Looking Back on the Strange Case of FBI Agent John Connolly – Deep State?

Yesterday I posted about a memo about John Connolly the FBI agent scheduled to die in prison for a crime he did not commit. That is here.

Now I’m not a believer in the “deep state” or “dark state”  or whatever you call it. There are too many good people in America for such a cabal to arise. But in Connolly’s case there are lots of things that leave me scratching my head wondering what’s going on. If I believed in one of those “states” the Connolly case would surely fortify that belief.

I suggest that because some mighty odd things have happened to John Connolly. Back years ago I wrote a book about his trial “Don’t Embarrass the Family.” Anyone who read it would know that I’m not a fan of Connolly who by the way is no relation. When John got sentenced back in 2002 to ten years in prison I thought perhaps that was a little harsh since he was acquitted of the major charges against him.  But he did do some things that seemed unusual for a retired FBI agent such as using Kevin Weeks, who was Whitey Bulger’s sidekick and participated in murders with him, to convey messages back and forth to Stevie Flemmi (another guy with a dozen or so murders) who was incarcerated in the County of Plymouth jail for the purpose of helping Flemmi and his gangster buddies beat racketeering charges pending against them in federal court in Boston.

As far as I know there was nothing criminal in what he was doing but to my way of thinking he should not have been doing it. He also wrote a letter to a judge holding hearings wrongly suggesting other police officers were involved in committing crimes such as running “gypsy wiretaps” again for the purpose of helping Flemmi. Sure, Flemmi was his high level informant but why was it after over 20 years in the FBI he felt an allegiance toward him rather than the court.

Although I wondered about Connolly I could not help but also wonder about the prosecution of him. Something about it seemed odd. A trial lawyer sitting next to me in court  expressed what I was feeling when he said to me: “Is this case fixed?” I thought, “it looks like it.” It was hard to put my finger on anything specific but having been in courts all my life on both the prosecution and defense side it was good to know my feelings that something was off was not particular to me.

I guess I settled on the explanation as set out in the title to my book that the reason Connolly was being prosecuted was because the FBI had been embarrassed by him. The embarrassment stemmed from something the FBI knew he was doing but it was supposed to be secret and kept behind the Bureau’s walls. His specialty was working with Top Level Informants (TEI). This program, which still continues in the FBI, is where  the FBI enlists high level criminals to give it information in exchange for the FBI’s help. The help varied.

The FBI likes to pretend the TEIs were doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. But anyone who has a smidgen of knowledge of big time criminals know they want something for their cooperation. Connolly had more than ten TEIs, probably as high as fifteen or more over his career. Every TEI he enlisted had to be approved at the highest levels of the FBI and would be known to the agent in charge, the assistant agent in charge, and his supervisor.

In other words Connolly was not on a frolic of his own when he was dealing with TEIs. He was doing his job. And, as we see, it was a very dangerous job because again those who know hardened criminals know that adage that “there is no honor among thieves” came about because of its absolute truthfulness. A high level gangster will turn on anyone to save himself.

Why the FBI  was so embarrassed was because one of Connolly’s TEIs (Flemmi) – the guy Connolly was trying to help – publicly disclosed during a court hearing on a motion that he was a TEI. Not only that, he said his partner in crime was also a TEI. That man was James “Whitey” Bulger.

Flemmi testified that as a TEI he was given the OK by Connolly to do anything he wanted as long as he didn’t “hit” anyone. If his claim stood the case against him would have been tossed out of court.

Just imagine how sensational that news became. The Boston media cried out for an explanation asking how could the FBI be dealing with Flemmi and Bulger. Although these two criminals operated pretty much out of the public eye the media treated them as they were as notorious as Al Capone. Eventually it would be said of Bulger — “he terrorized the Boston area for 25 years” — when truth be told few ever heard of him outside of law enforcement and in the South Boston section of Boston.

To limit its embarrassment the FBI suggested that Connolly was a rogue agent. That was the beginning of the strange journey Connolly was about to make. I’ll tell more about that tomorrow.

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  1. What’s the nature of the deep state? Who are its’ functionaries? Is it an evil cabal of conscious conspirators, or, is it, merely, the “being-for-others” (perceptible contours) of the bureaucratic state of mind?

