Mid Morning Report – Monday July 15, 2013

P1010008I have to say the defense team committed a big blunder having the medical examiner go through each of the 19 deaths. From an earlier exchange between counsel, Zac Hafer said he wanted to put the evidence in through stipulation rather than having the doctor testify. He said defense would not agree to it.

So what happens is Doctor Richard Evans goes through each one of the 19 deaths and tells us about how they happened, how the person died, and puts in the death certificate. It took most of the morning before recess. Each death he talked about had to have the jurors review in their minds the earlier testimony about the murders. This could have been avoided. It was really a waste of time by defense counsel and worse, hurt whatever defense it intends to bring forth.

There was no cross-examination of the doctor. So what have we? 19 dead people who the defendant does not contest were murdered pretty much in the manner the witnesses testified they were done in. They obviously will loom large in the case.

To this point we don’t have the defense contesting the prosecutors version of how these people were murdered. All the jury knows is that Whitey was involved in murdering 19 people among a lot of other criminal acts. It has seen pictures of him with gangsters, it has watched as the guns were introduced and plunked down on the table for emphasis, Carney helped with this by having Fortnight pick up the guns and display them; and it has seen how Whitey was the meanest man in the whole town who controlled the drugs, booking and everything else in South Boston.  It has seen guys who were tough guys, former boxers and Golden Glove champions, come in and say they were afraid of Whitey.

The jurors have to be close to certain, that is far beyond a reasonable doubt, Whitey did all of what they are hearing. They’ll be more. Benji Ditchman is coming in soon. As much as he presents as a vile person, the jurors will remember that testimony “Whitey and Stevie”- they were lumped together by some of the witnesses who feared them. Make Stevie look bad, so does Whitey.

The second witness this morning was Martorano’s old girl – he met her when she was 15, or as she prefers almost 16. He was a young lad himself of 35 years. They were together for 20 years, 16 hiding out in Florida. They brought one boy into the world named Benji Whitey or Whitey Benji, I’m not sure which. She lied in 1995 before a grand jury and probably lied today about not receiving any money from Jimmy Martorano, I could see her reviewing Murderman’s instructions in her mind as she testified.

It is remarkable looking at this woman who harbored Murderman for 16 years and lied to a grand jury walking around in the Florida sun; and on the other hand thinking of Catherine Greig who did only the former for Whitey doing 8 years in federal prison. It shows the difference between a POOF woman and the deals you can get for your gals if you are part of the prosecutors team. Murderman told the federals to leave his X alone and they dutifully complied.

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  1. Your legacy will be to betray your love rat boy. Cathy has hope …. and you will destroy that.

    1. Pat

      I can always change what you wrote by my edit function. If you want it done just let me know I can do it and also delete your request.

  2. ~heres my take on the davis murder steve freaks out strangles here after a fight/breakup. calls whitey he knows how to make the body gone. cause stranglelashing is a crime off passion or some shit I seen on tv, then weeks got called to the house for some coffee as the 2 were digging a hole. I thought that flemmi always plead the 5th when it came to the girl murders. he gonna get on the stand and sabotage the fbi case I bet. but in nyc the fbi just let the official boss of 1 of the crime families out with 10+ murders he was a bigger fish then these 2. only 10yrs. it took them millions on trials.

    1. ~ I agree. I think Flemmi is a misogynistic abusive person towards little girls (his step daughter) and women and he flipped out at the thought of Debra Davis leaving him, otherwise, there would be a story of a coordinated plot amongst his cohorts similar to the other murders. Either way, the allegation of Davis having known to much as the reason she was killed seems like an exaggeration on the part of Flemmi to make her murder seem like a necessity in OC circles rather the extreme result of his misogynistic treatment of women in general.

      1. Jan:

        No one is lower than Benji Ditchman – absolutely no one. He became a criminal and the first thing he did was to protect himself by joining the FBI protection program which he continued in throughout his life. He corrupted everyone he touched. He defiled young women and when they protested he murdered them. Do you remember the woman’s torso that was found in a Dempsey Dumpster in the Back Bay that was cut in half. That’s the type of work Benji would do. Benji killed Debbie because she got tired of the old man violating her and tried to breathe in some fresh air not besmirced by his vileness. It was as simple as that.

