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IMG_4439Not much to write about.  Dr. Kathleen Crowley identified the dentitions of Buck Barrett and John McIntyre. She was an effective witness.

Two Southie witnesses, Polecat Moore and Tony Accardo who were drug dealers and former boxers, enforcers came in to testify. How many drug dealers do we have to hear from to figure out Whitey was involved in getting rent from them especially when he’s already conceded that is what he is doing?  If the jury doesn’t know by now that no one did nothing in the drug and gaming area without the OK from Irish Whitey then another 100 drug dealers swearing on 100 kilos of cocaine will not convince them of it.

Tony looked all the role of an enforcer. He told one story that he went to Sonny Baione who must be connected with Larry who was the top enforcer for the Boston Mafia and asked him to intercede with Whitey for him. Sonny said there was nothing he could do: “it’s his neighborhood, his town, we can’t control him.” That’s pretty powerful evidence if it is emphasized because it ties in with what everyone else has been saying, “what happens in Southie only happens with Whitey’s permission.”

Carney got out of Polecat the idea that Whitey really did keep drugs out of South Boston. If anyone brought them in they would be hurt. No heroin, no angel dust, no pills. Those were Irish Whitey’s Rules of Order. He only let in marijuana and cocaine which could only be sold to consenting adults and were to be used for recreational use.

I don’t know how far that’s going to take him. I know some who comment here want to say that’s a good thing but I don’t see a jury buying it. And, it’s not like there were no heroin addicts in South Boston. I guess the jury will conclude Whitey wanted only to do business with the drugs where he could make a good profit.

Brennan did a good job showing that Accardo has been treated handsomely by the government and perhaps his testimony should not be believed. But you have to put that up against the testimony of Billy Shea who said the same things that Arcardo said and wasn’t cross-examined.

This case keeps getting worse for Whitey. The government has just too much evidence.


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  1. Which means that bots and huds won’t have the ability to observe your
    play and with no information gathering, everybody can sit all the way down to a recreation of poker based mostly purely on skills and fair play.

  2. Rather,

    I agree with Matt in the fact that there is a much better chance of him catching that movie than of him catching game 7. It really is neither here nor there but who knows ? with what I have read about his ego in the past it may have been him being curious. I have seen the surveillance tapes and it’s hard to tell if it was him or not. Cathy may have been getting her hair colored in the area and he maybe wanted to kill time, but from what I have read and have gathered about him I can’t imagine he would have ventured off to see a movie as he was very, very careful about what he did while on the lam so I can’t imagine him doing that but who knows. This case and what he did or didn’t do is a mystery and I’m not sure any of us will ever know the truth when it comes to whitey’s doings and the way he lived out in California.

    1. Craig:

      Agree fully with what you said to Rather.There will always be rumors of what Whitey did but when it comes down to it we’ll probably never know the truth. Although if Wyshak was more clever he’d explore that area on cross-examination. I just don’t think that kind of out of the box thinking is possessed by him.

  3. no just ask howie he knows all about whitey, youll read that in his daily rantings or 12 new books coming out lol

    1. ~ a couple things.. Has that footage of Whitey on the escalator coming and going to the show in S.D. been confirmed by Whitey, or anyone besides FBI? I’ve seen it, and I don’t think its him, but it seems like something he would admit to, or even brag about(like Vegas gambling, trips to Mexico, Boston while armed, etc.)
      Whitey driving to Vancouver to go Game 7…Hmmm, there is a picture out there of him in a Bruins jersey with a huge grin on his face and beautiful dusk sky in the background either coming or going to a game. He could have developed an interest in hockey while he was using his “son in law” as cover to frequently visit Montreal on money-laundering, hockey-related trips in the 80’s. What the hell…he is from Boston, he could just love the Bruins just like the rest of us. Not sure on this….seems like something he would also brag about.
      And about Miss Iceland… Although I have learned to question Feds motives and actions,..this seems real. It is totally plausible that a tip came in and they had eyes on them the same day, this was 2011. And I also find it hilarious that a cat-connection between two women is what finally brought the White Man down.

      1. Rather:

        Did you ever notice that the sightings of Whitey during the Winter were always in warm spots and during the spring and fall were in Europe? if the FBI said Whitey was on an escalator what good is knowing it if they did nothing about it. It’s like the Gardner Museum hyst where they say they know who did it. Who cares since no one can verify what is said by it. The FBI can say anything without having to show the proof. Its agents can file a report saying that X said that Rather was planning to rob a bank with Criminal Y and that can come into evidence against you if it is alleged you and Criminal Y were in a conspiracy together.
        Vancouver trip never happened – too risky to leave the US after 9/11.
        I buy the Iceland story – it’s neither here or there – I wonder if she had to pay taxes on the two million.
        Who’d ever think the guy who took care of stray animals would be undermined by his association with them?”

