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IMG_6516The photograph on this page shows the new Apple watch I bought. As you may have heard, they are quite expensive. They range in price from $349 for the hoi polloi up to $17,000 range in gold for those guys who wear Louis Vuitton shoes. I might have said for the gals who wear the matching Gucci shoes and hand bags but I can’t see many of them interested in wearing watches the size of the Apple. They have the fondness for bracelets that look so much better than a watch which would detract from their appearance. However, a woman may opt for the kind that I am wearing.

I better be careful in this area. Although the trend has not come here yet it is proceeding apace in Europe where we are not supposed to insinuate any differences between the sexes. Some places forbid advertisements showing women  “occupied in the household with pleasure” or “of girls in pink “with dolls”” or even “females . . . depicted as “hysterical,” “stupid” or “naive” in the company of men.” Outside of sports, we are not supposed to differentiate between the sexes, or among the sexes.

I used to wear a watch all the time. It was a black band, black faced Timex or a Casio that had a stop watch as part of it. I never used it to check the time that much during the day because clocks seemed to be everywhere and even more so when computers came into popularity. I mainly used it for when I went to the track to run, or as years passed to walk, and keep a record of my quarter miles. The times when I seemed a little self-conscious wearing one was when I was on trial in front of a jury; the lawyers on the other side seemed to have these nice gold watches that flashed out under their white French cuffs that brought out the gold of their cuff links. I’d wonder whether the jury would be more impressed with the guy with the fancy watch than me.

Sometime over the near past my watch seemed to have disappeared. It mattered little since I had my trusty iPhone which had a stop watch. I got used to keeping my time with that and easing the boredom by listening to the music it provided. Lately I have been thinking of getting another Casio or Timex because even though I have a decent substitute, I missed having the watch on my wrist going around the track.

I’ve seen there are now other devices that people wear around their wrists when they are exercising. They tell your heart beat and other stuff that good athletes apparently need to have reported back to them as they exercise. I’m not at that level so no used having a gadget I don’t need.

The Apple watch that I elected to wear in its new invisible watch. It is not as costly as the gold one. The big drawback to it is does not give a shout out to other people that I’m wearing an Apple watch. That is, as you know a big attraction to lots of wearers. I will miss that. I always liked it when I drove my TR-3 and saw another similar type sports car coming opposite that we would wave to each other as if we were part of a secret club that excluded those who were not as “with it” as us.

The best part about the invisible one is unlike the others it does not have to be taken off all the time to be charged. Unlike some who have been disappointed with them because they seem to be more surplusage than essential mine has had a neutral effect on me. I plan to keep it even if I go back to the Casio or Timex because I could wear both without it looking odd. It is also a good fit for those guys who wear the million dollar or eight figure watches; they can wear both and proclaim their wealth as well as their Apple coolness.

One final benefit is when Apple adds more features to the watch like they do every year to the iPhone I won’t have to worry about chucking mine for a new one; I understand the invisible one will always be up to date.

8 thoughts on “My Apple Watch:

  1. Still above it. Lol.
    Your post reminds me a few great 4th of July Fireworks shows seen from the rooftop on Silver Street with the Pops cranking on the radio and a cold beverage in hand.
    Enjoy your summer too.

    1. Rather:

      Your comment reminded me of a fireworks display I went to as a teenager at some park in Dorchester that was surrounded on all sides by three deckers. Even before they ended the firefighters were trying to put out all the fires that they had started on the rooftops. That was the only time that park was used. You too have a nice summer.

  2. Rather,
    We covered much of the same ground back in thr day in Southie . And, Thank The Lord. we are still above it 🙂 . Thankyou, and Amen . Enjoy thr Fourth. it will be thr Pops we hear. The enchanting Pops. It’s a great summer in Boston !!!

  3. Tech … in all its gadgetry and social media savagery. … has a very bright as well as a dark side. And as I write this I am notified my Son just texted me ; A very bright side 🙂

  4. Matt,
    With all due respect…. a tough, seasoned, Irish, former Marine and prosecutor….I would not have pegged you for an early-adopter of tech gadgetry.
    Don’t tell me you camped out on the sidewalk to get an iPhone too. Just kidding.

    1. Matt,
      I did not read before posting.
      Ironic, because I am staunchly anti-Apple and anti-Facebook myself.
      Mea Culpa.

  5. Matt, congratulations on choosing the best Apple watch of all!

    An effort well spent. Time and money, not so much.

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