Like Paul Revere: Folks Are Spreading the Warning: “The Socialists Are Coming!”

You may have found it strange that I wrote about mother’s day yesterday  and the nice time that I had. Rarely do I venture into my personal doings with my family. Why then did I do it? Basically so that I will remember that there was a time when we had a day dedicated to mothers. It is my understanding from some folk that as soon as the Socialists take over the country one of the first actions they will take will be to abandon mother’s day,

I heard this stated by several people who were giving us fair warning that the Socialists were coming but I thought you just don’t throw something like mother’s day in the trash bin without having a good reason for doing so, I have this friend who is very much up-to-date on current happenings. It is his job. I decided to see if there were any substance to the story.

I texted this friend, I’ll call SK, and asked SK to give me a call when a chance arose. I know SK’s  day is filled to the brim so I did not want to intrude on SK who may have been involved in something important  by calling  directly. It was no longer than an  hour when SK was calling me back. Having not talked for a while, we initially caught up on things. Then I asked “I hear the Socialists are planning to cancel mother’s  day when they get into power. Is that true? Why would they want to do that?”

SK, as I expected,  gave me this for an answer. “The Socialists want to do it because it is  exclusionary and the leaders of the Cancel Culture, the Woke Folk, hope to make it inclusionary.”

I responded noting that there is also a father’s day so how can you say it excludes fathers just because they celebrate it on a different day. SK said: “The Cancel Culture leaders believe father’s day too is exclusionary and intend to eliminate it.”

All this talk was new to me. I asked, having heard a lot of people mention it in comments to this blog, “You are talking about leaders of the Cancel Culture and Woke Folk, are they the Deep State people talk about? Or are they Socialists?”

“That’s a good question,” SK responded. “Some people get confused about it. Just about all Cancel Culture leaders and  Woke Folk are Socialists. The Deep State people are both Democrats – which some people consider the equivalent of Socialists – and Republicans who are considered Republicans in Name Only. But the truth is the Deep State is made up of traditional Republicans and Democrats. These Deep State members are not Socialists, Woke Folk, or Cancel Culture Folk.”

I asked then: “Can the Deep State then protect us from the Cancel Culture, Woke Folk, and Socialists and prevent them from  taking away mother’s day?

SK replied: “Of course. The Deep State controls everything.”

“How can you be so confident?” I asked.

SK laughed. “Open your eyes. Didn’t you just see what the Deep State did. It put Biden in the presidency even though Trump had a landslide victory.”

4 thoughts on “Like Paul Revere: Folks Are Spreading the Warning: “The Socialists Are Coming!”

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  2. The Democratic Party is ridden deeply by self identified Socialists. Remember Bernie Sanders saying, I am a Socialistic Democrat. And how many leftists in the corrupt Democatic are far more socialistic than Bernie.

    I know people who scorn Conservatives and religious American, and yet they genuflect and kneel in obeisance to the Democratic Party which long turned far left.

    And know who do you liberal Democrats adore: Delahunt, Schiff, Schumer, the Mad Ripper Pelosi, the sad sack pro-Abo Joe Biden.

    Here’s some Democrats I admire; Paul White, Steve Lynch, of yesteryear Joe Moakley, John McCormack, JFK, RFK, MLK, Jr. ……

    Nowadays, who do you revere? Hillary, Joe and Jill, Jimmy Carter, a great Christian and miserable politician, Bill Delahunt who never lifted a finger , a pen or his voice to try to save the life of one unborn child . . .

    And by the way, Scripture recognizes a pregnant woman is “with child” . . .but the Democrats don’t . . .

    And you march in lockstep with the war monger, the Big Government Liberals, the Tax and Spend liberals, the censors, the monolithic secularists and antagonists to Fairh and Religious Expression

    I am awaiting your lists of philosphers, political sciences, sceintists, jurists, theologians you admire and a list of whose teachings you admire . . .the Boston Globe, . . . .is that your new Church?

    Lincoln warned of the enemy within . . .look in the America and ask yourself who have I voluntarily signed up with to follow,

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