Netanyahu’s True Colors:

netanyahusWhen times are tough people are forced to tell the truth. The little game Netanyahu has been playing over the years has come a cropper. The other day when he faced an election that seemed to destroy his Putin-like desire of leading his country for the rest of his life the true Netanyahu surfaced. It was an ugly display; yet even in its ugliness many want to say it isn’t the true Netanyahu. They want us to believe beneath the bulbous body is something different.

Netanyahu is 65, Putin is 62, both have lived during the same historical period. Each has dealt with American presidents and their State Departments that are delusional when it comes to understanding their countries. President Bush saw good in Putin and Netanyahu; President Obama sought a reset in relations with both as if we were wrong. They were unable to accept the duplicity of these men and pretended that though they were doing opposite of their words, their words and not their actions mattered. They’ve seen both men use their armed forces to invade neighboring countries. They experienced both are versed in the art of deny the naked and apparent truth and expecting others to if not believe them, at least not to call them out on their lies.

Netanyahu who has lusted for war with Iran came to America at the request of the Republican Party to speak to Congress urging such. His appearance prompted 47 U.S. Senators to write a letter contrary to our American custom to a foreign leader seeking to undermine our president. Netanyahu all along has been playing a duplicitous game saying one thing and doing another without paying any consequences for his treachery. Rather than that he’s feted and lionized by the Republicans and others in America’s Congress.

Earlier this week Netanyahu was in an election where it looked like he was behind. Panicking, he took off the sheep’s clothing and exposed himself as the wolf he really is. For years he said he agreed with the desire of American and most other nations in the world that peace come to his nation. A key point to that peace was giving the Palestinians who live in the concentration camp-like Gaza and gulag-like West Bank a viable state.

This was called the two-state solution. As he professed his adherence to that idea, his actions seemed contrary to it. In 2012 by the 27 foreign ministers of the EU suggested the two-state solution was in danger. Israel’s foreign minister rejected the EU report.  So everyone backed off not believing what their eyes showed them. Each assumed they were mistaken and Netanyahu still was for that result.

Fearing the loss of his office, to gain the support of those voters most against peace with the Palestinians, he told the the truth. He is against the two-state solution. Elect me he says and there will never be a Palestinian state. The millions of Palestinians in their hearts feared that was the case but always clung to the straw that there would be. Now they know for sure they will remain under Israel’s yoke as long as Netanyahu is around. I could have told them that years ago but I guess some people have to hear it from the horse’s mouth to believe it.

As bad as that is, Netanyahu did even worse. He scared people into voting for him by shouting “the Arabs are coming.” He pointed out that that the Arabs who can vote in Israel are rushing to the polls to elect his opponent. He made clear to the Jews that the Arabs are different. He urged people to vote for him to prevent them from having any say in the country where they live. When President Carter claimed Israel was an apartheid state many called foul.  Who now can deny it?

It gets worse still. Netanyahu admitted that he is the one who promoted a Jerusalem settlement in the Palestinian area in order to block the expansion of the West Bank city of Bethlehem and its connection with Jerusalem. He hid his involvement in this to keep up the façade of respecting the Palestinian part of that city because this action itself undermined the idea of a Palestinian state. His actions such as that and increasing the settlement activity are done because Netanyahu knows he just has to hide his true intentions with nice words and do what he wants. The Congressional Republican will cover for him.

As for the attitude of the Israeli government toward the Arabs one only need to look at an exchange between Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman and the leader of the Arab party Aymanb Odeh in late February.  Both men were running for election to the parliament in Israel. Lieberman questioned Odeh’s right to participate in the election. During a debate he said to him, “Why did you come to this studio, why not to Gaza, or Ramallah? Why are you even here? You are not wanted here; you are a Palestinian citizen.”

Odeh responded: “I am very welcome in my homeland. I am part of the nature, the surroundings, the landscape.” Odeh’s answer pointed out that all his life he has lived in Israel while Lieberman lived most of his in Moldova.

