No Whites Need Apply! Is This America’s Future?

The Women’s March – you remember it? It was the day after Trump’s.inauguration. Marches took place throughout the country protesting his assuming that office. It was the largest march in American history when the total number of participants was tallied. It accomplished little other than to make those who were part of it feel a little better knowing how many others felt as they did.

Trump for the most part ignored it. He was having his first of a countless other set-tos that would follow with the media because it dared disparage the number of people who attended his inauguration. Worse – in his mind – it compared it to his predecessor’s inauguration and noted how many fewer attended. The articles we’re backed up with photographic proof which made them hard to deny. But to Trump they were fake.

There would be other marches during Trump’s first couple of years but as time passed the attendance and enthusiasm waned. The pride of self-satisfaction at having participated was offset by the gloom that marching was an exercise in futility if the goal was to accomplish something. To bring about the desired change one sought all too many realized the marches resembled day long picnics more than something showing a  seriousness of purpose.

None involved anything close to a real sacrifice. To gain a hard goal required hard sacrifice – like an occupation as was done in Maidan – where people sacrificed on an ongoing basis day and night through cold and inclement weather to bring about change. Most Americans prefer symbolic suffering over a painful confrontation.

A recent article I read was about the women who are supposed to have been behind the Women’s March. They take credit for it having happened.  Stupid me! I didn’t think there were people behind it. I thought it was some sort of a spontaneous happening although some said George Soros was financing it paying each marcher $2500. I’m still waiting for.mine since I did march in Sarasota, Florida. Little did I know who was supposed to be running it or their purpose.

According to the article it started with three women: a black, Tamika Mallory, a Latina, Carmen Perez, and a white Jew, Vanessa Wruble coming up with the idea and making it a reality. It wasn’t quite clear why, but the two former women seemed to have turned on the Jewish woman –  either because of her being white or being Jewish. They did so by suggesting her predecessors were involved in slave trade and demeaning blacks. Eventually she became persona non grata.

Without accepting she was anti-Semitic Ms Mallory told the writer of the article:: “Since that conversation, we’ve all learned a lot about how while white Jews, as white people, uphold white supremacy, ALL Jews are targeted by it.” in other words she suggests at some point she and others realized that Jews are also victims of white supremacy while at the same time they uphold  white supremacy. Go figure. 

Later at a subsequent meeting after the march: “Ms Mallory denied that she disparaged Ms. Wruble’s Jewish heritage in that meeting, but acknowledged telling white women there that she did not trust them.”

Should we be relieved that those in charge of the Women’s March now have less problems with Jews being involved but don’t trust whites?

A statement in its principles is: “We must create a society in which all women — including Black women, Indigenous women, poor women, immigrant women, disabled women, Muslim women, lesbian, queer and trans women — are free,” I suppose it is not strange given the attitude of its leaders that white and Asian women outside those categories are excluded.

The underlying message of the leaders of the March seems to suggest that “all women are equal although some, those described in the principles, are more  equal, while white women are less equal, although if Jewish only a little less equal.”

Sadly it appears the Women’s March to be held on January 19 is run by anti-white bigots. They are protesting Trump not because of his policies and inanities but his being white and as such he  “upholds white supremacy.”

Is this the future of America – whites outside of certain accepted and specified categories – in other words the majority of whites will not be trusted and must be placed in subservient roles?

Whites who join in the march do so at their own peril. You won’t see me anywhere near that march this year even if Soros pays up before then.


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  1. with full apologies to Matt ,Diogenes and Bill C

    Wrongfully convicted black man freed after 22 years in prison sues NYC, law enforcement and white privilege

    DEC 28, 2018 | 8:15 PM

    more white squishy,squishy peanuts newes

    Robert Mueller has obtained ‘nude selfie’ from Russian company targeted in his investigation: court filing

    DEC 28, 2018 | 7:25 PM

    Cop identified who shot Rober Kennedy in back of head

    Kathleen Kennedy Townsend wants a new investigation into her father’s assassination 50 years ago
    Washington Post
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    Jun 5, 2018 · Soon after Sirhan’s trial ended with his first-degree-murder conviction in April 1969 , journalists noted that Kennedy had been shot in the back of the head at point-blank range, but witnesses all …

  2. FBI agents spit on body of Martin Luther King
    in hospital where he was brought still alive
    after being shot at Memphis Motel.

    FBI agents then smothered him to death
    with pillows expressing their priviliged white form
    of Democracy and Freedom.


    The Plot to Kill Martin Luther King: Survived Shooting, Was Murdered in Hospital
    Global Research › ca

    Apr 6, 2018 · Martin Luther King was murdered in a conspiracy that was instigated by then FBI director J. … The hospital story was told to Pepper by a man named Johnton Shelby, whose mother, Lula Mae …

    So say the Doctors and Nurses in depositions they gave
    saying they witnessed these events.

    Tommorrow we will discuss how FBi Director Hoover
    introduced President Kennedy to the FBI .308
    Democracy and Freedom head wound

    also see

  3. Maybe some of these idiots should spend a few years in the Laogai or in North Korea so they can share the pain of people who are really suffering from political oppression. The big problem a lot of these folks have is quite simple. They are spoiled fucking pampered babies. They have no idea how incredibly lucky they are. Instead of using the freedom they have constructively, they find ways to bitch about the freedom they perceive is being denied them.

  4. Nope Matt

    That is not America’s Future.

    This is America’s Future.

    Big shout out to your grandkids…..

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  5. Matt

    My friend Robin Lloyd was a descendant of the owner of
    the Chicago Tribune.
    She came from white privilege.

    Robbie Leppzer is a filmaker who approached me in the mid
    70’s to do a show on UMass Amherst radio station WMUA called

    the only thing with white privilege are your squishy,squishy


    At 80, Peace Activist Robin Lloyd Still Crosses the Line

    also see

    Hyper Activist
    With radical cred dating back before World War I, Robin Lloyd lives out a leftist legacy.



  6. Are you judged by the company you keep? The nuclear freeze march had 1 million participants in NYC. It was a Soviet backed front attracting useful idiots and fellow travelers. 2. Better late than never in realizing who these radicals are and who their sponsors are. Identity politics is the antithesis of Constitutional freedoms. You either have equal protection of the Law or you don’t You have preference for certain groups or you don’t. Are people of color going to eschew antibiotics because their inventors were White men? This is America’s future only if you elect Democrats. 3. In some academic circles they don’t judge the book by the cover but by the author. If the author is a White male the book is discounted or ignored. Shakespeare, Dickens, Conrad and Melville aren’t taught. Replaced by political polemics from minority authors. The criminal Malcolm X is championed.

  7. “If there is such a thing as “white privilege,” then whites should have no problem organizing white advocacy groups, right?


    It’s a pretty simple test.

    And we all know the answer.”

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