Kevin Weeks Thought Whitey Was An Informant: Was He Fooled by Agent Connolly’s Skullduggery ?

Kevin Weeks was Whitey’s sidekick and strong-arm man. He wrote a book Brutal that was published in 2006. Knowing that year is important. First, it is during the time when the Whitey Myth was nearing its height. People were rushing to take advantage of any connection that they had with him.

Second, Whitey had been on the lam over ten years by that time. In his book Weeks told how he stayed in contact with Whitey for a few years after he left in December 1994. Weeks was  confidence that he would never come back to the area alive. He could spin whatever he wanted about him.  Finally, it is written after the 2002 trial of John Connolly where Weeks was a government witness against Connolly.

At the time Weeks was already out of prison having been given a slap on the hand for his involvement in five murders by the prosecution and the federal judge. By this time it was as rare as finding a flying turtle to find anyone who did not buy into the Myth. It permeated throughout society and into the minds of the judges in the federal court both at the trial and appeals level. Anyone who could give something on Whitey was handed a great deal in return.

Pertinent to our inquiry whether Whitey is an informant are the statements Weeks made back in 1997 when he became convinced that Whitey was one:

Weeks had been meeting with FBI Agent John Connolly in an attempt to help out Steve Flemmi who was incarcerated in the Plymouth Country jail. (Why Connolly is so intent on helping Flemmi is another area to be discussed. As you know God created few worse than Flemmi. I feel sacrilegious putting God’s name in the same sentence as his. )

About a year after Weeks began transmitting messages back and forth between Connolly and Flemmi he learned from a television broadcast that Flemmi testified that both he and Whitey were FBI informants. He couldn’t believe it thinking: “I had believed that Jimmy [Whitey] was corrupting the FBI through greed and money, paying them for information to help us.”

At the time he learned that Whitey was out of touch. His only source of information was Flemmi whom he was in communication with on a weekly basis. He had no way to get Whitey’s side of the story. He only had Flemmi to talk to but it was Flemmi who was the one saying Whitey and he were informants.

Shortly after hearing that he arranged for a meeting with Connolly at the Top of the Hub in Boston. Connolly handed him the copies of the items that were in Whitey’s informant files. I’ll let Weeks tell the rest:

“As I read over the files at the Top of the Hub that night, Connolly kept telling me that 90 percent of the information in the files came from Stevie [Flemmi]. Certainly Jimmy [Whitey] hadn’t been around the Mafia the way Stevie had. But, Connolly told me, he had to put Jimmy’s name on the files to keep his file active. As long as Jimmy was an active informant, Connolly said, he could justify meeting with Jimmy and giving him valuable information. Even after he retired, Connolly still had friends in the FBI, and he and Jimmy kept meeting to let each other know what was going on. I listened to all that, but now I understood that even though he was retired, Connolly was still getting information, as well as money, from Jimmy. As I continued to read, I could see that a lot of the reports were not just against the Italians. There were more and more names of Polish and Irish guys, of people we had done business with, of friends of mine. Whenever I came across the name of someone I knew, I would read exactly what it said about that person. I would see, over and over again, that some of these people had been arrested for crimes that were mentioned in these reports. . . . I thought about what Jimmy had always said, ‘You can lie to your wife and to your girlfriends, but not to your friends. Not to anyone we’re in business with.’ Maybe Jimmy and Stevie hadn’t lied to me. But they sure hadn’t been telling me everything.”

Weeks was convinced that Whitey was an informant seeing the names of people he knew in the file who had been arrested and charged for the information contained in the file. But there are a couple of other things Weeks should have weighed when deciding whether his conclusion is right.

Connolly told him 90% of the information in Whitey’s informant file is from Flemmi. Is Connolly to be believed? He was showing Weeks the file to prove his point. If Connolly is correct, that doesn’t make Whitey much of an informant.

But what about the information there concerning people Weeks knew? That convinced  Weeks Whitey was a rat. Weeks had no way of knowing that reports in Whitey’s file had been taken from other FBI agents files. Could it have been that Connolly did not remember he put that information into Whitey’s file? Could it be that without the fake reports Connolly put in Whitey’s file Weeks would not have seen the names of people he knew? If so, how does that make Whitey an informant?

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  1. msfreeh

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  2. msfreeh

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  3. Bill C.

    i knew all the boxers: I worked with Sean Mannion . . .I’ve met Danny Long . . .I personally knew Joe Denucci . . .and Joe Devlin we knew . . .Tom McNeilly was a friend and bouncer at Connors’ Bulldog Lounge . . .Tommy who fought Patterson for the Heavyweight World Championship . . .I always followed the fights . . .and boxed a little in high school and in the back yard . . .Tommy Atardo is a friend from L-Street . . .Tommy was a sparring partner for Hector Camacho . . .If my memory serves me well . . .

