My Apologies (Again?)

I was in the process of having one site for everything but gangster business and one site (blog) dealing with gangsters. So I changed the name of this site to “A Moderate in A Strange Land.”

I spoke to someone today and he was confused because all of a sudden he saw a new site come over his email with the name: “A Moderate in a Strange Land.” He was going to delete it but decided to look at it. Later he asked me if I notified anyone about the changes from my original Trekking Toward the Truth. I said I had not done that. He said I should have done it for just changing a name without advising folk as I did was a bad idea..

Then I got thinking.  Why change? I can still have my gangster site separate and keep the familiar name Trekking Toward the Truth. So goodbye  to  “A Moderate in a Strange Land” and welcome back the Trek.

As for the gangster site I am in the process of building it. As you can tell it is not going smoothly and I expect I will have to get some help.  Thanks for your patience.