My Type of Gal: That’s All I Have to Know About Her!

This is a story I heard about or perhaps I dreamed about it.

Derd Dryshack was sitting home on a Saturday afternoon doing what he usually did on Saturday which was watching Fox News on television. He liked Fox. It was predictable. It was comforting. Everyone on there agreed with what he believed. He did not have to hear about anything else that might interfere with his right thinking especially something that the Libtards might say.

Derd has spent the morning outside doing odds and ends. Now it was time for a beer, to watch the tube, and to relax and take a nap. He was at peace with his worId and himself when the door bell rang.

Normally Margie would have answered it but she had gone out to Billy Joe’s her hairdresser and then over to the fingernail place where the foreign gals worked – Derd could never remember the name of it. Somewhat dismayed at being interrupted in his “doing nothing time” he rose from the couch and went to the door.

To his horror he saw a young woman standing there with a pen and some papers affixed to a board that obviously had something to do with someone running for office. Fending off the temptation to slam the door in her face because she was somewhat attractive he listened to her as she made a pitch for her candidacy for the open Congressional seat. Her name was Susan Hardy.

Now if there was one thing Derd believed in was the right to own guns. He had a half a dozen AR-15s that he kept loaded hidden in various places throughout his house in case a gang of men decided to attack him. He had no reason to believe such a gang existed but as he would say: “you never know.”

He was decidedly unhappy to hear that Susan Hardy was against people owning AR-15s but her pleasant manner made him hold his tongue. She went on to explain that she was for universal health care which Derd was against now that he was on Medicare.

In her cute little way she told how she believed the kids who came to this country as youngsters with parents who came illegally who some people refer to as Dreamers and who have no connection with their parents country and who have done well here and have no criminal records should be able to become citizens. This was really something Derd would not tolerate. He believed we had enough foreigners in the country. He would send them all away if he had his way.

The icing on he cake came when Susan Hardy explained she supported taking down statues that had anything to do with the Confederate states such as those showing Confederate leaders or even Confederate soldiers or any people who may have supported slavery in any manner or form including Jefferson and Washington.  Then to top it off she supported naming Washington D.C. Brown, D.C. in honor of John Brown and was an advocate for Black Lives Matter.

Derd loved the Confederate flag and had it on the wall over his bed and believed that all lives mattered not just blacks. He was far beyond wanting to slam the door; he had reached the stage where he was doing all he could to stop himself from flying at Susan Hardy and strangling her. She represented everything he learned to hate over the years. He thought by murdering her he could save the country from this far leftist socialist woman who would take away all his rights. He had visions of being a true American hero who sacrificed himself to save the nation. Maybe a Medal of Honor; maybe a statue of him in his hometown.

Susan lifted the board and said: “Could I please have your signature?” Thinking she’d be lucky to avoid a fist in the face he was about to tell her to “get lost” when she said,  “and, as you know, I’m pro-life.” Hearing that he smiled, reached out for paper, signed it and said “Good Luck, you have my vote.”

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  1. MattofBoston sets out to tell a story mocking a “redneck” but in fact tells a story of two All-American heroes, with opposite political views, who recognize it is an individual human being that grows inside a pregnant woman’s womb, and who are dedicated to the PRO-LIFE position: the SACREDNESS of Human Life.

    MATTOFBOSTON has never demonstrated an ethical understanding of the evil of deliberately killing innocent human lives.

  2. Update on a cigar is a cigar is a cigar post…..

    Nascar has released an image of the ‘noose’ found in Bubba Wallace’s garage at a racetrack in Alabama. The FBI found that the garage door pull had been in place since last year and so was not a threat directed at Wallace, who is black, but as Nascar notes: the image makes clear that “the noose was real”.

    See the noose here

  3. Help me with this idea…..

    How can we move towards a police less society
    where crime is seen as a mental health issue and
    laws are enforced by behavioral intervention teams.
    Solving crimes would also fall under their jurisdiction.

    The names of members of law enforcement have
    been identified , identifying them as the assassins of
    President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther
    They are posted here.

    Should we include that information in the BLM narrative ?