    Andrew Square . . .now my first cousin owned a place there . . .and the barber there played sax at the Teddy Bear Lounge . . .and for 25 years I jogged with Pat Laughlin from Andrew Square who told me the stories of all the guys I knew including my other cousins who hung out in the barrooms there, and when I worked the projects with my uncle Bobby I used to walk into the barrooms there . . .and there they were . . .not far from the home of my birth in Old Harbor, and my grandmothers’ home in Old Colony . . .oh the sweet memories

    Boxing . . .by the time of my freshmen year in high I school we were being taught by two intercollegiate boxing champions . . .Mr. Mitchell, Army Special Forces, Boston College’s New England Light Heavyweight Intercollegiate Boxing Champion, and a teacher at BC High, and Mr. Murphy Notre Dame Lightweight Boxing Champion and a teacher at BC High, and they taught us too how to throw and take a punch, and do a lot of push-ups and sit-ups and hit the bags . . .

    We had a lot of boxers in Savin Hill . . .Bobby Mancini could punch like Rocky Marciano and basically had to stop fighting by 18 . . . he put too many guys in the hospital with his punching power . . .and he never started fights . . .just finished them . . .and Eddie Connors served my future wife and I breakfast at his cottage in Falmouth . . . .and Tony Veranis was a neighborhood idol . . .and the O’Shea brothers, two houses up on Sagamore were Golden Glove Boxing Champions and Paul O’Shea was the Navy Champ . . .and we all boxed in our cellars and back yards before we even got into the gyms . . .and we won’t mention street fights . . . “Tommy,” I asked my lifelong friend from the Motley School on Savin Hill Avenue, “How many fist fights were we in between the ages of 16 and 22, one hundred?” And Tommy thought for a few seconds and then said, “More money!” Boxing was a sport back then, high school, intercollegiate, and young men sparred at the drop of a hat . . . a few guys squaring off, or a dozen on each side at a dance hall was not uncommon . . . .and few who grew up in Southie, Dorchester, Allston-Brighton could not tell stories of having guns pointed at them with mean intent, or being in the presence of gunfire, or knowing family and/or friends or both shot and killed by gunmen . . . .

    But the toughest folks I met were the public health nurses who worked the projects in Washington D.C. or who worked in clinics on both sides of the border in El Paso, Texas, or the clinics on both sides of the border in San Diego, like a nurse from Savin Hill named Mary McCarthy . . .

    And Yes, O’Callaghan Way was correct, of course, I was talking about John Connolly’s brother Jimmy who was a DEA agent, and the best Jim Connolly I knew was a Marine from Savin Hill who became a lawyer after the Marines, while he was married with three children, and who had an uncle, at WWII Army Combat Veteran Uncle named Jim Connolly who raised five beautiful daughters . . .and I know of Connolly’s gym, but don’t know him personally, but know many of his boxers personally as I’ve met them down the L, or at boxing matches, or in other venues and arenas and meeting places and halls around town. . . .

    And I know what side of the fence I’m on: and I know former FBI agent John Connolly is a good, decent man framed by the FEDs, Media, Carr and Cullen and their cohorts, . . . .and if we want to talk about the seamy side of life, we can explore the matter of heroin addiction and cocaine addiction and crime associated therewith and diseases like AIDs and overdose deaths associated therewith and friends who’ve died therefrom (ODs and AIDs secondary to injecting drugs) and how the FEDs have fallen flat on their face in controlling trafficking internationally and locally . . .and wasted taxpayers’ time and precious resources in political persecutions of probation officers and framing folks like Chuck Turner over a $200 “preacher’s handshake.”

    And no, I’m not in any of this for publicity or to toot my own horn . . .I’m perfectly content being anonymous and being in the background, as I’ve always been . . .I’m perfectly content researching and writing, perfectly content working out every day and playing the piano and reading, writing, and walking around, and going to movies and going to the beach in the summertime, and watching football in the Fall . . . .and for 25 years jogging everyday out of L-Street (everyday, summer, fall, winter, spring with the Noontime Nuts) and (I used to play handball every day at the YMCU on Boylston Street and another cousin, Jackie C., was there almost daily, as were a lot of handball players and weighlifters and boxers . . .it was a good downtown gym . . .many white collar guys there mixing in with the blue collar guys . . .

    and there’s nothing more I’d like to see than Justice be done and John Connolly be freed . . . .and there’s nothing that angers me more than Injustice and Corrupt FEDs who abuse power and administer justice unequally . . .and the same goes for staties and locals who do the same . . . .I classify all of them as bully boys . . .

