Malfeasance of the Federals

IMG_4034The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has an online site that tells us where its prisoners are located. Interested in where your favorite prisoner is spending her time, go to the site, type in her name and you’ll be given the information What’s good about the site is that it even tells about prisoners that have been released.

Here’s a person I am interested in: Thomas Sperrazza. If you go there you’ll find out his number is 13696-02163 and that he is a 63-year-old white male. He was released on August 4, 2005, at the age of 55. Not bad when you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life in prison or had the crimes been committed in other states than Massachusetts you’d have been executed.

Looking for Whitey, put in James Bulger. You’ll find his number is 02182-748. He’s an 84-year-old white male. His release date is unknown and he’s not in  BOP custody (yet).  Stephen Flemmi, 20431-038, a 79 years old white male is not in BOP custody. John Connolly , 22928-038,a 73-year-old white male released on June 26, 2011. (He’s now in Florida doing a 40 year sentence.) Richard Schneiderhan 23403–038, a 79-year-old white male released on October 4, 2006. Kevin Weeks, Francis Salemme and John Martorano no record of being in BOP custody. Apparently, if you make a deal with the federal prosecutors then part of that deal is that you do your time outside of the BOP. In other words, someone other than the BOP is taking care of you.

I find it a strange system where persons can be sent to prison and not end up in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons. I guess it is one of the benefits of cooperating with the federals. It must operate outside the normal strictures of the the BOP which gives the federals lots of flexibility.

That’s why I have a sneaky suspicion that the worst criminal in the history of Boston and one truly named Benji Ditchman, Stephen Flemmi, has a deal that he will be released from prison once Whitey is out of the headlines. I remarked during the trial that the federal prosecutors would not agree that despite doing a life sentence he will not be freed. They suggested it was not probable. But it seems to be a pattern that they go through. They’ll find a friendly defense lawyer for good old boy Flemmi (remember prosecutor Wyshak and Flemmi jointly finding humor over Halloran’s nickname Balloon Head in the Florida trial) and the lawyer will sub rosa file a motion for his release. They federals will go along with it and Flemmi will join the chorus of murderers walking Boston’s streets.

I mention the federals and deals because one who got a very sweet deal was the first mentioned Thomas Sperrazza who as we see was released on August 4, 2005. If you are familiar with my book, Don’t Embarrass The Family, you’d know that Sperrazza was convicted of first degree murder in Norfolk Superior Court.  That meant he had to serve life in prison without parole which means if he served his time in the state he would never get out.

The Norfolk conviction was for  – I’ll let former Globe columnist Richard Connolly tell the story:

In February 1975, Sperrazza and Stokes, fellow escapers from prison, had offered a ride to Karen T. Spinney and Susan C. Webster, both 18, of Jamaica Plain.

Webster had been a friend of Sperrazza. Spinney did not know the two men and apparently went along at the suggestion of Webster. The group stopped at a Roslindale pub where Sperrazza became involved in a confrontation with a friend of Webster’s.

Sperrazza fired a gun at the man, wounding him and killing another man, Ralph Cirvinale, a 22-year-old junior insurance executive, who was standing in front of the pub. Sperrazza was sentenced to life imprisonment for that crime.

On the night of Cirvinale’s murder, Sperrazza and Stokes killed Spinney and Webster – on instructions from Connor – because the women had been witnesses to the shooting of Cirvinale.

The bodies of the women, who were stabbed in a Quincy apartment, were buried in a wooded area in Northampton and were not discovered until Connor, an informant looking for a deal with Delahunt’s office, directed police to the site two years and seven months after the murder.”

It would turn out that Sperrazza not only murdered Karen Spinney, Susan Webster and Ralph Cirvinale but he also murdered Boston Patrolman Donald A. Brown on May 24, 1974, during a shopping center holdup in Roslindale and while in prison, his buddy in crime, “John F. Stokes, 24, who was stabbed 55 to 60 times in his cell at State Prison in Walpole on June 14, 1976.”  

Sperrazza would write letters from prison and sign his name: “Manson” and he is rumored to have said “once you kill your first person, the rest are easy.” Not such a nice guy but he worked out a deal with the federals. So you can add to your list the number of people from the Boston area who have committed five or more murders who are freely walking the streets courtesy of the federals one more person. It’s hard to believe we execute people in this country for one or two murders but those who murder as many people as we have fingers on one hand who work with the federals are let loose to prey upon us.

