Making Racism Where None Exists: Putting Down Whitey

(1) missouri protestThe media incites racism as you know. That is clear from the Washington Post article that turned a non-racial matter into one involving race. It was a simple event. I wrote about it in my Monday post.

A guy, David and his wife, who are white, went to bed and were kept awake between one and two in the morning by noise coming from Richard’s apartment above them. They had no idea who Richard was but left a note complaining to him about it. Richard happened to be black. When he got the note he felt insulted. So he wrote a letter back to David.

He was so proud of his letter that he published it on Facebook even before giving it to David. Now all poor David knows is the guy up stairs woke him up in the morning. He then finds this note which reads in part:

“To: The Passive Aggressive Neighbor and His Wife Apartment 5J: From: Richard Apartment 6J  Re: I’m Finna Tell You What You Not Goin’ Do.

I should note Richard has his Masters from Colombia. He is very proud of it because he puts “MPA” after his name in this letter. The problem here is Richard’s clamor in the early morning hours which he will both deny in the beginning and admit at the end by telling whitey he’ll make whatever noise his wants. He refers first to the note he received. Now get this: 

He writes it was “both improbable and juvenile” for them to suggest that his voice caused them to lose sleep. Apparently David and his wife imagined there was noise coming from his apartment.  Then he reverses and said if that was the case then David and his wife’s note was “aggressive posturing” and “unnecessary” and “unproductive.”

 He’s just warming up. His second point is they lack “interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence” which reflects “poorly on [them] as a neighbor, and frankly an American.”  It is good he is not in charge of deportations.

He then says he is one of the few people of color in the building so he finds it “personally abhorrent” they threaten to bring in the authorities “for an insignificant infraction” noted in their “poorly written and ill-thought out correspondence.”

Now he gets to the nub of it. “As a Black man, I take these overt actions as a direct threat to my physical and psychological well-being and as an act of violence upon me.” He then refers to a list of 821 people killed in police custody that year. He goes on: “This threat cannot be taken lightly” He’s going to submit formal complaints to the police, the ACLU, and District Community Board to make them “aware of your callous and irrational threats upon my person.”

He then quotes “Robert Jones Jr., ‘one of the great divides between white people and black people (or the wealthy and not wealthy) is noise.’ He tells them what they can expect: “Look forward to me continuing to make it at the volume that I determine is acceptable” admitting his prior infraction. He ends by saying “Should you feel the need to threaten me again, please do so in person so that an amenable solution can be reached.”

Then he signs off: “Richard Scott Brookshire, III, MPA,- Your #VeryBlackNeighbor –  #blacklivesmatter

 I’ll tell you one thing, I’d never want to work with Richard. Even worse how are we ever going to live together as people when some carry this type of grudge against those of another race especially when they have no idea there are racial differences. Most abhorrent, to use one of Richard’s words, is this having been featured by the Washington Post here as if it was an appropriate response. It ginned up more anti-white responses. It’s hard to escape the conclusion that the Washington Post is on a course to increase racial tensions.


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  1. Dick Brookshire sounds like a big sad mangina. How cowardly and racist to play the race card in that way – if he was a man he would have gone to the neighbor’s door and resolved the issue with a few mature quick words. That’s the way I do things. No need to turn it into a race issue. Gives other black people a bad name. This guy’s an idiot – regardless if he’s black, white or fucking purple. Grow up Dicky.

  2. I tried to reply to Mr. Brookshire III but was unable to reach him. I do not understand a single word of his response. He played the following card in his vicious verbal attack.

    The entitlement card
    The victim card
    The race card
    Attacked the spouse

    What else did I miss. Somewhere in this discussion the fact is, do the neighbors deserve to sleep?

  3. Twaddle is the native tongue of bourgeois twits. Bourgeois twits come in all colors. Sounds like the upstairs guy should fight it out with his downstairs neighbor on the INTERNET. The passing of notes seems old fashioned. Hopefully, the downstairs guy is putting two bars of soap into an old sock in anticipation of meeting the upstairs neighbor’s challenge to a face-to-face confrontation.

  4. Two years at the Grover Cleveland would appear to be a superior education to a masters at Columbia. Did BHO take the same courses as Brookshire? They can find racism everywhere.. Is racial disharmony an essential element of the Democrats? Don’t they need a solid Black voting block to succeed? If Blacks drift away from their party they win fewer elections. Perpetuating the myth of discrimination and racial bias is a basic component of the left. If Blacks in America are helpless to ward off this imaginary threat then only the ever expanding government can protect them. Only one party supports that approach. 2. The press as an agent of the Democratic party invented this story not for the benefit of Blacks but for the party’s benefit. When forced busing was imposed on Boston the majority of Black families were against it. Both Blacks and Whites were victims of that experiment. But it created a needed villain for the media. All those racist who opposed government control were exposed.