    1. Perceptible contours ? … These are interesting and challenging questions . The phrase , perceptible contours , brought unbidden to Mind a visual of thousands of migrating birds working the warp and woof of their undulating aerial shuttle ; a living tapestry , a flying carpet for our imagination . Just how do they all move simultaneously and in apparent concert ?

      Harvard Sociobiologist Edmund O. Wilson , in his encyclopedic study of ant colonies , not only suggested there is a sociobiological reason for all human behavior , including self-sacrifice , but that there is some sort of sympathetic telepathy that obtains in the group . It governs their movements to the extent that they are seemingly one organic being ; the Ant Colony .

      Word is , the ants are pissed off , btw !

      1. The Connolly and Peltier cases expose a perceptible contour of the deep state. Both men are being endlessly punished to prove a point. That punishment is a clearly visible effect of deep state influence on these cases. The deep state itself is invisible in the sense that there is no accountable entity that takes responsibility for deep state actions.

  2. I remember when I was 14 standing on the corner of Savin Hill Ave and Tuttle Street outside a St. William’s (Friday night or Sat?) Dance and this very tough muscled 17 or 18 year old from Uphams Corner (anyone north of Pleasant one block up from Dot Ave was considered from Uppies Corner as we sometimes slurred it) SO he was intimidating us, two or three 14 or 15 year olds,, and we didn’t say anything back, just stood there . . .we watched out mouths, knowing we were outgunned by this one kid who had no fear . . .then I saw staggering down from Savin Hill Station, not a bad stagger, but definitely under the influence, young Tommy Barret, the amateur golden gloves boxer and neighborhood kid, about 17 or 18, then too (they were about the same age, Tommy maybe a year older, you know how it goes, both tough kids, tough young men, I should say) and Tommy saw the Uppies kid intimidating us, and Tommy looked slight and small beside the muscled, chiseled (summertime, short sleeves, t-shirts) Uppies kid, who looked like a middleweight about 160-170 i’d guess, and tommy was lighter, perhaps a welterweight, shorter, about 145-150 . . .but then when push came to shove, Lord, Almighty, . . .the point is boxers, even amateur boxers, golden gloves competitors, young men, sixteen, eighteen, twenty, can hit like mules and throw more good punches per minute than . . .well, they can throw fifty good punches, and hit 20 hard punches right on the mark per minute . . . .and ordinary folk don’t want to be on the receiving end of it . . .of course the way it works usually is two tough kids square off and it’s a fairfight and this was a fair fight and if it got to the wrestling part of it, the stronger Uppies kid might have eventually won, but it didn’t

    As a 14 year old, I admired both those young men’s courage . . .the Uppies kid stood is ground in another’s territory, and Tommy came to the defense of the younger guys in their own territory

    A Savin Hill story . . .a Dot story . . .a Boston story . . .all American

    1. Of course, the larger point is even if Tony Veranis had some drinks in him (which I doubt) with his fists alone he’d still present as a lethal weapon to the Martorano brothers, who wouldn’t dare confront him face to face and approached him the only way they knew how: by sneaking up from behind.

  3. I am begining to suspect the phrase
    “deep state” has been weaponized
    preventing us, misdirecting us away
    from naming names of the people
    and organizations behind these crimes.

    THE BLOG 03/26/2012 05:07 pm ET Updated May 26, 2012
    A History of Weaponized Language

  4. Now is a good time to say that I’ve also been writing to since before Christmas nationally recognized moderate conservative members of the legal academia and of the press corps. Think of folks like Pat Buchanan, writers at the American Spectator, law professors who frequently speak on television, etc. I hope the true facts are finally sinking in: The Culprits are the Federal Prosecutors and their compliant perjurious witness and perhaps unwittingly used were the 5 State Cops Wyshak deputized as federal agents and took to Miami with him for the entire trial who Wyshak used it seems to me to sic them more on Bill Bulger.

    My FOIA request is to discern what version or version of events Martorano “sold” to the FEDs and deputized FEDs (the Prosecutorial Team formed by Sterns et al) and what version or versions they accepted or bought.

