My Bad Week Was Made Worser By the Republican Candidates

(`) Joe BltzYesterday I told how I had a bad week. I saw that Obama folded his four aces and let Putin take the pot with a pair of Jacks; on top of it he announced that only after America is crippled by some attack will we send some troops somewhere to do something. So we wait while ISIS gets stronger so when it attacks us it will be that much more devastating.

I suppose all of that was like the straw that broke the back of the donkey with the hump on its back. My week had already been badly damaged because I watched the Republican Debate with Carley Simon, John Kasich and the Seven Dwarfs.

Even before debate night began I was thrown off. The reason was simple. I learned the debate was taking place in Sumner “Nuke Iran” Adelson’s, the self-proclaimed richest Jew in the world, Sands Hotel.  I may have considered Romney for president if he had not been in Adelson’s pocket last time. Imagine my feelings when I found the whole Republican National Committee is owned by him.

Then I read this article on the day of the debate. It said Rubio is the big beneficiary of Adelson’s money. If you have any doubt that Adelson has him on a leash read the article here. He’s the little Mitt Romney. He dutifully calls Adelson every two weeks to find out how  Adelson wants to run America. I wonder how far are we from the Russians when our leaders take their orders from the oligarchs?

Of all the Republican candidates I like Simon, ooops, I mean Fiorina, and Kasich but no one else does. As usual I’m marching out-of-step. Even so, I listened intently trying to find someone among the seven dwarfs I could cheer for.

Trump with the goofy faces he made when Bush went after him reminded me of Howie Carr when he sat behind Billy Bulger at the Congressional hearings. It was a pretty undignified and cowardly showing. He showed he couldn’t take it anyone talking back to him.

His idea of bombing the family including women and children of ISIS members because they “know what is going on”, aside from violating the Geneva Convention, which he seemed unfamiliar with, is enough in and of itself to make one dread the idea of him occupying the White House.

Not to be out done, Cruz Missile is going to carpet bomb ISIS even though it appears he has no idea what carpet bombing is. Cruz has the true political instincts to be for something, then against it, and to deny he was ever for it.

Rubio is not only going to take on ISIS but seems poised to attack Iran also and if need be give Russia a go. I step back when I hear Rubio and wonder what he had done that puts him in the position to be running for president.

He’s Rubio graduated from law school 18 years ago and has spent almost all the time since then in elective office. He married a Miami Dolphins cheerleader which is probably the best qualification he has for president. But seriously, don’t you think must have done something to be president? I know the last three, Clinton, Bush, and Obama really did not have much to offer, those that opposed them had less, but we’ve seen how that turned out. So don’t you think we should find someone who does?

True there are slim pickings. None of the 9 Republican (or any Democratic) candidates have served our country in the armed forces. The game now is between Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Bush, the latter is now going on the attack against those in front of him. Bush tells of how twenty-seven retired generals support him (they all worked for his brother or dad and bought us the Iraq debacle) which probably is a reason to vote against him. When Bush was asked a question about a foreign policy issue he said he would consult his advisers. He’s already told us that one of them is that ghostly neo-con horror Paul Wolfowitz.

Chris Christie has little to offer. Like Carmen Ortiz he was a U.S. attorney.  Ron Paul seems smart but appeals to very few. Poor Ben Carson would have been better off if he spent more time at Carson Beach – he has dropped close to oblivion – never could figure out how he rose so high in the first place. Bush will stick around hoping for a brokered convention. He thinks after several votes he will be called upon to lead. He’s dreaming. If it is brokered then look for Romney to come back to the rescue by acclamation. The job is his for the taking.

All are for increasing the armed forces and for going to war although they are confused as to how to fight a war or who is the enemy. They also all have in common the idea we substantially increase the armed forces budget while reducing the taxes on those in the highest brackets. None ask us to sacrifice anything, not even to hug our kids.



7 thoughts on “My Bad Week Was Made Worser By the Republican Candidates

    1. Ed:

      I agree. I wrote about the Republicans prior to turning on the Democratic debate which I watched for no more tham twemty minutes. Hillary just makes me a little ill; O’Malley seems to have little to offer and no reason to even listen to him because he has no chance; and Bernie, who said to Barbara Walters on television that the best word that would describe him as president if he were elected is “compassionate.” We have a ton of that now and we are getting deeper and deeper in trouble. Oh, well – it seems I will be looking back on Obama as the good old days.

  1. While most Americans were cheering our attacks on Serbia, Panama, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya Rand Paul’s father was opposing them. Their family has a 30 year record of being against these wars of choice. Rand Paul is for reducing our overseas commitments and cutting defense spending. He opposes the military industrial complex and won’t let the oil sheiks run our foreign policy. Being a medical doctor and surgeon is a superior background for president than being a lawyer. 2. You are right about Trump. His ” take out the family” approach is another form of terrorism. Kill the innocent, kill the civilians was the mantra of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Are we going to apply a theory of collective guilt? Society would have to kill the families of all drug dealers. Kill the families of all Mafia. It’s a barbaric, inhumane and foolish proposal. It ignores our Constitution and centuries of Western thought. Individuals are culpable for their acts not groups. 3. Ten of the debaters, including Kasich and Fiorina, along with Hillary want a no fly zone in Syria which will certainly lead to conflict with Russia and possibly war. Only three were against. Trump, Cruz and Paul.. Trump who is a combination of Ian Paisley and the wrestler Gorgeous George won’t get the nod. So it’s either Cruz or Paul. Good sense should prevail but as Barnum said no one went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

    1. Henry:

      That article didn’t say he was a UFO reader just that he wants to give those who believe in them equal time with those who disbelieve in them. I read somewhere that over 50% of Americans believe in them – isn’t there a body of one who died in Roswell, New Mexico, hidden in the gold vault at Fort Knox?

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