Imagine if the attitude in America toward the blacks, many who have been here longer than most whites, was that of Israel toward the Palestinians. Imagine if they were confined to a Gaza like area and that those who lived outside them were kept in segregated unconnected communities under the watchful eyes and guns of the whites. How long do you think the blacks would take it? How long do you think the Palestinians can take it?

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  1. I have to include a P. S., I’m in Florida and just returned from having a pint with a bunch of my friends from Charlestown, Dorchester and Southie and one of our more intellectual comrades referred to Kim Kadashians exterior as being Bulbous, so Matt your off the hook it is quite common usage world wide . Up Galway!

  2. Stop with anti semitism stuff. I remember this blog writer going to Boston Latin School where the Majority of the students were Jewish. I also remember the former Senate President supporting his qualified candidate , referring to two opponents, who were there to oppose a supremely qualified candidate to a Judgeship in our Judicial System, were refered to as “look at them over there” . He ,like this blog writer as being anti-Semitic . I read in yesterday’s Globe that it was a typical drunk day in South Boston. Only Congressman Lynch seems to have protested. Where is the outrage from your blog responders? Thank you to NC and William for your intellectual support. SLAINTE

  3. Why all this personal stuff? There are important things going on in the world. Let’s talk about them. Hashing out ego problems is a waste of time.

  4. Matt… just to agreement with JKM began and ended with the feeling that the gratuitous shot at the man’s personal appearance was unnecessary. I in NO way subscribe to the theory that You are an anti semite or any of the other crazy theories that followed. I thought that I had commented here enough that I wouldn’t have to explain that.

    1. Declan:

      You are right. He jumped on one word and ran off forever on it. He’s still doing it but I have to get on with my life. In retrospect I should have omitted the word since it provided fodder for the ongoing back and forth which as you correctly noted took away from my point in the first place.

  5. To whom it may concern:
    I. Who read Dickens? To my knowledge, Matt finished reading most if not all of Dickens’ novels many decades ago.
    II. Palestinians should have the right of self-determination. Most nations including the U.S. rightly support the 2-state solution, and rightfully oppose Israel’s expansionist settlement policy.
    III. U.S. should minimize its involvement in the Middle East and avoid war with Iran.
    IV. The “Bulbous” definition debate: Here are examples of “bulbous waistlines” from 1917-2015; a brief Internet search shows the phrase is still used.
    1. Patrick Woodhead – 2015 – ‎Fiction
    He was wearing a one-piece padded suit that seemed to accentuate his already bulbous waistline. Evidently the suit had once been bright red, but now the fabric …
    2. Dr Low Chai Ling – 2007 – ‎Postnatal care
    WELL INTO week twenty-eight of my pregnancy, I kept pestering my husband for his opinion on my then superbly, bulbous waistline and ‘exploding’ breasts.
    3. 1917 – ‎Motorcycles
    “By golly,” ejaculated the veteran, as he surveyed his slightly bulbous waistline, “I think I’ll spruce up a bit after this and set a good example. They can’t call me a …
    4. Apr 6, 2011 – Bending at his bulbous waistline, Anderson encircled his thickened fingers around the cold knurling. He tightened his 10” wrists.With a grunt …
    5. Jan 27, 2012 – Mind you, I do recall something or other about “being more conscious of the things that I eat” so as to trim my bulbous waistline down below the
    6. Sep 1, 2013 – He buckled his belt three inches above his bulbous waistline allowing his trousers to shrink the size of his chest. Yet, he always looked clean …

    1. Bill:

      Thanks for the reply. I can’t believe how the guy went from my description to suggesting I was using some type of code (which he put in capitals) to demean Jewish people saying bulbous related only to nose (I’d never associated it with the nose but had I then I would have commented on the tendency of some Irish drinkers to have such a nose) and he never heard of it being used for waistline. Thanks for providing a few examples. He’s now on to saying that Dickens never used it in reference to a waistline.
      The man has no idea of my background in literature and because he read all of Dickens by the time he was 15 – which is pretty much a waste of time reading it at that age – he assumed my knowledge of Dickens is limited to Google.