    You see, either Martorano told a FALSE version (as the two false versions he told Howie Cur, the radio jock joke) or he told a slim NOn-Version, in other words they didn’t care what he said, they accepted whatever came out of his mouth and did no research, no intense grilling, no thorough investigation to ascertain if John Martorano’s version of this one murder squared with the facts.

    I could go on and on like Msfreeh, but I’ll spare you the unendlessneccisity. (newspeak)

    1. The atmosphere is changing for the approaching Frank Salemme Sr. murder trial . That homicidal Zelig , Steven Flemmi , will peddle his wares as a witness . I would like to see the # MeToo Movement of women , now coalescing to shatter the complacency of the ” Old Guard” as regards historic injustice , take a long look at this serial molester and murderer of young women . In all of the debacle that is the Bulger/FBI connection there is no worse calumny or outright fabrication the Federal Muse dreamt than that Jimmy Bulger strangled Steve Flemmi’s young girlfriends .

      And yet , this Hitchcockian embellishment and outright lie , so lurid a Hollywood story treatment that even Dalton Trumbo would give a humorous nod , is accepted as fact . Start there . James Bulger had it right . His trial was a Sham !

      The Fix is still in !

      1. see my post above


        Frank Serpico
        Retired Police Detective, Author, Lecturer: b. 1936

        “A policeman’s first obligation is to be responsible to the needs of the community he serves…The problem is that the atmosphere does not yet exist in which an honest police officer can act without fear of ridicule or reprisal from fellow officers. We create an atmosphere in which the honest officer fears the dishonest officer, and not the other way around.”
        1971: Became the first New York City policeman in history to testify about widespread corruption in the department.
        1972: Received the NYPD’s higest award, The Medal of Honor.
        After being shot and testifying about corruption in the NYPD, Serpico lived in Europe for nearly a decade.
        Al Pacino played Serpico in the 1973 movie about his life.

        in other news


        also see


        1. Also, on murder of Tony Veranis: a well known highly respected Parish priest said Tony was on the straight and narrow; as did sports columnist Bud Collins . . .I mean Bob Coyne . . .but maybe Collins, too . .. .they’re cited in “Character Assassins” and other friends of Tony contemporaneously testified he was on the straight and narrow . . .turning his life around . . .when killed most likely by Jimmy Martorano or the Martorano Brothers, together, with extra help . . . .Despite the Deal with FEDS, State, Boston, Milton, Quincy (Tony shot in Boston, body dumped in Blue Hills still alive, unconscious of course.) So the locals should still pursue the co-killers . . .likely JImmy, at least….who are suspects still alive. The FEDs, Wyshak et al, cannot cut a deal with Martorano letting OTHER PEOPLE off the hook.

          Finally, the autopsy. Anatomy lab, cadavers, the morgue . . .As far as I know all post-mortems (especially on homicide victims) do vitreous humor (eye) blood alcohol level.

          Was such done on Tony. What were the results. Had he been on the straight and narrow, had a slip, picked up some drinks and bumped into the Martorano brothers, or had the stalked down the streets with a vehicle just like they killed Spike O’Toole on Savin Hill Avenue. We know the cowardly vicious Martorano brothers modus operandi . . .they sneak up behind a defenseless person and shoot him in the back of the head . . .90% of time . . .the other 10% are drivebys . . .BUT we’re supposed to believe fatso John (look at his bloated pictures from ’66) confronted face on, man to man, a former welterweight pro, with 50% K.O. record, who retired at aged 20 due to a concussion, who now was aged 26, likely 185 pounds, hard as steel, working construction, lightning fast reflexes, height 5-9 ….maybe even 5-10 by then . . .(he’s 26, a little growth can occur, especially as his teens and age 20 spent in intense physical exercise) ….the point is John Martorano DID NOT confront Tony Veranis face to face and outdraw him or beat him to the punch or outwrestle him or beat him in a fist fight and EVERYONE knows that . . .everyone who knows boxers and street fighters who are construction workers

          Even if the post-mortem Blood Alcohol Level measured in the Vitreous Humors showed some alcohol, it may mean Tony had a one night slip . . .common occurrence know to many on the Road to Recovery . . .it doesn’t mean he was incapacitated, it certainly doesn’t mean that out of the blue this hard-working recovering alcoholic construction worker ex boxer was carrying a gun . . .Of course he was not . . .Another bold faced lie of Martorano bolstering his false portrait of his cowardly murderous self as some sort of hero . . .cold blooded sneak killer from behind . . .

