Last Minute Super Bowl Information.

My source who is vacationing in the land where people allege they have a connection to the Almighty informed me that the Devil is supporting the Rams.

I’m not sure how he found this out but he may have attended a church where the preacher has discussions with the Lord. Remember not one team in Super Bowl history that the Devil has backed has won.

So all I can say is it is now a sure thing the Patriots will win. I probably didn’t need the information on the Devil because earlier I read that the football genius Charlie Weiss predicted it would be a Patriot blow out. As you know he knows is stuff.

Enjoy the game.


6 thoughts on “Last Minute Super Bowl Information.

  1. all good comments regarding Super Bowl. I liked the game. I like defensive struggles. the cornerbacks, rush, pressure, lines, linebackers on both teams were superb
    God Bless America

    I think my new book Spiritual Glue is available as an e-book this week for $2.99 . . .read it and weep . . . .or laugh . . . .it’s up to you . . .it’s a free country . . .except some FEDs don’t think so . . .some FEDs think they rule

    Sports, today are not fixed. Politics, government, FEDs (especially FED prosecutors)MSM are fixed and need fixing.

  2. Matt :

    Is your infallible friend’s name Mush ?

    Hope you didn’t lose too much on L.A.

    Be a good sport old boy !!!

  3. I miss the OLD PATS!

    A week later, at the opening game at Harvard Stadium against the Miami Dolphins, one of the Patriots special team players, Bob “Harpo” Gladieux, who had been cut by Clive Rush the previous Thursday, decided to make a sentimental visit to see his old team play. He had “pahtied hahd” the night before, had smoked a lot of pot with a girl from Brighton, and was finishing his sixth beer in the stands before game time when he heard a blaring announcement over the Stadium’s PA system, “Bob Gladieux, please report to the Patriots locker room!”

    A shout came from the stands as “Harpo” stumbled to the locker room below the stands. He had been one of the more popular players the previous season – his long, stringy blonde hair was instantly recognizable and thus, he been given him the nickname, “Harpo” – after the third Marx Brother. For the previous hour, Gladieux who had been cavorting with the fans in the stands; now found themselves erupting in laughter as he rushed to get dressed for the game. Within five minutes, Harpo raced onto the field just as the team lined up for the opening kickoff.

    Wobbly, pale, and completely looped, Gladieux ended up making a solo tackle on the opening kickoff. The entire section at the Stadium where Harpo had been drinking shouted out in unison, “Holy shit!”

    For years afterward, longtime Patriots fans would bellow out, “Would Bob Gladieux please report to the Patriots locker room!” before the start of every game.

    1. That’s a great memory. I remember some wonderful games I attended at Harvard. The Jets were there the day before my birthday one year and my brother took me over. I got to walk right down on the sideline and stand next to Weeb and Joe Namath. I think the guy on the other side of me was Don Maynard. Sound right? He was my size. I thought, I’m as big as a pro!

      Security has been tightened up a bit since then.

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