    I always admired the stand-up guys . . .especially those who stood up for the little guy, against the powers that be . . .against the bully boys . . .the bully boys on the street, and the bully boys in state and federal governments . . .and I grew up knowing and admiring many many two-fisted stand up guys who never started trouble, who never bullied anyone, who never backed down, and who never hesitated to stand up for what was right . . . .and who never hesitated to go toe to toe with the bully boys . . .I know of lightweights and underdogs who’ve floored bully-boy heavyweights on the streets and in the corridors of power . . .and who’ve floored them in white collar arenas . . . .I think of courageous Attorney Chester Darling who put everything on the line and stood up against the entire corrupt-liberal-leftist establishment in Massachusetts and won a unanimous victory at the Supreme Court . . . against the Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, all the big name law firms, almost all the big name Academics and Media-types who vilified and opposed him, and against almost all the judges and administrative officials in Massachusetts and the FEDs . . .Chester Darling stood tall . . .

    We need more Chester Darlings who don’t equivocate about what’s right and wrong . . .who tell it like it is . . .who don’t cave in nor compromise . . .who fight for what’s right . . .

    Good night! Sleep tight. So, we agree on some things and disagree on others; so what’s new?

    We had two “sayings” growing up in Savin Hill used mostly when were kids and teenagers . . .always rebels of a sort . . .and our two sayings were questions: “Says who?” and “So what?” We questioned all.

    Peace to those of good will; to those not of good will, Special Forces. And whether we agree or disagree, to one and all, continue to fight the good fight . . .

  4. John King McDonald


    Jimmy Connolly, who taught me to box, at Connolly’s Gym in the old Ellis Building on West Broadway, when I was a kid was a great Catholic gentleman and a very tough guy.

    The finest Jimmy Connolly I ever met !

    1. Honest Abe

      You might have run into Shaun Johnston in that gym. He was a fine middleweight that I worked with one summer out of the Braintree DPW pit. We were both 90 Day Wonders making way too much money painting about three guard rails a day. Incredible fun and I learned how to throw a real left hook from Shaun. I spell his name like that because that is the way he spelled it when he painted it on the cliff face across from the Braintree Twin Drive-in on 128. Gee wiz, Mister Science. I wish I was 20 again. (At least for a week)

      1. John King McDonald

        Abe, Danny Long , who later became a Boston Cop, fought out of there. He was a puncher. Jimmy and his brother Billy ran that Gym. With Class !!!

        1. Honest Abe

          Danny Long. Yes. I saw him fight Hagler’s step brother Robbie Simms. It was someplace in Brockton.

          1. John King McDonald

            How’d he do ? Robbie Simms was a brickload. Danny was a very skillful boxer, really well grounded, and I expect he would have managed him throughout and won on points.

          2. Honest Abe

            I just looked on BOX-REC. Danny lost a split to Robbie Simms. It was at Massasoit Community College in Brockton. Danny fought some brutes. His tomato cans were few. Alex Ramos, Bobby Czyz, Davey Boy Green, Doug DeWitt. Those are not exactly schooling fights. Tough hombre.

  5. John King McDonald

    251 :

    What Jimmy Connolly could it have been ? A former Boston Police officer perhaps who , like John Connolly, once taught at South Boston High School ?
    Yep. .. that was probably the guy . Never said he was John Connolly’s brother. Sorry to spoil a ” gotcha” moment for you , as I am known for an occasionally rather sly black Irish humor and I was having some fun with Bill C. And as my perception of you is that you are a homer who knows what’s what’s , so to say, I do not want to abuse you as just another Whitey dilettante. The corresponding biographical and historical facts in my post regarding the Jimmy Connolly we in Andrew Square knew and well respected will prove as reliable as my recollection of … Jimmy . Slainte.

  6. 251 O cal

    BIll C, I just got in and read entire blog your post I agree with to the fullest. Just one note in regards to JKM ‘s post John Connollys brother Jimmy never worked at anytime especially in 95 in any store in Andrew square. He was a DEAgent in 95 . Would like to say more but not right now

  7. msfreeh

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  8. John King McDonald


    You really are the Preppy .

    Enjoy your reading.

    You read, write, and speak out of ignorance … empirically…of your subject.

    I like it that way .

  9. Bill C.

    Regarding John Connolly: about 100 FBI agents who knew him BEST and worked with him for decades said he was honest; about 100 people from Boston who knew him most of his life, socially and personally, knew he was honest. The ones who attacked and continue to attack him and who buy into the FED-MEDIA slander campaign are those who do not know John Connolly or know him least.