          But, get the RECORDS . . .what was the vitreous humor blood alcohol level . . . . . let’s take this one step at a time

          The Fact is, Tony Veranis was a tall Lithuanian-Irish welterweight . . .whoever wrote Wikipedia, probably Howie Carr to cover his tracks, invents a complete phantasy and portrays him as immigrant Italian, Sicilian, I recall . . .Howie may have realized after the fact he and his murderous buddy “Johnnie” may have flubbed their story a bit . . .

          But maybe I’m wrong . . .always make allowance for doubt . . .but don’t stop investigating until all the questions are answered fully and satisfactorily to the best of our limited human capabilities in Murder Cases as in Cancer Cases . . .all we can do is the best we can do under the circumstances . . . .


          1. p.s. what they’re taught in Medical Schools today and for over 50 years is that alcoholism is a disease. When Nixon formed the EPA, also coming into existence were agencies within the public health service like The Alcohol Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration (ADAMHA) which today is, what, the Substance Abuse Administation(SAM) . . .something like that . . .
            wanna read a good book by a high school teammate football player . . .all City of Boston end, Skip Sviokla? Get “From Harvard to Hell and Back” by Skip Sviokla, M.D. who became a psychiatrist out of Harvard. Solid as a rock.

    2. “T[t]he 5 State Cops Wyshak deputized as federal agents and took to Miami with him for the entire trial who Wyshak used it seems to me to sic them more on Bill Bulger.”

      Curious. This has possibilities in two ways. It sounds like a posh vacation offered to solicit false testimony. First, can it be used to accuse Wyshak of misappropriating federal monies on a state case. Who signed off on it? Second, as it would appear that the state office sponsoring the trial was unwilling to authorize such an expenditure it could be used in state offices, either in applying for clemency or for seeking a new trial, for impeaching the witnesses.

      1. Tadzio, exactly. It does look like the FED Wyshak paid 5 State Cops a plush multi-week vacay stay in Florida, all expenses paid, round trip air fares . . .probably multipe on weekends . . .all at Uncle Sam’s expense, meaning at the US Taxpayer’s expense, that means out of OUR pockets . .
        I was told when I was down there in that courtroom one day, after trial, at post-trial arguments before Judge Blake, as I saw 5 huddled suited men march in lockstep down a corridor into the courtroom: “They are State Cops. They’ve been here every day of the trial.”
        And how many days before and after on their “junket” and how many testified and for how long . . .we know then Major Foley testified (said a few irrelevant, immaterial sentences in response to Wyshak)

        It not only raises questions and issues, it raised hackles, doesn’t it? Is that the right expression? Or is it simply infuriating, galling . . .appalling?

        Hopefully these matters will be kindling, firewood, used during Wyshak’s long anticipated Inquisition.

  5. I’ve also filed some requests on others’ behalf about potential violations of civil rights related to efforts to threaten or intimidate . . .but this is minor hay to mow in the big picture of things . . .i always find some old hag, usually a crone, often a half-blown would be G.I. Joe, someone over 54 years of age, is behind these “Dust Ups>” They too can and will be sued. they too will be brought to account . . .especially if there’s any tinge, taint of government finance/impetus/incentive behind them or government largesse awaiting them.

    Like I say it’s a trifle . . I’ve encountered it before over the last 40 years or so . . .it’s like a minor breaking and entering, just like that, your house is ruffled through, a few trifles taken, keepsakes, worthless to anyone but you, and you wonder . . .a junkie wouldn’t do this . . .who would and what were they looking for . . .maybe just to harass like they did the Civil Rights marchers of the 1960s . . .or Southie’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Organizers of th e1990s

  6. As one or two of you may know since before Christmas I have written government officials elected and appointed in Wash D.C. and Florida about the travesty of justice in the JOhn Connolly’s case and Fred Wyshak’s abuse of power, as I perceive it.