    2. Pat:

      Here’s my take. Benji Ditchman is a cold blooded murderer. Debbie Davis who gave up her youth to him woke up one day as she reached into her mid-twenties, no longer a young teenager bedazzled by diamonds and pearls, but a mature deided she wanted more out of life than the fine material things he offered. She tried to put space between herself and him stuggling to get out of his grasp. He wouldn’t let her go thinking of his own venal desires. Finally he put it on her. “What’s any guy got that I don’t got?” “Benji,” Debbis said, “you’re an old man.” It’s as story that’s told in the Canterbury tales that youth and oil are often like oil and water.

      Benji only knew respect. He could take a little back talk but humiliation was beyond him. Bemji couldn’t tell anyone, this was uterly devastating to him. He gave her some bull shit story about it being fine but his mother would be hurt because she really like her so if she could come to dinner at Mom’s house one last time he’d really appreciate it. Debbie seeing herself coming up for air and believing this would be the farewell consented. He drove her there and did her in. His suggestion that Debbie was going to disclose their relationship to the world and that’s why Whitey joined in made no sense. It appears Whitey hd no idea Flemmi was providig information to the feds. After he done her in, he called Whitey and told him he accidentally killed her. They both went off an buried her, even though according to Halloran Whitey had a grave digger on his payroll.

      1. ~ Matt,
        Why should we believe whitey helped him bury ms Davis?
        Hard to believe beyond reasonable doubt whitey had anything to do with it.
        He may of, but reasonable doubt standard has yet to ne reached because witnesses such scum bag and it happened at pat nees house

        1. ~ Was Davis buried anywhere else first and then moved to the water’s edge burial spot?? Where did the murder allegedly take place-what is the reference to Nee’s house?? Whatever happened, Flemmi is undeniably the root cause of both woman’s murders.

          1. Jan:

            The forensic anthropologist did not indicate that was the case as she did with Barrett, McIntyre and Hussey. Apparently you can tell from the remains if that happened. I believe Nee’s house is 799 East Third – Davis was allegedly murdered in Flemmi’s mother’s house which I believe is across the street or nearby tht location. In my opinion Benji Ditchman is the sole cause of both women’s murder. I hope Whitey testifies about this.

        2. Ernie:

          It’s hard burying someone by yourself. Who else would have helped Flemmi? It’s just a guess on my part but obviously I can’t prove it.

          I connect Whitey with it because he was so close to Flemmi – if Weeks was around at the time I’d suggest he could have done it but he wasn’t part of the team when Debbie got murdered.

          I get beyond the scum bag factor because I have no doubt Whitey volunatarily associated with these scum bags.

          1. Bobo is the undrling who does what told. First off I’m not so sure Steve needed someone. He was experienced killer and I think did disposal.
            If he did need help I am not sure whitey was the guy he would call.
            We are just speculating upon speculating bc whitey denies anything to do with it and the feds want us to believe beyond a reasonable doubt that whitey wanted the girls killed and whitey killed them.
            Anyway a bobo is an erand boy valet

      2. Insightful, wholly credible, most likely version of events. The poor girls and young women that got mixed up with that Demonic Psychopathic Misogynist Killer. God save them from the present-day hard-drug-pushing, sociopathic career criminals.

  3. ~ playing devil’s advocate all of the testimony regarding most of the violence and the murders seem to be directly related tube governments Witnesses.they aremore evil than whitey via only the testimony

    Jury nullification is only answer for the counts they get by.

    1. Ernie:

      The “more evil” argument isn’t that good. Did you ever try to tell a cop who pulled you over for speeding that the other cars were going even faster than you and have the cop stop writing the ticket?

      1. ~ No, but if a cop was pulling people over for reckless driving while ignoring motor vehicle fatalities, in fact not prosecuting the drivers of killer cars in exchange of their help in getting a reckless driver who “probably” did worse.
        How do u tell the prosecotor that society does not approve? By finding fault w his evidence and realizing the case was not proved beyond a reasonable doubt.
        Jury instructions say u can disbelieve everything or some things a witness says and can base it on credibility and the many factors that go in to it.

        1. Ernie:

          Can’t disagree with what you said but think it hard to turn one’s eyes away from a murderer.

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