My Discussion With Donald Trump: An Insight Into His Thinking

p1030525As you can tell from the photograph on this page I did accept the invitation to visit our president-elect Donald Trump at his transition headquarters in New York City. The visit was supposed to be secret but an AP photographer called to me as I was going past two policeman. I stopped and turned back to see who called. He was there with his camera and took the shot above. Once I recognized the cat was out of the bag I figured the visit was no longer secret so I will write about it.

Yes, I did clear it with Mr Trump that I would write about the visit. He did not appear to care one way or the other if I did. Kelly (Kellyanne Fitzpatrick Conway a long time friend who I met at an Irish blueberry festival) who was instrumental in setting up the meeting and was present all during our discussion added that she saw no problem with me writing anything I wanted. That sealed the deal since Mr Trump relies on her advise heavily.

I did make a mistake in visiting Trump by bringing one of my grandsons. He is a good kid but could only put up with so much of the searches and inspections and other much ado about nothings before I got to see Mr Trump. He was a little fussy and threw me off my game. I thought the idea of him meeting a president at such a young age would be a good memory for him. I still recall meeting FDR sometime around the time Winston Churchill visited the White House.

I half expected Kelly would have taken care of him for the few minutes I had with Mr. Trump.  I was not sure whether New York had a gender discrimination law so I dared not ask her. It was good that I didn’t. I recalled later she had four kids at home and was not interested in caring for one at work.

Mr. Trump was taller than I expected. He made me feel very at home. Right off he said Kelly told him I had a blog. He had one of his assistants copy out some of the stuff I wrote. He said he thought much of my criticism of him was unfair.

I told him I had to call things as I saw them. He said “don’t you think you owe me an apology. You said I would quit after that first debate which I won.” I told him that’s what I thought at the time. He said: “You were wrong so apologize.” I said that was only my take on things so I saw no need to do so.

He wanted to know if I thought about him differently now. I said probably not. I said I still would not vote for him or his opponent. He said something about crooked Hillary and stood up saying: “At least you’re not like the other Micks that have come in here.” He walked toward me. He appeared angry. I was a little confused wondering why he called me a Mick. Did he call all Irish guys Mick?

As he closed I felt my fists tightening. He thrust out his right hand and his face broke into a smile. I shook hands with him in confusion. He had a strong vice-like grip.

He said: “Mostly all I’ve had come in here to now was a lot of people like Mick Romney. I call them the Micks since like Mick Romney they all crawl around begging my forgiveness.” 

He put his hand on my shoulder walking me toward the door. He continued,“If  Mick Romney stood up to me and stuck by his comment attacking me he would have the job at State. But when he crept around saying there was a big misunderstanding and sucking up to me for the job he knock himself out.” 

He stood at the door before opening it and continued: “I want strong men and women around me not fawning brown noses. Romney has no backbone — wants to smile at everyone — changes colors as often as one of them lizards. I could only think that a guy like that Commie Lavrov would take him to the cleaners. I want a tough guy. We don’t need another Kerry who gets pickpocket and thanks the thief.  I can’t make America great again by putting sycophants on my team.”  

producersHe opened the door. “Nice to meet you, George, thanks for coming in” he said. “George!” I thought, he didn’t even know my name or care to know. He was doing Kelly a favor. I looked at Kelly. She just shrugged her shoulders and smiled. out.”   Vanessa, who reminded me of the secretary hired by Zero Mostel in the movie the Producers, above, took me to the elevator and stayed with me until I left. Going down I realized I forgot to get my grandson a photo with Trump. I’ll have to call Kelly again.



3 thoughts on “My Discussion With Donald Trump: An Insight Into His Thinking

  1. For God’s sake Bill, it’s a parody.

    As for your Kennedy memory with the oft reviled Ted, it speaks well of him that he was a regular guy to give you.a lift, and to amiably converse. His was a tough row to hoe in that brace of brothers. Alcohol and ambitions thwarted skewed him from a happy path in life, but Ted always … scrapped … in his way. And I respected that quality in him.

  2. Matt: I remember getting picked up thumbing by the newly elected Senator Ted Kennedy on Cape Cod in summer 1967. I was thumbing for about an hour. No one stopped. Only Teddy. I’ll always be grateful. We were stuck in traffic for about a half-hour, and talked about many things: school, politics, the recent bombing by the Israelis of the USS Liberty. Teddy said to contact him if I needed help in getting work in D. C. That was a great memory. I always liked the Kennedys, even after they veered politically left and I tacked right.
    I’m glad you shared your story of meeting Trump and standing your ground. At least, you shook hands. I never shook hands with a President or President-elect. I remember shaking hands with Mitt Romney in the Dorchester Day Parade.
    As for Mitt, sometimes people swallow their pride, put personal and political differences aside and offer their services to help the country.
    2. Yes, we remember Pearl Harbor, “A Day that will live in infamy”, and all who served, fought and died in WWII, Kennedy and Connolly relatives included, and the names of the 220 men on the South Boston WWII Memorial at Castle Island.

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