of it and were prepared with the story before the shooting. I can’t figure out how they all remained so quiet about this, it never leaked out. Maybe they were afraid of Lady Bird.

  11. I saw a small segment on ADX and what a hell it seems to be. It most certainly is a super-max prison. He will definitely be hating life I’m sure if he ends up there. I had no idea how locked down it was until I saw that segment on it. That is a true punishment being there, and he will be FAR away from home which has to weigh heavily on his mind. As far as the Tsarnaev fiasco, that is really frustrating that it still has not been told of what happened and why. The story changed a few times of why but the what is unsettling that they can hide behind the ” still under investigation ” as a way of stalling until a good explanation can be established.

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