Ken Starr: A Bright Man With No Moral Compass – He Will Not Be Missed

baylorI came across this article. It is about the woman who would be president and the way she likes to treat people. But there is another part of it that I found more interesting since the first part should be well-known to any who has paid the least bit attention to American politics and that is you do not, I repeat, you do not cross Viper-Lady .

I refer to the part about Ken Starr who issued a 38,000 word report on the suicide of Vince Foster but omitted to include the real reason for it which was the public humiliation he received from the Viper-Lady. Now why would a guy on the level leave out information that: “his own investigation had found that Hillary’s rage had led to her friend’s suicide.” Also, the article wonders why he stopped the FBI from interviewing Viper Lady about her commodities trading.

I had planned to write something about Ken Starr earlier. I first encountered him when I was asked to review his findings on his investigation that led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment. I did and found them full of holes. I flew to Washington, D.C. a day or two before the hearing in which he was scheduled to testify to brief the Congressman that retained my services. He was going to be on the panel that Starr was going to question Starr. I had prepared for him an outline of the cross-examination I hoped he would pursue.

He thanked me. He thought it was all good stuff. Then he mentioned he only had five minutes time to question Starr so he could never get into it. He decided to take another tact. I stayed for the hearing and listened to Starr testify. I sensed something quisling-like about the man. It was as if he was supposed to do an investigation but at the same time he wanted to remain on friendly terms with the party he was investigating — especially if they were powerful people like the Clintons. He was not going to burn any bridges he might want to cross.

My sense was in his dealings with the Clintons there was always a wink and nod understanding he would not hurt them.  I figured he was not so much interested as getting to the bottom of something as he was to advance himself. I thought that was apparent to most people that the guy was not totally on the level. That was confirmed when he cleared the Viper Lady of any wrongful involvement in the Travel Gate Scandal (another one we forget about). At the time of a subsequent report on that matter “New York Times columnist Safire updated his description of Hillary Clinton to “habitual prevaricator”, saying “the evidence that she has been lying all along is damning” and comparing her dark side to that of Richard Nixon  in whose White House he had once worked.”

Starr’s appointment in 2010 as president of Baylor I recall really surprised me. I expected Baylor University would have done a better job in finding a leader than a guy like Starr who in my book had a good brain but deficient character traits.

As you know he was just fired from his job as Baylor president. A few days later he stepped down as the University’s chancellor. Here is a take on his stepping down.  All we know is for years under Starr’s leadership women were further abused when they made complaints they were sexually abused by players on the winning football team. The specifics are quite vague with all the parties involved acting like the three monkeys hearing seeing or saying nothing about the evil.

It really should not have been surprising that under a person like Starr that women would not be treated properly. After all we should never forget that he was , well let me use his words. He and two other university presidents were on a forum that discussed “The Calling of Faith-based Universities.” Starr during his presentation said that at Baylor: “there is a Christian calling to ensure that the students understand the concept of maintaining a “caring community” and living to serve the needs of others.”

As he was picking up his notes to leave he was asked how a person like him who is leading a Christian school like Baylor which is a Baptist University would have used his legal talents to represent a pedophile like Jeffrey Epstein who defiled and sexually abused young girls and fed them to his friends to abuse. He answered: “I was very happy to respond to the needs of a client of the firm.”

Starr graduated from law school at age 28,  clerked for judges until he was 31, and was appointed by Ronald Reagan as a federal court of appeals judge at the tender age of 37. No doubt he is bright but like many bright men inside he is dull, empty of compassion. We should not be surprised that a man like Starr who would represent a serial abuser of young women man like Epstein would not respond to the complaints of young college students who were being raped.

PS:  Later today I will post the statement of a rape victim so you better understand how Ken Starr and those in positions like him fail the test of common decency.

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  1. “When her husband Bill ran for president in 1991, Hillary said, “If you vote for my husband, you get me—it’s a two-for-one, blue plate special.”
    And in that campaign, Bill also pointed out, “If I get elected president, it will be an unprecedented partnership… [Hillary and I will] do things together like we always have.””

