My America.

I was reading about the sad fate of the Indonesian submariners who lost their lives when their submarine lost power and fell to depths that tore it apart. This article noted: “More than a dozen helicopters and ships searched the area where contact was lost, with the United States, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and India providing assistance.”

It was the type of language that I often read when disasters struck in places of the world beyond our borders. We felt, as Americans gifted with our sciences, advanced military assets, and riches, a sense of obligation to assist others in their times facing great perils. We invited in under special rules masses of folk suffering horrendous events in their native lands: Jews from the Soviet Union; folks from Central America victims of volcano eruptions; Vietnamese and Cuban boat people fleeing dictatorships.

Even in the Suez Canal matter where a ship blocked it, articles noted that the United States had offered assistance which was gratefully accepted. Most recently the US, UK, EU, and even Pakistan are rushing aid to India to assist it in fighting the pandemic.

It was nor so much expecting to see our country act that way that gave the articles mentioned poignancy, it was to recognize how time after time neither China nor Russia were there with help. Their indifference to others in an altruistic manner is a steady hallmark of these countries. That difference was so stark that it clearly demonstrated the differences between free people and those enslaved by their governments. The latter governments need not demonstrate any magnanimity  toward others to please their people but can act with indifference to things not affecting them.

That is what is wrong with the America First or Save America movements which reflect a more authoritarian attitude of indifference to the plight of others like we see from China and Russia. America was never an American First country as shown by the welcoming Statue of Liberty shining its light outwards to others.

These unselfish acts of aid and mercy were created by liberal Democrats and mainstream Republicans until these faux patriot groups reared their ugly selfish heads.  Who ever would have thought they would cease to become bipartisan actions. But somehow some folk no longer want to aid others, we have seen them turning on those liberals who advocate this approach.

I never believed some, like we see not only in comments here but especially in these American First groups, would engage in demonizing other Americans who have always sought to succor others.

Never have Americans lied and equated liberals with communists until now. These haters of the majority of Americans, after all Democratic liberal presidential candidates receive the majority of the votes,  are a pernicious cancer on our country.

Then I read recently these folk who adopt the QAnon mantle attacking other good Americans are being supported by Russia and China.  That being the case no wonder they oppose helping others.

Who benefits mostly but Russia and China when obtuse people living in America think it is patriotic to attack and lie about other Americans. My America should never see Americans adopting foreign dictators lies.

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  1. I feel sorry for some people, and I just want to kill some others. Death be not proud.

    Most of these replies prove your point, Matt.

  2. Pshaw. The ideologues can continue to spit at each other until the cows come home . The rest of us will try to muddle through and get along with one another while we learn to live with our imperfections.

    Your pronouncements add nothing but bile to the problems.

  3. Matt

    Psssst. I will show you my amerika if you show me


    Police killings of Black Americans amount to crimes against humanity, international inquiry finds

    Thousands of barrels of suspected toxic DDT found dumped in California ocean


  4. There is an virtual irreconcilable chasm between leftist liberals and conservatives. We Conservatives see the cancer, the evil in America is coming from the Leftists.

    There is no reconciliation with these hard core pro-abortion, Big Government, Big Taxing, Interventionists, mostly secularists or atheistic antagonists to religious, traditionalist, free speech, free association, free peaceable assembly freedoms, free Constitutionalists defending real Americans values, against Judicial Activists, Federal Power Abusers (some states, too) and the Leftist contortionists lying with fake news (3-plus years of Russian Collusion) and imposing Leftist-Communist-Marxist-like, race-based propaganda and indoctrination of our children in Hate-America ideologies.

  5. American was formed after volunteer Patriots starting in 1775 fought for six years to establish an Independent Country. Founding Fathers warned America against excessive foreign entanglements. Lincoln, in 1863, rededicated America, “of, for and by the people (of America.)

    America First was chanted during WWII in 1940 and early 1941, after we’d lost over 100,000 men in the useless WWI. FDR was sending aid to Allies, supported by most Americans. Of course, after we were attack at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 and Hitler declared war against us a day or two later, of course we fought as furiously as we could to defeat enemies and aid allies. After we and Allies defeated the Nazis and Imperialistic Japanese, we provided aid, and made those former enemies our allies.

    Every effort today should be make friends of Russia and China. Some neocons and liberals want to perpetuate hostilities between the U.S. and other countries.

    Sadly, some liberals falsely portray Russia as selfish. Russians defeated aggressive imperialists before, Napoleon, and fascists, Nazis and Fascists throughout Europe. Russia too has held in check China. Most Chinese seek good relations. See their musicians, scientists and scholars who interact friendly with us, cooperatively along many fronts.