      I felt I had to answer some of his attacks because silence would have been considered acceptance of his outrageous allegations. But he’s got little else to do other than on one hand coming up with inane personal attacks while telling me that he respects my integrity – sort of acting like Netanyahu himself saying one thing and then the opposite – (do you think perhaps it is Netanyahu who is writing under a pseudonym?) Had I to do it over again I would have omitted bulbous because as Declan said early on it takes away from my point as is shown by the way the discussion went on and took up too much of my time responding to his nonsense. It would have saved much time if I ignored him from the beginning since he only became more shrill. Now I shall. I decided not to let him post any longer on that subject.

  6. Matt,

    As a person whose life has been guided since early childhood by the dictum ” The best friend you can have in life is a good book ” I had read all of Dickens’s major works probably by about age fifteen. Coincidentally , as I mentioned, I read last month … LITTLE DORRIT … which I had not previously read. You are a bright guy, but betray your intellectual insecurities by carping on points of diction with me. You have done it in the past. I have proven you wrong each time. I do not take your remarks about an author whom I revere and honor seriously enough to take offense at your absurd conclusion … ” It was clear to me you never read Dickens ” … based on your Google a sentence approach, rather than actual reading of him. Yes, adjectivally he liked very much the word bulbous. I know this well. Your point is a niggling one however.

    You realize language can be tricky, and trickily suggestive. In your Weltanshaung … or … World View …the Holocaust is a historical nullity and who ever heard of Anti-Semitism. The only Democratic State in the Middle East duly elected Bibi Netanyahu. Do you think he can be personally isolated from a State and People he has fought for and his oldee brother died heroically for at Entebbe by personally insulting and denigrating him in your Post ??? As the Declan sagely noted, the ad hominem attack weakens the argument. What strange company intellectually and philosophically you seem to be keeping these days Matt Connolly. You are comparing a very complex geo-political nightmare Israel has faced since May of ’48 when UNSCOP granted them Statehood and the Arav States immediately attacked, and how the Israelis struggle with this Palestinian ” Mess ” as Kissinger put ir, to Slavery in the Old South. Holocaust victims and their descendants are the new Middle Eastern slavemasters and racists now. Who would have thunk it ??? … Meanwhile, Iran, which treats Women as gobshite gets a complete pass. What sort of TRANCE are you in???

    Do I think that at Ground Zero of your heart and mins that your are an Anti – Semite ??? … To the extent that I can read yours truly any more than you or any other can read Bibi Netanyahu’s the answer is … No. Make your points without the offensive rhetoric and comments in the future. Otherwise you risk being perceived as such. SHALOM 🙂

    1. John:

      You live in a strange world and slip into traps that are easily set. Dickens didn’t use the word bulbous more than a half dozen times as best I can tell – hardly did he “very much like” the word as you suggest. Perhaps because you read all his major works by age 15 you were confused on this issue.

      How can you suggest my world view is “the Holocaust is a historical nullity and who ever heard of Anti-Semitism.” You make things up without thinking that don’t make sense. Absolutely you can isolate Netanyahu from Israel – he’s a devious politician who admits his deviousness by trying to apologize and take back after his victory obnoxious things he said to get elected. I don’t like the man because he’s trying to get America into another war and he unlike any other world leader traveled to our country to embarrass a sitting president.

      As far as Israel’s history it is what it is but the present state of the four to five million Palestinians living under its iron rule is closely equivalent to that of the blacks in the South. What rights to travel freely do they have? What rights to govern themselves? You want to ignore their existence.

      As for Iran, what pass do I give it? I just don’t want Americans to be killing Iranians because Netanyahu tells us year after year that they are a year away from getting a bomb. I’d like to see the matter settled without a war and without the interference of Netanyahu and the 47 senators who are lusting for war.