    1. Crimes are not always attributable to mental health issues. Most are willful, deliberate, pre-meditated acts. Robbery, malicious destruction of property, assault, murder, rape.
      There are evil men, bad men, and good men who do bad things. The man who commits of crime of passion, may be treated to control his impulses. The man who is alcoholic or drug addicted may have less will, but many substance abusers refrain from intentional violent acts, criminal acts.
      Crime is not explained away by mental health, nor is sin. Affronts to society, attacks on others, may indicate a malignant personality, or just a good, mentally healthy person making bad decisions.

  4. Saw a tv show on railroads in Canada. It was mostly about Calgary Alberta. It claimed there were 1.5 million Ukrainians in that province. It also told the story that during WW1 eight thousand Ukrainians were put in concentration camps. Western Ukraine was part of Austro Hungary who was aligned with Germany thus making them enemy aliens for Britain who ran Canada. A fore runner of FDR’s Japanese American internment Policy. The Brits invented the concentration camp during the Boer War in South Africa. They also burned 30, 000 farms to the ground. 2. Read an interesting book called the Russia Job by Doug Smith. It chronicles how Herbert Hoover who saved a million lives in Belgium during WW1. saved almost 10 million during the Russian famine of 1922 which I had never heard of..Hoover ran the America relief Association which provided tens of millions of tons of food to the Russians. 3. The Alabama football coach has said All Lives don’t matter unless Black Lives Matter. But by saying All Lives Matter you obviously include Black Lives.. The group BLM is a radical hate group. Anti cop, anti family and anti American. They want to defund the police which is a crazy idea. Poor neighborhoods need more police not less. Cicero said public safety is the highest law.

    1. wa-llahi! BLM just gets bigger, and, more influential, everyday. It must be killing you, NC. The BLM founders are commie, black, lesbians. Does that stick in your craw?

      1. Khalid, you do not understand. It is the Bolshevick No Nothings that stick in our craws. We have relatives and friends of every race, religion, ethnic group,sexual orientation, political persuasion and musical proclivity.

        We oppose socialists, communists, Bolsheviks and NEO-CONS.

        1. wa-llahi! Bill, what’s this “we” stuff? Are you referring to yourself in the third person, these days? How, Trumpian ridiculous is that? Glorious Leader is going down, there’s no reason to imitate him, unless, of course, you are part of his clown posse, then, everything goes. Do you, also, stain your face orange, and, wear a silly toupee?

    2. wa-llahi! Bill, Cicero was a patrician. He feared the plebes, and, always, worked against their interests. One man’s public safety can mean another man’s oppression.

      All praise to Black Lives Matter. All power to the dialectic.

    3. Some Greek friends of m.y family were members of a group called “Friends of Russia Committee” in the Thirties as young progressives. This involved collecting food and clothing for starving Russians (Catholic Charities?). Twenty years these hardworking parents and respected members of their community, lost their jobs to a mini HUAC established by the State Legislature. What would they have done to Hoover?

  5. I am pro life and I am pro choice. Before we bought this house we held the lease on a duplex. Downstairs was rented to two guys. One was a retired test pilot who had the distinction of being one of the Blackbird pilots. The other was a fundamentalist Catholic. He was a saintly young man that spent all of his vacation time traveling around the East Coast going to anti-abortion/pro life rallies. I told him I was pro life and pro choice. I was told by him immediately that it was impossible to hold both views. I told him that he had no right telling me what to do or how to think.

    I’m a tree hugger but I know the facts about conserving our wild places. I carry but am against AR-15’s needing to be in private arsenals. It goes on and on. I truly hate the “Pick A Side” attitude in this country. My new motto is “Never Vote For Incumbents”.

    1. Abe, not a bad motto. Having studies embryology in college and obstetrics/gynecology in medical school, I consider myself pro-life. I understand that abortions are sometimes medically necessary, as in ectopic pregnancies, cancer of the uterus, fetus without a head or brain, a 10 or 12 year old becoming pregnant, because is all those circumstances it if not possible to save both lives, the risk of losing both lives is very high.