    From 22 years ago:

    Returning the favor:

    Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams had this in October 2015:

  2. In the meantime, I heartily recommend Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton: The Unreported Stories”, hardcover, published October 1, 1997. Here is the description of the book from

    “Cited by White House press secretary Mike McCurry as the origin of every major Clinton scandal story, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has done more than any other journalist to expose the truth about the Clintons. Now Evans-Pritchard is breaking the biggest scoop of all: an assiduously documented expose of “the black-water scandals” – the scandals that have gone unreported in the American media, but that characterize the Clinton presidency as the most corrupt in history. Among the secrets Evans-Pritchard exposes: The Oklahoma City bombing as a government sting operation that flew out of control when the stingers were outstung. Evans-Pritchard tells the story that the FBI and the Justice Department don’t want you to know. Eyewitnesses to corruption in Clinton’s Arkansas – many have met with brutal harassment, physical intimidation, and, in some cases, even suspicious death. Those who survived tell Evans-Pritchard their story. Bill Clinton’s involvement in the drug underworld of Arkansas. Evans-Pritchard talks to the smugglers, the Arkansas state troopers, the federal agents and prosecutors, and the young girls who were the victims of “the good times.” The true story of Vince Foster’s death – what the official report won’t tell you, but what eyewitnesses saw, and why the government is being sued for falsifying sworn testimony. In the aftermath of Vince Foster, the shocking story of the murder of Jerry Parks, head of Clinton security in Little Rock. Why Parks predicted his own death. Why the Left was right about Mena Airport: Evans-Pritchard discovers the missing evidence.”

    1. Ed:

      Despite all that Clintons roll along untarnished. Unless FBI Comey steps up and brings the email investigation to its proper conclusion – I expect he will do it before the election with a whitewash but I hope I’m wrong – Comey might have dreams of becoming another J. Edgar and spend the rest of his life as director – all it takes is a change by the president and Congress – he is obviously on top of the news and sees the lineup that we will have to face in November: a choice between the two candidates with the most unfavorable ratings in history. He sees Trump undermining himself on a daily basis with his unnecesary attacks on others – it brings me back to my original though that this was another part of the Clinton fix – getting the most unpopular possible opponent. I should refresh that former post. Thanks.

    1. Henry:

      Yes, I read about that earlier today. It is scheduled to come out on the same day that Clinton will be put forth as the Democratic candidate for president. The big question is how long will FBI director Comey sit on the email investigation. Do you think he is already in negotiations with the Clintons that if he holds it off or clears her then he can become FBI director for life as J. Edgar Hoover was able to do.

      I notice Hillary sent out a video the other day showing her true colors. She implied that Trump is a Nazi (which may be true but not one to be said by candidates.) She said to the sound of ominous music: “We are dealing with somebody who is a demagogue who would rip up our most valued beliefs. Yes, [Curiel is] of Mexican heritage. Donald Trump is of German Heritage. I mean, what does that mean? We’re all Americans.”

      Typical Clinton throw out the red meat for her true believers and walk it back for cover so the average mope can argue she meant nothing by it. I would hope that there would not be a German in America who would not be offended by her video purposefully made to imply this. It’s like saying: “I’m not saying he’s a drunk. He is of lrish heritage. I mean, what does the mean? (pause to let the folks think) We’re all Americans.”

      I have enough books to fill the Grand Canyon and have sworn off buying anymore but I’m tempted to do a little pre-ordering myself.

      1. Hillary is only partly correct about Trump’s parentage. Trump’s mother was Scots, from Stornoway, Outer Hebrides.

        All American or not, people still hyphenate their ancestry, as in African-American. Or affiliate with movements: La Raza.

        1. Henry:

          Hillary is partially correct in most things she tells us. Yes, Trump’s judge belongs to La Raza but we are supposed to not know that.

  3. During the impeachment process my mother who was for impeachment was told quite clearly by a well placed lawyer whose firm was very Democratic leaning that “FIX WAS IN”…and, now after all these years this is clear…so now what? The media is claiming res judicata on all HRC issues, but what it looks like now is selective prosecutorial discretion…As you are aware my ongoing criminal complaints have named HRC known NH super delegates associates and the Clinton Administration …but, my voice has been silenced since NH has Ordered me a delusional psychotic for filing my complaints. I do hope if you have any material information that you share it..lives are at stake.

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