Now Cometh The “Good” Man Show – John “Hitman” Martorano

Howiecarr.comEvery around here seems to think the Murderman will be testifying today. We have to finish up Dickie O’Brien’s direct and cross-examination first and then if things go as rumored he’ll be next. I know the prosecution wants to get him on and off as soon as it can hoping the stench from his courtroom appearance will dissipate by the time the jury gets to deliberate; and hoping that if he’s involved in continuing criminal activities it won’t be provable until after he’s finished telling us how a good guy can commit 20 murders.

Knowing there was a chance he’d be on the stand I had to hustle in to court today and sign up on the list for the public to get into the courtroom.  I didn’t want to be in the media overflow room when Johnny comes marching home to his comfortable witness stand where he spells out his murders. If he testifies I’ll just stay there one day before returning to my usual haunt the overflow room. But how could I possibly forego the opportunity to see Gucci, as a person who comments here called “N” calls him.

I’m looking forward to seeing those $700 (with inflation and the cost of leather probably $1,000) shoes that we were told he wore at the John Connolly trial.  Then there’s the Armani suit – he’ll probably wear his best one for his debut, I would have said his coming out party but he’s been here before.  When he last testified here he was supposedly serving time for his 20 murders but he came in all tanned and looking healthier than most of us and his bishop’s belly told that even though in prison it had been easy time.

And we’d learn that it had been.  How many guys who have committed multi-murders get $20,000 when they get released from prison?  How many guys who commit murder get released from prison? This tells of what the Boston Globe once described as Whitey’s relationship to John Connolly and the FBI being a special relationship. Martorano has a special relationship with the prosecution team – it’s like what you have in any group of buddies – he’s the court jester with his one liner wise guy remarks.

Last time when he testified  we heard about his 20 murders. He was asked what kind of business were you in? He replies “I’d guess you’d call it monkey business.” And he looked around with a grin while his handlers chortled and the rest of the court grimaced. I looked at the jury and they all looked ill. I guess that was the point when all the jurors unanimously decided not to believe anything this vile man was saying.

No, John, you were not in that business, you were in what the title of your book says, the murder business. You were a hitman. A man who killed innocent unarmed people by sneaking up on them. You did it for over 20 years as best we can tell since you are only telling us about the murders you committed that other people can tie you into. We don’t know how many people you really murdered.

And let’s not get bamboozled by the prosecutor saying we would not have known about them if John did not come forward. John himself knew we would have known because his buddy Stevie Flemmi was anxious to tell us about John so he could get the deal John got. Who knows who else might have come forward. And also don’t tell us the 12 years you did were more than you would have gotten under the charge you were originally arrested on, that was a RICO which called for 20 years, which you would have done every day of had you been convicted.

You tell us you have been forgiven – by who John?  Not by Ralphie Veranis the brother of Tony who you shot in the back of the head after pistol-whipping him.  Not by the Wheeler family from whom you took a loving father; or the Callahan or other families.  In the first five or so murders Whitey is charged with doing you were the one doing the murder with a machine gun; you put Whitey lurking in a crash car somewhere off from the scene. In all your murders, you were the one doing them, hands on.

You tell us you are a good man – that’d only pass if we forget words have basic  meanings and not are amenable to being deconstructed.  I know a Boston College fan who can prove through statistics the BC has had the best football and basketball teams in the country over the last 30 years, even when it had a 0 – 11 season in football.

Hopefully we’ll see you today.

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  1. patty I love reading your comments you have AWESOME information you always share!

  2. I cant imagine why Howie winter is not right next to whitey at the table john put him at the seen in a couple of these whitey murders they could have had him in a superceding indictment or what ever its called he was shaking guys down last yr under the winter hill gangs name the rico conspiracy never ended for him. wow johnny threw Howie under the boss he must be sweating. he’s what the streets call a snitch. he never put Howie at the scene any other trial, I started thinking winter never pulled the trigger, I was wrong.

    1. Ditto for Pat Nee. He should have a bugout bag packed while Martorano is singing like Luciano Pavorotti . No statute of limitations on the O’Toole murder.

      1. Patty:

        Yeah, Johnny never ratted anyone out. Remember that. Maybe that is true because no one is interested in prosecuting the Nee and Winter murders.

    2. Pat:

      He should be next to him. He’s the leader of the gang who is weilding a machine gun killing innocent people and no one cares. Why isn’t Martorano and Howe facing charges in Florida for sending Jimmy Sims and Joe McDonald down there to kill a guy. How come he is getting somewhat a pass for the extortion charges from last year. Johnny says he’s not a rat but he sure ratted out Howie – though he still hasn’t jammed his brother in. Add to Howie Pat Nee and you have to wonder what is going on in our justice system that so many murderers are on the street and one guy who never pulled a trigger is doing 40 years for a murder he didn’t commit. Topsy turvey justice — pretty sad our government both state and federal don’t prosecute gangster murderers but if some young kid gets in a stupid argument and kills another, he’s gone lickety split.

  3. Did martorano really claim he introduced flemmi and schneiderhan under oath today? Aren’t flemmi and schneiderhan childhood friends from Dorchester?

    1. Jim:
      Yes he did. He did it before in the Connolly trial. No one calls him on it. Flemmi and Schneiderhan were childhood friends as you suggest, however they were from Roxbuy. That’s a big lie that is ongoing through the trial.

        1. All he needs to do is show schneiderhans initial interview w/ foley and another statie whose name escapes me, the interview where they obtain the emergency coded letter he instructed his son to give to flemmi if anything ever were to happen, some of the contents in the letter was something to the effect of “I’ll keep a warm seat for you with me in hell, captain” this interview needs to be brought into evidence somehow to show how intertwined they were, and there’s a serious doubt martorano introduced them.

          1. Jim:

            By the way the staties really blew the interview. They never should have been sent to interview one of their own. The problem is Foley was so sure that the leak was Naimovich he is still running around town blaming Naimovich even though Schneiderhan is staring him in the face.

    1. Khalid:

      True – it would be a shame – unless it were after a long period of slowly waiting for it to come.

  4. It truly is a sight to behold. If the history were not so mangled with murder and underworld mayhem, it would seem like a great comedic skit on the farces of humanity.

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