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I have posted several times about the inexplicable prosecution of a fine attorney Timmy Flaherty by the Boston U.S. Attorney’s Office. Tim worked with me as an assistant district attorney for several years. He then went into the criminal defense practice. He was known as a fine litigator who took the hardest cases.

He was also interested in public service. He ran for office for the position of district attorney in Middlesex County and for state senate out of his home district of Cambridge. He operated openly and in the public light for all his career and no one suggested that as a lawyer he did anything that was improper or questionable.

I spoke to him about how he was responding to being charged with one count of interfering with a federal investigation. He denies ever doing it as I would expect. He went on to say that it has changed his life. He gets up every day with the unbelievable thought that he has been charged with doing something criminal. He really finds it very strange since he has tried to conduct his practice in the most ethical manner. Of course it has affected his sleeping as well as his life. He has lost clients because they fear somehow they will be harmed if represented by an attorney accused of a crime.  He keeps saying it will not get him down but it is impossible for it not to have that effect on him.

To get the best defense possible he has hired one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the country, Marty Weinberg. When I heard he had done that I felt relieved both knowing Marty and his reputation. I also knew that Marty runs a top-notch firm, is in high demand, and commands high fees necessary for a top lawyer who has to pay for the best legal talent and staff to come and support him.

Marty can demand very high fees from people who are not bothered by paying those sums. Tim, being a workaday lawyer, does not have such deep pockets as to be able to afford Marty. He needs some assistance from others to lessen his burden.

I know there are many other demands on your money and many other causes such as helping the poor refugee families living on the edge and struggling to survive. If you can I would ask you to send something, no matter how small, to Timmy’s defense fund.  I would not you to do it if I have not done so myself.

If you cannot, I would ask you to pay attention to his case and watch how it develops. You will get a good education in the justice system since for the most part this case will play out beyond the usual media coverage. I will do my best to cover it.

As I have explained in all my years of experience both as a defense counsel and prosecutor I have never seen such a wrongful prosecution as this. The idea that the federal prosecutors would want to destroy a lawyer’s livelihood over something this trivial where no harm was done nor was any criminal act intended is mind-boggling to me.

Here is where you can send a check if you are of the mind:

Flaherty Legal Defense Fund
103 Fresh Pond Parkway
Cambridge, MA 02138

Thanks for reading this.

Matt Connolly





6 thoughts on “Flaherty Defense Fund

    1. Joyce:
      The federals don’t like people to see what is going on in the Unite States courts. The answer is no.

        1. G

          The gag order is part of the court rules in the federal court in the Massachusetts District. It was composed by a committee several years back. It is standard operating proceedure here but Carney is challenging it.

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