    Some liberals rattle sabers, rather than ringing bells of peace, and remember our July 4th Celebrations on the Esplanade, always concluded with Russian Tchaikovsky’s brilliant inspirational 1812 Overture.

    If we will look objectively at Russia and China today, not darkly through yesterdays’ glasses, we’ll how much progress has both Russia and China has made in improving the lives of their citizens and other countries they trade with and join in international efforts, cultural, economic, scientific research medical, etc, along many fronts, sharing info and data and assets.

    Stop defaming unjustly foreign nations. America should always stay strongly on guard, but simultaneously seek to improve international relationships, not to exacerbate tensions.

    Peace, and by the way oust Kerry and Bidenites, too.

    1. Wilhelm of Cognitive Dissonance
      How about letting us vaccinate you to treat your
      distemper and discontent?

      You promised us you would practice safe self
      Que Pasa?

      Monday, April 26, 2021
      White House to SHARE its Emergent BioSolutions, unusable Astra-Zeneca vaccine with other nations
      From today’s WaPo:

      Of Americans not yet vaccinated, fewer than 1 in 4 people said they would be willing to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, a Washington Post-ABC News poll found. Confidence in the other two vaccines remained high.
      Emergent Solutions, which has been beaten and bloodied by the Washington Post and NY Times over the past few weeks, and continues to fail FDA inspections, is the ONLY source of Johnson and Johnson Covid vaccine produced in the US. It is also the only source of Astra-Zeneca Covid vaccine produced in the US. Only the uninformed would accept either product from Emergent BioSolutions’ stocks. What can be done about that?

      Dump this unapproved, unauthorized and potentially contaminated vaccine on other countries, like India, of course.

      The White House also announced Monday that the United States will share up to 60 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine with other countries. That vaccine has not been authorized for use in the United States but has been available in countries such as the U.K. for months…
      The AstraZeneca vaccine, which is not yet authorized for use in the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration, will be sent to other countries once it clears federal safety reviews, officials said…We do not need to use AstraZeneca in our fight against covid,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters…
      The situation in India, where record global daily covid-19 cases have been set in recent days, is especially dire…
      Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 4:43 PM 0 comments

      1. True, MSFREEH, on toxic chemicals, on errant annoying self-anointed world police interventionists in US policing (where there’s no disproportionate killing of blacks based on blacks committing skyward of 40% of violent crimes . . .and most importantly the Bidenites are advancing rapidly on a vaccine against free speech, association, personal assembly, religious freedom et alia . . . Msfreeh I usually learn from because Msfreeh is a free thinker, not a clone who says he’s Democrat because his father and grandfather were Democrats, but these same clones who anscestors were CAtholics, Christians, Orthodox Jews, these clones have dropped their ancestors’ faiths like a hot potatoe

        Anyway, I’m going back to defending the Patriots who surrounded the Capital and engaged in peaceful symbolic speech, or merely tresspassed . .

        AS Khalid says, Up the Republic, Power to the People, …….the Irish, English, Greek and Italians once preferred FREEDOM to corrupt STATE Control and STATE CEnsorship and SS SSTATE enforced Conformity

        up Woodstock, all power to the Patriotic rebels of 1775. . .

        1. p.s. i fovor symbolic speech, even mispells, or mzspells

          But i’m against seig heil type clenched fist pumps, or kneejerkish kow towing kneeling at AMerica’s Anthems


          Billy C, jaust another Savin Hill Billy or Chestnut Hill Billy or Billanova, but not Vilhelm . . .

    2. I’m in general agreement with you, Matt. Conservatives should spend less time cleaning their assault rifles and more time on making sure their children get the kind of education they’ll need to fulfill the American dream, which is giving your kids a better life than you have. So stop pretending you live on the edge of the 1880s frontier, ditch the firearms, and start spending on better schools. Fund the day-care programs that make it easier for both parents to work, because you need two incomes these days to give your kids a decent life and a shot at a better future.

      1. Oh, I propose, DANC, that we have a check on your IRS tax filings a block, BLOCK #1, if you can check if you wish to give $10,000 more to thought- suppressing commie bun Public Schools, teaching Critical Race, white hate, Revisionist gobbleygook.

        I’m gointo check that box #2that lets parents choose any schools they want to go to . . . .and Box I’s money will subsidize only parents who choose alternative Box #2 to go to public school to save all us hard working private sector workers overly burdensome government theft of our money used mainly for leftists radical bureaucratsers

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