    Like I said, I’ve studied John’s prosecution by FEDs and persecution in the Media for 20 years. I’ve known John, his brother Jimmy, their friends, their fellow workers, for over 50 years, since I was a teenager. I know their contemporaries; I know the neighborhoods of Southie and Dorchester, inside and out; I know the law; psychology; and how the Media manipulates and how the FEDs falsely prosecute innocent folks.

    I write out of experience, understanding and considered judgments about these matters . . .I don’t know anyone more versed in them than I. . . .I’ve heard from all sides . . .I’ve read all sides . . . .my conclusions are considered, concrete . . .I’m not infallible . . .I am convinced . . .I make allowance for doubters and critics . . . .I make no allowance for “my betters” as there are none . . . I recognize equals, not superiors . . . inflated egos deserve to be pin-pricked and brought down to earth . . .Men and women who’ve abused governmental power entrusted to them deserve to be prosecuted . . .FEDs who think they rule, must be disabused of that notion . . .the truth must be told . . .the facts must be told regardless of how many hubristic, egotistical or simply woefully mistaken individuals are offended …………………..FACE THE FACTS . . . . .

    1. John King McDonald

      Bill :

      I know Jimmy Connolly. Used to bet in his Keno parlor at the Andrew Square variety. He stood with a pal in its picture window and saw me beat a giant down to the ground one hot, very hot, afternoon in Summer ’95.
      You know , Bill ? … ’95 was a pivotal year.

      After I chopped that tree down in a dazzling display of pugilistic pugnacity on the corner opposite Jimmy’s winder’ I picked his baseball cap off the ground, banged it on my thigh, and handed it to him. I also handed him his foodstamp booklet which had also wound up on the ground.

      I respect a scrapper, however deluded he may have been as to who he happened to bump into in Southie.

      Tell Jimmy I says hello. He is a garrulous, funny, wonderful guy … Jimmy Connolly .

      1. John King McDonald


        Tell you a funny. True funny. This is the fact in the face: My Son and I were living @20 Boston St. in ’95. Have you ever seen guys move in and just take a town over ( Just like Rocky Gallo, who shot me , carefully, in “92 in Southie used to say; the fact that he got beat all night when they locked the Tall Ships doors on him later that fateful eve, or that Robert Lancione , a family man from Quincy and low level coke dealer was found hogtied at the Dorchester gas tanks the following Saturday morning , does not detract from his prophetic powers. Nor did the fact that they dumped him the next morning back at the West First St. location where he shot me with his eye hanging out on his cheek detract from those powers ) He knew many people in many places . Friend Gallo .

        To wit : head out to put in my numbers at the Andrew Square Variety one night late summer ’95 . This was the guys in dumpsters in Dorchester period as I call it. A red sports car, unoccupied, with the Rhode Island license plate … JUNIOR … was parked right outside my front door. As I headed across the street I heard a guy call out …. There he is, he’s coming over!!! New cats about . Not strange, just new. As I walked into the KENO parlor Jimmy Connolly looked at me and said to his cohort … He knows what’s going on !!!

        Roger that !!!

  10. Bill C.

    John, I’ve never responded to your ad hominem attacks over the years, but I will now:

    My betters? I have none!

    John, I generally don’t throw stones . . . .but you my friend are full of yourself . . . .

    Your problem is you don’t know how to argue without making ad hominem attacks . . .

    I have no betters as I view all men as equals, created equally, equally entitled to their opinions . . .I attack wrongful opinions from men and women equally, and admire men and women equally . . .it’s the ideas and facts that count . . .not the personalities

    I have no betters in terms of how I think, although I am open to learning from all . . .I can think of few better educated . . .formally so . . .or real world so, you know the school of hard knocks, roll around in the mud, fall down a thousand times, get knocked down a thousand times, lose all, and keep on getting up . . .

    You, I am afraid, think you live in a world where you are “better” than some . . .

    And don’t you dare speak condescendingly to me or anyone else, as If you’ve tread tracks I’ve haven’t or we haven’t . . . . I don’t know you from a hole in the wall, nor do I want to . . .I respond to your writings, and Matt’s writings, and Juror #12’s writings as I see fit, based on the content of their ideas . . .

    I don’t need lectures from anyone . . . .I’m open to all ideas . . .as I said, I’ve got my opinions, you’ve got yours ; ; ; ;here’s one opinion: no one on this blog is “better” than anyone else, and anyone who claims so, in my opinion, is delusional . . . .

    I revile the types of characters who think they’re “better” . . .FEDs like Wyshak think so . . . . many liberal DEMs today wrongfully think they are intellectually and morally superior to ordinary Americans . . . .they’re not

    Betters? My foot!

