No Report Released In Five Month Old Todashev Killing

IMG_1728It was five months ago today that at least five and upwards of eight to ten law enforcement officers crowded into the Orlando apartment of Ibragim Todashev who was scheduled to leave the country the next day to return to his homeland to question him about his relationship with Tamerlan Tsarnaev and also about the triple homicide that occurred in the Waltham apartment of Brendan Mess. We know that was part of the discussion because of the presence of Massachusetts State troopers. Also present were a certain number of local Florida police.

As you can see, the most fundamental fact, the number of officers present in the apartment is left to speculation.

What is truly amazing, at least to me, is the capability of the FBI to muzzle both the Massachusetts and Florida authorities. An unarmed man is killed in Florida having been shot at least six times both in the head and the body and Florida does nothing about it. It won’t even release the autopsy report under the pretense the matter is under investigation. It actually is not. The investigation, whatever it consisted of stopped a while ago. I read the other day it is now being reviewed by others.

It was on May 30, 2013,  that the Washington Post editorialized: “the last thing the U.S. government needs to do is fuel wild conspiracy theories by releasing too little information or investigating too slowly. The Obama administration must move heaven and earth to get to the bottom of what happened and make it public — quickly.” 

The Post went on: “Even if the world weren’t watching, the case would warrant exceptional attention. Mr. Todashev had had run-ins with law enforcement before last week, and his possible involvement in a gruesome triple murder is chilling. FBI agents may very well have had reason to worry about him. But if so, did they really leave a samurai sword in the room during questioning? Did they really leave only one person with Mr. Todashev? If neither of those accounts holds up, how else could the shooting be justified?”

All I can say is that the word “quickly” means one thing to us but to the Obama Administration, the FBI and those folks in the District of Colombia it means something else. As to how else could the shooting be justified, it is just taking some time to figure that out. Apparently the location of the bullets give a different story than the tales of the cops with the guns.

By the way have you noticed how many people are being shot by cops lately. Yesterday I read that a police officer shot a man in the stomach because “he was lunging at him with a knife.” Unfortunately for the cop, a neighbor made a video of the incident. The guy was standing with his hands at his side a good 15 yards from the cop when he was fired at. The cop’s lawyer said the video doesn’t tell the whole story.

I’m beginning to think that too many of the newer cops grew up playing those video games where they were always shooting people to gain points. Or, maybe it is our fascination with sending guys and gals off to other countries to shoot the natives over there. One thing good about our drones, those guys and gals addicted to zapping people on computers can now sit in an air-conditioned office building in the US and wipe out innocent people on the other side of the world.

The peril we face is our local police forces armed with military styled weapons who feel they can follow the FBI’s lead and cover-up their killings. Are you aware of the “Pentagon program [which] has been quietly militarizing American police forces for years. A total of $4.2bn worth of equipment has been distributed by the Defense Department to municipal law enforcement agencies, with a record $546m in 2012 alone.” 

Small county police forces are receiving 20-ton, heavily armored 2008 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected, or MRAP, vehicles. Some cities like Quincy which has four boats also receive them through the military program. In a country that was founded upon the idea that we should not have a standing army, that we now have police forces that are indistinguishable from the army should be worrisome.

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  1. Look at the up side. In 4 weeks we have the 50th anniversary of the president Kennedy assassination. Investigators are still trying to get the FBI JFK files. Two reads for Matt about Medical Examiner Cyril Wecht. 6 years ago FBI agent Orsini tried to put 70 year old Pittsburgh Medical Examiner in prison by filing 40 plus charges against him.
    All charges were later dropped or dismissed by a jury.
    1st read

    Wecht FBI investigator’s discipline file opened
    U.S. judge orders FBI records unsealed
    July 11, 2007 11:00 PM

    2ND READ
    Cyril Wecht organizes best JFK assassination conference yet.

