My Conundrum: What Is It They Are Complaining About?

We had the great  attempt at the insurrection on January 6, 2021, at the nation’s Capitol where, to be extremely kind in labeling the folk, hooligans broke into the Capitol and wandered through it destroying things, breaking into offices, and assaulting officers. Most will get away with having done it because the FBI and  other law enforcement authorities are unable to identify them. Those elected officials and their lawyers or agents  who encouraged it through their public platforms calling the election of President Biden illegal and demanding the people seek redress for having the election stolen by the Democrats which resulted in the insurrection  will also avoid the consequences.

What I really don’t get is what is it that motivated this outrage on American democracy. Why is it so damn important to these people involved in the attack and others that Trump remain as president? Why were they willing to destroy the tools of democratic America for a peaceful and orderly turn over of the government? Why were they in favor of running the American election process in such a way that if they lost they would deny it and try to  take erase the loss by force?

No legitimate person who looked at the election found a problem with it. Courts, fellow Republican state officials in charge of the election process, and impartial observers  found there were no problems with it.  What then gave them the belief that something was wrong?  Was it only the man who lost – Trump – who  proclaimed without evidence he won. How could people believe him? Would they have been just happy to have had no election and have Trump remain president forever?

We had other presidential elections much closer than this. A couple were pretty much settled by a toss of a coin. They were all resolved without a violent attack on our Capitol or our government.  What has changed in America that in this election a clear winner was not accepted and  Trump supporters attempted this insurrection?

Do these people believe as some have said that the Liberals are holding hands with Satan?  Don’t they realized America has always had its Liberals and progressives and it survived quite well. When did liberalism become a dirty word? How are folks on Social Security and Medicare demonizing liberals when they benefit directly from their programs? The way they refer to Liberals is as if they were a strange breed of  people that suddenly appeared on our shores.

Which brings me to my real question which is what is it that these folk do not like about America? What’s  their bitch about? They all seem well fed, decently housed, and fairly well-off economically. What are they looking for in life that they have not found in America?  I have been trying to figure it out. I cannot think of anything that is so grievously ill that would have some people urge our government be overthrown and many others act upon it. I thought it was the Socialists or Communists that we were to be wary of  because they were supposed to want a different form of government. Is it that the folk on the right want to destroy our democracy? If so, to what end?

I know some of these folk who are willing to overthrow our country are pro-life people who vote on one issue which is abortion based on the idea that the one  qualification a person must have to receive their vote is to be totally against abortion under all circumstances. I am not referring to them because they make it clear why they would gladly accept a dictator and  gladly give up all the freedom and liberties this country provides. I am wondering about the other folk. What motivates them to accept the demise of our democracy?

8 thoughts on “My Conundrum: What Is It They Are Complaining About?

  1. msfreeh

    Glad to see you recognize the Jan 6 2021 storming of the Capitol
    was a FBI Operation led by their informant Enrique Tarrio

    You have never been a solution guy,eh?

    In other news….

    9 scary revelations from 40 years of facial recognition research


    Texas cop, wife charged for recording themselves having sex with 17-year-old girl
    By Zachary Folk
    February 5, 2021 |

    Pfizer withdraws application for Covid-19 vaccine emergency use in India after regulator requests more data
    5 Feb, 2021 06:59

    1. mtc9393 Post author


      From the moment Trump decided he won against all evidence and called the election stolen he was setting the ground for an attack on our democratic government. There is no doubt that the attackers were Trump supporters or are you going to suggest like Rudy Guiliani that they were Intifa or some other liberal groups. Both of the people cited in the article are long time Trump supporters: the pervert Ken Starr who represented Epstein, was kicked out of the Baylor presidency for allowing sexual problems at the school, who turned the Whitewater investigation into a Republican jihad against Clinton and Turley who also found there is no basis for either of the impeachment actions by Congress. Trump picked the date for the rally which was the date of the certification of the election. He told his followers to come to DC for a wild time. That’s what they did in planning how they were going to take back the steal by destroying our democracy. What other purpose did they have. How many were arrested and said they did the attack because they thought they were following Trump’s direction. Of course he instigated the violence with his denial of his defeat and his urging that the violent mob march on Congress. They did what he wanted. You do not just look at the speech he gave on the 6th but at all his actions leading up to it from the time of the election. Tell me what he wanted when he told them to move down the street to Congress while telling them the election was being stolen?

      1. msfreeh


        We brought attorney John Clarke to speak
        at Bates College where he discussed the
        evidence that Kenneth Starr protected Bill
        and Hillary Clinton in the Whitewater Investigation
        and Vince Foster murder.
        Attorney John Clarke had to go before a judge to get
        a court to order Kenneth Starr to enter evidence into
        the official record that Bill Clinton was involved in the Vince
        Foster murder.

        Attorney John H. Clarke, grand jury witness Patrick Knowlton, and researcher Hugh Turley co-authored the final twenty pages of Ken Starr’s Report on the Death of Vincent W. Foster, Jr.

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