    Gentlemen? A lesson for you: Gentlemen refrain from ad hominem attacks . . .try wrestling with the facts and ideas . . . .rather than spitting at people, engage with their ideas . . .

    I don’t know what high horse you think you are riding on, but it’s time to come off it . . .someone should have knocked you off it and knocked some common sense into you a long time ago . . .you’re not in prep school, anymore,, if you ever were . . .you’re in the real world now . . .throwing spitballs isn’t funny anymore . . .

    1. John King McDonald


      No, you do not know me.

      Or you would know ” better.”

      You are very crafty in matters ad hominem. It is your favorite suit. You mask your personal attacks in the rags of respectable counters to what you characterize as personal attacks intended to impugn John Connolly’s integrity. They are not rational counter arguments. They are hysterical in tone at times . They ignore the stubbornness of that vast hoi polloi that, far from placing myself above, I wallow in with unabashed , and genuine, joy of life in so doing. Your Presbyterian gasps of dismay and the usual Bill C. sermonizing aside as regards my admonition to you and your ” betters” the nagging truth is that you … Consistently…. declare the infallibility of your various nostrums concerning everything from what Fred Wyshak wears on casual Fridays to how many times people should close their eyes and repeat after you : John was standing on a corner. His mother left him there in the morning and said he would be back. She never returned.

      Ok …. We get it , humble Harry.

      I have … Consistently …. maintained that John should not be presently incarcerated.

      You instigated this …. Ad Hominem… BS… by naming me, MC, and Juror #12 as participants in …. ” SKULLDUGGERY” regarding the character assassination of John Connolly.

      John needs to move for inadequate representation of Counsel in your case. You really do not give a flying fuck about John. You …. are the star of the John Connolly show … not John.

      The sooner we all realize this the better we will be able to … rationally… address Juror #12’s questions.

      Bill, they really do keep you in the dark over there in my old stomping grounds, don’t they.

      Screw your betters.

      You could do worse.

    2. Khalid

      MS freeh, I hear that.

      Bill: Don’t argue with that man with three names. Ignore him. When I see his names, I just go to the next comment. You seem to have a heart, he does not. I’m not interested in what’s going on in his head.

  11. John King McDonald

    Bill :

    Spin your malarkey to someone else. Your ” Spirited” defense of John makes you mensch of the manor which is ironic considering that you are in the manor and John is in prison. Again, talk is cheap. You are sounding rather dyspeptic despite the joie de vivre bonhomie bullshit shoutouts as you dribble your words down your shirtfront when apparently in a wonderfully dissembled foul mood .

    In other words …. Bill …. my BS detector goes off whenever someone is just too ” Jesus,” if you will, to be true. Mine sounded on you some time past.

    Leave me out of your squabbles with Juror #12.

    Conduct yourself like a gentleman on this blog with Juror #12 in the future.

    Does some strain of misogynism in your nature forbid you from engaging Juror #12 in persuasive argument rather than caustic comments and the studied avoidance of the issues she is offering for perusal and debate ?

    Or,do you just not have the plums ?

    Leave your betters out of it .

  12. Bill C.

    Matt, Janet and John continue the skullduggery and character assassination against an honorable heroic FBI agent John Connolly.
    Glad to see Janet read my book and picked up characterization of Wyshak as Javert in my chapter “J’Accuse.”

    I was in the Miami courtroom when Fred Wyshak (with his five paid State Cops deputized as FEDs sitting behind him then at the post-trial hearing, as they sat corruptly every day in the crammed small courtroom with their chests pumped out pretending they were doing something significant other than adversely influencing a small-time Jury) and when Fred Wyshak asked John Connolly, “How much money did you take?” John Connolly replied in a confident, assertive, truthful voice, “I never took a dime” and a saw Fred Wyshak shift his weight to his back leg and shiver with the answer as if he’d been hit by a left-hook (and yes I was on the boxing team in high school) and then and there I knew, sitting beside Franny Joyce in that small Miami courtroom, that Fred Wyshak knew he was prosecuting an innocent man. I knew this to the marrow of my bones and I know it more after 20 years research and intense study, reflection and meditation on this matter, and I’ve set it out in four books, since 2006. Read Three Billboards .. . .It’ll fill in the blanks . . .

    The problem when the FEDs (under Sterns, Durham, Wyshak) started leaking to the Globe, Press, Herald, Media . . .Cullen, Carr, etc . . .is that it corrupted not just the leaker (The FEDs, including Federal Prosecutor’s Office) but also the LEAKEEs , the MEDIA who received the leaks. WHY AND HOW? Because the Globe, Cullen, Carr and other Media started covering up for the leakers, the FEDs, started presenting their side of the story, their version of events, UNCRITICALLY, and spun whatever the FEDS, the leakers, wanted spun, and hid from the public THE TRUTH AND THE FACTS . . .