I should mention Sperrazza got a good deal because he implicated Myles Connor in some of his crimes – we’ve seen that act before with Whitey how Flemmi murdered his girl friend and said Whitey made him do it and Murderman had Whitey in a back up car somewhere.

Why were the federals so interested in Myles Connor that they’d deal with such a devil? That’s another strange story but let it suffice for now to say that the federals sought the help of Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemmi in their pursuit of Connor. Connor by the way was acquitted of all the charges leveled against him where Sperrazza testified.


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    1. Jim:

      No – but it’s coming. I think Benji thought he’d be out this summer but maybe they are waiting until after Whitey loses his appeal. Although, it may all be done on the QT – that’s been know to happen. I’ll have to try to keep track of that.

  1. matt, i agree, i been away from the board awhile, but im bck abd this sybject baffles me, but glad i can find out where some of the guys from this area who make car, etc others famous for non stop books articles etc, but hello , ill be back reg and to all my fellow followers on here GO SOX!!!!! also follow me on twitter @pat2e, let me know where your from so i dont think some dudes just following me lol , good day to all, it kills me i lost my mom, a saint, to cncer at 16, she was a saint, and benji looks healthy, as for bulger i think he wasnt a rat but an avid chess player who got checkmated, but still hasnt pushed his king over, thers so much more i wanna know matt, the currency he had, in 96, the money ws diff, it changes every few years now, and in the google search i did that 00k was new bills, who did he protect, the guys solid on connolly and same on zip to whitey,that book cant come fast enough matt, from you or his niece, pleaaaaseeee

    1. Pat2e:

      Thanks for coming back. Losing a Mom at 16 is tragic. That happened to my father a long time ago and all of a sudden everything changes. All I can say is you have my condolences.

      I’m not much on twitter but I may drop in on occassion. I was surprised to see Howie now has a book out on Whitey – I can’t really believe it because nothing is new really that he would recognize. He has written Hitman, Rifleman, Ratman, so I expect the next book he’ll come out with will be an autobiography Nonsenseman or Greedyman or Lyingman.

      Watch out about Benji – I sense he has a deal to get out – google has a program where you can put in names to watch people – I suggest you may want to do that – that will be the ultimate tragedy. You’ll notice in my post today Whitey’s yesterday newspaper – the money apparently was never than ’96 so there’s probably a lot more out there – good point – where is it? Only Catherine Greig knows.

      Books are hard and take time – the usual Whitey story has been told a million times – the real story about what made him into what he wasn’t has yet to come out. His own story through his relatives will be interesting but far from the truth. Whitey’s world was a narrow world and as his buddy Weeks said, gansters lie – so we’ll only hear his lies.

      As for being a rat, you have to decide what is the definition of a rat. The media has Whitey being a rat when he was arrested in 1956, and again in 1971, and again in 1975 – but the first two are clearly wrong and as for the latter – there can be little doubt Whitey was giving Connolly information – he thought it was all off the record – Connolly put it in his informant file, along with other stuff not from Whitey – did the fact the information was general rather than specific make him not an informant – you have to decide what the definition of rat is –

  2. Thanks Matt. I never heard the term “snail mail” before. MSP won’t help me because my ex is one of them. I’ve gone to the DOJ and AG’s office and both had no record of my letters until I pushed the issue and showed the signed FEDEX receipts.

    I went to the FBI in July because many people including my ex were in my bank account. I got printouts from my bank showing this and at the same time my ex was texting me about purchases I made and places I had been and used my ATM card .

    The FBI agent told me to “ignore them”. He said “Why would cops risk losing their jobs to do this”? I told him because they get away with it…which they are.

    Interesting is this. I sent MS. Coakley 300 pages I had on these guys which I’d been collecting since I caught them in 2010. She received all 300 pages. I continued getting complaints threw to MS. Coakley personally because those in her office had “no record” of them. If I sent them to her home they couldn’t really be tossed out. So she did receive the 300 pages and passed it along to her investigators I guess.

    Suddenly a LT from her office makes an appt with me. He shows up (my ex’s buddy) and tells me he only received 4 or 5 pages. He told me I should stay off my pc and stop sending complaints. I told him I’m not going to stop until my ex and his friends stop harassing me. After he left I then sent Ms.Coakley another letter advising her that the Lt. claimed he only received 5 pages when I sent 300.

    Funny, the 300 pages were then found. LOL.

