Mid-Monday Notes: Watch For Upcoming Series On Gardner Museum and Connolly Parole

Gardner MuseumThe Gardner Museum Heist happened 27 years ago this March 17/18.

I have received information from a person who suggests how it was done along with a description of the culprits. I will be reviewing the history of the Gardner Heist, the information available, and the new theory leading up to the 27th anniversary.

I will be posting them at noontime. I expect it will take somewhere between eight and ten posts to recapitulate what happened and to tell the new tale. The final post will be on St. Patrick’s Day. If you don’t want to read it in serial form then on the 18th the whole shebang will be there.

Watch for it.

(1) connollyI read that coming up in April is a parole hearing for Retired FBI Agent John Connolly in Florida. One thing I suggest is not to go down expecting to speak to the commission. According to their information: “The Commissioners may hear testimony from victims, victims’ families, inmates’ families, law enforcement, state and private attorneys, as well as other interested parties. . . . All speakers, in support, must share the allotted 10 minute time frame for speaking. “

Here are the directions if you want to write in support of him and you can do it by email:   “you may submit a written statement expressing your support of an inmate, which will be reviewed and considered by the voting Commissioners.  To do so, please review the following then click on the link below: Upon receipt of your e-mail, Commission staff will route your correspondence to the inmate’s file for the Commissioners review and consideration.  PLEASE NOTE:  You will not receive a written response to your e-mail submission. The inmate’s Name and DC Number MUST be included in all correspondence.   The inmate’s hearing date should be included if known.” InmatesSupporter@fcor.state.fl.us 

My thoughts on this are the outcome of what will happen will occur behind the scenes. Forces more powerful than us with the inside track to the ears of those who make the decision will prevail. You have seen how the appeal of his conviction which was eventually denied resulted in one of the most absurd legal opinions ever written. In other words, to cut to the chase, if the Feds still want to keep him in prison they have the juice to do so behind the scenes.

Some may think that the new Justice Department might be more willing to let him out. I have difficulty reading what FBI Director Comey’s position would be if he were asked to give Connolly a break. Maybe some of you who are so supportive of D.Trump can reach out to some of his people to seek his help. As you know if I touched it then it would not be helpful at all.

This is Connolly’s big chance. I do not know how often parole hearings are held but it is usually more than a year between them. If someone knows his DC number I’d ask they put it in the comment section.



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  1. I assume that the painting will never be recovered. If they ever at, I will be shocked.

  2. “…Gardner Museum and Connolly Parole…” hmm, an interesting mashup indeed, but that’s me, too much reading into things and not enough actual reading. It seems funny, for example, that the politically out-of-sync FBI Director, James Comey, would turn up in the Democratic stronghold of Boston so soon before the Gardner Museum anniversary, which has been something of an event in recent years, when it outwardly looks to be a bust again this year, as in 2016. So I am adding Comey’s visit to my modest collection of recent phenomenon portending some kind of big announcement on the anniversary this year. I’m hopeful.

  3. During our 13 year span of producing the conferences looking at
    crimes committed by FBI agents we brought the following
    FBI agents to speak.

    John Ryan
    Wesley Swearingen
    Suzzane Doucette
    Fred Whitehurst
    Tyronne Powers

    google their names with the word fbi

    Would I invite John Connolly to our next conference?

    in other news


  4. Thanks, Matt:
    The number I have for John Connolly is D34476

    I hope that’s the # you mean!

    His address is below:
    John Connolly D34476
    NWFRC Annex L3-1049
    4455 Sam Mitchell Drive
    Chipley, Fl 32428

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