      I’m glad you don’t think I’m anti-Semitic. Your writings have suggested otherwise. I’ll make my points as I see fit to the circumstances and not guided by what you may think as offensive because of fear you may change your mind.

  7. Very interesting article. Not one word in it however about how important Jewish votes and Jewish fundraising are to people running for high public office. As someone who lived in Palm Beach County Fl from 1985 through 2009 I can tell that people running for Congress are very, very supportive of ANYTHING that can be considered Pro Israel .The fundraising that goes on in California and New York is also crucial to national figures. What he said was not surprising. I am very glad you compared him to Putin, at least someone had the gumption to do that. Never see that in the Globe.

  8. Matt,

    Your remarks are intemperate. Methinks you doth protest …. etc. What the Dickens are you on about now 🙂 … Get over it. You are not an old dotard as my favorite author, Charles Dickens, would say, that you cannot enlarge 🙂 upon the usage of the word … ” Bulbous ” … without hurling insults like a tavern bully … Are you ??? … I SHOULD THINK NOT !!! Nor are you so imbecile as to cite my observation that …THE ‘B’ WORD .. is not at all typically used in reference to ” Waist” …. not ” WASTE ” as you spelled it in your post, interestingly… Girth … as evidence that I agree with a point I am directly opposing. You do this sharp practice in argument fairly often. You deliberately mis- state things and hope brashness carries your point. You hate to be called on your BS. PERIOD. Your ” BULBOUS WASTELINE ” sic … Bibi gambit was foolish. When you are in it up to your neck stop shoveling. You display no grace in argument ; just a kind of desperation masquerading as intellectual bravado. Aside from that you do have ypur good points and I get a kick out of your irascibility. However I waste no further time in this rancorous exchange with you. So prate on if you must , Counsellor. As Dickens would say … and did …in LITTLE DORRIT … which I read a month ago … “Bar” is yawning, and ” Jury ” is drooping …. That’s DICKENS … READ … MATT … NOT YOUR … ” WIKIPEDIA DICKENS !!! ” DO YOUR HOMEWORK OR JUST SIT DOWN. 🙂

    1. John:

      You never heard the word bulbous used in reference to someone’s waist. That told me you never read Dickens. I referred you to a site where it is used in that manner. You said bulbous means the CODE word for nose which made me no better than someone like Goebbels. I don’t misstate things as you suggest but point to the quotes of things you have said or suggested.

      No I do display grace in argument to someone who suggests I am anti-Semitic for I find that quite offensive.

  9. Matt, Red White And Blue !!! We happen to see this matter very differently. I do not question your sincerity in this, just your judgment. I rest my case .

    1. John:

      You don’t question my sincerity. Yes, you do. You say I am using coded language. You say my use of the words “bulbous bodied” refers to a nose. You write that I am engaging in the “same jew baiting and degrading techniques of racial debasement, caricature, and bilious rantings to DEHUMANIZE his Bète Noir, THE JEWWWWWWWWWWSSSS !!!!!!!! Right after that statement you say I showed my true colors. You say I engage in “intellectual hypocrisy.”

      All of that is an attack on my sincerity. You want to thrown out the hint that I am anti-Semitic without wanting to state it outright. I have been writing this blog for over three years putting out my opinion on many things. Go back and point out to me one bit of anti-Semitic writing that I have written over that time. There is none.

      I’ve shown how it was those in America who strongly supported Israel were instrumental in getting us involved in the Iraq debacle which has resulted in a revived al Qaeda and the monstrosity of ISIS. I strongly criticized Netanyahu for Israel’s attack on Gaza.I fervently oppose Netanyahu’s attempt to get us into war with Iran. I believe these were and are greatly detrimental to our country

      I strongly believe Israel with all its talented and wise people can do better than continue its perpetual war with the Palestinians. To do so will continue the many tragedies we have seen over the years. No nation can long survive when it deprives half of its people rights granted to the other half.