        1. That’s exactly what I said when my girlfriend and I were talking about that ridiculous story of him driving that far a distance AND cross the border post 9/11 just to watch a game ??? even IF he was a sports fan, I don’t believe someone as smart ( and old ) as he was wouldn’t even think of taking that type of stupid risk. I mean come on ! he has been in hiding for 16 years, sent Cathy out for just about anything they needed so he would limit his exposure and he’s going to drive across how many states and hope he doesn’t get pulled over considering he is or was number 2 on the Fed’s most wanted list AND cross the border just for a hockey game ??? so many things about that ridiculous story don’t make sense considering what he was about as far as being a criminal and not getting caught. The funny thing is that he was so good at staying off the grid that everyone or a lot of people thought he was overseas somewhere and he was right under our noses in Cali. Not only that he was a couple blocks away from a Federal building.

          1. Craig:

            I think there have been more sightings of Whitey during those years than of UFOs. The Stanley Cup game story is silly.

            1. Do you guys think that was him catching the matinee showing of The Departed in San Diego?

              1. Rather:

                As I said, do you believe the UFO came down in Rosswel, NM. It’s really neither here or there right now. There’s a much better chance he went to a moving in San Diego than a Bruins game in Canada. But to be frank, I think the Departed has as much to do with Whitey as the Sinking of the Titantic. But who knows, in his head he might have been curious. Maybe Wyshak will ask him that in cross-examination.

    1. however now, as with all stories i’ve heard related to him in the past 18 years, it makes me wonder, the iceland beauty queen never past the smell test. All conventional wisdom of what I know about him as a person makes me believe there’s no way in hell he would go to canada (ESPECIALLY after bin laden caught and he allegedly started hunkering down more) nevermind for a sporting event. Unless he formed a love of hockey some how after going to all of chris nilan’s games. This story’s too outlandish to be true. However I would have never believed if you told me before a couple days ago that Flemmi would ever get out of prison so anything is possible.

      In regards to that can you or anyone shine more light on this? I just ask How is he getting out, did he have a deal that if they ever got ‘Whitey’ and he successfully testified against him and conolly that he’d get out? If he’s not in custody of the BOP where is he being held? He’s going to get out and have a good amount of money and Back Bay properties (at least)… That honestly blows my mind more than any plea deal I’ve ever heard of.

      1. I also would want to know why the hell whitey was in san diego seeing the departed when he had 2 movie theaters within 2 blocks of his apartment (re: the footage they have of him walking in and out of the theater, and the alleged fbi agent who saw him in the theater and then got away on a trolley)…wonder if they questioned him about that after they caught him, he would’ve had to been on a tijuana trip or something, only he would know that one.

        1. Jim:

          The media has been reading too many comic books about Whitey – he’s like the Shadow he can be in many places at the same time –

      2. Jim:
        Whitey hated sports.
        He couldn’t have been at the Stanley Cup game – Gucci told Benji Ditchman that he was in Ireland at that time judging the Miss Teenage Ireland contest.
        The prosecutors have told Benji Ditchman that “we can’t promise you that you’ll get out soon – you know – but remember Tommy Sperrazza, he got natural life for killing two young women around twenty years old – sort of like you – he was never supposed to get out but he’s walking the streets – we got our ways of taking care of people who work with us – Massimmo who got life after life seven years ago for 8 Mafia murders we just let – no promises – like – you know – you be good to us and nail Connolly and Whitey and we’ll keep it in mind.”
        BOP has no record of Benji – the prosecutors won’t tell us where he is or even if he’s still locked up – they let him keep all those properties he owned so he’ll have a great income – who knows – he might invite the boys over for a few pops –
        Keep in mind – the more you tell what the government wants – the better your life will be.

    2. Jim:

      There’s also a story that back in 2010 he visited the Russian space station.

  4. Its not what o believe re murders. Its what can be shown beyond a reasonable doubt. If they can’t prove the murders the rest just makes him a thug

    1. Ernie:

      He makes himself into a thug, extorter, drug dealer and bookie. If the government loses on the murders it pretty much lost the case.