    Subject: A Great Conference on the JFK Assassination– The Future of Freedom Foundation BEST CONFERENCE IN 20 YEARS
    Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 18:24:31 -0400
    This completely sold out conference was a 5 Star Event, conducted by Cyril Wecht, at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, run by Ben Wecht, Debbie and staff, and was flawless. There is a link to the program inside this review by Jacob Hornberger.
    Moreover, for the first time under one roof, in the book room were exhibits by COPA, Coalition On Political Assassinations, displaying their “Hidden History Museum” concept, as well as JFK Lancer– November in Dallas, both registering researchers for their upcoming Dallas Conferences next month.
    JFK Lancer
    Also were Walt Brown, who recently completed his JFK Chronology consisting of 32,000 pages on a single digital disk, Rex Bradford & the Mary Ferrell Foundation had the new edition of the late Gaeton Fonzi’s masterpiece, “The Last Investigation”, [which sold out the first day] with a new introduction and forward by Marie Fonzi, who also asked the publisher to do an audio version, which has Gaeton’s voice speaking at the beginning, (a first according to Skyhorse Publishing).
    Dr. Cyril Wecht made one of his wonderful passionate speeches, confirming the progress that we have made in the past, with the enactment of the JFK Act, which released millions of documents providing some transparency to the assassination. In addition to attempting the release of remaining documents, Wecht stated that there are not enough young people investigating this case, which was also echoed by Oliver Stone. Since the case is an open murder case in the Dallas Police Department (Cold Case), we must now work on REOPENING THE CASE in the future.
    I suggest that perhaps we should supplant the original “Free The Files” 4 inch buttons, seen in 1993, with “Reopen the JFK Case” in 2013. There is no statute of limitations in a murder case. Most Americans have no idea that the case was never closed, in the City of Dallas.

    1. Bob:

      I’ve been fortunate on this blog because most people will discuss the issues and if they disagree then they’ll spell out their reasons. Then every once in a while some rube comes along and engages in a ad persona comment which adds absolutely nothing to our enlightenment. It always reminds me of two things: Pee Wee Herman’s statement: “what you say is what you are” and the benightment that seems to have come over our country.

  2. What is surprising? As someone who was born during vietnam and grew up as Richard Nixon did not answer questions about watergate until he had to, I have always found that the federal goverment does pretty much want it wants. What has changed since 9/11/2001 is that now it is considered unpatriotic to question the action of the police as it goes about its buisness. The socalled great protest movements of the 1960s and 1970s regarding civil rights and the vietnam war , would that be possible today with everything that is done today in modern law enforcement? No outcry regarding the shooting of this man because it is branded a terror incident and that is that.

  3. Of course not – it all leads back to the Treasonous Racketeering Conspiracy known as the Boston Marathon bombing. Simple truth- IT’S ALL A LIE! You cannot maim or kill people who were standing in a crowd that existed only in a photo shopped picture.

    The FBI was the Crowd at Blast 2, and Richard Serino, FEMA and Suzanne Bump, Massachusetts State Auditor, are complicit in the fraud at Blast 1.

    The State and Federal government with a slew of private sector co-conspirators exploited children and disabled Americans to #DefraudAmerica.

    The picture is fake gore so don’t freak out. What you need to look at is the beautiful child in the 7 News crowd who is the same child in the WC at the memorial on June 10th for little “Martin”; we call her “Jane”. Take a look at the hair accessory little “Jane” is wearing if you have any doubt about this being the same child; she stood in the 7News crowd and other member of the “Richard” family was present.

    The picture of the Forum Crowd the FBI led us to believe was the crowd at the Forum at the time of the Bast is an in whole fabrication. The FBI was the Blast 2 crowd and 2 raw videos analysed have their racketeering raw video that claims the event was REAL promoting the one fund initiating at 2:37 minutes post blast. A group of FBI coming on scene is shown in a picture on the FEMA web site with a time-stamp of 3:40 PM to fool you.

    Carmen Ortiz pursuing this in court where for the most part all proceedings, filings and court orders have been fraudulent makes her complicit in these crimes. The “Tale Turns” as told by the FBI has emboldened true radicals who are now encouraging lone wolf attacks. THAT FOLKS IS TREASON not to mention the government terrorizing its own population. Better wake up and anyone who argues this direct material evidence will be perceived as a shill and not responded too. The shills in this matter are plentiful!!

    Multiple pieces of material evidence that demonstrate this fraud and the sham court proceedings are on the grid.

    1. * correction –should say “no other member of the Richard family was present”

    2. Public:

      Martin Richard was the grandson of a friend of mine. If you are suggesting he was not killed by the bombs set off at the marathon you are very wrong. His sister is missing part of her leg. His mother was also severely wounded. If you think all this is some game or pretence, perhaps you’d like to go the the Richard house and talk to the family.

      1. The evidence does not support what you are saying. The picture the FBI put out to the public is a fabrication. The child has the white flower hair accessory in her hair at the memorial and while standing in the 7 News Crowd. I realize she now has a prosthesis and she is a beautiful child but her problems are not related the marathon. There are many types of pathology where a child her age could suffer such a sad life altering event but these brothers didn’t cause it. I’m sick of the lies.

