Night Flight Might Spike Spikes’s Bright Light

(1) walking awayThe Patriots Brandon Spikes’s 2011 Mercedes Maybach was found early Sunday morning sometime around 3:30 a.m. on the medium median strip on Route 495 in Foxboro. It was there because it had been in an accident. The driver of the car reported that it had hit a deer but no deer was found in the area nor it is reported were there any indications that the car hit a deer.

The Massachusetts State Police are investigating. They have concluded to this point that someone was driving the car immediately before the time it came to a stop on the medium strip. Who that person is or was is not know according to them. They are investigating.

The first question the State Police must ask is how does a person sitting in a car on the medium strip on Route 495 disappear into thin air? The deer thing came up because the state police said were notified by a representative of the OnStar on-board navigation system of it. We want to know how the OnStar person received the call. Did it come from the car or from some place else? If from the car, how long did the state police take to get to the car after the notification?

The next question to ask is what do the Patriots know that we don’t know. I say that because they must know something because they already acted against Spikes by kicking him off the team as if he were responsible for his car ending up there. What if he was home sleeping and some hoodlums stole his car? If that were the case there would be no reason to punish him. Thus it seems the Patriot’s must know more about this story. The state police would be advised to talk to the people at the Patriot’s to see what they know.

Then, and I am sorry to have to mention this because I know all you true blooded Brady fans will recoil at this suggestion, the state police will have to talk to Tom Brady for he surely can cast some light on the situation. There is this: A photo on a tweet [Spikes] posted over the weekend shows him with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady at an unspecified event.” I am not sure when that was posted but if it was anytime Saturday evening then Tom would have information to share unlike what he did in deflategate.

Then there is the little matter of the hit and run where three people were injured on Route 495. It was about the same time heading in the same direction and at about the same area as the damaged car. Their car was rear ended by another car that was traveling without its lights on. It continued on after hitting them although apparently not too far.

The answers as to whether Brandon Spikes was behind the wheel of the car will be ascertained. If the state police do the same follow up here as they did in the Hernandez case we can rest assured that they will solve this mystery. That’s the problem with credit cards and cell telephones; they leave a limpid trail that cannot be denied.

Spikes was recently brought back to the Patriots by Bad Boy Bill B. He said “I just want to show him I’ve changed as an individual, as a player, as a man.”  The coach seems to have a strange and unusual attraction to the bad boys which may account for his own less than stellar behavior.

Spikes is only 27 years old and still quite capable of doing a fine job at linebacker. If he is determined to have been behind the wheel of the car and the car was involved in a hit and run the NFL will probably boycott him. It will be another sad case where a person with a good talent and secure future ruined it for himself.

There is something that does not settle right in all this. I know these are big guys responsible for their own lives. Yet some guys need extra help. It would be nice if there was a way they could get it.

3 thoughts on “Night Flight Might Spike Spikes’s Bright Light

  1. Just like Robert DeNiro said in “A Bronx Tale”…”The saddest thing in life is wasted talent…”
    So true, but I’m getting sick and tired of these NFL bozo criminathletes who think they can do whatever they want.
    Spikes should know they will tie him to the car, they probably have his voice recorded,….he’s just trying to get away with the DUI.

  2. Update: The driver of Spikes’ car called Mercedes roadside assistance to say the car was hit by a deer. It was the Mercedes operator who called state police to report the accident. Not looking good for Spikes …

  3. Matt: Agreed. Spinks’ career is finished at 27 unless he can provide a clear and convincing explanation of his innocence. No other club will touch him. But I’d like to hear his side of the story before I close the books on this one. Also, the operator of Spikes’ car reported that he had hit a deer from what I read this morning.

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