    My ex has always been stalkerish. I have the proof. He’s controlling and has always done this. That’s why we divorced. I was 5 minutes late coming home one night when my child was 9 months old and he left her alone sleeping in the crib at midnight to come search for me because he was certain I was cheating. lol

    Haven’t tried the DEA. I assume these guys have friends all over. My only option is to get it publicized. I have to find the best way to do that. If no one wants to see the damage they did and the evidence I have on them, then I’ll put it all online. From start to finish.

    1. Matt, I forgot to mention that just after I hung up with the FBI agent “Bell”, the boys got a message to me which read “We have friends high up DBell”.

      Of course they listen to my calls as well. I have some of these guys on tape including my ex who told me he’d shoot me if I ever left him or cheated on him. Of course I said to him “you don’t mind if I tape this do you”? He said “No” so I did. Reason being is I heard it from him so much I figured someday I would need it.

      He went on to say that after he shot me he would “claim job stress and check himself into a medical facility so he’d be out soon”..

      I have many threats from them but I hear nothing. So maybe a campaign stop when it’s on televised will get me some answers. I want to know why some on the MSP are being allowed to abuse citizens and why they are recruiting and allowing their criminal informants (with warrants on them) to commit crimes.

      A cops job is not to harass and abuse people to intimidate them to keep quiet. My car has been vandalized 25 times since 2007 they were in my home daily. Well their criminal informants were.

  3. Is there a key official to put pressure on in the case of the Sewage Ditch? I’d like whoever makes that decision to know that people are paying attention to this issue.

    Hopefully they won’t risk more negative media coverage to let that thing die free. I’d gladly write letters & place calls to anyone if it looks like they’re ever considering it.

    1. Jeff:

      I’ll add you as a conditional member of the Letter Club and notify you if we are going to write about Benji. I believe the person who we will be writing is Carmen Ortiz who is the Boston US Attorney who will have to go along with the filing by Benji’s lawyer to change the sentence of Stephen Flemmi. A way to keep track of him is if you have a gmail account and make it so that you get an alert anytime there is any news on the internet about him. I hope others will also be watching this because I got the feeling that something was afoot behind the scenes listening to the prosecutors.

      1. Thanks a lot for this. I’ll be happy to pester a few media outlets as well if it comes to that. Carmen would benefit from having a few reporters call him if he acts like he’s considering letting that thing out.

        1. Question:

          Emails aren’t that effective. I’d rather do snail mail not that it is much better. I don’t have Carmen’s email and I really have no need of it since I won’t engage in that type of communication with her. Thanks though for offering it.

          1. I’ve noticed they’re not effective. Nor are faxes, calls, letters sent by FEDEX with signed signatures which couldn’t be found. I don’t know what snail mail is?

            I was considering stopping by Ms. Coakleys Governor campaign stop to ask her some questions publicly since I sent her office over 100 emails, letters, faxes in the last 3.4 years. (Again, no record found until year 3). I have copies of the AG’s office manager signature but still “no record”. I want answers as to why certain individuals continue having their criminal informants enter my home. (They made a mistake and lost a cell phone in my bedroom) One individual is my cop ex husband but it probably doesn’t help that his good buddy runs the criminal division in her office.

            I want answers and I’m not going to stop until I get them. LOL

            1. Question:

              Snail mail is what normal mail sent through the post office is referred to by some who compare it to email which is delivered immediately. As far as people breaking into your home, I have little to offer to help you because I believe you have found neither the local or the state police to be interested in helping you. Have you thought of going to the FBI or DEA?

  4. More interesting is that regardless of status whether it be a pre-trial hold or post conviction sentence the BOP tracks all who are in federal custody and any federal prisoner in a federal facility can be found on this site unless the person is currently in transit to a different facility. All in custody within a federal facility can be found; all except for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who is accused of the Boston Marathon bombing. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has never come up as in custody from the time he was transferred to Devens from the BI Hospital. Strange that a prisoner would be under Special Administrative Measures yet not even on a prison roster!!!

    1. Public:

      How then do you explain that the BOP has no record of Whitey being in custody. I think only those who are convicted and don’t have a government deal get listed as being in BOP custody. Joker’s case seems to be part of the norm.

