McDonough the Right Choice for the Register of Probate

(1) mcdonough pictureYou may remember my reluctance to get involved in politics but my son’s email to me and others supporting Martha Coakley and Maura Healey made me jump in and endorse both women.

My other son who helps me on this blog wondered why I didn’t do the same thing for his friend and law school classmate who he has supported through the years. In retrospect I should have done this so for the last time I am breaking my rule not to get involved in politics to endorse my son’s classmate to my Plymouth County readers.

You never know how important a smart and effective Register of Probate is until you go to a court where there’s a bad one. Trying to get anything done in a court poorly run from the top can be an excruciating process. You need a smart leader with legal experience who will actively participate in the daily operations for a court to run effectively. An example of such a person is Mike Donovan one of my oldest friends from Savin Hill who has run the Suffolk County civil clerk’s office in an expert manner for many years making it one of the best and friendly clerk’s office in the nation.

My son tells me that like Mike Donovan, Matt McDonough is the person you need to run the Plymouth County probate courts.  I’ve known my son’s association with him over the years and I know when he tells me something like that you can bank on it. You won’t find a harder working lawyer and register than Matt McDonough. Matt puts his utmost energy into everything he does and doesn’t stop until he’s done it perfectly. He tells me that like Mike Donovan for Suffolk, Matt is far and away the best choice for the Register of Probate for Plymouth County.

I have little no doubt when I look at his background. He is a Boston College Law School graduate and Holy Cross undergrad. He worked for 10 years as an assistant district attorney in Norfolk County D.A.’s office (my old stomping ground), and has been a selectman in Marshfield. He has the legal and practical knowledge and skills to do an excellent job.  He definitely looks like the right person for the Plymouth County Register of Probate.  If you’re voting in Plymouth you won’t go wrong throwing him your vote. 

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  1. Thanks Matt. Keep up the good work and PLEASE and finish the Whitey book. Some people are looking forward to reading it!!!!

  2. When you are the law enforcement agency
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  3. The only thing worst than
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    The FBI: America’s Secret Police–America-s-Secret-Police?instance=lead_story_left_column

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    We want no Gestapo or secret police. The FBI is tending in that direction. They are dabbling in sex-life scandals and plain blackmail. J. Edgar Hoover would give his right eye to take over, and all congressmen and senators are afraid of him.—President Harry S. Truman

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    Case in point: the FBI is being sued after its agents, lacking sufficient evidence to acquire a search warrant, disabled a hotel’s internet and then impersonated Internet repair technicians in order to gain access to a hotel suite and record the activities of the room’s occupants. Justifying the warrantless search as part of a sting on internet gambling, FBI officials insisted that citizens should not expect the same right to privacy in the common room of a hotel suite as they would at home in their bedroom.

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    Yet as I point out in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, it’s no coincidence that the similarities between the American police state and past totalitarian regimes such as Nazi Germany grow more pronounced with each passing day. This is how freedom falls, and tyrants come to power.

    Suffice it to say that when and if a true history of the FBI is ever written, it will not only track the rise of the American police state but it will also chart the decline of freedom in America: how a nation that once abided by the

    Read more: The Gilmer Mirror – The FBI America s Secret Police

  4. MATT:

    I was a little over the top suggesting you had some secret agenda to shame Billy Bulger in my remarks regarding your Connolly/Black Mass satire. The inclusion, which was unintentionally casual I now believe, of their Mother, in your zesty little satire just set me off. For the record, I have communicated privately and on this blog my feelings that you early on earned my approbation by exposing the various calumnies brought against the Senate President for the vile stuff they were. So, I apologize to you! !!! … You have been his ardent champion, and your blog has done very much good in this regard, as well as numerous others. So, We trek on, as you might say. There is no need to respond to this comment ; Just let it be that it is duly noted !!!

  5. Matt. Any word yet on why Whitey was moved to Florida? Do you think the movie BLACK MASS starring Johnny Depp will be way off the mark in terms of accuracy? Also when is your book on Whitey due to be released? Thanks

    1. Jerome:

      The only reason I can think of is that they plan to try him in Florida. No one is going to do him any favors and any moves he makes is done under the watchful eye of the Boston U.S. Attorney folk. The only other reason I can see is that it was done to put more pressure on the Florida Appeals Court to keep Connolly in prison.

      The movie will be another fairy tale like Black Mass. It will be a little more accurate than The Departed which was a remake of a Hong Kong movie but was supposed to have something to do with Whitey. That won the Oscar which I thought was a joke. I expect the movie will paint Billy Bulger as working hand in hand with Whitey with some scenes having Whitey sitting in the Senate President’s office passing on legislation or intimidating people to vote for Billy.

      As for the book, I’ve got to get away from this blog to make real progress. That’s what I hope to start doing shorty. Thanks for asking.

      1. I wonder whats taking them so long to get a trial under way in Florida. It would seem that John Connolly wont be getting out anytime soon. Am I correct in that you posted an article that explains all the lies and misinformation in Black Mass. There is some truth in the book, no? I understand your perspective that the books is NOT accurate but nevertheless I think it is well written (from a style perspective) and entertaining. It is a disappointment that there are inaccuracies.

        1. Matt
          Do you know what John Connolly address was in South Boston? Do you know what was Whitey’s address in Quincy?Do you know what was Catherine Grieg address? Steve Flemmi address?
          I understand if you can not or will not post on your blog but I ask because I want to see these places in person because they are mentioned in the books.

          1. Jerome:

            I don’t have Connolly’s in front of me but will dig it out.

            Just after you go over the Neponset Bridge heading out of Boston you go left onto that Quincy Shore Drive (which will eventually bring you Squantum or Wollaston Beach). A high rise condo will be on your left. Just after that there is a group of town house type condos on the left side. Whitey lived in there. On the right side across from them is where Catherine Greig lived. Flemmi once lived with Hussey in Milton but was thrown out. He owned several condos in Boston (which he still owns). I’m not sure what ones he actually occupied.

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