        1. Public Servant: You are wrong. I was standing 200 feet across the street from the second bomb. I was at Gucci’s, near the entrance to the Prudential Center. I heard the first loud blast and saw grey smoke rising over the buildings, obscuring the view of the distant street. About 15 seconds later, I heard the second blast, but mostly remember, not the sound, but the sight of a a huge yellow-orange fireball, a store-front wide and almost two stories high. I know the grandfather, granduncles, and grandaunts of Martin William Richard and Jane Richard. They are my lifelong friends and were my next-door neighbors. I attended the funeral of Martin at St. Ann’s Church, Dorchester; I saw Jane, young courageous Jane, come down the aisle. We know the loss and suffering terrorists have inflicted on us and our community. We lost 400 Mass residents in 9-11, including some classmates and friends and the niece, Susan McIllheny McKay, of one of Martin William Richard’s granduncles.
          2. I believe you are delusional or a DOJ disinformation plant or an anti-government disinformation plant. Stop with the lunacy and lies. Show some respect. How dare you question what we experienced first hand and what we lost; how dare you slight terror and mass murder. Remember those two Chechnyan terrorist brothers planted nail-laden bombs which killed three, maimed scores, and wounded hundreds. These radical Muslims attempted the mass murder of hundreds of innocent civilians, men, women and children.
          3. You and your ilk like to muddy clear waters. Sell your poisonous thoughts elsewhere, not here.
          4. Your intent and the intent of others like you (some government plants, I believe) is to fill this blog with lunatic disinformation so that our valid criticisms of government are slighted or obscured. I’ve seen these type of government sponsored, pschological-counter-intel operations before. This isn’t our first rodeo. This isn’t the first time lunatics and government hacks have tried to undermine honest criticism of our government.
          5. “Public-Servant” Your post is beyond the pale. I recommend Matt axe you and others of your ilk from this site.

          1. Yes and they are close friends of Congressman Lynch as well.

            Many of you people somehow think your words are good enough. My statement has supporting evidence. The child stands in the 7 News Crowd where that picture was reported to be about one hour before the blast; she is the same child as the child who attended the memorial service.

            The clothing and shoes in the fabricated picture do not even match what she was actually wearing on April 15th. Pale green jacket and white shoes is reality. The raw video shows the “fireman” that supposedly carried her to an ambulance carrying a prop and his assistant Chase is a minute behind him in leaving the site. A few seconds later Mr. Richard and his older “Son” are seen leaving the site. No ambulance had even arrived on set to help his wife as paddy wagons and fire trucks were clearly positioned to block access. I have seen no picture of Martin, Denise or Lu in any actual pre blast photograph. Mr. Richard and the older son are only seen in post blast pictures most of which have some level of shopping.

            Two raw videos put the FBI at Blast 2 at the time of the blast. The Forum crowd picture put out to the public by the FBI can be proving as a fabrication by a good eye; a professional analysis by an honest evaluator will determine it as a complete fraud.

            Your statement stands on your word alone in a more than apparent racketeering scheme that Defrauded America. Lies have flowed freely from the mouths of people who are in positions where the trust of the people is essential; they all failed the people.

            Real victims deserve real justice and they would not have played simulate court with bogus after bogus filing and the court orders missing the master all recent orders docket if there were real victims. There would not be a protective order that in no way qualifies as a true record of the court that allows for destruction of discovery or at best permanent sealing. I have every docket of the day’s all recent orders and this is a sham and a fraud against the American People and not only does it spew the stench of RICO violations to rip off the people it spews the stench of TREASON.

            Interesting you think your words stand and mine should be blocked; the truth in this matter is what gets blocked. May take a bit but the truth will prevail and there are no statute of limitations that will stifle it.

            1. Public:

              I’ll listen to you after you go to Carruth Street in Dorchester and visit the home of Martin Ricard and talk to his parents and look at his sister who has lost her leg.

              If you refuse to do that, then all I can suggest is that I have no need to hear from you anymore. By the way, I was in Boston the other day and I found a few loose screws had fallen out onto the sidewalk. I picked them up an put them on the steps leading into Fanuel Hall in case you are looking for them.

          2. William:

            I have asked Public to visit with Martin Richard’s family on Carruth Street. She can have all her delusions washed away with that simple act. But she’d rather persist in her ways for whatever reason. Reality deniers we will always have with us; unfortunately, the FBI in its secrecy give them plenty of reasons to continue with their delusions.

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