  10. Everyone who criticizes Israel is a Nazi supporter according to some. Designed to stifle debate maybe. Are the Palestinians like all men entitled to certain rights granted by their Creator? Are they equal to Egyptians, Jordanians and Israelis? Yet after 40 years they don’t have them. Why not?

  11. Matt,

    Geez !!! …. If only your writing something down could make it really so. If you cannot nimbly connect the dots in an argument and reasoned response to your post then I suppose it is all just a series of non sequiturs to you. Here let me flesh it out somewhat for you whatever gear you are in, or not fully in :
    1) Iran is an abomination of a theocratic state. It treats women like cattle. Clearly my question of whether you would want to bring your wife and daughters to live in Iran or Israel is a pointed one in the context of your post and is not a personal referendum on your favorite vacation spots. Can you follow? Apparently not, I would cheapen the term … debaters trick … to ascribe your nonsensical inference drawn as such. It was a cogent point and question … asked and not answered your Honor … not a non sequitur. A non sequitur is something more like your shrill … ” What are we supposed to go back to World War 2 ( Holocaust ) to justify killing thousands of Iranians? ” … or words to that effect, my parentheses. — Well, YES … Learn the lessons of history or repeat them. Iran killa by terror proxy abundantly ; Does Israel? … No ” thousands of Iranians ” have been killed by Israel. This is a direct counterpoint to one of your favorite straw man arguments : ” How many Israelis has Iran killed? ” … I despise shallow argumentation steeped in that sort of intellectual hypocrisy.
    2) ” BULBOUS ” is an adjective usually associated with the … proboscis … the NOSE … and I smell a Rat when you post a picture of Netanyahu that is clearly unflattering and then allude… out of the blue … to a physical characteristic with language that … however veiled … was a … dog whistle as the Libs say … was CODE … for a thousands of year old racial stereotype … The Big Nosed Jew. Sure, I called you out on it indirectly and your panicked response is laughable. I have never heard or read the verbal construction … ” A Bulbous Waistline. ” The only bloat here is in this silliness you threw up here in response to my comments.

    1. John:

      I don’t get your point. Stop beating around the bush. Tell me what my true colors are.

    2. John:

      You smell a Rat do you? Bulbous means nose which is a CODE for a Big Nosed Jew. Such tripe. You have a vivid imagination limited to your small minded world. You are looking to pigeon hole me into a category which you fear to state but only want to hint at. Come on – out with it. What are you saying I am.

      It is people with dearth of understanding that seek false connections. When I’m clearly referring to Netanyahu’s big belly (which you know because you mention bulbous waisteline a little bit later) your attempt to impugn me suggest I am using a CODE for nose? I looked it up. It is used in connection with the nose but mainly in the sense of discussing Rhinophyma. I suppose it is good I didn’t write: “Netanyahu was nosing around looking for a way to pick up the right wing vote.” You would have surely been able to make that connection that I was using a CODE.

      You write: “I have never heard or read the verbal construction … ” A Bulbous Waistline. ” It is from your lack of reading or listening that you are forming conclusions. Dickens used bulbous to describe features. I’m sure if you Googled bulbous belly, bulbous stomach, bulbous gut or even bulbous waisteline you’ll find it is used. Or, you can go here:

  12. Gotta agree with JKM. The ad hominem attacks seem out of line, and, in my mind, weaken the argument.

    1. Declan:

      Strange company you want to keep. Would you feel the same way if I said the bulbous Chris Christie or the bulbous William Henry Taft? What would you make of those comments that I was anti-American.

  13. Joseph Goebbels delighted in THE BIG LIE ; and his vitriol verbally realized its caustic material equivalent. in the gas that burnt the eyes and lungs of millions of Jews, though not just Jews, in THE FINAL SOLUTION. Show your True Colors and answer clearly where you would prefer to live with your wife, and daughters if you have them, in Israel or Iran. It is a rhetorical question as it would be a highly exotic form of intellectual dementia to choose Iran. And Why ?????? … Or are you too busy physically caricaturing a decorated late middle age combat veteran and Politician with snarks like …” the bulbous bodied Netanyahu ” to realize Goebbels employed the same jew baiting and degrading techniques of racial debasement, caricature, and bilious rantings to DEHUMANIZE his Bète Noir, THE JEWWWWWWWWWWSSSS !!!!!!!! …. True Colors are being shown today alright. I like Netanyahu’s. The Glee Club for his ouster will sing for Iran and Hamas all they want. Bibi is a Warrior, not a Parade Warrior .