  5. “He only let in marijuana and cocaine which could only be sold to consenting adults and were to be used for recreational use.” I don’t know if you are agreeing with this or stating what you think the Barney’s strategy is. It might have been true at some point, but certainly not true in late eighties/early 90’s in the McCormack projects. I don’t know the cops and junkies you’ve surveyed, but they must have been on crack. My cousins could all get heroin and P-dope (a mix of coke and heroin) cheap one building over. PCP was also easy to grab throughout the mid-to-late 80’s.

    If you think cold hearted killers like Flemmi and Weeks obeyed Whitey because of his gentlemanly manners and not because he was even more murderous than they were, you do not understand human behavior.

    1. I’ve personally known heroin addicts from Old Harbor, other parts of Southie and Dorchester since the late 1960s. I’ve talked to thousands of friends, relatives of addicts and addicts themselves. Generally, Whitey was skimming off Cocaine and Marijuana dealers. The word on the street since the 1970s until early 1990s, was that Whitey and Other Bad Guys in Southie were against Heroin trafficking. If someone in the projects was selling, he was either (1) a small scale dealer or (2) Whitey and his boys hadn’t been made aware of it. No doubt scores, hundreds of narcotics addicts lived in Southie and Savin Hill every year from the late 1960s till today: but they generally got their supplies from the major dealers of narcotics who were downtown, Eastie, Charlestown, South End, Roxbury, other parts of Dorchester. Even the guys who ran Barrooms in Savie, Southie were dead set against the junkies. I remember I was afraid for the life of one lifelong friend/junkie who the bad boys up the barroom wanted to kill. Powdered cocaine, grass, hashish, speed (green hearts, crossroads, black beauties, other uppers, were tolerated). Shooters of Methamphetamines were as rare as hens’ teeth and were as unacceptable as Heroin addicts. PCP was around, but is was low scale and used mostly by young people. So, that’s my inside and outside slant, as a saw things from both sides of the fence: at street level, and from a public health perspective, a “hands-on” “Up close and personal” perspective. You had to live through those years and be close to the street and actually know scores, if not hundreds, of addicts personally and thousands of substance abusers personally to get a real feel for things. My friend, Afrayed,, who sometime posts here had a real feel for things and helped ten-thousand people struggling with addictions and addiction-related diseases.

      1. William:

        Whitey enabled the cocaine dealers and marijuana dealers to flourish and thrive in South Boston. As a prosecutor I had such people sent to state prison. Whitey was probably against heroin because it cut into his businesses. He gets little credit in my book for I’ve always believed the junkies didn’t start out with heroin.

      2. The opiate epidemic in MASS is no joke, it has taken my city [FALL RIVER] to the bowels of hell. Opiate addiction is such a hideous thing to deal with personally or having a family member dealing with it. It really comes down to being aware of what is going into your body and the repercussion of putting it, everything has a side effects. A lot of the generation I came up with played college sports and got addicted through their own prescriptions and then went to heroin out of either lack of pills or financially it is cheaper. Dangerous World we are in.

    2. The projects were forcibly integrated before the “late 80s/early 90’s”. That brought in a lot of protected class citizens who could do what they wanted.
      Today you can buy heroin anywhere on Southie. It’s an epidemic. The carnage to the families in South Boston is staggering.
      Who’s the Boss now? Who’s getting all the tribute from this epidemic? The neighborhood and its politicians should know better now. Maybe it’s time people spoke up so more elderly women don’t get slaughtered by junkies in their homes like Mrs. Coyne.

      1. Patty:

        Where are the cops? Where were the cops during Whitey’s time? Where are the federals now?

        I don’t buy that the integration of the projects had anything to do with drug dealing in Southie.

        The problem in Southie may be that the Boss and everyone else high up in the drug dealings are informants for the federals.

      2. Patty- I specialize in drugs and drug dealers.. I would say that there are so many independent drug dealers that it is not controlled by any one person, The person who is the connect, who sets the price is the boss usually man or woman. Prescription drugs are very hard to control if your not the connect to them. So I would say it is a huge independent market, a lot of these guys are going to Florida getting pills by the thousand and coming back up. 30 mg Percocet is the new crack cocaine.

        1. ~The other family you don’t ever embarrass is the medical profession.
          Prescription drugs – the drugs that start with a doctor’s signature.
          Please, don’t get me started.

          1. Firefly:

            Interesting comment. My response to you was going to be that “all the doctors I knew were highly ethical and extremely competent” when I realized I would have said the same thing about the FBI agents I encountered so perhaps among the doctors there’s an unwritten law you cover up for your brother’s sins.