    Both the FED leakers and Media leakees were corrupted.

    Beyond that, early on, with the acquiescence of Higher Ups in DC (Mueller, and heads of FBI and DOJ), it was decided to throw some FBI agents under the bus . . .so ALL allowed Rico, Connolly and about a dozen other FBI agents to be painted as ROGUE agents . . .when ALL knew these agents were honorable doing the TEI program as intended . . .

    Then the FED Lawyers in Boston (Sterns, Durham, Wyshak) the Assistant Attorney Generals, cooked up a plan . . .rather than defend Connolly, Rico et al, which was their sworn duty . . .to defend federal employees, FBI agents, . . .they decided to sell them down the drain . . .so before an unwitting Judge Wolfe,Wyshak et al allowed defense attorneys to portray Connolly, Rico et al, as ROGUE , as BAD, . . .and to let those Criminal Defense ATtorneys throw unlimited amount of dirt at Connolly et al . . . .Why? Because the game was afoot, the plan was in motion . . .at the same time as criminal defense attorneys were besmirching good FBI agents, the Sterns GAng (Sterns, Durham, Wyshak etc) were seeking indictments against Connolly and other good FBI agents in a grand jury. Judge Wolfe was hearing basically unchallenged, barely challenged dirt on FBI agents from defense attorneys because the attorneys morally, legally and constitutionally responsible for defending these FBI agents before judge Wolfe were seeking indictments against them down the corridor in another courtroom of the same Federal Courthouse in Boston.

    It gets worse: When the Civil Suits began; the Sterns Gang (again prompted by the Bigwigs in DC) decided not to defend the honorable FBI agents, nor to defend the honorable TEI (Top Echelon Informant program which took down the Mafia and put the murderers of hundreds in jail) but instead decided to paint a few agents as ROGUE and sell those agents down the drain.

    Now, the Press, Carr, Cullen, Globe, and entire Media went along with this charade for two reasons . . . .they knew the Sterns Gang ultimate target was the Conservative-Traditionalist Pol, Bill Bulger, and they knew they had to protect the FED Prosecutors, the FED AAGs, because they were the guys who were giving them all the leaks . . .the Media could not criticize the FEDs because the FEDs were leaking them all their secret INFO like Bill Bulger’s grand jury testimony . . .and how about the FED Clerk’s Office releasing a CIVIL CASE DECISION (“FBI LIABLE FOR MURDERS”) hastily while John Connolly’s jury was out deliberating in MIAMI . . .

    Oh, yes, the same team that gave us Weapons of Mass Destruction . . . FEDs and a compliant MEDIA . . .gave us the Rogue FBI agent FICTION

    If I’ve had one FORTE acknowledged by Professors since I was a college student and by Professionals throughout my professional career it is as a researcher and writer. And based on 20 years now of research and writing about this issue, I’ve reduced my findings of facts, conclusions of law and opinions to four books . . .and oftentimes on these pages . . .and the conclusions are concrete: John Connolly is an innocent man falsely portrayed as a rogue agent, as was Rico and others, and the Federal Office of the DOJ for the past 20 years has been corrupt as have those who’ve greenlighted its excesses and abuses of power these last 20 years and so too has been the Boston Media, the Globe, Cullen, Carr and others been corrupt for at least the last 20 years and the FEDs have fed the MEDIA (leaks and disinformation) and the MEDIA has covered for the corrupt FEDs.

    There has been one corrupt, one rogue agent, who has admitted taking money from gangsters and admitted leaking informants names intending they be killed . . .that is John Morris . . .and John Morris a key government witness in all these Stalinistic Show Trials has consistently stated under oath before trial and during trial that James Whitey Bulger was a Top Echelon Informant.

    I’m not proof reading what I write anymore . . . .errors? we all make them . . .opinions, we all have them . . . .remember, one juror at John’s Boston Trial repeatedly stated after trial (on TV, Radio, etc) that he would not have convicted John of even one count if he thought John would do one day in Prison . . .obviously this juror thought John’s “offenses” were so minor (I’ve spelled out how minor in my books) that John could get probation or a suspended sentence, . . .but then the Judge inexplicably cruelly sentenced him to 10 years . . .and then Wyshak (plus FEDs in DC, Muellar signing off) cruelly and unconstittionally and corruptly staged a Stalinistic Double-Jeopardy Trial in Miami based on the triple hearsay recently recalled, refreshed, rehearsed, phony recollections/testimony of two perjurious craven serial killers . . . .one of whom the Boston Jury did not believe a single word (Martorano); the other for 8 years testified under oath John Connolly was an honest cop who intended no one harm . . .