      1. Whitey was not being held in a federal facility during the pretrial phase. The US Marshal contracts out with different facilities and most pre- trial for MA fed court are at a facility in in Plymouth. You are incorrect; if you are housed in a federal facility associated with the BOB regardless of the reason you have a register number which Tsarnaev does have and you can be found with a search UNLESS the inmate is in transit to another facility. You will see at the link that Tsarnaev is the only inmate listed that has a number that does not have a hyperlink.,_Devens We are being scammed by a corrupt government and people have such hate for this kid they don’t even see it!

        1. Public:

          Thanks for the information. Joker (Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) has the registration number 95079-038 according to the Devens lock up facility but the Bureau of Prisons locator cannot find anyone with that number.

          You ascribe some sort of sinister import to that. I don’t. He’s well represented by counsel in court and his case is being closely followed by many. Where is the scamming and the corruption?

          Firefly who comments on this site notes another site that is on top of this matter closely. I’m sure you know of it. You seem to be very upset at the technicality of a registration number which I fail to grasp.

          It’s true that many people hate Joker. From the evidence that we have seen,it appears he may have done a very dastardly act that resulted in at least three deaths and the maiming of many others. What is there to not hate about a person who would engage in such activity?

          1. Again, you are incorrect! The criminal proceedings in the US District Court are simulated. In order to be “well represented by counsel” the defense attorneys would first have to make a NOTICE of Appearance which puts the attorney under the authority of the court. Only one AUSA has filed a notice of appearance on behalf of the USA and she is not the one filing papers or appearing before the court; it appears she didn’t get the memo the case is fake.

            In order for court opinion and orders or even electronic orders with no document to be true orders of the court they have to be recorded on the master all recent orders docket which is where all orders by all sitting judges are listed in chronological order. An occasional electronic order in the Tsarnaev case makes it to the master all recent orders docket; the “docket” clerk, who by the court’s administrative rules has no authority to write electronic orders, denied the motion for a second capital case attorney with an electronic order.

            The Judy Clarke documents are bogus and entered outside the rules of the court directly into the ECF system with ex parte and seal qualifiers and then disappear off the docket; since I managed to download one of these documents before it disappeared, I discovered the PDF properties indicate the document came from the MA Federal Public Defender office. Clarke has paid no pro hac vice fees and there is an affidavit filed with her signature that is legally deficient and when her signature is compared to other signed documents by “Defense” even though they are separated by 3000 miles it appears they are using the same blue pen with a very interesting similar cursive style. The motion requesting a second capital case attorney by Judy Clarke is fraudulent and never came from any computer that she or her known paralegal use; the style of the document is aberrant from any known filing she has made in cases where she was legitimately on the record as defense counsel.

            An electronic order that did not make it to the all recent orders master docket and entered only directly onto the case docket by the deputy clerk called for the withdrawing of the Magistrate reference which never happened in the record so anything entered does not go to the US District Judge’s docket and his well known corrupt deputy and docket clerks then follow through by entering fraudulent orders.

            The written opinions report has only two bogus opinions that were never recorded on the all recent orders master docket. Missing from the written opinions report is the appointment of Judy Clarke and the bogus protective order signed off by Judge Bowler where first they entered an electronic order allowing the protective order and then the next day slid the document directly on to the case docket and manipulated the filing date so the stamp would reflect 8/19/2013. This protective order allows for the viewing of discovery and then destruction with no public record.

            The arraignment transcript in the record does not have a court stamp and although there is a notice that the official transcript was filed only the preliminary transcript made it to the docket. Again, you, the people of Massachusetts and the people of the United States are being scammed.

            Although the latest documents filed by defense regarding the special administrative measures “SAM” appear to advocate well for the defendant it is interesting that they never mentioned that Holder has no authority per the statute to enter these measures for a full year and even more interesting these measures were never even discussed during the bogus hearing before supposedly Judge O’Toole on the 23rd; they also do not mention that Holder failed to sign the memorandum. More interesting is the fact that press people who would have attended the September 23rd hearing missed it because Ed Davis planned his resignation news conference at the same time. Is it possible that Judge O’Toole was represented by an”actor” on the bench, is it possible that the Judy Clarke appearing in the court room was an “actor”? Although the content of that question may sound bizarre, the totality of the circumstances call for its asking. Should it actually be Judge O’Toole on the bench a review if he is corrupt or disabled in so manner that allows his corrupt clerks to use him not infrequently to run simulated proceedings; this it not their first time pulling this crap.