    1. You’ve got it wrong. The media keeps equating Netanyahu to mean all the Jews of Israel. Clearly, even those within in his own country do not fully support him as evidenced by the close elections. So close in fact, that Netanyahu had to, at the 12th hour, raise the spectre to those ultra-right voters that Arabs were rushing to the polls in record numbers to usurp him from this throne, er I mean office. Netanyahu said if the US invaded Iraq it would bring peace and stability to the Middle East. He said Saddam was very close to getting a bomb. He has said the same about Iran. He has said Iran was “a year away from a bomb” about once a year for the past 20 years. All of this despite the fact the Mossad (Israel’s CIA) has discredited this claim back in 2012, (when Bibi made it again). I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of seeing U.S. treasure and blood being spent on meaningless wars in the Middle East. Let the Israelis fight their own preemptive wars.

      1. Dave:

        My criticism of Netanyahu is not of the many people in Israel who don’t support him. My real beef with him is that he has been saying for the past two decades as you note that we have to bomb Iran to stop its making the bomb. He wants us to do it. He threatens to go it alone but if that were to happen he would have done it a long time ago. My fear is that his constant repetition has brought us to the cusp of doing this. There’s big money out there for the people who promise to do it if elected. I too am tired of the wars we have been involved in over in that area. Since we’ve gone into destabilize Iraq and Afghanistan we’ve found ourselves facing a real horrid enemy ISIS which did not exist a half dozen years ago along with al Qaeda. Bombing Iran as Netanyahu wants will just make matters that much worse not to mention killing thousands of Iranians.

    2. John:
      You certainly are king of the non sequiturs and a prime example of keeping your brain out of gear when writing.
      You start off talking about the Holocaust. You jump to asking me if I’d like to live in Iran or Israel. The answer is neither; I prefer America and many other countries over them. Perhaps you ought to ask a person like a Palestinian the same question. And you may be surprised to know that Israel has a population of 8 million while Iran has ten times that which seems to indicate that there are a lot of people choose to live in Iran.
      You then talk about a “decorated late middle age combat veteran” (Netanyahu) whatever that has to do with any point who I referred to as bulbous and to follow with the statement “Goebbels employed the same jew baiting and degrading techniques of racial debasement, caricature, and bilious rantings to DEHUMANIZE his Bète Noir, THE JEWWWWWWWWWWSSSS !!!!!!!!” is moronic. To suggest my reference to Bibi’s huge waste line is “bilious ranting” or “jew baiting” is absurd.

      You refer to “True Colors” a couple of times. What are these that you suggest I am showing? Show the courage of your beliefs. Out with it and tell what you believe are my “True Colors.”

  14. I thought it was hilarious that Obama received flak from Fox News and other conservative media outlets that he did not call to congratulate Netanyahu on his victory. As much as it seemed like the case, Netanyahu was not running against Obama in the election. They acted like Obama should have conceded defeat and gave him a conciliatory phone call.

    1. Dave:

      Netanyahu comes to America for the purpose of embarrassing Obama and he’s supposed to call him two weeks later and congratulate him. That only happens in bizzaro world.