    3. Nope:

      I just report what is said and not what I agree with. That’s the strategy that Bulger has developed at this time. He’s always gone around telling people he kept drugs out of Southie. Of course all type drugs were readily available.

      Bottom line as I see it is Whitey would prefer drugs other than cocaine and mariuana not be sold in Southie because it interfered with his business of selling the coke and grass. You must be new here if you attribute those beliefs to me.

  6. Heroin addicts had to go to Roxbury or south end ir east Boston or Charlestown or Chinatown or a thousand other places but they had little chance of buying it in southie. If whitey was the reason so be it. But known fact among junkies and cops at the time.
    Also whitey was known to terrorize junkies .junkies just plain bad for neighborhood.
    Carney making case that whitey had rules and ways of doing things. And murders don’t make sense for whitey and evidence of murders are highly unreliable.
    Yet controlling cocaine,weed, bookmaking, seem tame and something O’Sullivan would agree to. Why?
    But whitey coming out better guy than shitbums the government partnered w to get him.

    1. Ernie:

      Maybe there were no heroin dealers in Southie, which I doubt, but Southie has always had drug problems beyond marijuana and cocaine. I don’t think jurors will give Whitey many kudos for limiting the drug activies to what was most profitable for him.

      Carney showing the Whitey Coud make rules for a section of a city also shows a real bad dude.

      Got to keep in mind the shitbums the government partnered with are the same shitbums Whitey partnered with.

  7. Matt,

    Do you think his cohorts saying Whitey killed or helped kill those people is enough for the jury to convict him ? or do you think they would need to see solid evidence other than the word of Weeks, murderman Flemmi and Nee ? considering the other 2 actually testify, all of who have lied for a living and have either admitted to lying or been caught red handed lying. I am wondering if the prosecution thinks they may not be able to get him on all or any or those murders ? therefor trying anything else to nail him which is why they keep sidetracking and wasting time trying to prove things that don’t really matter because he is on trial for murders and not being a supposed informant or extortionist or anything else that has been explored outside of murder.

    1. Craig:

      Yes, I think it is enough that the guys he hung around with are putting it on him for a jury to convict especially when you hear all the other criminal witnesses say you couldn’t do business unless Whitey cleared it and if you did you would be hurt. His lawyer Carney put Whitey in close contact with Weeks and everyone else keep saying Whitey/Stevie so how do you separate him from these murders the others admit doing.

      You know one thing they are not lying about is the dead bodies or their involvement in killing them. People don’t admit to murdering people so when they do you tend to believe them. You know they are not lying about Whitey hanging around with them. Even though you know they got good deals to implicate Whitey I can’t see how he wiggles out of it especially since his lawyers have not challenged any of the murde accounts.

      I think the prosecution is going into all those other things not so much in the belief they can’t nail him on the murders and they’ll take anything at all because losing the murders is a total loss no matter what else they hook him on. I think it was thought clearly through and there is a knee jerk action by the federals to throw the book at someone. That’s not to say these witnesses have had nothing to offer. They help paint Whitey as a dangerous criminal who gives credence to the testimony of Weeks, Gucci Murderman and Benji Ditchman.

      1. ~Matt,

        Thank you for the response. I agree and also believed that Weeks and the others that admitted to the killings were in fact being truthful and with the recent and past evidence that weeks gave about when, were and how was right on especially with the testimony of Marie Mires. Again, thanks for the response and your insight and writings have been for me nothing short of sensational. You seem to be one of those people that was extremly good at his job(s) as I read you have worn a few different hats in the past. I really hope to meet you someday as I have had many questions and as you can imagine not a lot of answers when it comes to the Whitey saga. Someone with the knowledge and past experience you posses has been a huge help with my thirst for information on this subject. You also seem to be one of the few good people left on this planet as I find more and more there are fewer and fewer honest, good people out there with integrity. and we are also both from the same area which I’m sure you have in common with a lot of your readers.

        Don’t get me wrong, there are good people in this world but the way I was raised by my father seems to be non existent these days.

        1. Craig:

          When I worked in the Norfolk DAs office we had a senior staff of attorneys that were highly skilled trial lawyers (many would become judges) who were 100% on the level. I’m sure this went for all the other DA offices in the state. There are lots of good honest people working at every level of city, state and federal government. There are some losers. No one want to write about all those who go to work every day, really care about their jobs, put in a good days work and head home. They write about the losers as if that represents all of us, who they call hacks.
          I really don’t stand out from the majority of others who work for the state. I appreciate your nice words. I also appreciate that you read the blog and participate with your ideas. I hope to keep chugging along and telling like I see it.

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