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pressure cookerI’m off to slumberland but just checking through the new I came up with this. At first I though it was a spoof article from the Onion but apparently it is on the level containing names and is followed up in the NY Daily News.

For those of you who aren’t worried about things because you aren’t doing wrong, how would you like to go through something like this. This group said they do 100 a month – that’s 100 private homes they walk in to and take a look around. Of course the searches are consensual, or at least that’s what they say but what choice do you have when six guys with guns are demanding to look through your house.

You better understand that your privacy is going down the drain. You think it’s OK because it is happening to other people. Think twice.


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  1. Ladies and gentlemen; there are hackers who have broken into the Pentagon’s computers. The FEDs have hackers who can easily hack into our home/office computers. We will have to fight the MONSTER: (listen to Steppenwolf’s song, Monster @ 1970); we created the MONSTER: the overbloated, all intrusive, Constitution-shredding, privacy-destroying, spying, lying FEDS. Can we put the evil genie back in the box? I think we’ve let it get too big and imperialistic. The problem started when during WWII we had the necessary OSS (forerunner of CIA); We needed spies and code breakers to win the war. Then in the 1950s, the FBI turned the CIA’s international tactics into domestic tactics, and the 1.POLICE STATE AND 2. IMPERIALISTIC GOVERNMENT AND THE 3.IMPERIAL CITY (A TROIKA; A TRIFECTA; AN UNHOLY TRINITY) WERE SPAWNED AND SIGGED (sicced; seig heil) ON US, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Someone wrote on this blog: “Don’t worry; there are “lawyers” in Washington D.C. overseeing all of this.” But we do worry because they are not real lawyers, they are government lawyers, who see their major job as protecting government against the people. We have lost our way. It is going to take a heroic battle (a war of the world’s words; an intellectual, free speech, artistic, free music, free expression battle, a fourth amendment respecting battle and a battle which sees the federal work force cut in half, and federal salaries across the board cut by 50%, and the end of American imperialism and Wash. D.C. downsized and right-sized. The only people working for the FEDs should be true public servants. OUst the bully-boys, war mongers, neo-cons, leftist-free-speech-haters, race-baters, domestic spies, black and tans, and black booted lock-stepped marching goons, as well as the tyrants in three piece suits who think they rule us and can bully us. They’ve forgotten the meaning of the term: Public Servant. (2) Remember the chilling effect the FEDs are already having on our free speech rights, which include our right to freely research whatever we want on the internet without goons showing up at our homes. Stop it now, before its too late for the next generation. (3) I see much evidence that America has become Germany of the 1930s, and for our “safety and security” all we need is a little more “living room” (“lebensraum ?”) which we will get by invading other country’s lands, putting boots and loafers (black-ops) on the ground in foreign lands, “nation-building”, and invading our own citizens’ private spaces, businesses and homes. (4) We have to purge America, but the FEDs think that’s it’s their job to purge America of those who think and act differently. The FED has become the overly conformist Man in the Grey Flannel Suit. And he’s malignant, not benign.

  2. The woman on the blog writes: Updated August 2, 2013


    We found out through the Suffolk Police Department that the searches involved also things my husband looked up at his old job. We were not made aware of this at the time of questioning and were led to believe it was solely from searches from within our house.

    I did not lie or make it up. I wrote the piece with the information that was given. What was withheld from us obviously could not be a part of a story I wrote based on what happened yesterday.

    The piece I wrote was the story as we knew it with the information we were told. None of it was fabricated. If you know me, you know I would never do that.

    If it was misleading, just know that my intention was the truth. And that was what I knew as the truth until about ten minutes ago. That there were other circumstances involved was something we all were unaware of.

    Thank you.


    I mean, it’s still early.

    1. Firefly:

      I saw that. The Suffolk Police Department on Long Island somehow is involved which seems odd. Usually they would not be part of a JTTF. What ever could it have been that her husband’s “old job” was? You’ll also note they knew he took trips abroad. I think this shows an even greater intrusion into our private lives – the ostensible reason the internet searches for pressure cookers and back packs, a local police department offering something else, the knowledge of the man’s travels, the woman’s openess (apparently she posts under her real name and people know her) all adds up to something very strange. But the bottom line is six armed men showing up at a house and asking to do a “consensual search” of it. No warrant? Just a friendly visit from your local terrorism task force.

  3. Couple of questions for Matt Connolly.
    In my 50 years of working in the Massachusetts
    Criminal Justice system sometimes without pay,
    I was blown away when I heard the home of US
    Prosecutor Carmen Ortiz was picketed in Milton.
    Does Matt know of any other cases?
    Secondly I want to introduce Matt to Greg Flannery
    who is an investigative reporter living in Cincinnati.
    We brought Greg to speak at Bates College in the early 1990’s
    to discuss how Cincinnati lost it’s privacy to the FBI.
    I found out about Mr Flannery by reading an article he wrote in
    for a national publication IN THESE TIMES see link

    A couple of weeks ago Greg Flannery wrote an article in response to the article he wrote in 1989. It is called PRIVACY DIED LONG AGO
    see link for article

    1. msfreeh:

      In my almost similar amount of time I must say I never heard of that either. A few weeks ago there were four young guys standing outside the federal courthouse her and I went over and chatted with them. I had no idea what cause they were espousing but I told them I appreciated that they took time to practice one of our rights which is to peaceably assemble and air our grievances. We see so little of that anymore.

      Thanks for the information on Greg. I’ll read it and I’m sure others will. Hard to believe that even before 9/11 he was warning about the encroachment of big brother on our rights of privacy.

    1. Hopalong:
      That’s a scenario that is likely to happen. IN those 30 odd states with “it is OK to shoot to kill” laws, some good ole boy is going tosee two cars pull up outside his little old shack on the edge of town and watch 6 armed dudes get out and he’s not going to wait for them to pull out their IDs. Guess who’ll be quickly arrested, investigated, and charged.

  4. The only hope we have is that when those black and tans come through the wrong door of some good ole boy he will remind them about the history of freedom and the pursuit of happiness and to what too many have given their last full measure of devotion.

    They have been dumbing us down and it is taking its toll.
    Every child should be taught the watch the birdie trick and be imbuewith its social application right here in the land of the free and home of the brave.

    1. Hopalong:

      I was thinking that in that black and tan episode on Long Island suppose when they all walked in the person’s house one of them decided to shoot him rather than the good ole boy shooting back at them. In this new land of opportunity we’d never get the opportunity to find out what happened. It’d be put under investigation. It’s not just the fact innocent people are having their private communications listened to but they are being confronted by armed police who have no accountabiity.

  5. I apologize for my last post, as I made it 1/4 into Matt’s post when I decided to write it. However, I have had my house raided with questionable probable cause and live in a city that is essentially a police state.

    1. John:

      I suppose we have to start getting used to the police knowing our every movements since the public seems happy with it – anything to be saved from the terrorists. For a mere 450 million Raytheon will build a dirigible that can fly 10,000 feet over a city and see everything that is happening and probably listen in to everyone’s conversations. Ah, what we do to feel safe.

  6. I have assumed, for some time now, that my data trail is compromised… Read any “privacy agreement” from cell phone/internet providers and you will see your info is being collected. Its not a far reach to assume certain entities would have access to that data.

    1. John:

      I’ve warned everyone who writes here to this blog which has a stance somewhat critical of the government that even though they use an alias their identity is still known to the government. I just never knew they were actively going out to peoples houses looking to walk through them.

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