Mid-Morning Report

I'm Not Referring To This Miranda.
I’m Not Referring To This Miranda.

Marra still on stand – putting everyone to sleep – identifying records that he may have read and are being put in for identification – says he recognizes them as part of file but he doesn’t recall them –  anyone out late last night would have been advised to sleep through his testimony since nothing really happened  – waiting for John Morris who should be on in about a half an hour or so.

After Morris comes Kevin Weeks on Friday or Monday – and then they’ll only be one witness of significance left and that is Stevie Flemmi – hope all is well with you – have to get some coffee.

5 thoughts on “Mid-Morning Report

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    1. Joey the archives on your website are excellent old herald news articles
      and pictures.

    2. Joey:

      Thanks for the reference – it’s something I’ll definitely want to read after I come up for air.

    1. Hopalong:

      I’ve been going doing other stuff whenever I could so yes I need some strong coffee to keep up and a good nap.

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