  5. Quidquid recipitur ad modum recipientis recipitur.

    ‘We have, by no means overcome the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow and colonialism and racism’

    Here’s a guy raised by privileged white grandparents to a life of comfort, who never had a job before running for the Senate, twice elected as President of the United States, and who in his biography says he never experienced racism, hectoring whitey that whites are racist. But not the millions who voted for him, of course.

    The main media never questions why blacks can be proud of their race, and indeed encouraged to be proud, but whites are denigrated as racists for their identitarianism. Whites are beautiful, too.

    Here are two black women who don’t seem bothered by any perceived racist micraggression:

  6. Matt: excellent analysis. The Wash Post, Huffington Post, etc, etc, all thought this hypersensitive egomaniac’s hyperbolic, angry, self-righteous rant was “wonderful.” You omitted the part of his letter where he attacked his neighbors for shedding “white tears.” His neighbors did not know he was black. He turned a minor incident into a racist rant.
    Yes, the leftist press and leftists in general delight in stoking racist flames: it makes them feel so superior, imagining racist boogeymen behind every bush.

    1. ….then what is this,… I ask ?

      Maybe not full-blown “stoking (racist) flames”….but let’s just call it sharing oxygen with them.
      Matt apparently likes drama on the site.
      Old lawyer’s trick. Talking objection.
      Objection gets squashed but the words get heard anyway. Happened a million times in the trial of that guy from Southie,…..what was his name again.,….?

      1. Jimmy! …Hey, You’re OK with us Kid. Just believe half of what they say, and screw the scribes who dipped their shirts in Dillinger’s blood. You’ll come out of it just fine . 🙂

  7. Matt,

    Without a qualifying disclaimer…….”I’d never want to work with Richard”…could be perceived as racist as well.

    As for your opening line……I have one question with all due respect…..and PLEASE give me the courtesy of an answer this time.

    Do you, today, consider yourself part of the “media??????” Not mainstream, but a part nonetheless? I would say you started rogue but distinctively have morphed into something diluted and different over the last few years.

    1. Rather:

      I’ve been traveling for the last six weeks and unable to respond like I would prefer to do to the comments. So forgive me not answering any prior inquiries. I would never want to be discourteous.

      You ask whether I consider myself to be part or the media. I never really thought of it is probably the best answer I can give. I’m surprised that you think I have morphed into something different. In once sense you are correct because this started out as a blog concentrating on things Whitey and some related criminal matters. When Whitey bit the dust I could have folded my tent and gone off with him but I continued on as I thought things that interested me beyond Whitey might appeal to other people. You, and some others, have been with me a long time and I have learned a lot from the steady contributors and I enjoy the back and forth but mostly that people who come here do so with a serious purpose in mind willing to agree or disagree without being disagreeable or insulting.

      I don’t necessarily think of myself as part of the media. I rather think what I am doing is a modern version of the way things were done in the past where people passed around penny or even free hand outs for others to read. I am a First Amendmentist exercising my right to speak out whether I am right or wrong, as the blog says we are on a journey and in this post-truth era there is probably no end to it because we are learning there is no truth.

      I would ask you if you think you are part of the media. You do comment here and the same people who read me will read you when you comment.

      1. Matt,
        Thanks for the honest answer. You were/are not “discourteous, disagreeable, or insulting” and I hope I have never been either, but passion prevails in politics and painful parsings of the past.

        Please expound on what you mean by “post-truth era” and “there is no truth.”

        If I started a blog I would consider myself part of the media but technically speaking my words become part of your blog so, yes, I guess I am. However, I peck the keyboard (left and right index fingers) secure in the knowledge that I have earned my right to comment here,,…and have honored it and respected it since the beginning.

        You had me picturing Ben Franklin and Silence Dogood at first, but a modern day Sam Adams, “firebrand and agitator” is more like it.

        Keep doing your thing, Matt.


        1. Rather:

          The Oxford Dictionaries declared the international word of the year 2016 to be “post-truth.”The post-truth is the Trump era where he tosses out lies after lie and the people who work with him justify the answers. In Trump’s world the truth is what he says it is and he expects his legion of followers to accept whatever he says is the truth as the truth. He is sort of like a modern version of Benito Mussolini.

          One article had it: “Indeed, one of the characteristics of Trump’s campaign was its scorn for facts and the truth. Trump himself unabashedly made any claim that seemed fit for his purpose of being elected: that crime levels are sky-high, that climate change is a Chinese hoax, that he’d never called it a Chinese hoax, and so on. But the exposure of his constant contradictions and untruths didn’t stop him.” See: Here is another take on it: Another person said post-truth is simply lies.

          Thanks for the nice words. I must say you have been a great addition to the discussions here even if you have to pick and peck – I learned to type while in the service in order to relieve boredom. My sons use your method and they seem to type faster than I do. It is people like you that have kept me going on the blog where we have discussions rather than attacking each other.

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