    1. Honest Abe

      “….serial killers . . . .one of whom the Boston Jury did not believe a single word (Martorano); the other for 8 years testified under oath John Connolly was an honest cop who intended no one harm . . .”

      Bill. Correct me if I am misreading this. You point out that Martorano is an out and out liar. A serial killer no one believes. You also seem to be using the testimony of another serial killer as part of your proof that Connolly was an honest cop. If I am correct in my interpretation of this statement that you have made numerous times, isn’t it a dichotomy of sorts, one fact cancelling out the other because of their common origin? From the testimony of a serial killer?

      I ain’t much on thinking but am I misreading your words?

  13. Janet Uhlar

    Matt, the Boston US Attorney’s Office–namely Wyshak (I’ve decided to dub him as Javert), the FBI, the CIA, the Boston media, and perhaps most of all the Bulger cult that has been created by Javert’s co-operating killers’ tales, do not want you to consider that Jim Bulger bought information from the FBI’s “really special” agents–he never gave them anything.
    The entire story started with John Morris slithering to the Globe to create this tale, and the Globe voraciously eating it up. Some of Boston’s so-called “journalists” have gained what little fame they have from their “non-fiction” on Bulger. Problem is, none of them bothered to talk to the subject. They bought–hook, line, and sinker–Javert’s paid puppets’ tales! (And of course, it seems apparent, Globe reporters had the inside scoop on many federal grand-jury hearings pertaining to “anything Bulger”, almost as quickly as court transcribers did — and no one ever seemed to care about the violations committed! Dare I ask: Might Fred have had a part in that?)
    I will also ask: Matt, why are you now appearing to consider that Jim Bulger was not an FBI informant? I know that John Connolly is aware that I’m in contact with national media personalities–and perhaps he’s also found out about the significant interest of those in the entertainment industry about Bulger’s detailed information regarding John’s violation to his oath of office–and so much more. Is he finally fessing up?

  14. msfreeh

    Ed Tatro wrote the introduction to Barthomlew’s
    Ed produced the 3 last episodes for the
    History Channel called
    “ The Men Who Killed Kennedy”

    They are now banned by the History Channel


    also see

    ugh ugh


    THE DEEP STATE IN THE HEART OF TEXAS is now available!
    Written by Richard Bartholomew and featuring a foreword by Edgar Tatro.
    ​”The Gun That Didn’t Smoke” co-written with Walter F. Graf.
    Richard Bartholomew is a co-founder and director of the Center for Deep Political Research. His talent, education, training, and professional experience have been primarily in the visual arts, resulting in his career as an award-winning graphic designer, illustrator and editorial cartoonist.

    He is syndicated internationally by Artizans, and his artwork is in the permanent collections of the University of Texas Center for American History, the Newseum in Washington, D.C., and Ohio State’s Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum.

    His awards include the Outstanding Entry Award in the John Fischetti Editorial Cartoon Competition, sponsored by Columbia College Chicago, and the Award of Excellence in the 10th annual International Editorial Cartoon Competition, hosted by the Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom. His animation work has appeared in two feature films, The Quest for Camelot (Warner Bros., 1997) and The Prince of Egypt (DreamWorks, 1998).

    His research of the JFK assassination includes his discovery of a 1959 Rambler station wagon possibly used in the conspiracy; a study co-authored with Walter F. Graf involving a rifle clip that contaminates the ballistic evidence; a chronological reconstruction and placement of missing movements edited out of the Zapruder film; an in-depth interview of Erwin Schwartz, with author Noel Twyman, regarding Mr. Schwartz’s and Mr. Zapruder’s early chain of possession of Zapruder’s film; and work for author Barr McClellan resulting in Bartholomew’s monograph establishing the methods by which the FBI and the Warren Commission concealed and obfuscated latent fingerprints from the alleged sniper’s nest.

    At the JFK Historical Group conference in Washington D.C. in 2018, he explained why 54 years of revelations about the deep political forces who killed President Kennedy have failed to make a difference. He argued for a new methodology aimed at using the existing knowledge of those crimes against democracy to effectively stop the Deep State’s ability to continue its propaganda of official lies.

    High resolution photos of the Rambler discussed in this book can be found at the link:

  15. John King McDonald

    Matt :

    Myth and Saga are two terms introduced long ago by me with Jimmy Bulger. You are now, judiciously, employing them. This is quite gratifyin’. As I have a penchant, like many others, for that which is gratifyin’, I thankyou.

    So, what is the lunch hour haunter of the Liggett’s marble countered soda fountain in Dedham Square going on about at this late date as far as friend Weeks is concerned ???

    Was it Henry of Brennan or Jay of Carney who whispered statistical encouragements in our moderator’s ear ???