    I have also recently sent a FOIA request to the DOJ requesting all “documents” in the possession of Wyshak, Sterns, Durham et al, and Wyshak’s Five Deputized State Cops, Major Foley (now Colonel) and four other Troopers who came under Wyshak’s wing who worked it seemed primarily to find Whitey and to dig up dirt on his brother the honorable William Bulger, judging from Foley’s pathetic dishonorable speech before a Somerville crowd a few years back where he spent more time hitting Billy than Whitey.

    The FOIA (freedom of information request) asks for all documents in the FEDs possession, including the Boston’s prosecutors’ offices, including Wyshaks and those Staties deputized as Feds including Foley relating to Martorano’s alleged “truthful” confession to the killing of Tony Veranis of Savin Hill.
    I asked specifically for what version or versions of that killing Martorano told Wyshak et al and Foley et al and what version or versions they accepted. You see Martorano bold faced lied about that killing in my considered opinion based on extensive research and a lifetime of living, hanging, having family, relatives and friends in Savin Hill, my hometown, and knowing Tony and the Veranis family. My research has uncovered contemporaneous percipient witnesses who Tony before at and around the time of his death. Their contemporaneous accounts conflict wildly with the two disparate versions John Martorano told Howie Carr on radio and in Carr’s and his satanic book “Hitman.”

    Now either the FEDS knew Martorano was lying, they didn’t care and were negligent in investigating this homicide and in brushing it off and cutting a deal to move ahead toward their real target . . .Bill Bulger . . .or they’re all complete incompetents.

    I don’t see it any other way. I’ve read the contemporaneous accounts. I’ve read the coroner’s statement; “It was a professional hit.” I know something about anatomy and pathology and mortuary labs . . . Martorano’s lying, most likely bold faced lied to the FEDs who didn’t care or went along or what (didn’t know better) or MAYBE there’s some facts I don’t know as yet . . .I always leave the door a bit open to doubt . . .

    That’s why I filed the FOIA the Freedom of Information Act request . . .Prove me wrong . . .tell me what you know FEDs . . . .and then maybe America can hear “the rest of the story”

  7. No mention is made of the feds wanting the big scalp of Billy Bulger on their wall. As I watch the Billy Bulger St Patricks day fest of 1987 I see a man running for President and I hear a sitting Vice President on the phone. You have heard of the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon? How many big names connect out from the spoke of John Connolly? Kevin Weeks was asked , How could these things have happened in the United States of America? His answer, We were not in America , we were in Boston!

    1. Follow the trail of Presidents elected by and assassinated by and otherwise
      removed from office by or prevented from running by
      FBI Directors

      couple of views

      FBI Directors went after Dr Cyril Wecht MD ,JD with
      a vengeance when he showed the FBI had assassinated
      President Kennedy


      also see


      also see


      FBI agent’s records unsealed in Wecht case

      , July 11, 2007

      The FBI agent leading the public corruption case against Dr. Cyril H. Wecht has been investigated by the bureau for seven infractions that led to a demotion and two suspensions without pay, according to internal disciplinary records made public today.

      Special Agent Bradley W. Orsini, 44, was described by former colleagues in the Newark, N.J., office as “abrasive and self-centered,” with a former supervisor characterizing him as a “bully.”

      The Office of Professional Responsibility, the department which investigates allegations of wrongdoing by agents, initiated four investigations into Orsini’s behavior between 1997 and 2000. Those investigations, which were consolidated into one case, found Orsini:

      • Engaged in a prohibited sexual relationship with another agent for nearly two years, which came to light after Orsini presented his paramour at bureau Christmas parties in 1998 and 1999 with a pet collar inscribed with the note “If found, please return to Brad Orsini” and a toy wheel with a guide for assigning the best cases, which always landed on her picture when spun

      • Threatened a subordinate whom he believed told superiors about his relationship with the female agent

      • Damaged government property by punching holes in office walls with his fists and breaking chairs

      • Made unprofessional and insensitive “homophobic remarks” while joking around with other agents in the office.

      For those transgressions, Orsini was demoted from a supervisor’s role within the Newark public corruption squad to a street agent working narcotics investigations in an outlying field office. He also was suspended without pay for 30 days, placed on probation for one year and forced to undergo sensitivity training.