  15. Hope there isn’t blood. Bibi is just like Kerry. He was for a 2 state solution and against it at the same time. Didn’t he tell us there was WMD in Iraq in 2002? Back in the eighties Reagan was selling AWACS to the Saudis. Israel lobbied Congress to stop the sale. Reagan had a press briefing saying that it is not the business of other governments to make American foreign policy. The sale went through. In 1990 the Oslo peace process began with a two state solution as it’s goal. There were 100,000 settlers on the west bank then. Now there are over 500,000. All the negotiations appear to be a scam from the Palestinians perspective. Israel’s claim that only direct negotiations between the two sides can solve the problem isn’t very compelling after 25 years. It appears that approach will never work. It seems it is just a dilatory tactic. The agreement reached at Camp David in 1999. should be imposed by the U. N. One doesn’t need Congressional approval for an Administration to vote for a Palestinian State in the U. N. If BHO wants self determination for the Palestinians he can effect it. 2. George Mitchell gave an interview to Fox about a week ago. He said every time he visited the Gulf states they insist we bomb Iran. They take the same position as Israel. Both perceive Iran and the larger Shia community as a threat. The Shia are not a threat to America. Should we fight wars for the benefit of third parties? Or only for American national security interests? Mitchell also pointed out that the only reason Iran is negotiating on the nuclear issue was because the sanctions were biting. The sanctions worked because they were universal. If the Congress increases sanctions they might become unilateral and ineffective. China, Russia, France, Germany and the Brits have to go along. Tough U. S. only penalties will be useless. Congressional action may be a nullity. China under Mao appeared an implacable foe. But we avoided war. We should avoid war with Iran.

    1. NC:

      1. Good post. I’d point out if Reagan said today that it was not the business of other countries to set American policy he’d be drummed out of the Republican Party. Under Netanyahu the ultimate goal is to drive the Palestinians out of Jerusalem and have the U.S. recognize that as the capital of the country. Perhaps Boehner will call for that when he visits Israel this month. The Palestinian problem is they have nothing to offer Israel in exchange for Israel stopping its slow gobbling up of their lands. They can’t stop it; they are almost 5 million people with no voice in their lives.

      2. Peace will come to Israel and the Palestinians in the same way it came to Northern Ireland through offering the Palestinians hope and that can only be done when they can see a better life living peacefully than can be gained through arms. Israel has no incentive to give them any hope nor will it ever have it. Many in Israel see the Palestinians as “other people” not entitled to what the rest of Israel takes for granted.

      3. Our foreign policy in the Middle East has been captured by Saudi Arabia and Israel. Now as you note those two have united against Iran as well as the Shia community. That brings us to the situation where we have fled from Yemen because a Shia group the Houthi has taken power. The Houthi which runs Yemen wants to have relations with the U.S. but we don’t want to have it with them because they are backed by Iran. (You wonder why we have relations with Iraq.) The Saudi who are Sunni and other Gulf Sunni Arab states along with Israel want us to war with the Shia. So we don’t support the Houthi who are enemies of al Qaeda and ISIS which which are our enemies. We are in the unique position of fighting or not supporting the enemies of our enemy.

  16. Good post.

    South Africa fell from within, and, that is the fate that faces Israel. There will come a day when they cannot rule their helot population through fear. Despite militarizing their society, the Israelis can’t deal with another infitada. Marching masses of Black South Africans turned the tide against the apartheid regime, so, too, will the Palestinians free themselves. A general uprising is the only way to gain the right to breath, and, dismantle Netanyahu’s suffocating Zionist dream. The human cost of such a rebellion will be terrible, but, it is the only way. Palestinians must liberate themselves, no one else will, not Europe, nor, America, not even the Arab powers….there will be blood.

    1. Khalid:

      I agree. The years of shilly-shallying and back and forth promises to the Palestinian people of a state can only go on so long before it comes to a head. The Israeli Jews must know this is a long-term untenable situation which will only be sustained by massive killings. The Palestinian people have no card to play so they must take whatever is handed to them now. Had both sides worked together 30 years ago both countries would have reached an accommodation and much horror that has resulted in the world from the inability of them to get together may have been avoided. In the whole area around Israel things have gone from fair to bad to worse in that time. Hopefully both side can move the radicals to the side and engage. Israel with its wise people of all nations should know that is a better outcome.

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