    You got 95% of the ” Whitey Bulger story ” correct ???

    You have really stepped up your game, Clyde !!!

  16. msfreeh


    I just found out I helped solve the JFK Assassination
    in Barthomlew’s new book.
    FBI Director Hoover wacked President Kennedy

    Welcome to the 6th Annual
    JFK Assassination
    JFKConferences, LLC
    11/16 — 11/18 2018


    in other newes

    August 9 2018

    Findings of Misconduct by an FBI Special Agent for Receiving Gifts from a Former FBI Confidential Human Source, Using the Source After Deactivation, Protecting the Source and the Source’s Illegal Business, Misusing FBI Assets for Personal Gain, Lack of Candor, and Computer Security Policy Violations
    The OIG investigation substantiated the allegations that the SA received gifts, including money and items of value from the CHS, in violation of federal regulations regarding standards of conduct for federal employees and FBI policy. The OIG further found that the SA: continued to use the CHS after the CHS had been deactivated by the FBI; protected the CHS and the CHS’s illegal business; misused FBI assets for personal gain; and committed computer security violations, all in violation of federal regulations and FBI policy. The OIG also found that the SA improperly withheld information related to a state criminal investigation from a local police department, and provided false information to the police department regarding the CHS’s status as an FBI CHS, which actions were wholly inconsistent with the SA’s obligations as a federal law enforcement officer. The OIG also found that the SA lacked candor with the FBI and the OIG, in violation of FBI policy.

    Criminal prosecution of the SA was declined.

    1. Honest Abe

      I think I might do something of value and conduct a probe into who really won the Hagler-Hearns fight. We’ll have meetings and conventions. And of course it will be catered by Finkelstien & Cohen. Trays of chopped herring in the shape of boxing gloves. Lots of graphs and slides. Maybe I’ll take on Ali-Foreman, too. Something fishy there. We got to get to the bottom of this shit.

      Do you think Benny “Kid” Paret took a dive?

  17. Bill C.

    What “fake reports”? Why try to cast aspersions on John Connolly, the man most responsible for taking down the entire New England Mafia . . .why believe a word the under-educated, lifelong career criminal, gangster, killer, apparently conscienceless killer says?

    And why assume Connolly was trying to “help” Flemmi? Because the lying, fabricating Kevin Weeks . . .who makes up stories about Connolly secretly telling Kevin Weeks in an enclosed freezer that he heard an indictment was coming down . . .it’s no crime for a private citizen to say over a loud speaker in broad daylight on the Boston Common that he heard through the grapevine an indictment was coming down . . .Connolly was 5 years retired, a private citizen, . . .many folks suspected indictments were coming down as many were being subpoenaed to testify before a GJ in Worcester (I believe) . . .the word was out on the street . . .but Kevin Weeks confabulated a scenario (I’m sure was pitched to him and polished up by federal prosecutors to make it seem sinister) that Connolly snuck him off into a confined freezer inside a liquor store and whispered “i hear indictments are coming down against Whitey and Flemmi and Salemme, etc” . . . .

    Beyond that, the only “truth” easily manipulable Kevin Weeks told, in my opinion, was John Connolly told Kevin Weeks to tell Steve Flemmi to tell the truth . . .to say that John Connolly was an honest FBI agent . . .and for 8 years Steve Flemmi did this . . .and he did it not because he thought Billy Bulger, then the President of U.Mass. would get him off of a lifetime of serial murders, but because it was the truth . . .

    So, I don’t understand your penchant to try to cast John Connolly in a negative light . . .remember at both his trials he was never accused of taking a dime, Why, because the FEDs brought in experts who could not prove he lived beyond his income . . .apparently the FEDs put some expert on the stand who was laughed out of court when the Defense asked a simple question: “Did you include his wife’s/fiance’s income in your calculations?” And the expert answered no. Well, when someone gets married when he’s about 50 and the wife 30-plus, they pool their resources to but a house.

    Beyond that, Kevin Weeks was fooled by Whitey and Flemmi for decades into not knowing they were informants . . .

    Kevin Weeks is not only a dim-wit, he’s a conscienceless career bully-killer who was easily manipulated by the FEDs into saying whatever the FEDs wanted him to say . . .and the FEDs wanted him to impugn John Connolly so the FEDs could get John then get their real target Billy Bulger.

    Again, I’ve never understood your penchant to paint John Connolly in a negative light . . .those who do, buy into the Sterns, Durham, Wyshak charade to single out good agents as “rogues” in order to get their real target: Dershowitz’s foe: Billy Bulger.

    P.S. I don’t have time to proof-read . . .I’ve got to run . . .Have a good day . . .

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