      That investigation also found Orsini violated bureau procedures by signing other agents’ initials to interview reports in 1993 and 1994. Orsini told investigators he did not know how many times he had done so, but said he did it only because “it was a convenience and a shortcut,” according to the reports.

      In 1998, Orsini was suspended for five days without pay for falsifying chain of custody forms and evidence labels by signing other agents’ names to the documents. Investigators found that Orsini committed these infractions between May 1995 and January 1997.

      Both times that he was reprimanded, Orsini was warned that future infractions could result in his dismissal.

      Orsini transferred to the Pittburgh FBI office in 2005.

      The disciplinary reports were unsealed today by U.S. District Judge Arthur J. Schwab. The judge originally ordered that the documents should be made public in June 2006 after the Tribune-Review and other media outlets sued. The government appealed Schwab’s decision to the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, which sided with Schwab.

      Wecht’s lawyers have said they plan to use the documents to raise questions about Orsini’s truthfulness and character during trial. Prosecutors have vowed not to place Orsini on the stand.

      U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan and local FBI officials were not immediately available for comment.

      Buchanan previously said that releasing the records “would constitute an invasion of Agent Orsini’s personal privacy.”

      She also called Orsini “an extremely experienced investigative agent who has contributed significantly to public corruption cases in New Jersey and the Western District of Pennsylvania.”

      In court documents, Wecht’s lawyers have referred to Orisini as an “agent with a known bad reputation within the FBI, including having urged witnesses to perjure themselves in a case involving his own misconduct.” Wecht’s lawyers say they have a witness who would testify to this.

      In January 2006, Wecht was charged with 82 counts of fraud and theft in which prosecutors say he billed private clients for travel expenses paid for by Allegheny County taxpayers, received private lab space by allowing the use of unclaimed bodies for an autopsy program at a local university and used county employees to do work for his private pathology business while on county time.

  8. I have just restarted viewing this site so I have probably missed your comments re the perjury case a vindictive Wyshak brought against ASAC Fitzpatrick for nothing more than bragging about his past career under oath. Could you direct me to prior posts re this matter to bring me up to date? thanking you in advance.

  9. True, as you recap it. We disagree on culpability . . .I don’t believe Weeks, I believe Sterns, Dunford, Wyshak coaxed tales out those guys, fabricated them into a case . .
    Let me cut to the quick . . . .I sided with that one juror who repeatedly said after trial on radio, tv, print as I recall, that he would never have voted to convict john connolly on one single count if he thought he were going to spend one day in jail.
    So, this juror apparently thought that the minor convictions would get John Connolly probation, a slap on the wrist.
    That is what one juror believed. I believed it, too, but more . . .I don’t believe John Connolly committed any crime during his 20+ years as Fed nor thereafter . .he was framed, pure and simple, to get Billy Bulger

    I do believe the federal prosecutors have committed crimes . . 1. Repeatedly that office has used threats and intimidation to go after witnesses/defendants (Violation of anyone’s civil rights to threaten/intimidate/scare them, plus a jolt to nervous system that can cause heart failure, lower immunity, even cancer.) For a Fed to scare an American citizen to death (Aaron Scwartz) or to scare into confessing, changing testimony, or any other way lessening his Liberty or pursuit of happiness is a FEDERAL and STATE Civil and Criminal Offense.

    So FEDS beware, and others in private sector beware . . .we are en garde . . .we are coming for you sadists and tricksters who have intentionally hurt people by abusing your power and/or office to either prosecute, investigate without warrant, intimidate or even attempt to intimidate or scare any defendant, witness or private citizen. Those who abuse power and office should and shall be held accountable to the fullest extent of the civil and criminal law . . .and Federal Lawyers and Law Professors and others of their ilk are not above the law

    Fred Wyshak said the Congressman’s Wife was above the law, and he expressly recommended to the Court that she be treated regally, more leniently, than a far less culpable nurse, who could have been any ordinary butcher boy’s mother from Savin Hill and Wyshak thought she merited less favor under America’s Laws. For that, he should be brought before the firing squad, as was done to Dostoevsky, and it would take a better than me to not shout, “Fire!”,

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