      So, I favor full reproductive freedom except the killing of the unborn. I have always favored domestic unions, the right of gays to unite, freedom of association, but fully subscribe to the traditional view that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

      I favor full free speech and free association, and I oppose most Leftist cant, which I distinguish from most liberal opinions. The Leftists say, Keep your hands off my body, but don’t understand the fetus is a body of another human being. Liberals tolerate all opinions, LEFTISTS want to stifle or suppress or ban speech and artistic expressions.

      On guns, I support fully the second amendment, but would like to see in modified in this respect: For trophies, keep guns; for safety, keep pistols, single shot rifles, single shot handguns. The “militia” in each state can keep the Military Grade rifles. As for hunting, I would only allow bows and arrows and conventional rifles, which hunters of the 19th century may have used.

      I self-identify as a Pro-Life Conservative Independent, who follows Albert Scweitzer’s philosophy of Reverance for Life. I recognize horrible circumstances, life threatening, can compel abortions, and life-threatening circumstances can make abortion necessary ( the rape of a 12 year old; any impregnation of a 12 year old is rape because at under 16, especially under 13, there is No Possibility of Consent, and the pregnancy to full term is always dangerous. Be careful, because a thirteen year old may consent to sex with a fourteen year old, you know what I mean, the Law does not punish kids for doing stupid things. If you’re 17 or 18 having sex with a 13 year old, you’re going to jail, as I understand it.

      So, I am a conservative, who loved JFK, MLK jr., RFK and Jimmy Carter, but starting with Ronald Reagan I always supported the most pro-life, the most conservative candidates.

      There’s nothing wrong with being Single Issue or having One Issue the overriding one. Pro-life is one example. Just think if you were in Nazi Europe and one single issue was to oppose the killing of the handicapped, the Jews, the Gypsies, the Slavs by the NAZIs. NOTHING WRONG WITH AND NOTHING CONTRADICTORY ABOUT BEING SINGLE ISSUE OR FAVORING ONE OVERRIDING ISSUES.

      1. Well said William of Connolly.
        You will probably then appreciate a thread
        I created to prevent crime by preventing ACES

        About the CDC-Kaiser ACE Study
        The CDC-Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study is one of the largest investigations of childhood abuse and neglect and household challenges and later-life health and well-being.

        The original ACE Study was conducted at Kaiser Permanente from 1995 to 1997 with two waves of data collection. Over 17,000 Health Maintenance Organization members from Southern California receiving physical exams completed confidential surveys regarding their childhood experiences and current health status and behaviors.

        More detailed information about the study can be found in the links below or in the article, “Relationship of Childhood Abuse and Household Dysfunction to Many of the Leading Causes of Death in Adults


        1. Crimes are not always attributable to mental health issues. Most are willful, deliberate, pre-meditated acts. Robbery, malicious destruction of property, assault, murder, rape.
          There are evil men, bad men, and good men who do bad things. The man who commits of crime of passion, may be treated to control his impulses. The man who is alcoholic or drug addicted may have less will, but many substance abusers refrain from intentional violent acts, criminal acts.
          Crime is not explained away by mental health, nor is sin. Affronts to society, attacks on others, may indicate a malignant personality, or just a good, mentally healthy person making bad decisions.

        2. MSFREEH: I have an wonderfully inspiring movie for you: NOBLE. It portrays the life of CHRISTINA NOBLE, a direly impoverished Irish girl who is abused as a child, institutionalized, then raped as a young teenager, then further abused, battered after marriage.
          After her three children are grown, she relocates to Vietnam and starts to help poor children there. By the time she’s in her sixties, she has set up health centers and community centers which have served over 700,000 children in Vietnam and Mongolia. All three of her adult children have come to Southeast Asia to work with her. She has been awarded highest honors by both the Vietnamese Government and the British Government for her life’s work.
          The movie begins in 1955 when she’s a child, then moves back and forth between Ireland/England as she’s growing up, and 1989 Vietnam where she’s beginning her charitable work.

          “Noble”, the movie made about 2014: A GEM, A MASTERPIECE.

          It will bring to mind Mother Teresa’s words: The only poor in America are the poor in spirit.

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