            Finally, the question as to why they would be pulling this ruse needs to be asked. Research does strongly point that the Boston Marathon Bombing was a government orchestrated event followed by multiple lies and photo shopped pictures to the public by the FBI. Further at the time of the second blast the crowd present in front of the Forum was federal agents and not the people in the in whole fabricated picture they released to the public. You don’t get nine FBI agents look just like the people in the crowd with seven being dead ringers unless they were in fact the crowd. Raw video tells no lies.

            1. Public:

              Your comment calling me incorrect is of course correct. I assume from your vast legal background you have been able to figure out these things better than I. When Joker is brought to court and defense counsel appears with him that is some sort of mirage being perpetrated on the public and the media by NSA. You remind me of someone telling me not to believe what I just saw and that my eyes, like the many gangsters we have dealt with, are lying to me.

              I always feared having someone like you on my jury because I knew I would have to try the case again because that person would always come up with an alternative theory such as suggesting a double of the defendant committed the crime while the defendant had been whisked away by aliens.

              I glad you figured it out that the FBI was behind the Marathon Terrorist Attack. I’m sure you have a good reason for believing that was the case and can enlighten us on why it would want to do that. Judge O’Toole and Judy Clarke being portrayed by actors who took over the court. Perhaps you can tell us what happened to the real ones.

              Sometimes its good to be thought wrong when the person thinking that explains why in the manner you have done.

          2. I didn’t give anything to go on but what the court record reflects and what the various conclusions could be. It is the totality of extreme aberration that calls for a closer look. Perhaps this bill drafted on 4/12/2013 which addressed information sharing by the federal authorities with the local authorities followed by information sharing failure by the FBI the local Boston Authorities as the premise of all Congressional Hearings on why the attack was not averted will strike your interest.


            If the Bill doesn’t do it perhaps the media reports of the FBI dodging all congressional hearings after the event followed by Rep Keating’s “scathing” letter to Director Comey and the fact that only Fox 25 received the letterhead letter, a text copy was placed on his Massachusetts site for his constituents and the actual letterhead letter never made it into the Congressional record will strike your interest.
   And still to this day there is absolutely nothing beyond the word of the FBI that radicalization of these two Muslim Brothers took place.

            You sir have legitimate aberrations in front of you including an entire bogus court record that you can look into yourself by joining PACER. You will not be able to get all the past days master dockets but I do in fact have them from April 29th forward. You have two choice; call material supported aberrations a delusion of mine or get yourself a cup of coffee and wake up to the fact that all this crap occurred at appropriation time and that terror = money for the self serving in DC and the industrial military complex that keeps their campaign chest and pockets well stuffed!!!

            1. Public:
              You and I are an example of having some similar ideas but one person taking them to extreme. I have my problems with the FBI but to suggest that it was involved in the Marathon Terrorist Attack is far, far, far away from where I would go.
              I don’t know who you are or what your experience in life has been. One thing I’m seeing is that you are drowning in non essentials like docket entries while missing the big picture. You should know that Joker is represented by skilled defense lawyers who will provide him with the best defense available. Why are you delving in to the pleadings when they will have little to do with the outcome of the case? I have access to PACER which I use at times but I recognize that it is a docket, that’s it.
              I agree with you that there is a problem with the FBI sharing information. This is of long duration and it is getting worse as is shown by the Todashev killing. I agree there should be hearings on why the Marathon Terrorist Attack (MTA) was not prevented but I despair of Congress having the will or desire to do that.
              Yes, Congressman Keating is right to be upset at what is happening and more credit to him for having the courage to make a stand. But he is only one and in our system of government there are only a handful in Congress who have any power and they seem very happy with the status quo. Thank you for providing me with the letter.
              Beyond the word of the FBI concerning the brothers radicalization is one salient fact, their alleged involvement in setting the bombs. Unless, you don’t believe that happened, and if that is the case, you’ll have to tell me why they engaged in the night fight with the cops.
              I am getting myself a cup of coffee, in fact it is percolating on the stove right now. I agree that the terror = money and the growth of the “run the terrorists are coming” industry is something to be feared. I don’t think however anything you have pointed to shows other than the normal proceedings of a case through the court system and the continuing of many things that should be corrected but I can not go near you island of federal complicity in the MTA.

          3. “You should know that Joker is represented by skilled defense lawyers who will provide him with the best defense available.” Again, there is no defense attorney legally on the record and properly before the court in a capital offense case where a defendant could face the death penalty. Again, this defendant cannot be found in federal custody with a known registered number or any of his known names. The proceedings are simulated to give an illusion of justice in progress.

            You missed the point regarding Rep Keating; again, the letter was never entered into the Congressional record which means it was never officially served to Director Comey. The letter was a bogus attempt to look like Congress was confronting the FBI over their dodging of Congressional hearings and the FACT that they continue to use information sharing failure as the reason the event was not averted with a bill to that very premise the Friday before the bombing and no genuine effort to get the FBI before them spells collusion.

            You need a stronger brew. You are not debating with any material evidence to support your position -I am and the FBI was at the blast site at the time of the bombing. The comparison of two raw videos puts the FBI at the Blast site at the time of the blast.

            I prefer to make analysis on facts not the way things should be; the corruption in this country is out of control and has been for a very long time. Those who refuse to face the reality of the situation and choose to deny what their eyes see are impeding progress in taking this country back for our children and their children. I will not aid and abet Treason by maintaining a perpetual state of denial!!

            1. Public:

              What’s your point? You are right I am continually missing it. You’ve decided, sua sponte, there is no defense attorney legally on the record What gives you the right to make that determination and who are those lawyers in court with Joker?

              “The proceedings are simulated,” you say. Is Joker in on the simulation or is there an actor playing Joker and Joker is kept in one of those black sites somewhere off Georges Bank?

              As best I can tell you believe the FBI was involved in the Marathon Terrorist Attack. (MTA) Then it figured it had to frame a couple of people and it just so happened it found two Muslims from Chechnya as the dupes. Wouldn’t it have been better if they got a couple of Arabs? Why did they pick on the Tsarnaev brothers who were just home minding their business? To cover its involvement, the FBI went through the process of looking for suspects and fortunately was able to air brush two people who were at the Marathon to make them look like the Tsarnaevs. That took a coupld of days and they showed the pictures on TV. The Tsarnaevs immediately knew they had been set up so they set about to get out of town, or was that two people who looked like the Tsarnaevs. You don’t suppose Tamerlan is still alive somewhere and his death was faked. Then somehow they got Joker to get into that boat so they could shoot him. (How’d they do that?}

              Then everyone got together and rigged the court proceedings. The docket is all messed up. Reperesentative Keatings’ letter was not put in the Congressional Record. (Did Keating ask for it to be done?)

              I could go on but I’m far behind you in the ability to understand this vast conspiracy which is all being done to get more money to fight terrorism. Good luck with your desire not to abet Treason.

        2. Further, when you have three branches of government in apparent collusion to screw the American people, you no longer have a checks and balance system but do have one rogue government. Just yesterday an almost legitimate document came forth which lost any chance of being a true court record when it was entered by Judge O’Toole’s Deputy Clerk. The opinion and order was written by a law clerk as noted in the properties where the number is the last 4 digits of this particular law clerks phone line; he usually writes legitimate documents for Judge O’Toole. The document even made it on the all recent orders but then was entered in a fashion that makes it not a true record of the court.

          1. Public:

            There’s no collusion nor is there a rogue government. Things are happening not to our liking in the way certain law enforcement organizations may operate which could be easily changed if some would gin up the will to straighten things out but widespread conspiracies don’t exist, we are too diverse a county for people to ever agree on something like that.

            I find your ideas extreme but think such ideas have a value in prompting us to evaluate our own ideas. You make valid points but then stretch the conclusion into a shape I don’t recognize. With the Joker’s case I suggest you walk away from examining the docket entries so closely and look at the big picture. Judge O’Toole has been around a long time and has a good reputation. He’ll do a good job in handling the case. Joker is represented by good counsel who have his interests foremost in their plans for his case.

            I urge patience. I would urge diligence but that seems unnecessary. When it comes down to it, Joker will have his day in court. Will his trial meet your expectations, I doubt it since you seem to seek perfection from a system that is far from that. If he goes to trial, which I tend to doubt in that I expect he will come up with some sort of plea so that he can see the street again some day, then he will get a fair trial.

            There are many who think he doesn’t deserve that. But that is the course we are on. You, I assume, will continue to keep close watch of the affair.

          1. PSW, you seem to be under the illusion that the Mass Court system adheres to prudent protocol. Sorry to burst your bubble however, as Trump put it so well that “the system is rigged”.

            1. Jim:

              What is “prudent protocol.” I’m a great critic of the MA court system since it is much to secretive and behind times.

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